12 Best Printers In India for Office Use

12 Best Printers In India for Office Use

Are you running your business without a reliable printer? You cannot count on the local cafe for all of your vital documents.

Thus, it is one of the most important requirements to have a reliable printer installed in your office since it will help you save an enormous amount of money and provide the necessary convenience to your company.

Because the printer is considered one of the essential workplace equipment, it is crucial to select the right one. It can be difficult to pick the right choice with the many available choices.

If you are also struggling with the issue of choosing the right printer for your office, you’re in the right spot. Here are a few possibilities you’d like to have for office use.

Best Printer for Office Use

1. Epson L6170 WiFi Ink Tank Printer:

Bosch Built-in 4 Burners Gas HOB_

If you are looking to select the ideal printing device for the office, Epson L6170 is the ideal option. The printer has numerous advantages, making it an excellent purchase for office needs (printing, scanning, copying, etc.). It’s small in size and has high speed to meet its customers’ printing needs and demands.

To provide users with a continuous printing speed, this printer can print at speeds of 15 ipm for black and white prints and 8 ipm speed when printing colour documents.

Without a doubt, this Epson printer is among the cheapest printing solutions on the market.

Regarding the yield of pages offered through this printer, it can provide 7500 pages for print in black and white and 6000 pages of coloured prints.

The Epson L6170 has an easy 30 pages automatic document feeder that allows quick and easy copying and scanning from multiple documents.

Due to its small design and integrated tank layout, this printer requires the smallest space within your office. That means you won’t have to worry about how to fit this machine in your workplace. In addition to this, it comes with a 1-year warranty for the ease and comfort of users.


  • Price per page: 12paise (black as well as white) and 20-paise (colour) pages
  • Auto-duplex printing
  • Compact design
  • High Page Yield Value
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Incredible printing speed
  • Spill-free ink bottles with no mess

  • To help make it an Epson machine more effective for the office, it also provides the benefits of automatic duplex printing to its customers.
  • It is possible to rely on this device to get borderless printing up to the A4 size.
  • The Epson L6170 printer isn’t just impressive in its features, but aslo easy to maintain.
  • Users can rely on the spill-free ink refilling available within this printer.
  • The price per print is only 12-paise for white or black prints and 20-paise for colour prints.
  • Users can make the most of the printer’s connectivity with other devices using Ethernet or direct wireless.
  • This printer is equipped with PrecisionCore(TM) printer heads to give its users precise prints.


  • It supports only up to A4.

2. Epson L4160 WiFi Ink Tank Printer:

Epson L4160 WiFi Ink Tank Printer_

Another amazing printer comes from one of the trusted brands, Epson. The printer has been created to provide the highest printing capabilities to its users due to its compact size and speedier printing. There will be no issues accessing or using this printer to meet any printing requirements.

One of the greatest advantages that users benefit from this device is its speedy printing speed. Thanks to its Micro Piezo print head, this printer can be designed to print up to 33 pages per minute without any problems.

The printer made by Epson can deliver 7500 pages for prints in black and white and 6000 pages for colour prints.  This ensures that customers receive the maximum amount of points without the requirement for refills regularly.

To make the printing experience enjoyable for users, Epson printers come with a large big, capacity tank system. Because of the non-spill printing tank design, there won’t be any mess to clean up after replenishing your ink tank.

It is said that the Epson printer is an all-in-one solution for all demands of office users. You will love this printer to meet all the requirements you encounter in your workplace.


  • The cost per printed page is 12paise (black as well as white) and 20-paise (colour) pages
  • Amazing Printing Speed
  • Ink bottles that are spill-free
  • A compact design that has small footprints
  • High Page Yield Value
  • Bright and vivid resolution

  • You will be able to print sharp and impressive resolutions of 5760dpi quality of the print.
  • The price per page was 12paise for white and black prints and 20-paise when printing coloured prints.
  • Epson can provide the highest level of comfort and convenience for its customers by providing the best page yield.
  • The printer comes with a guarantee period of 1 year starting from the date of purchase.
  • The printer provides seamless connectivity to other devices because of WiFi. This printer is home to several Epson connect functions like IPrint, Email print driver, and remote print drivers.
  • This printer’s 1.44-inch display screen will ensure that users won’t have any issues.
  • Color printing speed was 12 ppm instead of 15ppm in our testing.

3. Brother DCP-L2541DW Multi-Function Laser Printer

Brother DCP-L2541DW Multi-Function Laser Printer

There is no way of getting a reliable printer from One of the more well-known printer manufacturers, Brother.

