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Top 11 Best Sofa Brands in India (2024)

Welcome to the booming furniture industry. India has a great selection of reliable sofa brands to fit any budget. However, selecting the perfect couch for your home is quite difficult because you can get a lot of options in the market. Maybe you are confused about what you should buy according to your budget and taste.

In our country, you’ll get every type of sofa. From traditional themes to modern designs, all are available in India. It has never been easier to find the perfect couch for your home, with an array of options suited for both affordable and luxurious budgets.

No matter your preferred style, finding furniture to suit your lifestyle is a breeze.

Below this article, we’ll give you the best sofa brands in India. Before buying, just read this blog; you’ll get some solid ideas.

Best Sofa Brands in India

If you prefer wooden sofas, you have many styles or designs. So according to your choice, you can select any one. Also, the size of the couch is an important thing to check before buying.

Also, check whether your space is enough to fit your sofa.

Here are the top 10 sofas for you – 

1. Royal oak

Royal oak

High-quality design and standard make this Royal oak sofa India’s most popular brand. Their innovative design and high-quality materials make the sofa the most comfortable one.

This company is very established not only in India but also they have 58 stores all over the world. They deliver their items to customers within 72 hours.

These features make the Royal Oak sofa brand more successful. Their wide range caters to every taste and lifestyle, making them your ideal living room furniture partner.

Royal Oak is a perfect brand for people looking for a classic or contemporary style.

Key Features:

  • They can recline to 180 degrees.
  • A comfortable footrest smooth.
  • They get only a 10 days warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • The recliners are cushioned with extra-comfortable material and pockets with springs.

2. Furny sofa

Furnish sofa

This is a well-known sofa brand in India. They provide attractive sofa designs, and the quality of materials they use is undoubtedly very super quality. That’s why when people go to purchase a sofa, their first choice is the Furny sofa brand.

Your guest surely gets a very comfortable feeling after sitting on the sofa, and most importantly, this sofa has a lot of seating spaces and pocket springs and the frames are made of strong hardwood, so it’ll stay longer.

Additionally, their wide selection of fabrics ensures a comfortable and visually appealing piece that seamlessly integrates into any contemporary home setting.

Furny provides excellent customization options that enable customers to choose from a variety of design choices, ensuring a perfect fit for their living space. Their sofas have a thoughtful appearance and quality construction, which makes them durable and suitable for any interior. 

For those people who are searching for a stylish sofa for their home, then this brand is perfect for them.

  • The Furny Casteria L-shaped sofa is one of Noble’s best-selling sofas. 
  • This is a durable three-seater sofa.
  •  Removable upholstered Winchester chair

Key Features:

  • The feather-light type foam is bought from companies that only export such foam.
  • You can get stylish as well as modern sofas in this brand.
  • You can get a double cushion sofa in this brand. And these sofas are very smooth and lightweight.
  • They provide a more affordable sofa, and your guests like to sear on this sofa.
  • Furny offers a one-year guarantee and a ten-day replacement period for added peace of mind.

3. Pepperfry sofa

Pepperfry sofa

If you’re searching for a stylish and comfortable sofa instead of a good-looking sofa, then the Pepperfry sofa brand is for you. This brand provides its customers with luxurious fabrics and ergonomic designs of sofas where you can relax comfortably.

You can decorate your home with this brand. Pepperfry sofas are designed to complement any decor, whether contemporary or traditional. With classic and modern styles available, your living area gets an elegant and attractive look.

With this brand, you don’t need to compromise with warranty. If you face any difficulties, then they can help you. Their return policy and delivery system ensure quality in every aspect of your purchase.

As a buyer, you can select a size and which sofa style is perfect for your home as per your taste. The site also offers an easy-to-use navigation system and filters to make shopping more enjoyable. Pepperfry also offers a variety of items at different price ranges.

Key Features:

  • Their sofas help you make some good memories.
  • This sofa is made by the model featuring foam cushions.
  • This is a very durable catalyzed finish.
  • They give their customers a one-year warranty for the mechanism and frame only.

4. Bharat Lifestyle

Bharat Lifestyle

In India, you’ll get many attractive decor and furniture designs. This brand helps you to make your home outstanding. From traditional designs to luxurious ones, Bharat Lifestyle brand provides every type of couch. With this branded sofa, you and your guests sit comfortably no matter how many people there are, because they give multiple seating options.

Bharat Lifestyle offers a wide range of fabrics, including standard upholstery book cloths for durability and fashionable velvet accents that add a touch of sophistication to any interior.

In addition, customers can choose from various mattress firmness levels to ensure that the sofa feels comfortable and provides even support when sitting or reclining.

Moreover, the prices are highly competitive, and the product details, such as dimensions and materials used, are listed. Undoubtedly, Bharat Lifestyle remains one of India’s leading sofa manufacturers, a household name for years.

Key Features:

  • The creation of sofas involves carrying out exhaustive research.
  • They offer free fitting to their craftsmen when they deliver.
  • This brand also gives its customers a three-year manufacturing warranty.
  • They use super quality materials so you can use this sofa for many years.

