Top 12 Geysers For Home Use in India Under 3000, 5000 and 10000 Reviews & Buying guide {Updated 2021 July}

Top 12 Geysers For Home Use in India Under 3000, 5000 and 10000 Reviews & Buying guide {Updated 2021 July}

In the winter season, it becomes very challenging while taking showers in the morning. Sometimes we also feel sluggish for going to bathe due to cold water fear or Cryophobia.

Now the old methods of heating water are gone as the advanced Geysers are specially built for constantly supplying hot water to your home to get rid of facing chilled water.

A geyser uses its hot elements and converts the electricity into heat, and provides hot water.

The wrong selection of this water heating may shoot up your electricity bill! The geyser’s storage tank capacity, energy efficiency, heating elements, coating material, durability, etc., are the vital points to focus on.

For making your selecting task simple, our expert team has tested 46 models’ facilities and their abilities of heating water in the least time, in which we’ve concluded 12 top geysers that’ll save your much monthly electricity bill and will provide fabulous results.

Geysers are also known as water heaters, and there are three different types of water heaters available in the market, which are traditional, tanked, and tankless. 

For knowing more about how they work, you can head towards our informative guide, in which we’ve provided some essential info after the test.

Here's the list of 12 best geyser models for home use in India

Best Geyser In India Bajaj Flora Instant 3L Geyser
8.7 Under 3,000
Best Geyser In India Crompton DLX 3L 8.6 Under 3,000
ACTIVA Instant KVA 3L Geyser
8.4 Under 3,000
V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Geyser
Under 5,000
Racold Pronto Neo 3L 8.6 Under 5,000
Havells Instanio 3L 8.5 Under 5,000
Bajaj Shakti+ 10L Geyser
8.5 Under 5,000
AO Smith Storage 15L 9.0 Under 10,000
Usha Misty 15L 5-Star Geyser
8.8 Under 10,000
Bajaj New Shakti 25L 8.8 Under 10,000
AO Smith HSE-SAS-010 Geyser
8.6 Under 10,000
Bajaj Caldia Storage 10 L 8.5 Under 10,000


Should you choose Electric water heaters over gas water heaters?

So, which geyser is the best gas or electric? Well, electric water heaters are among the most popular alternatives for house water home heating, though it can be challenging to recognize the benefits and drawbacks of installing this kind of water heater as opposed to gas alternatives.

Right here are some of the essential benefits as well as disadvantages of using an electric water heater at home:


Initial costs

Of all water heater choices readily available on the market today, an electric water heater is most likely to be your most affordable alternative when it comes to upfront cost.

Notably, the cost will greatly rely on the dimension and also the kind of water heater, no matter the fuel made use of to power it. Traditional tank water heaters are less pricey, while on-demand and tankless water systems tend to be extra expensive upfront.

The gas water heater calls for extra piping and a brand-new ventilation system to air vent the exhaust coming from the burning procedure. On the other side, electric water heaters don’t need these added in-home facilities, so the setup process is both easier as well as quicker.

There is the opportunity that your house might need an electric upgrade prior to installing an electric water heater, which would certainly make the installation procedure much more pricey; however, such upgrades aren’t that common during an electric water heater installation. 


The best means to contrast the efficiencies of various water heaters is to take a look at their corresponding energy aspects (EF). This number reviews how much a water heater efficient is at producing hot water, gauging just how much electricity or gas is required to heat your water.

With the EF numbers in hand, contrasting the performance of each kind of water heater is fairly basic: greater effectiveness heating units will certainly have higher EF numbers.

Standard gas water heater normally has EF numbers ranging from 0.5 to 0.7, while electric water heaters can have EF numbers greater than 0.9. Generally, the majority of the energy loss from gas water heaters happens during the airing vent process, which doesn’t exist in an electric water heater.

Safety and security

Both electrical, as well as gas water heaters are safe services for heating your water. That claimed, as with any kind of home appliance work on gasoline, water heaters are at risk of gas leaks if they operate on propane or natural gas.

You can reduce these risks by performing appropriate maintenance and examinations of your gas water heater. 

While electric devices have their own safety worries, the chances of experiencing a gas leakage are more than seeing any type of electrical safety concern with a water heater. 


Virtually every home is linked to the electrical grid, and also, therefore, they all have a readily available resource for power. This implies that just about any house can efficiently make use of an electric water heater.

While on the other side, if you’re interested in the gas water heater installation, you’ll need to guarantee that your home is connected to a natural gas line or has a propane supply resource. Otherwise, making these upgrades for the function of installing a gas water heater can be pricey.

Waiting for the negative part?


Till now, you mainly discovered that electric water heaters are a little bit much better, yet these likewise lug some disadvantages. Right here are the grounds on which the gas-operated geysers verify themselves better.

Heating time and also recovery prices: Do you invest a lot of time waiting for your shower water to heat up?
With an electric water heater, this process is likely to take much more time than with a gas water heater.

Power outrages: If the grid drops due to a storm or other occasion, you won’t have accessibility to hot water with an electric water heater.
Operating expenses: Even though an electrical water heater is the most efficient than a gas water heater, you’ll likely spend much less cash generally if heating your supply of water with gas.

The Expert Words!

Water heaters sustained by gas typically cost much less to operate on a monthly basis than electric models. As a reward, they still work when the power heads out.

Electric water heater warm water extra successfully than gas versions, however, typically have greater power prices, considering that power usually costs more than natural gas.

