15 Best Leather Shoes Brands in India — Most Premium Choices of 2022

Are you searching for the finest male leather shoes? If you’re looking to buy the best leather shoes for office wear or formal occasions, you’ll want to choose the top-of-the-line or popular.

In addition, you can look good based on the kind of shoes you put on.

Imagine yourself walking down the red carpet at the most important event of your life in exquisite formal attire for a formal event with a tie; your formal shoes sparkle and are not a good match with your conventional dress.

Do you think it’s great since you’re putting yourself in a position to embarrass yourself?

It’s not difficult to see that shoes are a key element in improving your appearance regardless of whether we put the footwear category to the lowest of our lists.

Go through this article to understand the advantages and disadvantages of India’s most popular sneakers made of leather. Also, discover your ideal pair of genuine leather shoes from the most reputable leather manufacturer.

1. Bata


The largest leather shoe shop in India and a leader in the field are Bata India (the top sports shoe manufacturer in India).

Bata India manufactures and sells footwear and accessories via its wholesale and retail networks. Three divisions of the corporate structure comprise Bata: A.W. Lab, Bata Industrials (safety leather shoes), and Bata.

It is a family-owned company. It has more than 5300 stores across 70 countries and 18 manufacturing facilities. The company is the biggest shoe manufacturer in the world in terms of volume.

2. Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli

Furthermore, Bruno Magli is regarded as one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world in the production of leather shoes. It is a shoe brand with an elegant look and style, as well as the patterns and materials they utilize.

Its sole doesn’t have a smooth, flat surface. However, it has some areas with a flat, smooth surface, making it simpler to clean up the areas where the dirt is most prevalent due to walking.

All age groups and styles are attracted to the gorgeous style and durable sole of the Bruno Magli made of leather. It gives the shoe a sleek and modern appearance.

3. Puma


German multinational corporation Puma is among the top footwear brands in India is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, and produces leisure and sports footwear, apparel, and accessories.

The third largest manufacturer of sportswear is Puma. As of 2017, Puma SE has over 13,000 employees across the globe and has sold its products in more than 120 countries.

Although the shoes of Puma cost a lot, they are elegant and comfortable. It is among India’s most popular sports shoe brands.

4. Nike


An American multinational company named Nike (the most well-known brand of shoes in India) develops designs, produces and markets clothing equipment, accessories, and other services across the globe.

It (one of the most prestigious sports shoe brands in India) is the world’s largest athletic leather footwear and clothing retailer and an important producer of sporting products, with revenues exceeding US$37.4 billion in the fiscal year 2020.

The market potential for Nike is $29.6 billion. Nike’s name would be $29.6 billion. It is among the top brands in India for sports shoes.

5. Italian Salvatore Ferragamo

Italian Salvatore Ferragamo

An Italian business with its headquarters in Florence, it is well-known for its formal leather shoes. These are mostly loafers.

However, the company does manufacture female and male shoes. The company has over 550 stores that carry mono-brand brands. Be found across the globe.

The shoes typically have a smoother surface but often appear handcrafted. This is made possible by the stitching and the layering of leather. Many great shoes, such as the woven oxford, have their distinct style.

6. Woodland


With its durable products in different patterns and designs that are not polished, it (one of India’s most well-known businesses and among the top footwear brands in the world) has gained a huge following worldwide.

It has the largest collection of outdoor leather footwear and is well-known for its outstanding quality.

The attraction of the forest’s resilience has increased. Alongside various accessories, it includes footwear, boots, slippers, and sandals.

7. Black Chief

Black Chief

A fast-growing segment that is rapidly expanding within RSPL is a company under its name Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd. is a combination of possible manufacturing facilities for leather shoes.

The company began its main operations in 1988, with just one production facility with the Ghari brand. They earned an established name in the industry of faux leather in 1995.

Ghari became a top FMCG company in India through determination and innovation. This led to the brand’s new name, Red Chief, created in 1997 to meet the growing demand for shoes of the highest quality.

To boost its production capacity and meet the market’s growing demand, it has two manufacturing facilities, as well as its tanning facility.

8. Timberland


There are various Timberland leather shoes to choose from, and they are not just formal shoes. The demand for footwear and boots made of leather created using leather-working techniques is growing.

The most well-known brand of shoes, Timberland, offers a wide range of shoes in nubuck leather and distressed leather.

The footwear is typically made of rubber together with leather. They also employ various solid textiles for their construction.

