You are currently viewing Best Asitis Protein in India 2024 Reviews: WE HAVE RESULTS!

Best Asitis Protein in India 2024 Reviews: WE HAVE RESULTS!

Asitis Protein is trending high and giving a tight competition to leading American brands like Optimum Nutrition, MusclePham, MuscleTech, etc. There are certain reasons behind that.

Talking about whey protein, it’s the purest form of protein, and it’s most easy to digest.

If you want max performance from your muscles, then you do need to develop them. For developing them, you definitely need good quality protein. All experts in the world agree with the fact that after doing good exercise and taking good quality protein powder, muscle development takes place faster. Not just body building, but even if you are in the sports field, martial arts, or any other such activity, you definitely can’t do without protein.

Except for whey protein powder, you can get protein from food items also, but as you need a good portion of protein per day (2 grams per kg of body weight at least), the food itself won’t do! Just for an example, you need 8 boiled egg whites to gather 24 grams of protein, while just one scoop of Asitis whey protein powder provides you the same amount of protein.

Also, it is best to explore best available plant based protein powder in India to pick a better protein supplement for your diet. Fast&Up has wide range of nutritional and wellness products like protein powders, meal shakes, hydration drinks and energy supplements.

Now, why choose Asitis Nutrition powder over any other whey protein brand?

Well, let’s study the reason!

The following Asitis Nutrition chart will provide in for regarding Asitis whey protein 1kg price in India (Concentrate and isolate), BCAA, plant proteins, etc., by showing cost per serving. Asitis price in India is much lower than the competitors.

You’ll be surprised to know, Asitis 250g price is around 350! The chart below indicates Asitis whey protein 1kg price per serving and 250g packs of other supplements.

Best Asitis Protein in India

Whey Concentrate 80% 30 8.6 Buy on Amazon
Whey Isolate 90% 45 9.0 Buy on Amazon
Whey + Peanut Butter 8.9 Buy on Amazon
Soy Isolate 90% 31 8.4 Buy on Amazon
Pea Isolate 80% 40 8.1 Buy on Amazon
BCAA 250 Gm 11 8.6 Buy on Amazon
Creatine Mono 250Gm. 3.5 8.8 Buy on Amazon
L-Glutamine 250 Gm 11 8.7 Buy on Amazon
L-Arginine 250 Gm 6 8.7 Buy on Amazon
Beta-Alanine 250 Gm 6 8.6 Buy on Amazon

Now, Asitis Nutrition is providing various sorts of Whey protein, and the rate varies according to what nutrition a given Asitis powder is containing. First, we will describe which is the best Asitis whey protein powder for whom, and later we’ll discuss why we are composing this review and specially covered this whey protein company. Most importantly, we have considered the price factor deeply, and for buying a whey protein powder pack, you won’t have to spend much.

Asitis is truly awesome!

Most importantly, talking about Asitis, they go on with the same type of packing for all of their whey proteins and other supplements. So, to know which is suitable for you, do read the reviews properly.

It’s better you don’t consider Asitis Protein Amazon public reviews, as most of the users don’t know the real formula of muscle building. It needs a proper diet plan, proper workout, proper rest, recovery, and so on, while most of the users just consume these protein powders and don’t concentrate on other bodybuilding factors, and after that, squeal in Amazon public reviews that the protein powder isn’t working!

So, be practical, know about the ingredients of given protein powder, trust the experts, and then decide which powder to buy! Let’s begin with Asitis raw whey protein. We highly appreciate Asitis raw protein as from one scoop per day this one; you can begin your bodybuilding journey.

Best Asitis Protein Packs in 2023 – Reviews

 1) Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate

(Unflavored, 1 KG 80%) – Best for beginners

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein

Now, you might be thinking, how can Asitis concentrate powder be better than Asitis isolate protein right? Well, definitely isolate powder is better, and that’s why it is expensive also. Here, we recommend concentrate powder as the first choice keeping value for money above all. Asitis whey protein concentrate is a bit better value for money here. Buying Asitis protein price 1kg means around 30rs. Per serving.


  • Most importantly, this powder is too cheap, and for Asitis isolate protein 1kg, you need to pay below 1200 rupees.
  • In case you don’t have that much amount, 500 grams and 250 grams packs are also available, costing around 700 and 400 rupees, respectively. If you are uncertain about the taste, just try the 250g pack.
  • This protein is pretty much suitable for the starters also, whereas we can’t say that with isolate.
  • It is an American product. It’s minimally processed for ensuring that you get max protein and nutrients. Clean and pure powder is what you are getting.
  • The serving is of 30grams, in which you get 24 grams protein, which is enough for a quick recovery for muscle instantly after a heavy workout.
  • Besides protein, it contains 4.5BCAA making muscle gaining and synthesis more effective.