If a gas water heater is already in your home, there’s no requirement to switch to electric. The Indian Department of Energy’s Energy Saver website has a rather extensive guide on the subject if you desire to find out more regarding various types of water heating units. It was one of the best resources we discovered during our study regarding water heating units.

No worries, we have covered all geyser categories in our Best Geyser In India 2021 Review.

The third most common type: Solar water heater

A solar water heater is an optimal selection if you are staying in a solitary & independent house with your family. Solar water heater usage will make sure that you don’t need to invest much in power. It will certainly use warm water for the whole residence.

Though the initial investment is extremely high, yet it will certainly verify productive in the long-term. For solar geysers to become affordable for use, it will take some time. They are not ideal for large houses. These geysers are unsuitable for a bigger apartment.

As expenses of solar-electric (photovoltaic or PV) systems have dropped in current years, increasingly more power specialists are suggesting electrical water heating, as opposed to solar thermal, and also making use of PV components to produce the power– so it’s still solar water home heating, but not as straight.


Types of water geysers on the basis of storage space

The next choice is between a water heater with a storage tank as well as one that heats up water instantly. The majority of electric, solar, and gas water heater has a tank. 

Stainless-steel containers are more usually last, however expensive longer as well as do not need as much upkeep as mild-steel tanks. Water heaters with copper tanks are best yet more expensive.

Continuous-flow or rapid water heater provides only as much water as you require when you need it. They are not really immediate, though– it can take a couple of secs before hot water begins moving from the faucet, particularly when there is a reasonable range of the pipe in between the water heater as well as the tap.

 The rapid water heater is offered in electric and gas models. There are no heat losses; they are usually more affordable to run than storage space systems.

Materials of water tanks of geysers and coating materials

These are the regular materials utilized in producing tanks in geysers.

  • Copper
  • Thermoplastic
  • Stainless-steel

Let us make a comparison between the three materials discussed above.

Every person recognizes that copper is a great conductor of heat.

This can result in a warm loss. Stainless steel is a better alternative as it offers somewhat much better insulation. Both stainless steel, as well as copper, are corrosive therefore requiring an anti-corrosive finish.

Thermoplastic is non-corrosive yet is not an excellent insulator. This comparison brings us to the final thought that stainless steel containers are the very best as far as the mix of insulation and also anti-corrosive buildings are concerned.

An extra layer of defense over the stainless-steel tanks can satisfy. Allow us to enter into the information of such anti-corrosive layer materials.

Covering materials

As you limit your choice of water heaters, you involve the nature and quality of finish materials made use of in geysers. You will certainly come across names as complies with.

  • Glass Coating
  • Porcelain Enamel Glass Lining
  • Blue Silicon Enamel Coating
  • Vitreous Enamel Coating
  • Polymer Coating


If you carefully look at it, the very first 4 stated coverings make up use of glass in some way. They are various sort of refined glass coverings. 

The procedure of finish steel with glass is a complex one. When you heat it inside a furnace, you obtain a glass finishing on the steel.

Glass is a very bad conductor of heat. You obtain high-quality insulation when you make use of glass in combination with stainless steel. 

Polymers are different in the feeling that they are artificial products. You use these polymers like paint on the metal surface area to stop corrosion. Does the question develop as to which one is better, glass finish or polymer covering?

Regarding prominent use is worried, glass covering has a wider approval. However, there are possibilities of damage to the covering of consistent usage. The verdict is that polymer finishings are, in theory, far better than glass covering.

Under 3000

Yes, those days are gone when these water heating gadgets used to cost high. Now, due to heavy competition, geysers can be bought well below 3000 without compromising quality or features.

Companies do claim but do remember, such machines costing below 3000 rupees actually don’t last that long, except you, are trusting our paid experts in buying water geyser.

The following are all 3L models, which promise to last long and work with perfection always. Most importantly, you’ll find suitable models in India in 2018 and 2019 also. It means they are continuously dominating! Now, which geyser is best under 3000, let’s know together.


1.) Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater (3 LTR) Review – Cheap and best instant geyser in India

Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater (3 LTR)

Who’s unfamiliar with Bajaj? The name is enough for assisting purchase! It is the most impressive brand in India 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 regarding budget-friendly models.

Just look at the design of the Flora Instant 3L Vertical Water Heater. 3000W is the power, and 8 bars is the pressure. With a capacity of 3L and power of 3000W, Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater is the best cheap water heating gadget on this list. It’s effective for small usage. 2 years warranty is there (for heating element, and 5 years for inner tank). 

It measures 26.5 Cms X 26.5 Cms X 44 Cms, and weighs 2.5kg. For small washrooms and kitchens, the Bajaj Flora 3L-3KW model is suitable for 4 people max. This model weighs 2.5 kg. While testing, it heated water in 1.41 minutes, which was the second-best performance among geysers below 3000 rupees. It is the cheap and best water geyser in India in 2017 and this year.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Counting the most important features of the Bajaj Flora 3L-3KW model, Thermal Cutoff and Adjustable Thermostat stand the tallest.
  • The ABS plastic and high-quality PUF tank insulation material construction ensure high durability.
  • The heating time of this geyser is very impressive.
  • The high-pressure withstanding capability enables you to use this water geyser in high-rise buildings.
  • Rusting and corrosion are never the biggest issues with the Bajaj Flora 3L-3KW model.
  • It comes with a fire retardant cable.

The Final Advice!

The external body of this geyser is very promising, and so are the internal components. The efficient heating element ensures a longer life. Neon indicator for ‘heating’ and ‘power on function. Besides that, there are multiple safety systems. Also, it is ISI-approved. We declare Bajaj Flora 3L Instant Vertical Water Heater fit for your money.

