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Top 10 Best Rice Cookers in India — A Quick List

Rice is an essential ingredient in every Indian family, and the best rice cookers accessible in India will help you cook the rice quickly!

Rice is a versatile ingredient that is used in a myriad of dishes across the globe. The low-cost food is available in many forms, such as biryanis, grain bowls, pulaos jambalayas, gruels, and more. No matter what recipe you’re making, you’ll need the grains to be properly cooked.

While making rice in a stovetop oven isn’t an issue, making rice in batches takes lots of work and anxiety. This is the reason why the use of an electric rice cooker is essential.

You don’t have to be bothered about or be concerned about overcooked or burned rice when you’ve got electric cookers in the kitchen. By pressing an electronic button, these devices are able to cook a variety of rice grains in a perfect manner.

Panasonic SR-WA18H 4.4 Liters Cooker

A top rice cooker will have all the rice-cooking functions that are suitable for every Indian household and lifestyle. But, when it comes to buying a rice cooker, we are concerned about a few aspects.

You don’t need to worry! A rice cooker purchase requires extensive research. To help you determine the rice cooker that is most effective in India, We’ve put together the essential information you should know about.

10 Best Rice Cookers in India

1. Panasonic Sr-Wa18 E 4.4L Rice Cooker (Automatic)

Panasonic Sr-Wa18 E 4.4-Litre Rice Cooker

This particular Panasonic SR-WA18E 4.4-L automatic rice cooker is a great choice if you require large cookers for the entire family. It is possible to cook approximately 0.6 kg of rice that is not cooked using this cooker. This rice cooker’s structure is constructed of the highest quality food-grade materials, which makes it safe and simple to use.

Rice can be cooked for your family within 20 minutes. Rice cookers have the capability of cooking rice and then shut themselves off completely.

Anodized aluminium bakeware is added to the rice cooker set. The handle is made from stainless steel that is heat-resistant as well as beneficial for the structure of the board.

It’s a pull-style handle, which feels comfortable in your hands while in the position of holding it. It comes with an impressive two-year warranty, as well as unbelievable discounts.

A frying pan is included inside the package. It’s an energy-efficient and green machine. To differentiate itself from its competitors, it comes with numerous features. Panasonic rice cookers have various options, such as autonomous cooking and auto collision.

The rice cooker is one of Amazon’s top-selling items in the world and is also offered in white, with modern and stylish style.

We like:

  • Option for automatic cooking
  • Ideal for a small family
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to wash

2. Philips HL1662/00 1L Electric Rice Cooker

philips electric rice cooker

As a brand of electrical appliances, Phillips has earned an excellent reputation for providing quality for every Indian household. The Philips HL1662/00 1Litre Electric Rice Cooker and matches its name, has a number of good qualities to look for in any rice pressure cooker in Indian market.

This rice cooker brings a five-year coil warranty and a two-year guarantee on the entire appliance. Phillips HL1662/00 1Litre Electric Rice Cooker offers an auto cut-off feature that allows you to stop the meals from being burned.

It also features an automated keep-warm function that keeps food warm for approximately four hours, as well as the starch separation plate, which keeps the rice from becoming spongy, as well as a host of other features to be considered in the top rice cooker from India.

The box does not only include the rice cooker. Besides that it includes a ladle and a measuring cup. While the power consumption of 450 watts and the less volume of 1 Liter might not please everyone but there are plenty of features to consider this the top rice cooker available in India.

What We Like About:

  • Auto cut-off feature
  • Auto keep warm function for up to 4 hours
  • Starch separator plate
  • Total warranty of 5 years for coils and 2 years for the whole product

3. Geek Robocook Zeta 5L Pressure Cooker (Electric)

Geek electric pressure cooker

Geek Robocook is dedicated to offering clean and efficient cooking. It has 11 pre-made menus for your dinner and lunch needs—this electric cooker to prepare everything from Idli and sambar to delicious biryani.

Robocook comes with an intelligent cooking technology that is programmed. It lets you easily modify the pressure/temperature settings to suit your requirements. It offers seven safety guards that are controlled and controlled by an ingenuous mono chip, in contrast to the standard cooker.