The Final Advice

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate is truly fabulous protein, and most of the expert recommend this.
It has brought positive health benefits. Where even the most leading brands like Optimum Nutrition are struggling to touch a 70% success rate on Amazon with their Whey Proteins, AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate is running over 80% success rate and highly pleasing everyone.

This is a perfect low-budget whey protein for you, and most importantly, the composition is perfect for making your muscles grow faster in contrast to many other whey proteins concentrates out there.
If you have the budget, then Asitis protein 5kg price is near to 5700 rupees, and definitely go for it before the prices rise.
1kg pack’s price is affordable for all. Now, what if you have around 700 rupees? Asitis protein 500gm is for you.

2) Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate

(Unflavored, 1 KG 90%) – Best for beginners

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate

An isolate is a form of protein with higher purity, and these generally cost too higher than the concentrates, as the making process of isolate protein powder is longer and needs more investment. This protein is all pure. No enzymes are added, and no flavor, which means no extra calories. One scoop is of 110 calories only! Wow! Firstly read the benefits, then check Asitis whey protein Amazon price.


  • Price is the biggest factor here. At the time when Optimum Nutrition, MusclePharm, MuscleTech, etc. and other such leading American brands are selling their whey protein isolates at around 2800-3000 rupees/Kg.
  • Asitis Nutrition is providing the same, but in the unflavored form at around 1700 rupees! Even Indian companies aren’t that genial!
  • This protein powder has brought positive results regarding the maintenance of muscle mass, which means even if you are away from your workout for a while, you can maintain the muscle mass with a proper diet, and this particular whey protein powder.
  • Asitis whey protein isolate 1kg price is affordable for most of you! It’s much lesser than other American whey isolates.
  • Inclusion leucine, isoleucine, and valine provide a great push to the bodybuilders. These sort of bound your muscles and prevent them from getting carried away with the bloodstream after you break these during a workout. So, Asitis whey isolate is a great pre-workout supplement also.

The Final Advice

One scoop of 30 grams is providing 27 grams of protein! As this protein is of supreme quality, it hardly takes 15 minutes for it to digest, get converted into Amino Acids, and mix with your bloodstreams. Faster the delivery of protein, the better it would be, as, after a workout, your muscles are crying for protein for recovery! Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate is among the fastest digesting protein powders, and there is no chance of neglecting the deal! To know Asitis whey protein isolate 1kg price, tap the button below!

3) Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate

(Unflavored, 1 KG 80%) – Best for beginners

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Peanut Butter

Moving further to Asitis protein isolate, would you believe us if we say 500g 80% whey protein concentrate and 1Kg rich peanut butter you are getting together at near to 1000 rupees? Don’t rub your eyes, that’s true! This is a unique combo, and Asitis Nutrition is among a very few companies, which brought this innovation of providing a high-quality food item along with the supplement, that too at a low price!


  • We know the taste of unflavored whey proteins is terrific, but the taste of the crunchy peanut butter is truly amazing.
  • This is a perfect combo for mass gainers. Peanut butter comes with good quality fat and also around 25% protein. 
  • You can simply mix a couple of spoons of peanut butter in your whey protein shake, and it will be great overall nutrition for you, which will include good carbs, fat, and protein!
  • The Asitis peanut butter doesn’t need refrigeration. You can store it in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  • 1kg peanut butter is going to last pretty long.
  • If you don’t like crunchy peanut butter, then the creamy flavor is also available.

The Final Advice

Just for the fact, if you buy peanut butter 1Kg separately, it easily costs you 500-600 rupees. Here, just by adding rupees 400 more, you are getting decent quality whey protein powder (500g)! If you are a mass gainer, then you can put this peanut butter on brown bread in the morning breakfast, and such 2-3 sandwiches will bring you around 35 grams of protein! What can be a healthier breakfast than that? So, this sweet combo of whey protein concentrate and peanut butter is 100% worth purchase, and actually 120% for the mass gainers.

4) Asitis Nutrition Soy Protein Isolate

(Unflavored, 500 GMS 90%) – Best for beginners

Asitis Nutrition Soy Protein Isolate

Many people just stick on isolates and concentrate while entirely ignoring other impressive top-quality proteins such as soy. 

This soy isolate, carrying 90 % protein (equal to the isolate that we discussed, which costs near to 1700 rupees), this soy protein powder is costing near 1000 rupees for 1 kg! Yeah, that’s true!


  • The amino acid profile of this soy protein isolate is decent. Besides being so rich in amino acids, it is very low in carbohydrates and fat. 
  • As a result, it’s decent for those who are losing weight and working on muscle definition and don’t want to lose muscle mass in this process.
  • It’s the perfect protein component of the pre/post workout exercise meal. You can also use it as a do-it-yourself meal replacement.
  • You can use this powder in Roti atta, dosa batter, idly batter, muffins, waffles, pancakes, etc., in this way; it’s a tasty choice.
  • No additives or preservatives are there in this soy protein powder. It is pure and non-GMO.