It’s truly the cheap and best geyser for home use! Now, for knowing the best electric geyser price, tap the following button!


2.) Crompton Solarium DLX Instant Water Heater (3 LTR) Review

Crompton Solarium DLX Instant Water Heater (3 LTR)

No matter the cheapest models, Crompton still provides current, heat, and pressure protection with their geyser models. It measures 42.5 x 22.8 x 22.8 cm and is a lightweight model, which is sturdily built. 

It’s a 3000w model that brings 2 years warranty time. 6.5 bar is the rated water pressure. It was the best water geyser in India in 2016 & 2017. 

The sturdy tank of this geyser comes with Nano-polymer coated tank. It prevents the tank from rusting for years. This also decreases the maintenance cost. Fluid flow is perfectly secured for your skin, as well.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Due to the ABS plastic outer body, the heat remains inside its stainless steel tank, which makes the whole geyser highly efficient.
  • Crompton is a master at providing the right technology with various sorts of water heaters, and the same thing applies to Solarium DLX 3L. Paying the price of this geyser, you aren’t left with unfulfilled desires.
  • The heating element of this geyser is copper, which won’t wear out when voltage variation and instant power cuts take place.
  • Whenever water temperature crosses the highest pre-set level, this geyser’s thermal cut-out will cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
  • When water is hot enough, you get indications to form its LED. No need to wait longer for heating water either!
  • Even if you’re residing in a high-rise tower, you don’t have to bother about water pressure. The water pressure withstanding capabilities of this geyser is excellent. It withstands 8 bars pressure!

The Final Advice!

Boiling water is such tedious work, and you can’t say no to this work. However, cutting off this hassle isn’t costing you much.

You don’t have to wait even for a few minutes to get hot water. Switch on this water heater, just a few moments, and feel the amazing warm shower on you. No technology or features deficiency here!

Fortunately, we can buy a geyser-like Crompton Solarium DLX Instant 3L model and enjoy its rapid heating capability and some additional features. Durability is on the positive side. The DLX 3L model is highly recommendable.


3.) ACTIVA Instant 3 KVA SPECIAL Tank Geyser (3 L) Review

ACTIVA Instant 3 KVA SPECIAL Tank Geyser (3 L)

To give tight completion to the geysers of dominating companies, Activa 3L Instant 3 KVA Special Tank makes a booming entry! It costs below 2000! 1 + 5years warranty you are enjoying on geyser (1 year complete, and 5 years warranty on the tank).

The Element comes with BSI approval ISI specification. The extra heavy-duty element ensures extra heating as well as durability.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The anti-rust coating on the tank plays a major role! It decreases the maintenance cost.
  • The build quality of this geyser is impressive.
  • Generally, this cheap water warming machine consumes much time in heating water, but Activa instant 3 KVA 3L model highly impresses with less water heating time.
  • The geyser is new, so the durability can only be estimated. Around 5-7 years is the durability estimation of our experts.

The Final Advice!

Freshly entering the market, the Activa instant 3 KVA 3L model has earned good reviews. The water warming machine looks attractive, and none of the building material gives us a chance to point out as “low quality.”

Talking about the price point, one can’t expect anything more from a geyser! We are sure that purchasing Activa 3L Instant 3 KVA 3L won’t let you down.

Under 5000

After testing 20+ models under 5000 rupees, our home appliance experts have picked 3 perfectly built geysers, which bring more than expected features. Most importantly, we’ve covered all types and picked only energy-efficient models for you.


4.) V-Guard 6L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser Review – Cheap and best Model in India

V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Geyser(1)

Now, V-guard is among the best gas geyser brands in India! In fact, it’s the most recommended one. It’s true that gas types are more promising regarding durability in contrast to electric models. This is also true that these save heaps of electricity.

This 6L model is the best 5 stars rated water geyser in India. First of all, the looks of the V-Guard 6L Safeflo Plus gas-type machines are highly appealing. The design suits all home decors! With a very sturdy build, this V-Guard geyser seems very promising and dependable.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • It’s not a bulky addition to your wall. It weighs only 5.95 kg and measures 50 x 40 x 25cm.
  • This heater is 5-star rated.
  • The installation of this geyser is simple. No complicated features to confuse you either.
  • The automated ignition system is a great advantage.
  • This 6L model is highly appreciated for providing a steady flow of warm water.
  • The capacity is 6L, as you can read. It means not just for bathing, but this geyser provides enough warm water for washing clothes and numerous other household chores.

The Final Advice!

We were highly surprised during gas geysers’ testing, as a large number of those failed to please, which all are actually dominating the market. In the huge heap, V-guard 6L Safeflo Plus was the only promising one.

There are certain advantages of a gas water heater over an electric one (you’ll read in detail below in the buying guide section). For now, don’t hesitate to buy this 6L model.


5.) Racold Pronto 3L Neo Instant Water Heater Review – Best 3-liter geyser regarding features

Racold Pronto 3L Neo Instant Water Heater

Racold has provided the best quality geyser here at a comfy price. Here comes the Best (3L) model regarding features! 

Talking about high-selling geysers, Racold Pronto 3L Neo Instant Vertical Water Heater stands tall. Most importantly, Racold is highly trustable, and they are selling their heating machines in numerous nations around the world. 

