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Top 20 Best Jeans brands in India – Stylish Fashion of 2024

If you’re confused about which brand of jeans you should buy, then read this blog.

See, this article will help you buy a suitable Jeans brand. Don’t worry; after researching and checking all the branded jeans reviews, then guide you.

Jeans are considered a Western outfit. Some people prefer to wear a branded outfit; for those people, we’ll make a list of Indian top-brand jeans.

Branded Jeans have a spark; you can impress everyone, and your look will be noticeable. That’s why everyone prefers to buy branded jeans. But purchasing the perfect jeans is all about up to your budget. Look quickly; what are the best-branded jeans within your budget?

After knowing all about the brand, select some factors like patterns, shades, and styles. Below this article, we’ll discuss the top reasonably branded jeans available in the Indian market for both men and women.

Here are the brands that customers prefer most : 

Top 20 Best Jeans Brands in India

Before purchasing branded jeans, you’ll search multiple options. In India, you’ll get mostly these brands, such as Levi’s. Jack & Jones, Lee, Diesel, etc. These branded jeans are considered the most comfortable and perfect fit for everyone.

Now you can buy jeans according to your budget in the market. You don’t have to regret the item’s quality. These brands give you stylish and attractive jeans for both men and women. You feel confident after wearing it.

So take a look at the top most branded jeans in India.

After reading this article, you’ll get an idea of which brand of jeans you should buy. 

1. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

India has lots of brand options available in the market, but Allen Solly is considered the number one brand. The customer’s first preferred brand is Allen Solly from the last twenty years because they give different kinds of stylish jeans.

They used to make their items with such high-quality materials, that’s why these branded jeans give you a stylish and comfortable look.

On any kind of occasion, you can get jeans accordingly. So you can feel very comfortable the whole day. And your look will be noticeable. If you attend any casual functions, you can also get jeans according to the function.

After knowing all these things, you’ll definitely think that their budget will be too expensive, which is good news for you. Their price range is very affordable. That’s why this brand is most of the customers’ first choice.

2. G Star

G Star

If you are searching for super stylish denim jeans, this brand is perfect. This is another top brand in India After Allen Solly. Some people want to stay up-to-date; for them, G-Star will be perfect. This brand always provides its customers with stylish as well as trending jeans.

They provide stylish outfits for both men and women. You can get them for your little ones, too. They know how to attract their customers. That’s why this brand is most popular for everyone. Also, you can get every outfit within your budget, no matter if it’s a bootcut or skinny-fit jeans.

3. Arrow


This brand gives their customers the best quality jeans for many years. This is a very reputed company because of their positive commitment to their customers, and they fulfil their customers needs. That is the reason behind their success.

For every kind of occasion, you can go with this brand. For every body type, they can fit this brand of jeans without any complications.

If you’re searching for the most stylish and reliable jeans which you can carry for any kind of festivals, then Arrow brand will be perfect for you because their innovative fabrics help you to withstand life’s toughest challenges while maintaining their shape.

4. Armani Jeans

Armani Jeans

Everyone wants the best quality with various styles of jeans, Armani Jeans is perfect for many. They make every piece by using their hands and gave their full attention to making this attractive.

When you carry their jeans, your look will be not only noticeable but also you will feel very comfortable. According to your mood, you can choose the colour of your jeans, like soft greys to deep indigens. Every colour is available in this brand.

They use high-quality fabrics, which means that not only do you look great, but you can also use these jeans for a long time. Armani Jeans offers unique features, such as leather mayfly patches, for special occasions that make each pair truly distinctive.

Armani Jeans is your one-stop destination brand if you want to look fashionable and make a statement with your outfit.

5. Cantabil


If you’re going to professional or casual functions, choose the Cantabil brand denim jeans. Surely you’ll feel very comfortable with this outfit.

When you’re going to maintain a sophisticated design and texture,

Cantabil will be ideal for you because it uses special technology to achieve wear resistance and durability. They made superior quality materials, that’s why every piece looks elegant. Also, you don’t need to compromise your style with your comfort level and quality.