The Final Advice

As you know, meal protein is also very essential, as the whey protein powder doesn’t bring advantages single-handedly.
In such a case, buying something like AS-IT-IS Nutrition Soy Protein Isolate besides a good dependable whey protein powder (that you can as use per/post drink, directly mixing in water or milk) can do a great job!
You can fetch a good percentage of everyday protein requirements from this combo.

5) Asitis Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate

Review – Best meal supplement

Asitis Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate

Here comes another superb protein isolate powder, which is designed for meal supplements. It’s a truly amazing component of a pre/post-exercise meal. It’s also a decent part of the do-it-yourself meal replacement.


  • Pretty much like the soy protein isolate, the pea isolate also can be used in Roti atta, idly batter, muffins, waffles, dosa batter, pancakes, etc.
  • It carries 28 grams of protein in one service, having 128 calories, and most importantly, 4.9g of Branched Chain Amino Acids.
  • Pea isolate contains bigger protein content in contrast to any other protein powder from Asitis.
  • If you want to preserve muscle mass while stimulating fat loss, then this pea isolate proves to be too beneficial.
  • As there are already very fewer protein sources available for vegetarians, this Pea Protein Isolate is no less than a boon!

The Final Advice

During testing, we found that Asitis Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate is very smooth, and you need less water (or any other solvent) for a scoop of this. Taste is always an issue with whey proteins, and several don’t prefer taking whey protein powder even though they can afford it easily. For such people, Asitis Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate is highly recommendable, as when you add it to a salad or mix it with smoothies, you won’t even notice that it’s there! So, buy Asitis 1kg Pea Protein by tapping the Amazon Asitis button below.

Other most beneficial health-supporting powder supplements from Asitis

Did you know, there are certainly other supplements, which can bring magical benefits to your muscle building. 

Everybody talks about whey proteins and their benefits, but there are certain of these supplements, which are left behind, and people don’t believe in buying these; however, these are extremely beneficial.

Do you know that all those bodybuilder models, whose tutorials you keep on watching on YouTube, do have all these side supplements in their supplement stack, and if you ask some expert, he will tell you how much do these help.

Well, why go to the expert when the experts are themselves providing you knowledge regarding this?

Yes, in the upcoming reviews, we will describe how these supplements play a vital role, discuss price, and explain the dosage and how you can reap the max benefit.

Asitis protein prices in India surprised you, right? So will the upcoming supplements!

1) Asitis Nutrition BCAA Pre/Post Workout (250 grams)

Asitis Nutrition BCAA

Now, many people have heard about BCAAs, but they actually don’t know what actually these BCAAs do. 

Besides that, several people think that why to buy BCAA supplements separately when already they get the same thing from Whey protein powder. 

It’s not such, guys. You do need BCAA if you are serious in the bodybuilding scene, and Asitis BCAA is truly a fab one. Now, read further the details in the Asitis BCAA review below.


  • 2:1:1 is the Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine ratio, and by scientists, this is declared as the best ratio of these amino acids.
  • BCAA Asitis is a super supporter when it comes to lifting heavy lifting, and that’s what you do in the gym, right?
  • This supplement highly works in enhancing muscle repairing, which is very important also. Besides that, it reduces tissue damage.
  • It aids in protein synthesis. The post-recovery takes place quickly. Besides that, this BCAA is the best “during workout” supplement.

The Final Advice

This BCAA supplement from Asitis Nutrition gets absorbed by your body very soon, and when it comes to muscle recovery, then fast absorption is very important.

Even if you are taking a quality whey protein powder, then also you do need this BCAA supplement, as the composition of both actually brings double benefit, and especially if you are a vegetarian and don’t eat BCAA rich food like Eggs, Chicken breast, then BCAA is sort of compulsory for you because the BCAA that you are getting form your whey protein powder isn’t enough for the whole day. Tap the button and know the Asitis BCAA price.

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  • Our trust is with Amazon

2) Asitis Nutrition Pure Creatine Monohydrate

Asitis Nutrition Pure Creatine Monohydrate

Recovery is important, but what will you repair if you are not doing a proper workout? I am sure many times, you do feel a lack of energy in between your workouts, and it happens with everyone. What do you do in such a scene? Most of the time, you deduct the workout or reduce the weights, right? Don’t do that! Spend around 400 rupees (definitely you can) and complete your workout in style with full energy. Buying Asitis 500gm costs around 3.7 rupees per serving! This Asitis pre-workout supplement is tremendous.