3000W is the power of this 3L attractive-looking water warming machine. Its max-rated pressure bar is 6.5. On Amazon, 800+ user reviews are there. This geyser model topped in India 2019, 2020, and 2021 in the gas category.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The thermostat is pretty impressive.
  • The energy efficiency of Racold Pronto 3L Neo Instant is a huge plus point, and it has earned 5-star for that.
  • The outer body of this geyser is rustproof, and it holds its rustproof capabilities for years.
  • For protection against high-temperature water, you get inbuilt three-level safety with this model.
  • The thick PUF of this model helps to retain hot water for some time.
  • The design is simple. Operating this geyser won’t confuse you.

The Final Advice!

For small usage ( for a 4-member family max), Racold Pronto 3L Neo Instant Vertical Water Heater is a highly reliable one. Your investment is safe here. This geyser is very efficient, and the water heating time in our testing was 2:48 minutes in our testing.

That’s impressive! You are also saving a lot of power. In the long run, you should consider Racold Pronto 3L Neo Instant Vertical Water Heater because of its superior performance.


6.) Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser Review

Havells Instanio 3-Litre

Costing just above 3000 rupees, Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser is a highly recommendable one. 6.5 bar is the max water pressure, which means this geyser is suitable for those living in high-rise buildings. 

It measures 37.3 x 22.5 x 19 cm and weighs 3 Kg. It’s enough for a 4-member family. It’s successful on Amazon, with almost half of customers giving a 5-star rating. The color-changing LEDs of this appliance turn blue to amber to indicate how hot the water is.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The highly durable Stainless steel inner tank is of 304 grade. The same material is used for constructed inner tanks of several geysers costing near 10000 rupees and even higher.
  • A fire retardant power cord comes with it for ensuring high safety during fire accidents.
  • It is ISI marked and comes with ISI certification, which means quality isn’t an issue!
  • The high copper heating element of this model is of top quality and works perfectly for a long.
  • For installing this geyser, you don’t need deep knowledge. Getting the same work done by a professional will cost 200 or so.

The Final Advice!

While testing, the time this water heating gadget consumed for heating water was 82 seconds only! It’s an exceptional cheap choice for daily use and stands on your expectations.

This appliance to warm water is definitely serving like a 5K model while actually costing near to 3K. There is no negative factor here. Buying Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser is a great deal.


7.) Bajaj Shakti Plus 10L Water Heater (3000-Watt) Review – Best cheap geyser for joint family

Bajaj Shakti Plus 10L Water Heater (3000-Watt)

Now, this geyser highly shocks with its capacity. With the power of 3000W, 10 liter is the capacity; can you believe that at this price? 

Well, it’s the cheap and best geyser for a joint family. Besides huge capacity at a low price, the company is also providing free installation, and here, you are surely saving 200-300 rupees. 

The water heating gadget is warranted for 2 years, which the inner tank is warranted for 5 years. It measures 59 x 36.5 x 37.4 cm. 150+ Amazon reviews are there. Regarding energy-saving capabilities, Bajaj Shakti Plus 10-Litre carries a 4-stars energy efficiency rating.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The heating element will efficiently heat your water for years.
  • With this geyser, Bajaj has ensured high safety. It is among very few models of this price carrying multiple safety features. Our experts claimed, Bajaj Shakti Plus 10-Litre storage is the safest appliance to warm water at this price.
  • The wiring is all copper instead of aluminum. Its wiring is highly reliable.
  • It comes with PUF Insulation, which leads to trapping heat inside this tank for keeping the water hot for an extended period.
  • As the outer body of this geyser is of high-quality plastic, rusting/corrosion won’t take place. Also, it lives long due to this.
  • The Glassline Inner Tank also prevents rusting.

The Final Advice!

If you have this geyser, then you won’t need to wait long to enjoy a hot water shower. There is a humongous price difference in buying from Amazon and any other shopping site/ nearby store.

Even on Bajaj’s official site, the price difference is unbelievable. So, buying this model from Amazon is highly beneficial. Yes, the Bajaj Shakti Plus 10-Litre model is justifying its price tag.

Under 10000

Here come the expensive geysers, and if you are hopping with a 10K rupees budget, then we’ve some super extra-ordinary models for you, and those having bigger families are highly recommended to choose something from the 5 water heating gadgets mentioned below.


8.) AO Smith Storage SDS-15L New Green Heater Review – Best geyser 15 Ltr.

AO Smith Storage SDS-15L New Green Heater

AO Smith is the best geyser company in India regarding durability. Here comes the most suitable model for joint families. 15 Liters capacity of this geyser is enough even for an 8-10 member joint family. 

It’s a highly functional and attractive appliance to warm water, which elevates your bathroom’s looks. Considering its abundant features, the 10.4 kg weight of this geyser doesn’t seem very much. 

The company is providing this water warming machine’s free installation in several areas. Two years is the warranty.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The makers have provided a glass-lined inside coating on this tank for ensuring the protection of the storage tank of the heater. It expends the overall durability.
  • AO Smith is highly trustable when it comes to water geysers. Quality isn’t an issue ever! AO Smith provides you more than you pay.
  • You get an anode rod installed in the tank, which provides protection and extra efficiency.
  • Cathodic action and blue diamond glass layering make this model corrosion-free.
  • When the water heats up to the temperature limit as per your desire, the safety valves automatically shut it off.
  • Currently, it’s the best storage geyser in India, considering success on Amazon.
  • In case that the water gets very hot, no need to baffle! The neutral line and live line will automatically cut the line, ensuring safety.

The Final Advice!

