Hitachi DV13VSS Hammer Drill Review – Top Level Safety Ensured

Hitachi DV13VSS Hammer Drill Review – Top Level Safety Ensured

It is the Hitachi Hammer Drill provides you with a superior option for minor repairs and concrete work at home that does not require a carpenter or expert in your home. The hammer drill is equipped with a hammering mechanism that is quick, thereby avoiding the pain of your hands when working with it.

Because it’s manufactured by top manufacturers of hardware technology, it guarantees the highest quality of construction and a longer lifespan than its rivals. This particular product offers greater grip and easier handling.

The Hitachi DV13VSS has reverse rotation, which can assist you in the process of screw-driving in any. This is the remedy for the most inconsiderate screws that will not allow you to turn your trolley. With this drill in your hands, the problem will cease to ever be an issue.

It is specifically designed for various types of surface drilling. It can also drill concrete without effort due to its design being top-quality. The Hitachi DV12VSS is equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip with an adjustable speed trigger that permits you to switch between distinctive speeds while drilling, thus providing users with a more efficient drill.

The product is protected by the warranty frame, which is mandatory for any customer. Hitachi provides a domestic warranty of six months for all manufactured products. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about searching for a repair solution since you’ve got Hitachi to take care of your damages.

Hitachi DV13VSS 13 mm Impact Drill

An Overview

This Hitachi DV13VSS is precisely made for industrial and household drilling needs, so you will be able to ensure the safety & comfort of this item. Its impact hammer drill is equipped with 20mm capacity in wood and 13mm capacity for concrete, and 13mm capacity for steel. It can therefore provide superior operation in terms the performance and handling.

The product comes with an ergonomic pistol grip that has an overall weight of 1.4 kg, which permits you to carry the drill everywhere without difficulty and provides you with the benefit of mobility. It also helps to compensate for the movement by offering a greater performance-to-weight ratio. This means you can gain more performance with less effort. The motor’s speed stays at 2900 RPM, which is sufficient to drill for any purpose.

It also comes with reverse rotation technology. This helps with the tedious task of manipulating a screw. It saves time by providing better safety and control. The tool comes with an accessory handle that provides a solid grip, which improves the durability of the product. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced user. The device can be handled with comfort.

Another fascinating feature is the trigger with variable speed that is designed to facilitate the use of different speed settings on different surfaces. This improves surface handling and creates an accurate drill when applied to surfaces.

The machine has power requirements in the range of 220V (50hz), which results in an output of 555W. It has an extended cord, and it is able to operate using the use of a long-range power source.


  • The most renowned brand in Hardware Tools- Hitachi
  • Model Number- DV13VSS
  • Model Name- S9 Z
  • Impact Driver Drill to simulate the impact effect
  • Reverse rotation is a feature that allows screw operation.
  • The chuck’s size is 1.5-13mm (1/16to 1/2 “) appropriate for all drilling
  • No-load is between 2900-2900 RPM of the product
  • Its handle can be described as Pistol Grip
  • Maximum Capacity: 20mm in wood (3/4″), 13mm (1/2 “) in concrete, and 13mm for steel (1/2 “)
  • It is powered by a cord.
  • Power Requirement- 220V, 50hz
  • Maximum power is 550 W.
  • Battery Voltage is 230V
  • A variable speed trigger to increase the efficacy
  • Auxiliary Handle to ensure stability
  • The weight can be (1.4 kilograms” 3.1 lbs”) ideal for operation over a long period of time
  • Length of 270cm ( small enough for storage)
  • Material- Plastic Color- Green
  • Cylindrical Housing for Durability
  • Inside the box: Drill Machine and Manual, as well as an Auxiliary Handle Key for Chuck

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The most outstanding attributes that are available in DV13VSS which make it the Drill of Choice

Hitachi Drill


Hitachi Impact Drill Hitachi Impact Drill comes with a weight of a minimum of 1.4 kgs (3.1 lbs) which makes it more comfortable in handling. The lightweight tools make the job of drilling so relaxing it is possible to drill all day and not feel fatigued in your hands. This means you can drill longer with less hassle.

Variable Speed

The DV13VSS features the ability to change the speed of drills which allows you to enjoy an excellent drilling experience on any surface. It is able to alter the speeds of the drill to match the material to be drilled, resulting in an improved result.

Reverse Rotation

The drill also comes with Reverse Rotation which assists with the screwing component. This gives you the option of having two drills. It is best to use a device that can perform both screwing and drilling tasks. It is the DV13Vss is the best drill that is the best choice for this.

Auxiliary Handle

You can store the Auxiliary Handle  in a case to make sure that you can handle the drill in a better way. It provides extra security and increases the solid operation of the pistol grip. This means that anybody can use it with a grip that is more secure and higher quality of the drill.

No Overheating Issue

The DV13VSS contains fewer issues with overheating. Also, it has been built with the benefit of less heat production. Heating is always the primary concern when looking for a hardware device. It gives the most efficient performance by not having a heating issue after a half-hour in the continuous drill.


In terms of warranty, you get a a six-month coverage period with DV13VSS if a manufacturing defect is there. Customers must bring the drill to the nearest Hitachi Authorised Service Center.

What are the reasons for choosing DV13VSS as your solution?

Hitachi Impact Drill

  • Easy to Handle
  • Better Pistol Grip for Stability
  • Variable Speed Factor can give you more Drilling power
  • Reverse rotation is a way to save yourself from two different products
  • Auxiliary Handle to increase preciseness
  • Strong Design
  • Trusted Brand- Hitachi


It is Impact Hammer Drill, the option for both large and small operations that don’t require any guidance from a professional or carpenter’s help to perform. It is simple to transport and store. Anyone can use it to suit their requirements. It’s a secure product that lets you make use of it more frequently. You can use it to help with the latest DIY idea that you have in your mind. It permits you to be creative without worrying about handling or amateur experiences when your product meets your requirements. We suggest Hitachi the DV13VSS 13mm impact drill due to its superior price-to-performance ratio.


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