  • Firstly, Asitis Nutrition pure creatine monohydrate is among the cheapest bodybuilding supportive supplements and actually does a tremendous job.
  • You might not find fast results with whey proteins or BCAAs, but Creatine brings you instant feel and result.
  • This creatine monohydrate has developed stamina and increased strength in several sportsmen and gym freaks in recent times and is highly recommended by the experts.
  • It is entirely free from any enhancers, fillers, or other such dope ingredients.

The Final Advice

Creatine contains caffeine, and in Asitis creatine monohydrate, the percentage is very right. Most of the cheap creatine monohydrates don’t dissolve in water that easily, and you need to shake the bottle a lot. This is due to the thick profile of this powder. Fortunately, Asitis creatine isn’t that thick and dissolves easily in water. It further means that it digests and enters bloodstreams faster than several other low price creatines. So, I highly recommend Asitis creatine monohydrate, as there is no better way to achieve trigger energy with that much less money.

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3) Asitis Nutrition L-Glutamine 250 gm.

Asitis Nutrition L-Glutamine 250 gm

Now, Glutamine is another thing, about which most bodybuilders don’t know. One can’t believe how high this particular amino acid helps in muscle development. Earlier, Glutamine wasn’t considered that much, but later on, studies took place, several experiments and tests took place, in which scientists concluded the fact that among the 20 amino acids that form protein, Glutamin is among the essential ones, and if taken in the right amount, can highly help in repairing and developing muscle tissues pretty fast.


  • The Asitis Glutamine is an ultimate recovery fuel. Protecting muscles during the workout is the basic job of this Glutamine.
  • The usage is flexible, which means no matter you use it before or after a workout, you’ll surely get positive results.
  • Asitis glutamine is of Pharmaceutical Grade. It’s entirely safe to use even for beginners, but only if you don’t take over-dosage. It is 100% pure, and no Aspartame or artificial flavors or colors are involved in the formula.
  • It’s all vegetarian things. In the lab tests, no traces of Dairy, Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Gluten, Yeast, Wheat, Soy, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Or Sugar were found.

The Final Advice

The Asitis Nutrition L-Glutamine is something you can take on the non-workout days also. We highly recommend Glutamine, as it does a decent job, which no other supplement will do, which is boosting hydration. If you take Glutamine, your muscles will be able to hold more water, which further boosts rehydration, and also, you don’t feel a shortage of energy. Asitis Nutrition L-Glutamine costs not even 700 rupees (250g pack), and if you accept our recommendation and try it out, you’ll definitely experience positive results.

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4) Asitis Nutrition L-Arginine Powder

Asitis Nutrition L-Arginine Powder

Now, this Asitis supplement is truly amazing! L-Arginine is something that is highly adopted by expert bodybuilders and athletes, as it highly promotes healthy circulation. As you might know, muscle growth highly depends on blood flow. If your blood flow is better, then the amino acids and oxygen will reach your muscles, heart, lungs, etc., essential organs faster.


  • Faster these amino acids and oxygen reach your tired muscles, faster the recovery is going to take place.
  • L-Arginine Powder works as a great energy enhancer. Not just bodybuilding, but even if you are in football, running, weight lifting, wrestling, etc., this powder proves to be too beneficial.
  • Not just the sportsmen and gym buddies, but also those people who can buy this supplement and gain benefits, who have a pretty active lifestyle.
  • Even after being a non-stimulant supplement, it brings results pretty fast.

The Final Advice

This supplement is a must-have for enhancing energy levels. If you have a gym companion with almost the same physique as yours, then you just try Asitis L-Arginine, and within two months, you’ll see the difference in the strength. You’ll be lifting much heavier weights. The expert bodybuilders stay steps ahead of ordinary bodybuilders because they do have the right knowledge about supplements like L-Arginine, and they do implement. So, the expense isn’t high! Grab Asitis L-Arginine and be a step ahead!

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5) Asitis Nutrition Pure Beta-Alanine Powder

Asitis Nutrition L-Arginine Powder

We’re sure you didn’t know about Beta-Alanine Powder. Well, is it really important? Yeah, it definitely is. Now, Beta-Alanine Powder is something that will make you move a step further than your gym companions, and trust they, they won’t get the formula about which supplement is working. They’ll buy whey proteins and BCAAs that you do, but until you don’t tell them about Beta-Alanine Powder, they won’t come to know about it! This powder works as a secret performance and actually doesn’t get credit even after being so beneficial. Let me explain why you should buy Asitis Nutrition Pure Beta-Alanine Powder.


  • The shortest way to explain the basic benefit of Beta-Alanine Powder is, if you are taking this, then the other supplements that you are taking like Whey protein, BCAA, etc., will bring you more advantages.
  • This powder is a superior energy enhancer, and after using this, you will face much less muscle fatigue than you normally do.
  • The price is nothing high. The 250grams pack costs below 700 rupees. Other leading brands are selling the same supplement at much higher prices.
  • As nothing synthetic is mixed with this powder, there are hardly any side effects.