Hardly any chances are there that AO Smith Storage SDS-15 ltr New Green Series Water Heater fails to satisfy you, but still, if that happens, the luxury is, you can conveniently return this water heating gadget
within 10 days time of purchase.

The advanced technology makes this geyser highly functional and very safe simultaneously. Seven years inner tank warranty is more than enough, and so is a four-year warranty for its glass-coated element.


9.) Usha Misty 2000W 5 Star Storage Water Heater (15L)

Usha Misty 15-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater

Who doesn’t know about Usha? With a 5-star energy efficiency rating, this 15L geyser model is highly pleasing. Durability and performance both are highly reliable. The elegant cylindrical shape highly complements your bathroom’s beauty!

You’ve got choices of 10 L, 15 L, 25 L capacities, and all are reasonably priced. The 15L model is what we tested, and it’s suitable for a normally 6-member family. (better than AO Smith HSE-VAS 15L).

Usha takes user safety as paramount. The 4-layer safety system is there. The thermal cut-out mechanisms and Hi-tech thermostat ensure perfect temperature regulation, and that’s why, with this geyser, overheating isn’t an issue.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The multifunctional valve of this model ensures perfect pressure control for safeguarding your geyser due to any type of external/internal factors. Further, the Magnesium sacrificial anode ensures that the inner tank stays safe from corrosion.
  • The power gets cut off after the water reaches the set temperature under unusual circumstances.
  • The temperature control knob of this geyser highly helps in regulating the temperature exactly as you want. So, you won’t be confused between too cold and too hot.
  • The inner tank is of steel (supreme quality) and is highly durable due to Glass-lined Anti- Corrosive coating. You are getting a complete installation kit from Usha, which is worth 500 rupees.
  • The outer body of this geyser is constructed using ABS Plastic, and an anti-corrosive powder coating is done. The inner tank is of enamel-coated Stainless steel, which is constructed using single-line welding technology.
  • High-quality PUF insulation helps in keeping the water hot for pretty long. That saves power for you.

The Final Advice!

Buying Usha Misty 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater geyser is benefiting from all directions. Talking about reliability, features, durability, safety, etc., nothing is there to complain about, not even the price point.

The rapid heat function and heat maintenance functions are highly appreciable. Besides that, 2000W is power. You are saving money there also! In our testing, at this price, Usha Misty 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater proved itself beneficial than V-Guard Victo 15 L in many departments.


10.) Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater (25 Ltr) Review – Best 25 Ltr Model

Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater (25 Ltr)

Bajaj is the best geyser brand in India regarding value for money. Now, Bajaj New Shakti Storage Vertical Water Heater is a humongous model, with 25L water capacity.

That’s enough! Most importantly, this water warming machine’s price won’t scare you! Its of 2000W, measures 40 x 34 x 32 cm. Even after such sturdy construction, 13.8 kg is the weight.

Great engineering! This 25L geyser carries a 4-star rating for energy efficiency. It has 2-year warranty. 5-year warranty is for the heating element, and 2-year for the inner tank. On returning geyser within 10 days, 100% refund is there. The return is simple & hassle-free.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • bars is the max pressure withstanding limit. So, one can conveniently use this model in high-rise buildings.
  • It’s a perfect fit for various bathrooms—full marks to the appearance.
  • As resistance to corrosion and rustiness is accompanied by this geyser, you can expect lifetime performance from the Bajaj New Shakti 25L model.
  • It’s the most impressive electric geyser for joint families.
  • Even when you switch off this water heating gadget, you enjoy hot water for a longer time. PUF insulation captures heat inside this tank for keeping the water hot for longer periods.

The Final Advice!

Water geysers with 25L capacity generally cost 12-15 thousand rupees, but Bajaj New Shakti 25L Storage Vertical Water Heater is coming home far below 10 thousand. One can’t believe the price tag!

Mild Steel with Glass Lined Coating is what the tank is made up of. Durability isn’t the complaint with this tank. Heating and reheating time are impressive. Keeping all features together, Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25L Vertical Water Heater is highly recommended by our experts. To know the best geyser 25 ltr price, tap the Amazon button!


11.) AO Smith HSE-SAS-010 2000W Vertical Heater (10L) Review

AO Smith HSE-SAS-010 2000W

Here comes another highly reliable AO smith geyser, which is similarly attractive. The power is 2000w, while the capacity is 10L. AO Smith is providing free installation of this appliance to warm water in several cities, including Madras, Hyd, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Howrah, Hooghly.

It measures 35x30x55 cm. It was the best model in India 2018 with a price under 10000. better than V-Guard Victo (10L). Fortunately, this water heating gadget comes with Glass Coating helping prevention of scale formation. This highly extends the heating element’s life.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The inner tank of this geyser carries 7 years warranty and a 2+1 extended warranty on its Glass coated heating element.
  • This water geyser has maximum protection against corrosion and hard water.
  • Sometimes, sediment and scale build up on the element’s surface, which causes premature failure.
  • The temperature control knob of this model allows you to set the temperature between 25⁰C to 75⁰C precisely.
  • In case the water crosses the highest preset level, no need to baffle. The thermal cut-out will automatically cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
  • The anode rod of this tank has a stainless steel core which is designed for protecting the tank from corrosive elements. Further, the anode rod uses a particular cathodic action for fighting these elements, and this way, it prolongs your water heater’s life.
  • This geyser automatically relieves the presser and discharges water whenever the pressure overshoots the preset limits.

The Final Advice!