This means that cooking will no longer be monotonous. The nutrients, in turn, remain within the dish.

The capacity in this Geek Robocook cooker is roughly 5 litres. Teflon will seal the inside of the pot. This means that you can be sure that your food won’t remain unfinished. Making your own legumes, vegetables, or grains will guarantee that you get all the vital nutrients.

It’s not just that be used to steam rice. You can also prepare chicken gravy soup, vegetable Pulao, and even dal using this multi-purpose device. It’s one of the top electric cookers on the market.

What We Like About:

  • Timer that is automatic
  • Simple to make use of
  • Keeps all nutrition
  • Measurement cup and recipe book
  • Intelligent cooker
  • 11 menus pre-set

4. Prestige Rice Cooker PRWO 700W

Prestige Rice Cooker PRWO

To cook your gorgeous Indian rice, you’ll require an electric rice cooker with 2 strong aluminium pans and low power consumption. The customers have been extremely pleased with the outcomes of using the Prestige rice cooker.

This rice cooker has receievd the award due to its endurance and performance. It is able to cook everything from stews to pulaos with ease and comfort. Its capacity is 1.1 Liters. So, you won’t be able to cook more than 1kg of rice inside it. Therefore, this rice cooker is great for a couple.

This aluminium pan allows heat transfer to the rice in the cooker while still ensuring high quality and safety. Cooking pans that are fantastic and will be able to store them easily. Apart from cooking, prestige rice cooker could also serve as a casserole to store food items.

A top-quality stainless lid made of stainless steel is included in the lids of this product that are made from high-quality stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about steam since the rice cooker comes equipped with an opening large enough that allows steam to be let out.

The power consumption of the rice cooker isn’t huge since it only requires 700 power. Apart from that, it is possible to be sure to watch the rice while it cooks.

It has sturdy and comfortable handles that let you grasp the appliance comfortably. The appliance shuts off automatically shortly after the rice is ready.

In the event of any damage to the rice cooker post-purchase, you can request it repaired within a year. The appliance has a 1-year warranty. Prestige PRWO is a great option if you are looking for an appliance that has durability and a durable body.

What We Like About:

  • Strong construction material
  • Great design
  • Premium-quality aluminium cooking pans
  • Detachable cord
  • Fast and efficient cooking
  • Ideal ideal for families of four
  • 1 kg rice capability

5. Butterfly Cylindrical Krc-22 2.8L Rice Cooker

Buterfly electric rice cooker

Butterfly Cylindrical is a new appliance for the home. Both in the online and local sectors, the company is quickly expanding. This Butterfly Cylindrical RC-22 Rice Cooker is a great option if you’re in search of an affordable model. Large and small households can benefit from the 2.8-Litre rice cooker.

It comes with cookware along with a measuring cup along with other things. For the best rice flavour, you need to use your measuring cups to mix the right amount of rice and water. In addition, it can cook various varieties of rice which includes brown, white or yellow.

The most amazing thing about this rice cooker ensures that food waste won’t be stored on the walls of this cooker since it is constructed using magnetic stainless steel that has been resistant to temperature for many years. This rice cooker is suitable for use without prior experience in cooking or maintaining at home.

Additionally, you will find directions to make the rice cooker user-friendly. It comes with one-year warranties.

What We Like About:

  • Excellent design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Good accessories
  • Detachable cord
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for large and small families

6. Bajaj Majesty RCX 1 0.4L Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

Bajaj Majesty RCX rice cooker

You can be assured you’ll be able to cook rice simply thanks to this Bajaj Majesty Cookware. It accompanies a clear top that lets you observe the rice while it cooks. Then, you’ll be able to tell when the rice is cooked. Two handles that have cool touch are included in the unit. This means that even if the rice cooker is heated, it’s simple to raise it.

It’s tiny. It will therefore not take up the entire countertop in the kitchen. It’s portable, meaning that you are able to carry it when you travel. This means you’ll have less time to cook while you’re traveling.