5. Urban Ladder Sofa

Urban Ladder Sofa

This is a well-known brand with a presence in more than 75 towns across India and via its site.

In July 2012, the firm was built by Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa. This brand specializes in furniture and home furnishings.

Providing high-quality furniture at a reasonable cost makes Urban Ladder India’s top sofa brand. They offer different styles of sofas so you can choose as per your budget and home space.

They are popular for their efficient customer service, and you get the best benefit from this brand, that is, their staff gives you advice on how to make the most of their products.

Urban ladder sofas are sure to be an enduring, elegant piece of furniture in any home built with superior materials and craftsmanship.

With the help of this brand, you get traditional luxe or modern minimalism. This brand will surely satisfy you.

Key Features:

  • These sofas are very sleek and modern.
  • They use engineered wood for making this sofa.
  • You get a six-month warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • You get a dense polyurethane foam weighing 32 kg in square meters.

6. Durian Sofa

Durian Sofa

This Mumbai-based company is famous for furniture manufacturing. They’ve 33 years of experience not only in India but also across the world. If you buy furniture from this brand, they deliver your product to your home.

If you want the best furniture, go to the Durian Sofa brand. Don’t be surprised that Durian is regarded as one of the best sofa manufacturers in India, having superior craftsmanship, high-end fabrics and a wide variety of furniture options.

Are you searching for an attractive one that will perfectly fit your home? Then check the Durian brand once; you’ll get traditional to contemporary designs, and your guests will sit on this sofa comfortably.

If you choose this brand, then one thing I can tell you is that you’ll never regret it.

Key Features:

  • You will get a one-year warranty.
  • Their cushions are big and heavy.
  • Sofas are designed to resist termites according to special industry standards.
  • They use the best quality materials, so your sofa will run long.
  • Most of their furniture is solid timber and has an aged teak finish.

7. CasaStyle sofa

CasaStyle sofa

If you want to make your living place more comfortable and noticeable, then the CasaStyle sofa brand is perfect.

You and your loved ones enjoy a memorable time sitting on this sofa. This sofa is perfect for relaxation.

You can get different kinds of sofas like classic designs, and their brand stands out in India due to its superior craftsmanship and impeccable upholstery.

CasaStyle offers a variety of fabrics to choose from and provides customization options to match individual preferences for both comfort and aesthetics. Its timeless design and ability to blend with any decor have made it a top choice among buyers in India.

Key Features:

  • This brand has a super benefit in that they deliver your items fast, so you don’t need to wait longer after buying.
  • Many sofa experts made this sofa, so their quality is super high.
  • You can easily clean this sofa and wash it using a soft cloth.

8. HomeTown


This Future Group sub-brand, HomeTown, was established in 2012 by Vaibhav Aggarwal, Vikram Chopra, and Mehul Agrawal. Now, this brand is gaining popularity across the globe.

The high-quality products with reasonable prices make this brand more popular in India. You will get various styles of sofas, from cozy sectionals to luxurious leather sets. Color and texture are unlimited.

This brand gives its customers comfortable and durable sofas. No matter what you choose, HomeTown sofas use high-quality fabrics designed to last for years without sacrificing coziness.

It’s no wonder that HomeTown sofas are rapidly becoming a favorite choice among sofa shoppers across India!

Key Features:

  • The combination of pure Sheesham and Indian rosewood made this sofa strong and durable.
  • You can use this sofa for many years.
  • They get a one-year warranty for the sofa.

9. Adorn India Sofa

Adorn India Sofa

This Adorn India Sofa was established in 2001. They’re popular for their high back so that you can sit comfortably.

This brand is very well-known in every Indian household. If you want to make your living room noticeable, choose this branded sofa; it makes your room more luxurious, and your guests can comfortably sit on it.

The materials and craftsmanship used guarantee years of use. The range of colors suits any style.

Also, you can get this branded sofa such things as adjustable armrests, adjustable sleeping functions, extendable footrests, built-in Lights and Sockets, USB connectivity, and storage compartments.

This is undoubtedly the top brand in India. You will never regret choosing this branded sofa.

Key Features:

  • The warranty only covers frames and foam. Zippers, fabric, legs, and handrests are not included under warranty. 
  • The sofa is constructed from non-toxic, odorless substances.
  • They used chrome to make the sofa’s legs for a long time.

10. Wooden Street Sofa

Wooden Street Sofa

Purchasing comfortable and attractive furniture is difficult, but a wooden Street Sofa makes your task easy. They provide their customers with stylish and comfortable sofas so you can decorate your room with the finest furniture. This brand takes the top 10 number in India’s best sofa brands.

This company was established in 2015 by Lokendra Ranawat, Dinesh Pratap Virendra Ranawat and Vikas Baheti.

This is a very modern sofa brand, offering modern luxurious seat cushions.

Wooden Street sofas feature storage compartments in drawers for stationery and other items. The company uses Sheesham and mango hardwoods to ensure durability with L-shaped designs.