There’s a broad range of prices available for Timberland footwear. However, most of them don’t exceed just a few thousand rupees.

9. Cole Hann

Cole Hann

Since Cole Hann is a brand committed to the diversity of its products, they have made its footwear available in various styles to fit almost any style you can think of.

Some styles are in line with those that are more “traditional” styles. However, most patterns and models are made to order and unique.

They are in the middle, which means that the buyers shouldn’t expect that they’ll have the longest life. The costs for these flexible shoes range from forty dollars, considered affordable, to hundreds of dollars, making them perfect for any financial circumstance.

10. Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy

This is among the top-rated shoe manufacturers around the world. It’s Johnston & Murphy range may interest people looking for a pair of shoes with a strong reputation at a lower price.

They offer a range of styles, including Oxfords and loafers, slip-on sneakers, boots and full-widths, and classic dress shoes. Most of the time, they are not even the most exquisitely designed Italian shoes priced higher than $300.

11. Khadims


On the 3rd December 1981, it was S.N. Footwear Industries Pvt. Ltd after it was formed. Before 1993, the company’s sole business was selling and distributing existing footwear models.

Then, they began working in retail and eventually gained a reputation for their line of leather-based shoes designed by a top designer.

Furthermore, they were among the largest organized shoe manufacturers in India. By 2017, they had around 829 exclusive brands, which significantly increased.

12. Berluti


Berluti is a company that has its headquarters in Paris and is known for creating the most exclusive and personalized models of shoes which are offered in the market to all customers.

While options are available in stock, these shoes are usually made by hand and tailored to meet the buyer’s requirements.

Because of the uniqueness of every pair of Berluti shoes, the price for these shoes can vary considerably. But if you’re seeking a pair of unique shoes, they are a fantastic option.

13. Paragon


It started in Kerala, situated in the country’s southernmost region. Also, it could boast the capacity to produce 1500 pairs of genuine leather shoes as of 1975.

It began to spread its wings to other states following its popularity in Kerala, the state where it was founded.

When it began expanding into the states adjacent to it in 1982, the company’s distribution gradually increased until it had a capacity of 450 distributors. The company then began to ship to all corners of the country.

14. Gucci


Since the Gucci brand has been successful for a long time in the fashion industry, it’s not unusual that it is associated with some of the top-rated brand names in the world of shoes. 

Although the brand offers traditional loafers and oxfords, they also have items that feature the distinctive Gucci style, like the monk strap with brogueing or studded buckle strap shoes. 

Gucci is one of Gucci’s Top 10 best leather shoe brands in the world and one of the top brands for leather shoes.

15. Prada


Prada shoes are usually unadorned and look sleek. The loafer and black oxford are the most sought-after styles and are similar to other brands.

This Cordovan Cap-Toe Dress Shoe, in contrast, is also awe-inspiring. The design is duotone (though it’s classified as brown). The majority of high-end stores carry Prada shoes. Depending on the model, the prices range from hundreds of dollars to over a thousand.

How do you buy the perfect Leather shoes in India?

How do you buy the perfect Leather shoes in India

Types of leather

Most high-end leather shoes depend on the kind of leather used for their appearance. Understanding the distinction can assist you in choosing the right quality. 

Leather is classified into fundamental grades, and the most popular comprise Top grain, Full grain, and Suede. 

Full-grain leather is considered the top quality leather with an extremely porous and tight texture. 

The top grain forms the third layer in the chain. It is identical to full grain; however, it is a lower grade that is full grain. It isn’t as smooth and soft as full grain. 

You may have encountered the terms Suede and Nubuck somewhere, which is essentially a finish applied to split leather that involves sanding away the grain, giving it the appearance of velvet. 

These kinds of leathers can originate from any animal, such as buffalo, calf goat, etc. They are further processed to create texture and finish.

Feel and touch

Feel and touch

Look at the texture and feel the shoes on your skin since this is among the most effective ways to determine authenticity. The fake shine or coatings on shoes can be felt when you touch them. Leather has the most natural feel.

The texture is porous, and you can detect tiny pores in some places when you look at the shoes with a keen eye (except in Suede).

Chemical and physical properties

If you’re armed with a basic knowledge of the characteristics of all kinds of shoe leathers, then you will be able to make the right choice. Certain leathers, such as Suede, don’t like water because it absorbs it quickly. 

Leathers such as Patent are water-resistant but don’t like being exposed to too much heat. Shoes should be able to move and not easily wrinkled. Leather shoes have a few common features, but at times it’s about investing in top-quality shoes that can last for a long time.