The rice cooker is simple to use. Simply connect to the outlet for power and then press the button to begin the cooking process. If you’re looking to indulge in momos and pasta, then you can prepare them with this device. This method of cooking is extremely efficient in keeping food warm.

The cooker includes spatulas, cooking bowls and measuring cups, along with other functions. Aren’t you amazed?

If you’re looking to save cash while meeting your essential needs, this is a fantastic option for you to consider using at home. It’s among the most affordable rice cookers that are available on the market and includes all the functions you require.

What We Like About:

  • Compact in size
  • Straight forward and simple operations
  • Durable
  • Additional accessories
  • Conveniently portable

7. The Mealthy Multi Pot 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker

Mealthy Multi Pot electric rice cooker

This is, without doubt, one of the best rice cookers found in India and is a favourite of many reviewers who are experts.

The wonderful additional equipment makes cooking with this rice cooker an easy task. Alongside your rice cooker, you receive spoon, one steam basket, measuring cup, rice paddle with two silicone mitts, additional gaskets and an instructional book. A variety of items will make any person happy.

There are 14 cooking programs that can be controlled by one touch that can be used on the cooker.

Cook slowly, add multigrain yoghurt, keep warm, and then pressure cook meat and chicken soup. Bean saute, porridge rice, cake and pressure cook. That’s correct; you read it right; that’s the maximum capacity this appliance can be capable of.

This rice cooker is able to function in a variety of ways, including pressure cooker eggs maker, saute pancakes maker, yoghurt maker and more. Making the investment in this single product, therefore, is worth the investment.

The greatest benefit is that you can prepare all your meals in advance. Combine various ingredients and set a timing depending on your personal preferences. The food will be prepared whenever you’d like, thanks to the delay start feature.

Foods that are healthy have passed a variety of important tests to guarantee the safety of their users.

This is the reason it also has been a great experience for me on the criteria. With this device, it is possible to cook two meals at the same time. A stainless steel 23-quart pot and a trivet elevated to 4 inches, as well as a steamer basket, are all included.

If you’re not in a position to limit your budget, don’t be afraid to purchase this appliance.

What We Like About:

  • Best after-sales services
  • Additional accessories
  • Controllable using an app for mobile devices
  • Fresh and nutritious meals
  • Cook two dishes at a time

8. Preethi EPC005 Pressure Cooker

preethi electric pressure cooker

It’s an electric pressure cooker that continuously produces healthy, nutritious food. It cooks a huge amount of food in one go. It’s simple in its functions and great performance that makes it a sweet option for all Indian kitchens. It offers the options of biryani, Idli as well as khichdi and gajar Halwa.

It also has NutriPlus Technology that ensures that you get all the necessary nutrients when cooking. In addition, it also has a great panel. The LCD panel gives you many options, which eliminates the need to guess. It’s easy to use with colourful and bright buttons. The best thing about it is that it includes a delay timer which slows your cooking time.

The feature that keeps food warm helps keep the flavour and aroma of food for up to 4 hours after it is cooked. It’s not just that; there is no escape from steam, and cooking is very quiet.

A 30-minute to 8-hour delay timer allows cooking to be delayed. The feature that keeps warm will preserve the aroma and taste throughout the duration of up to four hours once cooking has been completed. Contrary to the standard aluminium pressure cookers, this one has no steam leakage or noise.

Preethi touch ensures maximum security thanks to its 9 security settings that control energy, temperature, and pressure. The Preethi comes with a battery that has endurance, durability and reliability tests that confirms the product’s high quality and ranks it among the most reliable electric pressure cookers sold in India.

Preethi Touch electronic pressure cooker is a gorgeous addition to its stunning steel body and style.

What We Like About:

  • Excellent build quality
  • Attractive appearance
  • A user-friendly control panel
  • Ideal for a large family
  • Nutri++ technology
  • Nonstick coating for the interior of the pot.

9. Panasonic Rice Cooker Combo 

Panasonic rice cooker

This Panasonic top rice cooker is among the top ones in India. It includes two indispensable accessories, including Idli stand as well as steaming baskets to cook other dishes too. You will not be disappointed by the high-end quality of the rice cooker.