You’re undoubtedly getting high convenience with AO Smith HSE-SAS-010 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater. Just set the desired water temperature, and get the water ready within no time! It’s a great energy-saving geyser, bringing you short-term (comfortable price) + Long Term advantages.

It keeps itself intact and prevents corrosion. If you intend to buy a water warming machine for your big family, which is highly reliable, then definitely go with AO Smith HSE-SAS-010 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater as it truly defeated AO Smith HSE-VAS-015-15-Litre Storage Water Heater in our testing.


12.) Bajaj Caldia Storage 10L Vertical Water Heater Review – Best geyser for hard water in India

Bajaj Caldia Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Costing at the verge of 6000, Bajaj Caldia Storage 10L Vertical Water Heater has emerged as a supreme recommendation for smaller families. This geyser is much perfectly built and much more durable than most of the 10L capacity models.

 The BEE rating of this one is 4 stars. It can tackle up to 8 bars of water pressure. Bajaj also provides free installation! It measures 27.5 Cms X 28.8 Cms X 40 Cms and looks cool in any bathroom! Multi-Function Safety Valve Warranty card, PVC Drain Pipe, and User manual come in the pack.

 Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Due to its compact design, this geyser easily installs in the corner of any bathroom.
  • Most importantly, the heat level that is achieved inside this water warming machine doesn’t get lost quickly. No heat will escape from its tank because of up-to-date insulation for ensuring that water remains hot for longer periods.
  • Bajaj has provided multiple safety systems for ensuring the safety of this water heating gadget against any damage.
  • The Glass-lined material is used in making the inner tank of this geyser. That’s how this appliance to warm water achieves corrosion-resistant capability. Durability also increases that way. ABS material makes this geyser’s outer body. Due to this, it becomes shock-proof, rust-proof, and very sturdy.
  • It arrives with a cable that is not susceptible to fire. So, it’s safe to use.

The Final Advice!

Dropping cold water on your body in chilling winters is so pathetic! With this model, you get water at the perfect temperature as per your need. So, no need to worry about too cold or too hot water.

Thanks to the external thermostat of this geyser. It’s a perfect choice for people living in high-rise buildings as it withstands 8 bars pressure, or 270 meters, or 18 floors.

With 200+ Amazon customer reviews, we conclude, Bajaj Caldia Storage 10 L Vertical Water Heater is entirely fit for your money.

Buying Guide

Are you wondering which is the best instant or storage model, or are you confused between the electric and gas geyser? Well, you need to go deeper to gain perfect knowledge.

 In this informative guide, we will cover all the essential points of water geysers like types, efficiency, safety, which water warming machine is best for you, etc. in which selecting the best water heater for you will be surely easy. Also, you will learn many essential things about water heating models which you may don’t know.

Tank and also tankless water heaters: Which is better?

We researched the tank water heaters’ building materials and conveniences. Now we’ll concentrate on whether tankless water heaters are far better than tank water heaters or otherwise.


Reduced electricity consumption: One of the best benefits of having them is that they help to reduce electricity usage by a massive 40% in spite of their high initial expense.

They are turned on just when you turn on the warm water tap in your house. This implies that you are more able to save even more expenses as contrasted to a typical water heater.

Prolonged life

Tankless models last pretty longer than tank water heaters and also are a lot more efficient than them. The guarantee with which they come is about 6 to 15 years.

This is another favorable related to them and, therefore, an additional reason to take into consideration getting them.

No danger of flooding & Enough supply of water

There isn’t any danger of flooding due to the broken container in case of tankless water heaters, and this is something that also functions as a positive feature and also is something that you do not get in the traditional water heater or geyser.

If you have actually chosen a tankless water heater with a large GPM circulation capacity, then you will practically never ever run out of water supply around your family. This is once more something which you will not find in the traditional water heaters.

Electric models do not generate greenhouse gases

One more benefit of a tankless water heater is that the electric models will not produce any type of greenhouse gases, which helps preserve the environment.

Take minimal room & they come with remote

An additional advantage of using a tankless water heater is that they take minimal space as compared to storage tank water heaters. The storage tank water heater occupies a large space in the shower room or kitchen.

Another great feature of the tankless varieties of water heaters is that they can be easily remote-controlled. They have 4 various settings available for use.


Following are the disadvantages of having a tankless water heater:

High Initial costs & Specialist electrical expert required

When it comes to the first costs, tankless water heaters are likely to strike you hard. It’s so because they can be three times the expense of traditional water heaters!

Choosing to install a tankless water heater is inadequate. You will certainly need to work with an electrician to help you with the process. This is so because installing a water heater needs you to change the electrical circuit somewhat.

Numerous add-ons needed

While weighing the tankless water heater’s benefits and drawbacks, you also have to know that not all kinds of these devices are suitable for all sorts of users. 

Because a larger house requires a bigger heater, buying one will depend upon the size of your home. For its installation, you’ll require a higher voltage supply line, dedicated stainless steel flue, and a gas supply line of a larger diameter.

Gas power devices give off greenhouse gases & Water waste

If you are going with a gas-powered tankless water heater, after that, you need to recognize that these emit greenhouse gases. This is a negative connection with them. One more adverse factor regarding tankless water heaters is that lag time needs you to run the water to get to warm water. This consequently enhances water waste.

The expert's suggestion!

It is a truth that a tankless water heater will replace all the traditional water heaters in the times to come. Yet currently, they are way right into the future in regards to practicality for the majority of people in the world. 

Yet once more, they are a lot more promising when it involves saving electrical power as well as cash. They are fabulous devices yet not useful for everybody. Now, as you know the advantages and disadvantages of tankless water heaters, the final decision is yours.