Brother offers the top printers for customers that can satisfy all the expectations and needs of their customers without problems. Expect the same quality and reliability with this particular Brother DCP-L2541DW printer.

This printer is the type of printing tank-type printer that can give its customers incredible print quality.

You’ll only miss this printer because you can only print black and white prints since it’s a monochrome printer.  However, because of the 2400 x 600 dots per inch resolutions, all prints in black or white look impressive.

The Brother printer is built to produce a daily monthly duty cycle of 10,000 pages per month. Beyond that, users enjoy seamless connectivity with this printer thanks to the numerous connectivity options like WiFi, USB, Ethernet, and an App.

This printer is a great printer for use in offices and is made to please users by its speedy and high-quality results in printing. And lastly, users will be able to enjoy the 1-year warranty for this printer from Brother.


  • Cost per print Rs. 1.5 (black or white) pages
  • Low running costs
  • Speedy; helps to reduce time
  • Flexible and convenient connectivity
  • Sharp and vibrant resolutions

  • The printer can be used for all kinds of tasks like scans, copies, printing, etc. It uses flatbed scanners to scan documents of poor quality at high speed.
  • The users can enjoy the advantages of automatic duplex printing using these monochrome laser printers.
  • This printer offers a dazzling speed for printing thanks to its printing capacity of 30 pages in 30 minutes. Based on ISO guidelines, the price per page for printing in black and white is INR 1.5 for this printer.
  • It is one of the printers that can be trusted for having the most effective results thanks to its 2600 pages of yield.
  • The two-line LCD of this printer provides a pleasant display and viewing experience to users.
  • The print quality is about average in contrast to a simple HP 1020 printer.
  • The performance gets compromised at high speeds.
  • The screen is dot matrix. We expected somewhat more user friendly coloured lcd screen.
  • Wifi button on the printer may trouble you.

4. Samsung M2876 Multi-Function Printer

Samsung M2876 Multi-Function Printer

Samsung isn’t just a well-known brand name for electronic products, but it’s also a well-known reliable name for purchasing long-lasting printers.

Samsung printers are equipped with all of the important benefits that users need. Furthermore, customers can trust the Samsung brand to find a printer that will be worth their money.

Shortly, Samsung printers can boost the efficiency and productivity of businesses by reducing unnecessary complexities.

This is a type of laser printer designed to take care of all the different tasks of the users. Users can use this printer to copy, scan, and print desired documents.

The printer is made to provide a service period of 15,000 pages one month for its customers, which will help them avoid unnecessary interruptions when printing.

With automatic duplex printing, users do not have to exert extra effort to print in both directions on the same paper. You can avail a dedicated and high-quality resolution of 4800 x 600 dpi on all prints made with this printer.

A4, A5, A6, letters, legal, B5, C5, C6, and executive are a few of the formats for pages that the printer can accept. In the end, users get a one-year warranty on the Samsung printer.


  • High-quality printing results
  • Flexible printing options
  • Easy eco driver
  • Printing speed is faster
  • Uninterrupted network connectivity

  • Samsung printers provide professional-quality prints with high resolutions and a speedy rate.
  • Users can count on this printer to produce affordable prints, thereby reducing printing expenses.
  • It is equipped with a two-line LCD that can enhance the printing experience for users in the most efficient way.
  • You can be confident that this Samsung monochrome printer to deliver speedier results in printing. It prints the black and white pages in just 8.5-seconds.
  • The customers can count on this printer to deliver an average speed of 28,800 pages in a minute.
  • Users can connect the printer to other devices by utilising a USB connector.
  • Refilling can be a bit costly.

5. HP Laserjet M1005 Laser Printer:

HP Laserjet M1005 Laser Printer_

The name HP does not require any introduction when talking about the dependable and most well-known brand names for printers.

HP has been around for quite some time and therefore understands the requirements and needs of its customers in the most efficient way. In short, HP printers provide the best efficiency and comfort to their users.

Relation to this specific HP printer, it’s one of the laserjet printers built to perform multiple tasks like scan, printing, and copying for its users.

Users can also anticipate seeing a greater yield of 2000 pages with this printer. Additionally, this printer has been specifically designed to print an average of 5000 pages per month with a lot of ease.

It is fully compatible with HP 12A Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge to provide its customers with an impressive quality resolution.

In addition, the HP printer is built to work with various page formats such as A4, A5, B5, C5, C6, C5, DL, postcards, and so on.

Users can also take advantage of duplex printing using manual techniques using this printer. To sum up, this printer comes with a one-year warranty for customers.