The trendy silhouettes and unbeatable prices make this brand popular. For those people who value quality over quantity, Cantabil is an ideal brand.

6. Denizen


This Denizen brand is perfect for those who want to look fashionable. This brand is not very old; in 2012, they started their journey in the fashion industry and quickly gained popularity in India. Not only India, but this brand is also famous all over the world.

Denizen jeans are made from high-quality fabrics, that’s why it gives you a comfortable feeling wherever you go or whatever work you’re doing. If you’re searching for a classic gold design or a less modern style, then Denizen is the suitable brand for you. 

You can get multiple colour options with this brand to wear according to the occasion. Denizen is the best choice for stylish people who are looking to keep up with modern trends without compromising on quality and comfort.

7. Diesel


Above all, the brand gives you multiple colours, designs and style options, but this brand differs slightly from others. With this Diesel brand, you don’t look stylish but alsok different and unique. They maintain their durability also.

They use the highest quality materials to make their denim so it can withstand everyday wear and tear. Bold designs, creative prints, and innovative designs set Diesel jeans apart from other brands on the market. No wonder Diesel is one of the best denim brands in India!

8. Color Plus

Color Plus

When you’re going to buy any outfit, definitely not to wear for one day. Everyone wants to wear it for a year at least. If you’re more behind durability, Plus is the perfect brand for you.

The brand’s success is reflected in its reputation as the preferred choice for those looking for jeans that pair perfectly with traditional Indian attire but have a distinct style and exclusivity.

As part of its ongoing commitment, Color Plus constantly strives to introduce customers to new design trends while maintaining a very high level of quality control using manual processes and cutting-edge technology. They satisfied lots of customers.

If you prefer to carry a casual outfit, then don’t waste your time. Just go with the Color Plus brand. 

9. Gas


From 1985, the Gas Jeans brand provided high-quality attire to their customers. Their denim takes place in the top five brands in India. But this brand is actually situated in Italy.

With this brand, you can get a lot of good offers, like an eye-catching design which an expert designs. They use this particular fabrication to stretch the denim, so they are the customer’s first choice brand.

Not only jeans, you’ll get sweaters, shirts, and t-shirts for both men and women. For women, there is good news from this brand: if any woman liked to look effortlessly attractive, they she must definitely select this brand. She won’t regret it.

Their varieties of collections fulfil everyone’s needs, especially for those who like to wear the latest collection. You can carry this branded outfit for a long time.

10. Esprit


Esprit is a brand where people can get super-quality attire for both men and women. Their huge collection makes it easy for people to choose according to their taste. You can carry their jeans for every type of occasion, whether casual or any special party.

Their unique fabric-washing techniques help to distinct color washes and finishes, justifying the higher price point. With the help of these branded jeans, you can be easily paired with every outfit in your wardrobe.

Their collections are always up-to-date. From trending design to the latest style, everything will attract you.

11. Jealous 21

Jealous 21

If you’re searching for casual denim for your special one, whether he’s your husband or your spouse, just go to this Jealous 21 brand. Their innovative and stylish jeans will make your partner happy. 

If you want to be the centre of attraction for your party, then this brand is surely for you. Not only for parties but also you can carry their outfits every day. Their high-quality denim gives you a special look.

This jeans brand boasts exquisite craftsmanship, with classic and distressed fits giving you a stylish look.

12. Austin Reed

Austin Reed

Austin Reed is a brand which is not only famous in foreign countries but also in India. This brand has gained lots of popularity. Their classy denim design makes you look super cool. 

Austin Reed offers a variety of stylish fits, including skinny, straight, and bootcut, to flatter all body types.

After reading above all the brand history, you’ll think that the brand has special qualities which make it different from other brands. 

This is a very high brand due to the quality of fabrics and washes. Their target is to fulfil every customer’s needs. That’s why they always use the super quality materials to make their items attractive.