It’s a 4.4-litre rice cooker that comes with a two-year guarantee and simple maintenance. The rice cooker would be perfect for families with three to four people.

This rice cooker is powerful and efficient. It uses an impressive 660 W power source and is a great performer. Panasonic is a well-known brand, as is this model, constructed to last.

The ability of this cooker’s rice to hold in the nutrition in your food is the most notable characteristic. It can be used for everything from boiling vegetables to making biryani. Apart from that, the food you cook in this rice cooker remains hot and fresh for around 5 hours.

It is important to be at ease while working with appliances. This rice cooker, however, is built with a durable handle and superb temperature control, which permits cooking as per your preference.

This rice cooker can enhance your cooking experience. However, it is important to note that it comes with an automatic shut-off function. The rice oxidizes by itself while cooking. The aluminium pan that has been anodized and that is very durable is a guarantee of the safety of food items and also the attractiveness of this kitchen tool.

The rice cooker is affordable and is ideal. If you don’t need to shell out an excessive amount of money but still want an outstanding rice cooker, then it is the Panasonic SRW is the best choice.

What We Like About:

  • Easy to use
  • Conserves power
  • Amazing Japanese technology
  • Made of anodized aluminium
  • Fantastic accessories
  • Keeps you warm for many
  • Cooks rice quickly

10. BMS Lifestyle Mini Rice Cooker

BMS Lifestyle Mini Rice Cooker

Our 10th cooker is a well-known rice cooker in India. Brands and has a track record for cooking all dishes at the same time. Apart from that, the rice cooked by the rice cooker is fluffy and delicious.

It has amazing nonstick cooking pans inside, which prevent foods from adhering to its base. So, cleaning it is easy. This rice cooker is a multi-function cooker with 7 functions able to cook a variety of meals.

What you cook in this rice cooker will remain hot for up to 12 hours, and you’ll be impressed by design. It has a three-pin cord that is detachable and can be dismantled or secured in accordance with your preferences.

It requires only 200w power. Its ABS-compliant plastic as well as shock-resistant structure of this cooker offer confidence in its high quality.

The cooker will automatically shut off when the meal is finished cooking and would save electricity. The cooker also includes a rice paddle,rice spoon, a detachable aluminium pot, and a measuring cup and along with other accessories.

Because the high temperatures that it operates at its heat dissipation port can stop it from getting damaged, it comes with a 600-mL capacity and comes with a one-year guarantee. It’s a fantastic choice for kitchens due to its features and reasonable price.

What We Like About:

  • 7-in-1 multi-cooker
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Nonstick cookware
  • Keep the feature warm
  • Cook many dishes.
  • Features that are damage proof

What are the factors to consider before purchasing a rice cooker?

To provide the best cooking experience, the rice cooker must be powerful, fast and efficient in energy, as well as easy to maintain and have a few important security features. In addition, there are a variety of other important factors which could impact your decision for the most suitable rice cooker to meet your needs.

Easy of Use

Rice cookers, just like popular products, are designed to make cooking easier, faster, more efficient, and perhaps even better in some ways. Most modern cookers have a one-touch operation. You can simply add the rice and water in the right amounts, and the cooker takes charge of the rest.

Certain digital rice cookers come with digital capabilities, such as steaming, automatic warming, slow cooking, self-timer delay timers, and other features that make the cooking process much easier.


Since a rice cooker can be an appliance that can be carried around, it is important to take its weight into thought. When the rice is cooked, the best step is to take the cooker out for serving, and it is a straightforward process. That’s why the rice cooker’s size is important because a cooker that is lighter is easier to transport.


How much rice a rice cooker can cook in a single time can be directly proportional to the cooker’s capacity. The quantity of cups of rice that are added to cook is used to calculate this number. Verifying the dimensions of the rice cooker before buying it is crucial since it can provide an estimate of the number of guests it can accommodate.

There are additional elements like energy consumption, cooking frequency and maintenance, warranty and cost that you should take into consideration when buying rice cookers. We hope that this guide has helped you.

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