  • Cost per print: INR 1.4
  • Minimal power consumption
  • It provides seamless connectivity
  • High-speed printing
  • Monochrome laser printing technology
  • High-quality and vivid resolutions for printing

  • As a monochrome printer, users can utilize this printer solely to produce results in black and white printing.
  • Because of the flatbed scanners, users can count on this printer to scan even poor-quality documents.
  • The printer can be easily connected to other devices using the USB connection option.
  • The 2-inch LCD in the HP laser printer allows users to enjoy a comfortable print and viewing experience.
  • This printer is a great partner for those seeking speedy and reliable printing.
  • The HP printer can print 14 pages in a minute at a cost per sheet of 1.4, according to the current ISO standards.


  • Very poor amazon customer reviews.
  • The app for printing doesn’t work perfectly.

6. Brother DCP-T710W Tank Refill System Printer:

Brother DCP-T710W Tank Refill System Printer_

The Brother printer can be described as an ink tank printer that can be used to provide all-in-one capability. This printer is the ideal option for printing, scanning, copying, etc., for use in official settings.

If you’re looking for the right printer for a small office that prints over 300 pages per month, this Brother DCP-710W printer could be a great option.

When it comes to the yield of pages from the printer, it will print 13000 pages of black and white and 5000-page yield for colouring pages.

In addition to this, users can anticipate high-speed printing with the Brother printer.

If you are looking for the benefits of an unbroken connection, this printer could be an ideal option. It provides seamless connectivity through various options, including USB connection, direct WiFi, and WiFi. No worries about being physically present in the exact location to access the printer.

In addition to providing a wide range of benefits in many areas, the Brother printer can also be credited with offering high compatibility with pages.

Users can utilize this printer with various page formats, such as A4, letter, legal, Folio, executive, A5, B5, A6, envelopes, index cards, envelopes, and more.

The customers can depend on this printer to provide advantages for printing duplex. This printer is assured of quality printing because of its sharp and vivid resolutions.


  • It is easy to refill
  • Prints at the speed of
  • Print with WiFi from any location
  • The focus is on bright resolutions

  • The printer can be equipped to print 27 pages of black and white per minute and 23 colour pages every minute.
  • The printer uses flatbed scanners, which allow users to scan documents that are of low quality.
  • It is possible to use this scanner for papers of different sizes and documents.
  • This printer is compatible with all cartridges without problems.
  • Customers can avail of the 1-year warranty with this printer to be assured of battling against potential issues.
  • To increase the benefits of printing, this printer can print two hundred pages per month.
  • Solid customer reviews and reviews.


  • Somewhat noisy while taking prints when connected to the WiFi.

7. HP Laser 131a Monochrome Laser Printer:

HP Laser 131a Monochrome Laser Printer price

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable printing device from one of the reliable brands, there is more suitable than one of the HP printers.

The HP printers have all the expected and desired features that users want and would like. You won’t regret the purchase of an HP printer that meets your requirements and needs.

To start with, the HP Printer is laser-based and will provide you with top-quality printing results. Since the device is classified as a monochrome model, users can only obtain black and white printing results with the HP device.

However, users can count on this printer to meet everything they require for printing, copying, scanning, and printing a document with no problems.

Apart from catering to the printing requirements of users, the printer also provides users with the option of seamless connectivity.

It can effortlessly connect to compatible devices using the many available USB connections. The HP printer is ideal for small offices with an average of 300+ monthly pages.

It is a known reality that the HP laser printer will give rapid printing results. It can print up to 20 pages in black and white every minute with no hassles or interruptions. Based on ISO guidelines, the price for printing a page with this printer is around INR 2.

Last but not least, users are offered a warranty period of one year with this printer to ensure that it will perform to its best.


  • Cost per print 2 INR (black as well as white) pages
  • Printing results that are fast and continuous
  • High performance and quality at a reasonable cost.
  • Multifunction use
  • High-quality printing and dedicated resolutions

  • It’s one of the most reliable printing options, thanks to the benefits of manual duplex printing accessible to the users.
  • The supported formats for pages with this printer include A4, A5, A6, B5, C5, C6, and C5, DL envelopes.
  • The readily available HP laser printer has been made compatible with the HP 112A black cartridge to make it easier for its users.
  • Users can count on this printer to get the most efficient printing assistance without interruptions or hassles.
  • Users can avail of the value of a page yield of 1500 white and black pages.
  • To add to the benefits of its customers, the HP printer has a capacity of 10,000 pages per month.
  • The cartridge is pretty costly to maintain.
  • Only for black and white printing results.