Additionally, each Austin Reed garment undergoes an intensive washing process, giving it a unique personality and adding life to the piece. As a result, Austin Reed stands out from other denim brands, which is why it’s one of the best-selling jeans brands in India today.

13. Integrity


This Integrity brand is very popular because they always give their customers satisfaction through their eye-catching designs and unlimited outstanding collections for both men and women. After wearing their jeans, you feel confident.

14. Bossini


Are you searching for the most popular brand in India? Then stop your search here; Bossini will give you everything you need. From the item’s quality to comfortability, you get everything in this brand, and when you wear it for any occasion, you’ll be this party’s centre of attraction. They offer most ttrending collections to their customers.

If you want to try something different, go with this brand. Your mix and match of different styles of jeans give you a unique look.

Bossini is dedicated to providing high-quality craftsmanship that guarantees you look good and feel great wearing their jeans.

Moreover, their affordable pricing makes it accessible for everyone to own a pair of these exceptional pieces of clothing. Whether you prefer a classic or modern jean style, Bossini has covered you and offers something for everyone’s taste.

15. Flying Machine

Flying Machine

Another popular jeans brand is Flying Machine. These brands are famous for their reasonable denim wear, which makes you fully comfortable and gives you a fashionable look. Their products last long because they use super-quality materials and fabrication techniques.

Flying Machine is often credited as the go-to denim brand many in the country prefer. They have crafted a wide range of jeans that cater to all occasions – from streetwear to party looks – and their collections seamlessly blend trendy fashion with classic silhouettes.

16. Duke


See, honestly speaking, India has a lot of jeans brands, but few brands are very popular because customers prefer this brand particularly. Duke’s jeans brand is one of them. They offer their customers classic and contemporary styles; all outfits are very reasonable. 

You’ll get various cutting jeans with different colours and washes in this brand. This brand always delivers to their customers very comfortable jeans.

Not only jeans, but you can also get short jeans, jackets and vests. This is the reason behind the successful leading suppliers in India’s denim market.

This brand is perfect for those who are looking for stylish as well as reasonable jeans.

17. Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein Jeans

For denim jeans, go through once again with this Calvin Klein brand. This brand is popular due to its carefully crafted styles, so you can feel very comfortable the whole day.

If you want to make yourself fashionable as per the occasion, then Calvin Klein allows you to choose according to your taste and your functions. From light to dark, wash everything you get in this brand.

This brand is the customer’s preferred one just because of their outfit quality. So you’ll look stylish as well, and after wearing it, you won’t face any complications. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, this brand is for everyone. 

18. ED Hardy

ED Hardy

This is another international brand which is now the most famous brand in India. From the latest styles to eye-catching colours, you’ll get everything in this brand.

You can use their products for many years because they use super-quality fabric to make outfits. Sometimes, people don’t get their outfits because of their weight, but now don’t worry about it; this brand helps you to make yourself a fashion icon no matter how much weight you’ve. 

After wearing this brand suit, everyone notices you and compliments you. One of the biggest advantages of this brand is that its collections are luxurious but less expensive. That’s why most of the customers prefer this brand.

19. Fcuk


For those people who are searching for the perfect pair of jeans, Fcuk is a perfect brand. They provide great quality denim fabric and superior styles for both men and women, making them increasingly popular in the Indian market.

They deliver the most fashionable and comfortable jeans which fit well. Fcuk’s products also feature innovative designs with a relaxed silhouette that flatters all shapes and sizes, allowing customers to explore different varieties of looks.

If you are a trendsetter in India looking for the latest styles from an international label, FCUK should always be at the top of your list!

20. Killer


Killer is a brand which provides their customers with stylish, comfortable denim jeans. You can get every kind of pair of jeans. So you can easily make yourself look stylish and get ready within minutes. Their quality is undoubtedly very good, and the price range is within your budget. So you don’t need to compromise on your look.

So why are you waiting? Just spend some money, get high-quality killer brand jeans, and make your look complimentable.

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