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Top 20 Best Rice Brands in India (2024)

When the word dal comes to mind, the next thing that immediately comes after is rice. Rice has been the staple food grain of not only the people of India but also many other countries.

No South Indian person can imagine their day without eating rice for a whole day. A variety of Indian cuisines require rice and flour. 

Choosing the right type of rice ensures that you get your required nutrients and the flavor of authentic and good quality rice while enjoying your food.

India has many varieties of rice. You can get rice in raw or processed form. There is other rice, which is also polished to bring out its white color.

In India, rice is also available in different colors: white rice, red rice, brown rice, yellow rice etc. Based on the cooking methods, colors can be added to white rice to make them appear colorful.

Sona Masoori and brown rice are the varieties of rice produced in India. Let’s study which brand provides what quality of rice in India.

1. Kohinoor


Quality-based rice, which is rich in aroma aged by the natural process to develop a very good taste, comes from the Kohinoor brand. Kohinoor rice providing brand has been available in the market since 1947.

It provides the best quality rice types like Basmati, jeeraga Samba and Sona Masuri. You can taste every grain of Kohinoor rice and enjoy that earthly flavor at its best.

The rice is harvested in such a specialized way that it doesn’t lose shape when cooked for an elongated period.

The Kohinoor rice brand has very little starch, which gets cooked without losing flavor.

One of the best things about the Kohinoor brand of rice is that they do not use any chemicals that husk the rice and pack them for customers’ edible use, meaning that Kohinoor rice is 100% organically harvested to reach customers’ plates.

Customers who do not want to compromise on the health and quality of rice go to buy Kohinoor.

2. India Gate


Founded by the pioneers in India’s basmati rice, Khushi Ram and Behari Lal. India Gate Basmati rice is known by many customers for its finest quality of rice. India Gate is the product of KREL Ltd.

India Gate is the most preferred choice of rice brand amongst many consumers. The reputation of India Gate grows as they provide long-grain and good quality basmati rice, which doesn’t become sticky when cooked and its flavor remains intact too.

To say more, India Gate basmati rice is derived directly from nature, and no pesticides are added by the farmers who grow rice for them. 

India Gate provides rice to its customers in different packaging sizes, from 1 to 5 kg. You can get a perfect combination of taste and nutrition with India Gate basmati rice. Every cooked dish with India Gate basmati rice will surely feel flavorful in your mouth.

3. Nature Land Organics


Known for its high purity level and flavorful rice produce, Nature Land Organics is one of the top-quality rice brands available in India.

The rice from them is rich in taste and great in nutrition quotient as well. They produce rice by using chemical-free processes to provide healthier cooking and a sustainable natural environment. 

The rice from Nature Land Organics is delivered to the customers at a very reasonable price range with seal-tight packaging; hence, good quality is guaranteed.

With Nature Land Organics, you will get nutrients as well as tasteful recipes to eat.


  • Low Glycemic Index
  • 100% non-GMO
  • Easy to digest
  • Rich in dietary fiber

Cost: 100 INR/Kg

4. Fortune


One of the best quality rice comes from the rice-supplying brand called Fortune. They offer a wide variety of rice, ranging from basmati to brown rice, topping their list.

Many customers give reviews about Fortune rice, appreciating its aromatic smell and also its amazing flavor. When combined with different herbs, Fortune rice tastes super amazing.

Fortune provides rice that is aged for as long as 12 months. This aging process makes their rice strong, flavorful and fluffy. Fortune even offers a competitive price range without compromising on the quality of rice.

Fortune takes the matter of hygiene very seriously, they are concerned with the safety of their customers all the time. The Basmati rice that you’ll taste from Fortune will never let you forget its rice taste. 

5. Daawat


Daawat from LT Foods Ltd. is a popular rice brand for many reasons, some of which we will discuss below. Their rice comes with a beautiful whitish glow, a lip-smacking flavor and longer grain length too.

The rice from Daawat has a unique charm incomparable to other rice brands in India. 

Daawat rice grain has a long and slender look. Moreover, their rice does not change its shape after being cooked. The manner in which they harvest their rice is what makes their rice very tasteful.

Daawat can not only be used to make biryani but also pulao.