The Final Advice

Researchers have proved that if you take Beta-Alanine Powder, muscle carnosine levels increase up to 20-80%, which further makes you notice the growth of muscle. If you do intense training, then it is very important that your muscles don’t get tired or collapse before finishing the proper set of exercises. At such time, Beta-Alanine Powder provides life to your muscles and gets them ready to work hard further. Beta-Alanine doesn’t show direct benefit, but it is a backstage performer, which plays a vital role in your overall muscle development. Just tap the Asitis Amazon button below.

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Diversity of muscle building supplements and their benefits

You read about the best whey protein powders and other bodybuilding supportive powder in our Best Asitis Whey protein Review, and the good thing was that the single company is providing all necessary supplements and at unbelievably lower prices.

Whey protein is the favorite hot topic, and in this review, we were going to concentrate on whey protein only, but later, we found it necessary to bring all-round supplement knowledge to you in a shorter style.

We know that the side supplements that we recommended were rare, and all don’t know about them. Now we will focus on individual supplements, explain their composition, benefits, and how important are these for you.

Whey protein

This is the hot topic of every gym, as Protein is the biggest necessity of any bodybuilder, and why Protein is considered the best and most beneficial source of Protein.

As we said, 2gm. Of Protein is needed per kg of body weight normally (1.8-2.5 gm/kg body weight in the range, but 2gm is considered the sweet spot), it becomes too difficult to gather the whole day protein. Just, for example, you are of 65Kg, then you need 65 x 2 = 130 grams of Protein for ensuring muscle growth, right?

Egg whites 10 30 gm.
Amul milk(Amul Taaza) 1 Liter 27 gm.
Chicken breast 100 gm. 30 gm.
Moong dal 50 gm. 12 gm.
Rajma (Kidney beans)
100 gm. 17 gm.
Kaju/Badam ( Cashew/Almond)
50 gm 13 gm
Total 129 gm.

After eating that much, you’re able to gather enough protein for yourself. Ok, now have you calculated the cost? Man, it’s going to be pretty expensive! Let me scare you more. If you are a vegetarian, then just remove chicken breast and eggs from that list.

Then you need to eat almost 300 gm. moong dal per day and so on. It will be too boring. Trust us; you won’t be able to gather enough protein for yourself. Now, let me make things happy. See the chart below:

Egg whites 5 15 gm.
Amul milk(Amul Taaza) 1 Liter 27 gm.
Moong dal 100 gm. 24 gm.
Whey protein 2 Scoops 56 gm.
Total 128 gm.

Did you see the magic? Isn’t the diet chart looking pretty easy to follow now?

Whey Protein Vs Natural food items


Up there, we’ve deducted the cost of 100g chicken breast (30 rs. almost), rajma 100g ( 15 rs almost), and 50 gm Kaju/badam (40 rs. almost) from the list. Approx, we saved 85-90 rupees from there, and adding 2 scoops of whey protein will cost you almost 70 rupees (considering Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavoured). Now, who says whey protein is expensive?

Most importantly, whey is a high-quality protein. Your body is able to digest the whole of it (the body will absorb the app. 95-99% of the protein). While the protein you get from natural food items doesn’t get digested. Around 75-80% is going to be the absorption rate. Besides that, Whey protein will digest in 15-20 mins and reach your bloodstream for starting the muscle recovering process, while the protein from other food items always takes over half an hour to 40 minutes at least, and till then, your muscles will keep on crying for recovery.

If you are making a fat loss, then also whey protein is making a huge difference. One scoop of Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate contains 110 calories, while if you get an equal amount of protein from food items, it will bring carbohydrates and fats along with increasing the overall calorie count, which further means that you will have to work even harder in the gym for burning those extra calories.

In this way, whey protein is cost-effective. It’s 5 times beneficial than the protein you take from food items. We recommend only two scoops of why protein per day and take 60% of your protein from food items.

Credit: BeardyFitness



Among 20 amino acids, which for protein, the three more important ones are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These three form the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) The further research says that Leucine is the most important one among these three. As a result, the ratio adopted by most of the BCAA manufacturers is 2:1:1, where 2 is for Leucine. Whey Protein and BCAA form a decent combination and bring magical growth to your body.

Now, you might think that why take BCAA when you are already getting the same from whey protein? Well, let’s do some maths! In one scoop of whey protein, you don’t get more than 5-6 grams of BCAA. That’s not enough for you. Taking an extra whey protein scoop will do. 1 scoop as pre-workout, while the other scoop as post-workout as usually, you take. Now, if you are taking 2 scoops a day, you need 3 if you reject BCAA. That will increase your cost! Now, if you are grabbing 20 egg whites a day, then we shall say you don’t need the BCAA supplement. In case you are vegetarian, then BCAA is a “must-have” supplement for you. 