8. Epson EcoTank L3150 Ink Tank Printer 

HP Laser 131a Monochrome Laser Printer price (2)

Epson is among the top trusted brand names to get quality and durable printers. After achieving the top spot in this market, Epson can offer its clients only the finest quality printers. Additionally, the printers available are purchased for a low cost with no problems.

If you want an ink tank-type printer that can manage multiple tasks of customers, this printer is the perfect option.

This printer’s printed colour prints have high quality and crisp resolutions. This ensures that the customers are getting a quality printer to meet their requirements.

This printer made by Epson is suitable for all small homes or offices with regular use to heavy use of printing.

With the Epson printer, users can print 33 pages of black and white and 15 coloured pages within one minute.

Based on ISO standards, according to ISO standards, the price for each sheet is seven-paise for print in black and white and 18.50 paise when printing in colour.

The printer is compatible with all standard cartridges. It also includes four authentic Epson Ink Bottles. Users can utilize this printer using pages in the formats of A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL. This Epson printer can offer a high-resolution print resolution of 5760 x 1440 for its customers in all prints.


  • Cost per print seven-paise (black as well as white) and 18-paise (colour) pages
  • Refilling without spills
  • Seamless connectivity options
  • Consumes a small amount of energy
  • Rapid printing speed
  • Space-saving des

  • It is a reliable choice for those who use this Epson printer to scan, print, and copy documents.
  • With the flatbed scanner, users can utilize this device to efficiently scan documents of low quality without hassle.
  • This printer can provide the advantages of manual duplex printing to its customers.
  • The user can obtain a satisfactory yield for 4500 pages of black and white and 7500 colour pages.
  • To ensure that users don’t face difficulties with accessing the printer, Epson gives a warranty duration of 1 year for this printer.
  • 6K+ Amazon customer reviews.
  • Speed of the printer is somewhat slow.

9. HP Laserjet P1108 Laser Printer

HP Laserjet P1108 Laser Printer

If you only have one requirement from the printer, you must choose a printer with one-function capabilities. If you are looking for a reliable printer, there is no better choice than HP to provide the most reliable and most suitable printer at a low cost.

It is a great printer. HP printers are among the top popular printers and are packed with numerous benefits to make it easier for users.

For a brief introduction of the printer, this HP printer is a laser printer that can meet the demands of users with ease. The printer is intended for offices with just one requirement for printing documents.

Although some users might not realize that the printer can’t be used for other requirements, it will produce incredible outputs for printing without hassle due to its power.

Additionally, since it is the case that this HP printer is a monochrome printer, it will only print black and white images for users.

To assist users in connecting this printer to other compatible equipment, this printer has a USB connection. With no hesitation, the printer will be perfect for offices that have regular and frequent printing requirements.

By ISO standards, this printer needs the cost per page to be INR 2.20 for all black and white pages printed.

The printer is built to provide the yield of 1500 pages as well as the duty cycle is 5,000 pages each month. Another feature users might not get with this printer is the auto-duplex printing.

The printer has this feature, but users need to work to achieve it since the printer is a manual printing feature.


  • Cost per print 2 Indian Rupees (black or white) pages
  • Connection seamless
  • Produces professional-quality outputs of printing
  • Consumes only a little energy
  • It is easy to set up and set up
  • Prints with high resolution

  • It is equipped with an HP black laserjet cartridge.
  • It is compatible with HP 88A original black laserjet cartridges.
  • The cartridge also comes with effective protection with a guaranteed duration of 1 year.
  • This printer works with various page formats such as A4, A5, A6, B5, postcards, C5, and DL envelopes.
  • It is an HP monochrome printer that can print at a speed of 18 pages per minute.
  • Very impressive Amazon customer reviews.
  • It doesn’t have auto print on both side.

10. HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Laser Printer

HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Laser Printer (1)

Another excellent printer from a trusted and reliable brand called HP. HP is known for its ability for its high-quality printers that it offers customers at a reasonable cost.

Customers are also confident in the brand since its products give them the promised value and value for money in the most effective way.

Users can utilize this printer for printing, scanning, and copying requirements for documents. The users will only print in black and white results when using this printer as a monochrome print.

Utilizing this printer, users can print at 18 pages per minute at a cost per sheet of INR 2 for all prints in black and white, by ISO standards.

Apart from being a pro at delivering quality printing, this printer is relied upon for its impressive page yield of 1500 pages. To enhance users’ convenience and ease of use, this printer comes with a capacity of 8000 monthly pages.