There are a variety of materials that shoe soles are made of, like TPR, rubber, PU, and leather, to mention only a. Each has distinct properties, which makes the sole an important element before investing.

No one would want sneakers made of leather, which slides easily.



The majority of brands adhere to the standard width. However, if it doesn’t fit you, ensure you pick the appropriate size. Some brands also offer broad fittings if you’re a person with broad feet. 

There are nine widths to choose from; D for males and B for women is considered the standard for approximately. 90% of people.

It isn’t recommended to wear a large size, which is a fashion choice followed by men in the majority, but it is not the case with the smaller size worn by women, which is not true. 

Most of the time,, the feet of no two people can be identical regarding length, width, and instep. It is suggested to choose a larger one if both feet you have aren’t identical.


Natural leather is a beautiful material, and the variation in the texture of its nature gives an extra dimension to its beauty.

Shoes are polished to bring the look. There shouldn’t be any differences between pairs. One must consider the style carefully before investing.

The most well-crafted shoes are made of high-quality leather and will last for a long time, and the chance of wrinkles appearing on the uppers or deformation of shoes is less.


If you buy leather shoes, which can be somewhat expensive, you’d like that they last for longer, so the construction plays an important part in determining the length of time they will last.

The most commonly used constructions in shoemaking include the Cemented (glueing), Blake, Goodyear welted, and PU injection method. 

The Cemented method is usually used for sport and general class of shoes, but for dress shoes, Blake is preferred. Goodyear Welt is preferred since they stitch the sole onto the shoes’ upper and lower layers (upper insole and lining) in both constructions. 

When we compare Blake and Goodyear Welt, Blake is lightweight, elastic, sleek, and visually attractive, while Goodyear tends to last longer but is heavier and less flexible than Blake.


If you’re investing in shoes, being comfortable is crucial. Cushioning improves grip. Comfortable shoes help you feel confident to walk. Shoes should be equipped with an insole with padding to make the ideal pair.

Composition label

The composition label will provide you with information about the materials that are used in the shoes.

The hidden sign indicates leather, the woven symbol signifies textile, and the diamond with four corners can be used to identify other materials like rubber, Coating etc.


Adidas is located in which nation?

It was founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany; Adidas is the biggest sportswear maker in Europe. With its sales networks around the globe, it’s second to Nike.

From clothing and footwear to all kinds of sports equipment, it has witnessed immense recognition over the years.

What are the three types of leather in shoes?

The three most popular kinds of leather that come in shoes are top-grain leather, full-grain leather, and suede.

What is the strongest kind of leather?

Full-grain leather is the most durable leather in the world.

What is the best shoe brand?

Nike, Adidas, Puma, Woodland, and Hush Puppies are regarded as among the top shoe brands.

Which shoe made of leather is the best?

Hush Puppies, Lee Cooper, Louis Philippe, and Woodland are among the top brand names in leather shoes in India.

Which leather is the most expensive?

Nappa leather is one the most expensive varieties of genuine leather in all of the globe. It is extremely lightweight, comfortable and durable, which makes it expensive.

Red Chief comes from which country?

One of the biggest footwear brands in India, Red Chief, was founded in 1997 in India. The brand has grown into a trusted household name and has witnessed huge growth due to its authentic leather products that are available at a reasonable price.

How do you know whether the leather is of good quality?

The best leather will be extremely soft and comfortable to the touch, have a smooth surface, and resist staining caused by oils. It is also possible to test it by smell. The fake leather has a synthetic plastic scent.

U.S. Polo is from which country?

U.S. Polo Assn. It was established as a brand under the United States Polo Association’s umbrella in 1980. Since then, it has grown to be a top brand in terms of clothing and footwear accessories, luggage, bags, watches, shoes and many more. With 135 stores, the brand has established an excellent position in the retail market.

Allen Solly is from which country?

Many people are surprised to learn that Allen Solly has become an Indian brand which was established in collaboration with Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. The brand was founded in England. It was bought from the Aditya Birla Group and brought to India to serve the needs of an aspiring fashion-conscious audience.

Final Word

A great pair of leather shoes is essential to be able to complete all formal attire with ease. In the following list, we’ve included the most popular brands of leather in India that are high-end and comfortable. Our favourites are models that come from Hush Puppies and Louis Philippe but feel free to pick from anyone because they each stand out in some way or the other.

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