Now, how cool would it be if you track your activities? Keeping your track record will help in better planning and executing your fat loss program. [/su_box]

How beneficial is BCAA actual?

When you are going for fat loss, and do dieting and workout, then fat is not the only thing you are losing! A part of the muscles also burns. This is so because as you are on a low-calorie diet, your body doesn’t get adequate energy for completing all tasks of the day. Then the body has no other option rather than breaking fat and muscle and further burning it for generating energy. As a result, you might have seen many guys who go through dieting for bringing definition in their body actually end up losing all the precious muscle gains, which they earned after much hard work.

It is like running all across the globe and reaching point zero! Don’t let that happen. BCAA comes into the scene here. It makes a shield on your muscles, protecting them from getting broken down and carried away for converting into energy. Now, when the body is not able to burn muscle, it will burn fat for all energy that is needed, as no other option is there. As a result, your precious muscles also don’t deplete, and secondly, fat burn takes place faster. No matter what’s your fitness goal, BCAA is a “must-have” thing.

Any substitution of BCAA?

If you are working in the morning, the chances of fat burning are higher because there are no calories in the body. If you take BCAA before 15 minutes of starting a workout, your fat will decrease like magic! The only substitution of the BCAA is egg white. While BCAA takes 15 minutes to mix in the bloodstream, egg whites take almost 30 minutes. 

The issue is that you’ll have to wake up half an hour before, boil them (at least 6-8 egg whites), eat them, and wait for a half-hour to start your exercise after grabbing these eggs. Well, that is tiring, and actually a very expensive alternative also. 6 egg whites cost you around 36 rupees, while one scoop of Asitis BCAA will cost 14 rupees only.

Asitis Nutrition Other Most Essential Supplements



To tell you how does Creatin works and what the benefits are, let me share my own life experience. When I begin the gym freshly, I had a friend named Nayan. He was 6 Kg lighter than me and was a vegetarian, so he had fewer sources of getting protein. I lifted heavier weights and was taking whey protein also, so I was expecting to go much more muscular than him in the upcoming time.

The exact reverse thing happened. Within the next 40-45 days, he was lifting much heavier weights than me, doing longer workouts, and as a result, his body started getting a much better size and shape than mine. I was shocked! After all, how was that happening? I was taking high-quality protein, chicken breast, eggs, BCAA supplements. On the other hand, he was rolling on with some cheap quality whey protein and nothing else!

After that, I came to know that before coming gym for a workout, he took Creatin. Creatin generated trigger energy in him because of the caffeine content in it. It further provided Nayan more power to lift up heavier weights and more stamina for longer workouts. Just imagine, one little 5grams scoop was making such a massive difference! That is the reason I suggested Asitis Nutrition Pure Creatine Monohydrate. Even after doing such a tremendous job, it is the cheapest supplement in our Best Asitis Whey protein Review.

One serving of Creatin costs you a bit more than 4 rupees, and that’s insane! Buying Creatine won’t make a big difference in your wallet, but not buying it will surely make a huge difference!



Now, as L-Glutamine acts as an important building block of protein, some researchers have researched whether taking a glutamine supplement truly supports muscle gaining or exercise performance. The results were positive. Yes, it does! Further, some researchers have reported that glutamine supplements do decrease muscle soreness and further improve recovery after you complete your intense exercise sessions.

It increases plasma growth hormone levels, which is a necessary component for all bodybuilders to make gains. The mucous membrane stops bacterial infiltration during digestion. According to researches, Lglutamine can highly boost immune cell activity in your gut for preventing inflammation, infection and soothing the intestinal tissue. As Lglutamine is used for energy production, this particular supplement can support intestinal spasms’ reduction. You can take L-Glutamine, a meal, or a snack. Glutamine powder is much more recommendable than Glutamine tablets. Take your dosage at last 1 or 2 hours before grabbing your meal.

Glutamine is very important, as you don’t know whether the Glutamine levels are adequate in your body or not. Now, if you feel fatigued during workout, or are not able to complete your reps the way you did earlier, then surely there is a Glutamine deficiency in you. You definitely need to buy Asitis Nutrition L-Glutamine. It costs below 700 for 250g pack, in which per serving costs approx 13 rupees.

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You might see several advertisements for several fat burners, but trust us, around 90% of these fat burners don’t actually work. L-Arginine can highly help in fat burning. No, just eating it won’t do, but eating it and doing a nice hard workout will be highly beneficial. It makes your body utilize accumulated fats as a source of energy. BCAA is shielding muscles from getting burned, while L-Arginine is enhancing the conversion of fat to energy. I hope you understand the combination and chemistry of BCAA and L-Arginine.

