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4 Best Portable Projector In India

There are a variety of applications that could be assigned to portable projectors. In the case of audiovisual content like movies, shows, photographs, presentations, or video games, this is an enormous advantage. The sheer number of models only surpasses its versatility. But with these five top portable projectors in 2023, we’ve compiled a list to help those who want to know:

  • The most-loved of users on the internet
  • The ideal solution for cramped space
  • The most expensive option for high-end.
  • The top is based on its value-for-money
  • Best Full HD Projector

 1. LG PH550: Minibeam LED Projector

LG PH550_ Minibeam LED Projector

If you consider brightness the most important thing and wish to reproduce Full HD image quality with the best quality, LG PH550 is the most efficient mini projector.

It’s a DLP projector with an output brightness of 555 ANSI lumens and can project images at 720p resolution.

It’s more suitable for use in technical areas such as presenting. If you don’t have any budget concerns, you could also get it for entertainment.

It’s high because you can test its brightness, and you can play games or watch movies without hassle.


  • Good Build Quality.
  • Good picture projection quality.
  • Many connectivity options for connectivity.


  • The resolution of 4K isn’t supported.

2. BenQ GV1 Smart Portable LED Projector

BenQ GV1 Smart Portable LED Projector

The GV1 is a great companion in a time when options to have fun are limited.

The outdoor and home projector can stream movies, binge-watch a series, or even an outdoor camping evening to satisfy your outdoor desires in your backyard! Just charge it and bring it along with you.

It’s your projector that could be your entertainment companion and at any moment within your pockets.


  • The build quality is top-quality.
  • Many connectivity options for connectivity.
  • Netflix and YouTube are already installed on the device.
  • It is equipped with a led lamp, i.eThe lamp lasts a long time.


  • It’s not easy to operate without an external remote

3. Acer C200 LED Projector

Acer C200 LED Projector

 This LED-powered projector C200 can be with you wherever you go due to its small size and lightweight and also has instant power on/off thanks to its built-in battery of 4 hours.

The C200 isn’t just suitable for your typical coffee shop show, but it can also be used as an outdoor cinema for children and even a camping film evening.

Amazingly portable. Sometimes, you just have to get up and go at any moment. This projector is light enough to accomplish precisely what you need to do.

Acer C200 LED Projector is lighter than your passport, at 0.77lbs. The projector is packed to travel wherever you want to.


  • A decent battery backup.
  • Excellent for presentations in the dark.
  • Good picture projection quality.
  • Good Build Quality.


  • No inbuilt speakers.
  • Not for daylight.

4. Nebula Apollo Wi-Fi Pocket Size Projector

_Nebula Apollo Wi-Fi Pocket Size Projector

If you are looking for a handheld portable projector that is ideal for entertainment, then the Anker Nebula Apollo model is among the ideal choices. Its distinct appearance is brought about due to its small size and stylish design.

It’s a DLP projector running on a speaker-integrated, 6W version of Android 7.1 OS, which can be used as an individual Bluetooth speaker.

It comes with a native 480p resolution, and it can project images up to 1080 pixels with a brightness of 200 ANSI lumens. That’s enough to show pictures and movies with a portable projection device of this size.


  • Movies can be directly played via USB.
  • The TouchPad can be used on the device to aid in navigation.
  • A very bright projector.
  • Auto Keystone correction.
  • Support MiraCast and Airplay.


  • Not At All

Portable Projectors Buying Guide

A portable projector is a great choice to watch your favorite series and movies on the big screen any time you’d like. For a more immersive gaming experience, use your console. But, before deciding to purchase a console, it is essential to eliminate any concerns that could be raised. This article will attempt to resolve the most frequently asked questions.

What Is The Projection Ratio Of A Portable Projector?

The throw ratio, also referred to as the throw ratio, is precisely the dimensions of the projected image dependent on the distance between projection and screen. For instance, the QKK AK-80 model can project an image of 32 inches from a distance of 1 meter. At five meters, the resultant image measures 170 inches.

Can I Use a Portable Projector in a Complementary Dark Room? 

The majority of portable projector manufacturers advise using them in dark environments where feasible. Light from outside sources can lower the image quality. If there is complete darkness in the area you plan to project, A projector with an intensity of about 1500 lumens might be enough.

The reverse is also true. The more light enters your room, the more light intensity is required for a clear image. In offices where ambient light might be required for projections, projectors with 3000 lumens or more will be ideal. For projections in foreign countries, even at night, light pollution can be detrimental to your projection experience.

How Far am I Supposed to Place my Portable Projector From The Screen?

This question will differ based on the specific model. Most portable projectors come with an image projection distance of one to five meters. It is vital to keep in mind that the further away you move the projector away from the screen or wall, the greater the image size it can reproduce.

Some projectors allow you to alter the size of the image without the need to move the projector. However, this isn’t common on portable projectors, especially those with lower prices. The majority will state the dimensions of the image they offer about the distance they are situated. This information can help prevent any future surprises.

Best Portable Projector Buying Guide

Portable projectors are the ideal tool to bring along to watch movies anywhere you’d like. You can also watch an event on the large screen with your buddies. Certain aspects must be considered when choosing the best one for your requirements. We will show you the most crucial factors to select the most portable projector in 2019.