Also, you can get every piece of furniture within your budget. So now you can easily buy any items of your choice.

If you’re searching for luxurious and classic-looking furniture, then Wooden Street is the perfect choice for you.

Key Features:

  •  This branded sofa never faded your sofa’s color.
  • Their sofas are very easy to clean because it has good ground clearance
  • They get 3 years of warranty 
  • The sofas underwent more than 20 quality tests before being released to the market.

What’s the best method to get a sofa?

What's the best method to get a sofa

Before purchasing a perfect sofa, consider such things because the question is about your living space, so don’t take this lightly.

1. The sofa’s material

When you go to purchase, first check the sofas material. Because all materials are not the same, some give you comfort, and some provide you durability. If you’re looking for professional appeal and attractive sofas, go for Leather sofas. It’ll work for so long. 

Synthetic microfibers are popular for households with children or pets due to their superior moisture and stain-repellent qualities.

You can also choose an Aesthetics material sofa. Velvet gives your living place a sophisticated look. If you want to give your room a rustic vibe, then choose tweed. Linen is another contemporary edge to any space.

Moreover, select a material that fulfills your needs and makes your room noticeable.

2.Comfort matters

Comfort is the first key before buying a sofa. Because giving your guest a comfortable seat will be your first priority. Start by testing out a variety of styles, shapes and sizes and get a feel for all the different elements.

It’s important to choose cushions that give you comfort. To sink into, as this will ensure you can relax properly while seated. Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing back pain or numbness after just an hour on the couch. Always prioritize comfort when shopping for any piece of furniture, as it will pay off in the long run. 

3. Never ignore budget

Budget is the main thing that everyone considers before purchasing anything. According to your budget, you can choose the furniture.

Remember there are various prices of the sofa available in the market, from low to high prices. So before buying, check whether the material you choose is within your budget this can satisfy you or not.

But the best part is first researching and going through some stores so you can deal best for your money.

4. Strength and maintenance

Strength and maintenance

Purchasing a sofa is quite fun as well as a difficult task. Before purchasing, you should check the sofa’s strength because it needs to be able to hold up to the depletion of your everyday life.

If you want a durable sofa, check the sofa’s materials. It should be leather or fabric. Durability should also be considered, given the variety of allergens and chemicals used in processing or dyeing.

Above these factors, also look for the next factor, like the maintenance process. If you’re busy, you definitely want a sofa that will be easy to clean. You don’t need to get help from any professionals.

If possible, maintaining the sofa is quite difficult, so try to use materials and finishes that you can clean easily and that don’t contain dirt in the fibers.

5. Size is everything

Before purchasing any sofa, check the size of this sofa that will perfectly fit in your home. A sofa that is too large can overwhelm a room, and a sofa that is too small leaves too much empty space.

Finding the perfect sofa size for your living is first started by measuring both the available room and the desired seating area. Also, if you want to do something different, determine what shape is necessary to fit your current setup.

Above all of this information, just keep in mind you should be able to find a sofa that fits both the area and your intended use so comfortably that it will feel like it was tailored just for you.

Leather, Fabric, or Synthetic Leather: Which Do We Pick?

It is better to choose leather. Fabric and. Synthetic Leather_ Which Do We Pick

When Choosing a set of sofas, it’s necessary to consider the amount of use you’re likely to get out of them. If you plan to frequently use the furniture, consider a set made of leather, as it tends to last longer than synthetic or fabric alternatives. Leather sofas also come in both light and dark shades, allowing you to choose the color that best fits your space.

Also, check whether the shade you choose goes perfectly with your home. Naturally, you have to select a style that matches your home, whether it’s classic or modern.

Which one do you like?

If you prefer to buy a leather sofa, then check the best factor in leather.

Manufacturers use different kinds of leather. Every piece is beautiful in its own style. If you want to use this sofa for years and years, then check the sofa’s quality. Or if you have a pet in your home, then you must buy a durable leather sofa.

Which Colour Should We Choose?

Which Color Should We Choose

Color plays an important role. You’ll get every coloring option in the market, from beige and gray to bright and bold colors like red and blue.

According to your space design, and also depends on how often you select the color of your sofa. If your room has a neutral tone, then choose something bright shade. It can make your room more shiny.

Dark colors are best for making your room noticeable. Dark color has a spark; it grabs everyone’s attention very quickly. Also, for your children’s room, try to use dark colors; they get the energy to their room.

Moreover, if you’re searching for something more subtle, lighter shades like cream or linen can provide the perfect chic look, which gives your decoration another look. Before choosing how the light plays off each color, choose the right sofa for your home!


Without furniture, rooms are incomplete, and the sofa is one of the furniture that gives your room a luxurious look. 

In the market, you will get lots of sofa options with different styles and brands. So, selecting the perfect sofa is quite difficult for the average buyer.

Hopefully, this article gives you some idea of which sofa will be best for you and which branded sofa you should buy.

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