This printer has been made suitable for use with HP 88A black original laserjet toner cartridges to provide the greatest advantages to users.

Additionally, the users can use this printer in C5, A4, A5, B5, C5, C6, the DL format, and postcard page formats. This printer is a great printer for an enterprise with a low volume of frequent printing.


  • Cost per print Rs. 2 (black or white) pages
  • It provides seamless connectivity
  • Flatbed scanner for low-quality documents
  • Printing results at high speed
  • High-quality and precise resolutions
  • Dual digit LED display

  • The HP Printer is a laserjet printer made to fulfil all the needs of its users.
  • One of the greatest features that this printer has includes the flatbed scanner. With this scanner, users can scan documents offered in poor or low quality.
  • This scanner can scan documents that have irregular or uneven sizes.
  • This printer has a USB connection to provide its customers with an easy connectivity choice.
  • Users can depend on this type of connection to connect the HP laserjet printer to various electronic equipment.
  • The dual-digit LED display will ensure that users enjoy a satisfying printing experience when using this printer.
  • It is covered by a guarantee period of one year for users.
  • It takes a bit time to start functioning properly when it’s brand new.

11. Brother DCP-L2520D Laser Printer

Brother DCP-L2520D Laser Printer

The Brother brand of printers requires no introduction since it is among the top brands by customers. The brand ensures that users will never experience any issues with the quality of printers.

In the case of this particular printer, customers can be sure to enjoy the benefits they’ve been anticipating with the highest quality possible.

To start with, the Brother Printer is a type of laser printer capable of meeting the different demands of users. It is a fantastic printer to scan, print, and even copy your documents.

It’s compatible with the TN-2365 standard cartridges and the A4, A5, A5 long edge, A5 long edge, A6, and executive pages. This printer is ideal for enhancing the printing experience for customers in an effortless fashion.


  • Cost per print Rs. 1.5 (black or white) pages
  • Prints black and white outputs
  • Compatible with different formats of pages
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Printing is speedy and of high quality.

  • Concerning its connection, the printer can be connected to other devices by using a USB connection.
  • It is a device that can be counted on to provide fast and reliable printing in a compact and efficient office. Also, it comes with a guarantee of a year for customers.
  • This Brother printer can produce 30 pages in a minute and has a cost per page of INR 1.5, according to the ISO standards.
  • It comes with the highest yield, which is 2600 pages.
  • To ensure that customers are pleased with the efficiency of this Brother printer, it’s made to offer a service schedule of 10,000 monthly pages.
  • To finish the list of advantages, it has an auto-duplex print to ensure users’ convenience.

This printer can create black and white printing results since it’s a monochrome printer.

12. Samsung Xpress SL-M2071/XIP Printer

Samsung Xpress SL-M2071_XIP Printer

The last item in selecting the most efficient printers for offices can be the Samsung Xpress printer. From one of the trusted brands on the marketplace, this printer is one of the top alternatives for small offices and businesses.

This Samsung printer can be relied on to meet various needs such as printers, scanning, and copying users.

Users can depend on this Samsung printer to print high-quality monochrome prints in black and white format.

One of the notable benefits of this printer is the one-touch display that allows users to obtain quick and speedier prints.

It has a USB connection to connect with other compatible devices. It takes only 8.5-seconds for the black and white print using the Monochrome Samsung printer.


  • Screen with one-touch access
  • Small design and size
  • Faster and more efficient print outputs
  • Prints with high resolutions

  • It’s a multi-functional printer, and it is priced at an affordable price to the customers.
  • Because of its high print rate, this printer is an ideal fit for workplaces that require a reliable printer.
  • This printer will increase productivity in the workplace by printing up to 20 sheets per minute.
  • This device’s advanced resolutions and dedicated resolutions will give higher accuracy in printed printouts and photos.
  • Users can install the Samsung printer wherever they like due to its small size.
  • The printer comes with a warranty of one year for users.
  • This printer doesn’t support WiFi printing.


With the many choices for office printers, we’d suggest using the Epson L6170 Wireless Duplex Ink Tank Printer All-in-One. With this printer, you’ll perform your job efficiently and keep the cost of your printing to a minimum.

The printer is small and offers high-speed printing. You can also benefit from automatic duplex printing without hassle. This printer is perfect to increase the efficiency of your company.

If you require any additional details about the printer, send us a message by leaving a comment below. We’ll give you the necessary information to make an informed and appropriate purchase.


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