  • Weight and size
  • Connectivity
  • Sound
  • Picture quality
  • Use

Size And Weight

A great portable projector must be and, among other things, easily transportable. It must be small in dimensions and light in weight to do this. The projectors we have in our ranking do not go over 30 centimeters wide. The smallest one, the LG, is just 15 cm wide and 8 in length, making it a great choice for mobility.

Concerning weight, certain models weigh more than 4 kg. It is better to be light. For instance, the QKK wager, instance, weighs about 1500 grams. However, the LG is a step ahead of the others by the weight of 450 grams. It is crucial to determine the frequency you intend to take your projector to and from.

Portable Projector Connectivity

This option will determine which devices you will be able to plug into your laptop projector. These days, they are equipped with numerous inputs that allow you to connect consoles, computers, DVD players, mobile phones, tablets, or even mobile phones. The ports you can generally include are the following: HDMI, AV, VGA, or USB. It is important to note that certain models have the cables required. However, others don’t.

It is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to make certain that we can connect the devices we want to. In addition, certain portable projectors are equipped with Bluetooth technology. This is an extremely useful feature; for instance, you need to play pictures on your smartphone. In terms of connectivity, there are many options.

Best Portable Projector Picture Quality

This can greatly affect the overall experience. A majority of portable projectors on the market have Full HD quality. Certain models, however, aren’t quite as good. It is vital to know that portable projectors cannot offer the quality of images as televisions and monitors of the present.

Portable Projector Use

When buying the most portable projector worth the cost, we must think about the usage we’ll put it to. The device is great for watching movies or shows and playing games on consoles, or participating in sporting events. It’s also great to display images or slides that contain text.

However, it is important to think about the frequency you intend to take it with you. Some projectors are extremely mobile in design. But, this design usually results in the loss of other aspects like the quality of images. It is essential to find an appropriate balance between the features of our brand’s modern portable projection device.

What Devices Can I Connect To A Portable Projector?

This answer could differ from model to model. But, the top projectors in the market are generally very adaptable. A lot of them can be used with a wide variety of devices. They can connect televisions, computers consoles, DVD players, consoles, tablets, mobile phones, USB sticks, SD cards, and other devices.

What Quality Can A Portable Projector Reproduce?

The content that portable projectors can play depends on the device you connect it to. When you plug in a laptop computer or DVD player, you don’t need to think about formats. In this scenario, the projector acts as a screen for the equipment—the computer or the DVD that’s responsible for re-creating the information.

The issue could occur when playing files using the USB memory card or SD card. The format used for images must be compatible with the portable projector we use. The majority of these should be able to play the most popular files like MP4, AVI, or MOV. However, it wouldn’t make sense to test it against the manufacturer’s specifications.

How Is A Portable Projector Powered?

For portable projectors, the primary power source is an electrical cable connected to the power source. If you are traveling with a projector, it’s important to consider this. But, due to their nature, some models, like the LG that we have discussed above, come with batteries. Since it allows them to have more mobility, it’s an interesting feature.

How Is A Portable Projector Powered? What Image Quality Does A Portable Projector Offer?

The simple answer is that most portable projectors provide Full HD image quality. However, there are exceptions. For instance, the LG that we discussed earlier, even though it is notable due to other factors, its image quality was a bit lower than Full HD. When talking about image quality, it is necessary to look a bit more.

On the other side, you should remember that a portable projection device, in general, will not provide images of the same quality as a traditional one. While you can gain the ability to move in design and style, you may have to sacrifice resolution. However, it is important to know that most portable projectors can not provide the resolution of contemporary television screens.

The primary benefit of portable projectors is their low cost and the ability to reproduce images of an even larger size. At around 5,000 euros, for instance, you could purchase the Samsung 85-inch display. At less than $100, you can purchase an LCD projector that provides an image that is 170-inches wide, and you can use it everywhere.

Portable Projector Sound

A majority of portable projectors have an integrated system to reproduce audio. But, in some cases, the quality isn’t as good as feasible. The best alternative is to connect your projector with external speakers or headphones in these instances. In the event of attaching the projection device to a computer or television, allow these devices to play the sound.

Do I Need Speakers To Use A Portable Projector?

In general, portable projectors are equipped with speakers. This is great because without having to carry any additional equipment, we can take our projector anywhere. The quality of the sound is, naturally, different between models. The sound quality, in general, will not be as great as the sound that an external audio system can provide.

A thorough analysis of the speakers on the mobile projector can be practical. If they were not suitable for us, then we’d need to think about purchasing another model. Also, keep in mind that when we project, there is the possibility of utilizing external audio equipment connected to the projector or video source.


When you were at the end of that 19th century at the beginning of cinema, you had informed the Lumiere brothers, fathers of the cinematographer, that in 2019, you could be a part of the seventh arts in your own home, with a large screen, they would likely have considered you insane. However, that’s exactly how it is today because of portable projection systems.

However, it’s not just that. With this tiny device, you can stream whenever you want your preferred show. Also, you can enjoy a better gaming experience or watch a sporting event. Determining the best proportions between your size and features, such as image quality. Select the device that you’d like to connect and then enjoy!

If you’ve come across these suggestions, don’t be afraid to comment or post them on social media! Maybe you can bring someone the joy that young Salvatore was in his projector booth.

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