Water geysers installation costs

For installing a normal tankless water heater in your house, you’ll need to call not simply a plumbing technician; however, likewise, an electrician. The following are some installment actions you will require to adhere to that could be part of total installation costs:

You might require changes in the circuit and also might also have to go for a higher power voltage supply. For this, you might have to either pay an hourly fee or a level cost to the company or professional.

If you are going for a gas tankless water heater, then you may have to get appropriate airflow installed so as prevent carbon monoxide gas poisoning.

Additionally, you might additionally have to obtain the dimension of your gas lines totally altered, and these things can take an ordinary 10 hours, relying on which the service cost would certainly be determined.

You can get a tiny-sized electric tankless water heater install via a plumber if you do not have much demand for warm water. 

In this instance, you’ll need things like an electrical timer, a supply of water lines as well as an electric outlet which together needs at least 2 hours of service time. Thus for such versions, the installation price may be much less.

Now, From time to time, some troubles can turn up and require to be solved right away to proceed to avail the many advantages of these home appliances. Down there, we have listed the most usual instant geyser troubles in addition to their causes.

Most common geyser PROBLEMS and their respective CASES & SOLUTIONS


PROBLEMS: The most common problems related to instant geysers include insufficient hot water. Read further for the solution.


  • The undersized heater can be a big reason here, whereas a few others include faults with components such as an electrical thermostat, burner, gas pilot, or pilot control shutoff.
  • Often, certain components obtain loose due to continued use, and this too could be the factor for poor warm water.
  • If you happen to identify the damaged component, you should either get it repaired or changed.


PROBLEMS: An additional common immediate geyser trouble is excessively hot water. Then this indicates that water is obtaining too hot if you hear audios of boiling water. This might likewise cause discharges of hot water or steam from the faucets.


  • Now, for this, you need to check the pressure and temperature settings, and also adjustments should be made anywhere needed.
  • Incorrect positioning of pressure shutoff can also be a reason.
  • They need to be changed via a specialist if any of these parts are damaged.


PROBLEMS: In some cases, instantaneous geysers also become loud, and this well can verify to be a large trouble. If you listen to standing out or rumbling sounds coming out from your appliance to warm water, then this suggests water steaming at the end of the water container and is because of the build-up of debris.


  • You can resolve this by purging the water heater.
  • After that, this is indicative of range substance accumulation on the home heating component if you hear loud high pitched whirring sounds.
  • You require to clean up the tank to fix this concern.

Most common issue


PROBLEM: Another commonmost instant geyser problems is leakage.


  • A few of the usual reasons for water leaking from your geyser include rust, overheating, excessive pressure, and also malfunctioning plumbing, and so on.
  • For treating the overheat, check the thermostat, whereas for corrosion, call a specialist for replacement.
  • Extreme pressure can lead to temperature levels and also pressure valves leak.
  • Leaking valves should be changed instantly.

Saving water geyser electricity bills

Home heating water in these machines can be a pricey job if not done correctly. A water geyser needs a lot of power for heating water.

This high consumption of electrical power shoots up your electricity bill during winters. For that reason, in order to lower your monthly electricity bills, it is essential to use them in an ideal way.


Correct the thermostat settings of your geyser

A thermostat maintains the temperature level of water in your geyser at the desired degree by reducing off power supply once the desired temperature of the water is accomplished.

The thermostat maintains checking the temperature level of water and switch on the power supply once the temperature level of water declines.

There are two sorts of geysers available in the marketplace:

  • One with thermostat settings outside and can be changeable.
  • Others where thermostat can’t be visible from outdoors and also can’t be changed.

40-75 level is the temperature range of Water geysers. Water heated up to this temperature level ends up being exceptionally warm as well as requires to be mixed with much cool water prior to use.

The amount of electrical power used in heating water depends on the temperature of the water being available in the geyser and also the temperature setup of the thermostat.

Extra is the distinction between these 2 temperatures, even more, is the quantity of electricity needed for heating water.

According to numerous energy consumption saving groups, water that is warmed up to 40-45 levels is good to make use of. If you have a geyser with the outside thermostat setting, you should change it from 60 levels to 40-45 levels.

For the correct amount of home heating as well as power-saving, the thermostat handle has to be kept around the middle setting.


Do not keep your water geyser ON for the longer duration

Many individuals tend to leave the geyser “ON” regularly. This propensity causes much electricity waste. When the water is heated, the power supply instantly removes.

After some time, warm water starts to lose heat with the body of your geyser. This way, the temperature level of water comes down after some time.

As soon as the temperature level of the water is down by specific degrees, the thermostat turns on the power supply, and the water heating process starts all over again.

This on-off procedure repeats throughout the day as well as eats electrical energy. If you don’t switch off your water heater, it will certainly maintain functioning all day and will consume much electrical power.

How to buy the best geyser in India

Setting up the best sort of water heater is the only solution to a pressure-free winter season bathing experience. Yet, similar to any other means of benefit, the experience usually comes with a price.

There are a lot of different customer issues around water heaters before making a buying decision, such as best capability & dimension, ease of installation, space availability, tough water compatibility, and so on. So, allow us to try to simplify, and also you should find the most efficient water heater according to your choices & requirements.


Choose right-sized geyser

Select the best-sized geyser according to your demand. An oversized water warming machine implies home heating added to water that is not needed. Pick the dimension of the appliance to warm water as per the needs of your family and consumption routine geyser to ensure that electricity is not wasted.