If you have both of these in your supplement stack, then you’ll burn your fat with much less effort, in comparatively less time, and most importantly, spending less money. You find L-Arginine poultry, fish, red meat, and dairy products. If you are vegetarian and don’t consume dairy products daily, then your body might lack L-Arginine. In such a case, this supplement is a must.



Beta-alanine is very beneficial for bodybuilders, as it increases exercise capacity and further decreases muscle fatigue. It also contains antioxidants, anti-aging, and immune-enhancing properties. Foods that are rich in Carnosine carry Beta-Alanine, or you can get it through supplements. Aritis is offering a decent 250g Beta-Alanine costing less than 700, and it has 100 servings. One serving cost is below rupees 7, as you can calculate.

It highly elevates your athletic performance and exercise capacity. If you want to build huge lean muscles, then Beta-alanine will highly support you. You won’t find many people recommending you Beta-alanine, as this is a less known supplement. Those who do know about it move a step ahead of others, and others are never able to catch how come it happened! 7 rupees per day cost is not going to harm anybody! It’s within everyone’s budget and a must-buy supplement.

Asitis protein review

The Hot & Happening F.A.Q Session!

There are many common doubts with Asitis supplements, which we have explained and solved here with our expert teams’ help. Have a look!

How to check the authenticity of Asitis whey protein?

Do you want to know what the Asitis check original process is? Well, many of you do! There is a helpful app called LetsVerify, which you can install on the Android play store/Apple Store. Just open that app, tap on Scan, and scan the Q.R. code present on the Asitis Whey pack. It might take longer sometimes. Then enter 5 digit number, which you find scratching above the Q.R. code. That's it! The app will show whether the supplement is genuine or not.

What about Asitis protein results? Does it really work?

Well, they were checking results of When protein is a very, very tough, and long process. You have to gather certain bodybuilders, fix their diets, maintain their exercise schedule, and give them scoops of whey protein at the right intervals. We included 20 people, out of which 6 were female bodybuilders. The testing process went on for 40 days, and the results were tremendous. That's why, instead of writing about the best whey proteins, we've concentrated only on Asitis proteins and other supplements. The whey protein isolate of Asitis brought the best results. So, the answer is, YES, it does work, but only if you are taking the right diet and following a perfect exercise and sleep schedule.

How to use Asitis whey protein

So, how to take whey protein of Asitis, and other supplements? Well, serving recommendations are already there on the pack itself. Talking about the method, then it's pretty simple. Take Asitis shaker, put water as per recommendation, add half scoop of whey if you are a beginner, and one if you belong to intermediate level. The advanced level trainees should take 1.5 scoops. Shake well and serve, that's it. Take whey Asitis protein twice a day for the best results. Once, after a workout, and second, before sleeping. You can also utilize it as a pre-workout supplement.

Asitis weight gainer: Does it really work?

In contrast to testing Asitis protein Whey results, testing Asitis gainer results was easier for us. While most of the cheap mass gainers only raise the glucose level in your body, Asitis mass gainer highly helps in building muscle mass. Yes, glucose also comes, but in very few amounts.

Asitis protein vs. ON whey protein: Which one is better?

Actually, there is no competition. Here, one is among the most expensive brands, while the other one is cheaper. So, value for money is a big consideration here. Follow the chart below for details of our overall testing and comparison of the two popular brands.

Note: We’ve considered both concentrate and isolate whey protein of both the brands and rated everything as an average of the two.

Quality 8.6 9.2
Results 8.8 9.1
Customer satisfaction 8.8 7.7
Solubility + Taste 8.1 8.9
Value for Money 9.4 7.6
Overall Score 43.7/50 42.5/50

So, while in some departments ON Whey just slipped, Asitis When maintained in all departments. Yes, the overall quality of ON Whey is good, but it stands nowhere in front of Asitis in terms of value for money and customer satisfaction. (data gathered from self-experiments, buyers from Amazon, and other various dominating selling platforms).

Asitis vs. Muscleblaze

Now the computation was very close because of the low price factor. Muscle Blaze was the one to develop the first overall Body Building supplement market in India.

Quality 8.6 8.6
Results 8.8 8.6
Customer satisfaction 8.8 8.9
Solubility + Taste 8.1 8.4
Value for Money 9.4 8.9
Overall Score 43.7/50 43.4/50

So, that was a pretty tough call. Muscle Blaze is having a wider range of supplements, while Asitis has stuck to unflavored ones. Solubility was better with Asitis, but in taste, Muscle Blaze dominated. Rest, there was very little difference, but in the end, Asitis, again, playing on its strong side, proved to be better value for money. So, we recommend Asitis over Muscle Blaze on an overall basis.

What about Asitis protein side effects?

Guys, all Asitis products are already lab-tested and carry absolutely no harmful substance. However, you can read some negative reviews about Asitis supplements on Amazon, in which some said that they vomited, some caught skin allergy, while some caught the loose motion.