Choose star rated geyser

Fivestar ranked geysers consume much less power for home heating water as well as have a lot less heat loss. Installing energy reliably, five stars ranked models will also reduce your electricity expenses per month. Remember, a water heating gadget can’t be called the top choice until it has energy star ratings!

Family Size & Space Constraints

If you are a specific or a pair with much less hot water requirements for your daily jobs, the instant water heater is the optimal remedy. These units do not feature any kind of storage as well as offer immediate warm water.

Usually offered in capabilities ranging from 1 to 3 liters, the immediate geysers are an excellent option for small restrooms, little family members, and cooking areas.

They can fit easily into the tiniest of areas owing to their portable sizes, which include their importance in the urban settings where room comes at a cost.

Kitchens normally don’t require much warm water as compared to shower rooms as well as an instant water heater would certainly serve all your dishwashing and also kitchen area cleansing demands.

If you have big family members and also even warmer water needs, the very best alternative is to go for a storage water heater, which usually features differing container capabilities from 6 to 50 liters.

An excellent-sized storage water heater ranging from 15-25 liters capacity must have the ability to cater to the warm water needs of a family of four.

For areas without electrical power connection or places where power cuts are a routine, gas water heaters are the most sensible solution. Gas water heater work on LPG/PNG as well as are inexpensive in the future.

Energy Efficiency

If you are opting for electrical storage based on your requirements as well as are quite worried regarding the energy expenses, it makes great sense to look for the BEE star rating of the water heater.

Our recommended water heaters are from the leading Indian devices brand, which supplies a complete variety of storage water heaters in different styles as well as capacities, with the majority of their water heater having a BEE 5-star score.

Corrosion & Hard Water

Hard water & certain chemicals in the water can cause corrosion and reduce the life expectancy of the water heater.

The best solution is to install the rust immune water heater for maintenance and a pressure-free experience if you take place to have difficult water at your residence.

Your finest option would certainly be to go for our recommended water heaters that contain fabulous features for avoiding corrosion while keeping the water without bacteria with its cutting-edge Anti-Bacterial Storage tank technology.

High-rise Buildings

If a high-rise building is where you live, then you will need a water heater with a durable storage tank with a pressure bearing capacity of over 6 bars with built-in safety and security features for preventing water leakage as well as possible shock.

Design Preferences

The new-age customers are tech-savvy, design aware, equipped, and also demanding. They look for smarter options that not only meet their requirements but likewise match their spaces.

The same is the case for water heaters, as customers are now seeking cosmetically developed water heaters that gel with the style and also decor of their kitchen areas or washrooms.

Brands nowadays are developing perfectly water heaters with novel sizes, ornamental patterns, as well as displays to woo the consumers.


While choosing a geyser, to try to find vital functions like:

  • Automatic thermal cut-out
  • Rustproof external body and so forth
  • The safety valve for pressure launch
  • Adjustable thermostat setups
  • Glass-covered burner

The automatic cut feature conserves energy by changing the device off as well as, likewise, assists in securing the water heater from wearing out.

It likewise protects from any unintended damages. The safety valve is designed to eliminate pressure instantly. It also discharges water in case the pressure overshoots the preset restrictions.

Longevity & Parts Availability

Acquire a geyser that has a much longer life as well as has conveniently readily available changeable parts. For example, a tank-less water heater’s life is of two decades around, contrasted to 10 to 12 years for tank-type water heaters.


While an unbranded geyser may cost you much less, keep in mind that you probably end up compromising on safety. We suggest that you seek a well-known brand with BIS qualification or ISI mark, or BEE energy star ranking.

Acquisition geyser from brands that are reliable. The brands must have excellent after-sale service and consumer assistance.

There is no single best brand that manufactures such machines. Different brands are dominating at different price levels. If which is the best company for geyser is your question, then better the product reviews above.

Warranty & Power Consumption

The warranty that comes with the product is an additional sign of its reliability as well as resilience. Try to find the maximum possible warranty and inquire about servicing along with a schedule of parts of the particular brand you’re picking up beforehand.

Power intake by water heater can total up to nearly 20 percent of a home’s energy bills. You would certainly intend to ask just how much power the heating element of your shortlisted geyser consumes for doing its task.

The Conclusion

The geysers are very important appliances, and these have gone cheaper in recent years, which is a big advantage. Let’s do a quick revision regarding which model is best in which department!

Bajaj Flora Instant 3L is the cheapest reliable instant water heating gadget in India, costing below 3K! At the same price, if the most durable model is what you want, then Crompton Solarium DLX 3L is exactly for you!

Now, if you expect much high from an inexpensive appliance to warm water, then we say no other geyser can satisfy you more than V-Guard 5L Safeflo Plus!

If your need is nothing more than a 3L model, and you’re searching for high-end features, Racold Pronto 3L Neo is the one for you! Bajaj Shakti Plus 10L is the best cheap water heating gadget for joint families.

For fulfilling even bigger needs, we recommend the AO Smith Storage SDS-15L model, which is the best 15L model out there.

Wait, we have an even bigger geyser model for you at a reasonable cost. It’s none other than Bajaj New Shakti Vertical 25L model! It’s the best 25L capacity water warming machine, and at this capacity level, the most preferred one.

In the end, for hard water, the most recommendable model is Bajaj Caldia Storage 6L. This geyser saves much energy!

Besides ensuring convenient hot water bathing through this article about geysers, we’ve reached to make your laundry easy also! for that, we’ve selected some tremendous top-load models in our Best top load washing machine review.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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