The following are the scientific reasons behind those complaints.

Vomiting: Asitis generally manufactures flavorless supplements, and certain people don’t like the taste, and we can’t blame either because not only Asitis but almost all companies’ flavorless supplements don’t taste that pleasant. When someone takes such a supplement the first time, you might vomit due to an unpleasant and unfamiliar taste.

I can’t criticize Asitis nutrients here. They are making pure products. The first time, you might also feel a bit unpleasant, but later, it will be a habit! Out of 40 people, 29 said that the taste of Asitis protein powder was good, 9 said its acceptable, while 2 found it bad. By the way, we came to know and The chocolate flavor is yet to come! We’re sure chocolate won’t make anybody vomit!

Skin Allergy: Guys, it is simply impossible. In the beginning, a bit of digesting issues can take place, but that’s pretty rare as Asitis Nutrition whey protein comes with digestive enzymes. No documents or tests prove that any of the Asitis supplements cause skin allergy.

Loose motion: As we mentioned, digestive enzymEs are there. Loose motion in the normal scene can take place if you are not habitual with milk, in which you are blending your protein powder, or you are not boiling milk before drinking. Hence, we recommend taking protein powder with water, as it digests much faster.

Still, if you caught loose motion, then surely you are taking the wrong amount of protein powder! The conclusion is, there is no Asitis side effect. 

Buying Asitis protein online: How safe?

Actually, Amazon is the safest way to buy Asitis products due to the least possibilities of duplicity. Besides that, the rates are considerably low. Buy the 2kg, 1 Kg, half, quarter, five Kg pack or any other supplement like BCAA, creatine, Glutamine, etc. whatever; it’s going to be beneficial to trust Amazon over others.

Asitis price: Why so low?

Yes, some do doubt regarding Asitis whey protein price plans. Whatever nutritious info you read on the Asitis packs is all correct. Still, the price is too low! How? Well, actually, it’s true that American brands are making huge money in India. I remembered in 2016, I bought Optimum Nutrition Gold 2KG pack at around 6000 rupees, while my friend in Detroit, USA, said that he bought it for $49 (almost 3000 of that time)! The only fact is, Asitis is keeping a very less profit margin and targeting bigger sales. We, as buyers, are really very beneficial in this case.

Helping hand: Asitis official website, contact, and authenticating info

So, for deeper info such as Asitis protein ingredients and much more, you can visit Asitis website, which is (remember, it is not Their contact number is asitis customer care number. 

In case you faced issues in authenticating products, then better than visiting Asitis site, directly contact them on 097419 33033! For additional support, then you should try out the Asitis app!

The Conclusion

As you read, Asitis protein powder price in India is a big factor behind its success. Now, there is no question like it’s good or bad! It’s 200% good!

If you’re buying Asitis Isolate whey protein, concentrate, BCAA, or anything else from Amazon, then there are hardly any chances of fake products.

However, there is much duplicity there in supplement stores, and catching such duplicity is extremely tough for a normal buyer.
The big advice is, do concentrate on your diet, workout, and sleep, otherwise not just Asitis, nut none of the other supplements will bring you any results.

So, do everything perfectly, and gain your dream physique! Asitis is highly helping you. Besides Asitis, other top supplements we recommend are MuscleBlaze Super Mass Gainer (5Kg for around 3500) and Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein ( 2Kg for under 3000).


Guys, there is a big confusion regarding at what age one should start going to the gym and what is the right age to start taking whey protein.
See, the top recommendation from our experts is to begin gym at the age of 18 if your goal is bodybuilding, and you want to start lifting weights and using machines.

If you want to do natural exercise, like sit-ups, pushups, cardio, etc., then there is actually no age limit. In case you are into these normal exercises, we recommend you not to take any whey protein supplements, as firstly, it’s too early, and secondly, you actually don’t need these! You can take protein from food.

However, when your body is mature and you’ve turned 18, you can begin bodybuilding and taking supplements slowly. You should begin with just one scoop a day of whey concentrate and increase the quantity every 15 days!

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My education started at Bombay Cambridge International School, which led me to complete a Master’s Degree in Food Biotechnology through the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Besides that, I’ve been testing food in the lab for 12 years, and as a food journalist, I have acquired all the essential knowledge required to guide people with their health-related queries.

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      Regarding Asitis whey protein, there can be 1000 queries, and explaining everything in one blog is not possible. In reply of your question, we’d say, the nutrient composition of whey remains the same, and the things that matter include the way of treating that whey, adding flavors, refinement, solubility, quantity of amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, and actually 17 more) etc.

      We have already described essential points one should consider before buying whey protein. By the way, it’s the biggest dedicated review on Asitis whey protein available on net. Thanks.

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    Is this whey protein easily digestible?

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