6. 24 Mantra


Focussing on sustainable farming and quality rice, 24 Mantra is becoming one of India’s most popular rice brands. The rice they produce is grown without using any kind of chemicals, ensuring safety for your health. 

They use age-old techniques and practices to bring their customers the best quality rice grains.

The texture of 24 Mantra rice is very smooth, and it has a very enjoyable taste. They have a variety of rice, which includes organic red, Uganda, basmati and other varieties of rice that differ in size called Dubai (after being cooked, they double in size) and tibaar (after being cooked, they triple in size)

Its rich, earthy flavor makes 24 Mantra rice specially chosen for every rice recipe.

All in all, 24 Mantra is a must-required food grain in your kitchen pantry.


  • 100% organic
  •  gluten-free, and suitable for gluten-resistant individuals.
  • No synthetic GMOs are added to 24 Mantra rice.
  • These rice grains are produced without using any artificial pesticides or chemicals.

Cost: INR 188/Kg

7. Lal Qilla


Lal Quilla has made itself known for being a leading rice brand in India. Lal Qilla came from its humble beginnings to become a widely known rice brand in India.

They harvest their rice from many farmers, and offer a variety of rice that are rich in nutrition and also have an aromatic smell, the main varieties include Basmati and Sona masoori rice.

To make sure that the customers get nutritious rice, flavourful and aromatic-smelling rice every time, Lal Qilla uses advanced milling technology while producing their rice. The company also worries about plastic pollution and packs its rice produce in eco-friendly packaging.

8. B&B Organics


Following a long-term heritage that lasts up to decades, B & B Organics has become a trustworthy brand in providing the best nutrient-rich rice to its customers. They are known for producing quality-rich and gluten-free rice varieties for their customers. 

The company provides two qualities of rice: organic and non-organic. Organic rice is produced by farmers who use traditional chemical-free organic farming techniques. While the non-organic rice is produced by the farmers who use modern farming techniques.

The rice grains grown by B & B organics take care to maintain their natural oil contents and minerals, and when eaten, do not just provide calories.

As the number of health-conscious individuals keeps on growing day by day, many have started preferring B & B organic rice for its wholesome nutrition; long term sustainability when storing is the biggest requirement in big families.


  • 100% vegan method used to produce 
  • Rice is very Fiber-rich in content
  • It is very easy to cook and takes very little time
  • They offer unpolished rice.

Cost: INR 262/Kg

9. Aeroplane


Aeroplane, a brand of rice grains, originates from Amir Chand Jagdish Kumar Exports Ltd. The company headquarters have been situated in New Delhi for the past 50 years. The company uses traditional practices to grow and bring its rice from the lower Himalayan Hills.

The best rice-growing area includes Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The rice grains from the Aeroplane brand have an unbeatable aroma. 

The customers can access Aeroplan brand good quality rice at a very reasonable price. Its delicate texture, flavorful taste and good price point make the Aeroplane rice brand a household item next door.

The Aeroplane rice brand does not need any kind of pre-soaking before you start cooking. Just wash Aeroplane basmati rice, and they are ready to be cooked.

10. Vedaka


When you eat rice every day, you do not prefer low-quality rice even if the price of rice is low; why is it so? It’s because what you eat daily must taste tasty; otherwise, your tongue and tummy won’t be fully satisfied.

This is when the Vedaka rice range provides quality-rich and full-flavor grains. Customer pallet satisfaction is always a matter of concern for Vedaka, which it fulfils by using the mechanics of harvesting to provide the utmost quality.

The rice is harvested by keeping a porous surface, allowing the maximum surface of rice to absorb rice when cooking. This makes the rice being cooked at a faster pace.

You can prepare tasty Hyderabadi Biryani, with the fluffy white rice provided by the Vedaka brand. The rice tastes so flavorful that customers prefer to bring Vedaka rice whenever they visit the supermarket.


  • Has rich fiber content 
  • Cooks easily 
  • Grown organically and government-recognised
  • Their rice has passed through all the testing procedures of FSSAI testing.

Cost: INR 80/Kg

11. Ella Foods


Ella Foods brings to its customers an impressive range of best-textured rice and a delicious range of rice varieties, which are free from being grown with pesticides. They have a strict policy of growing preservative and pesticide-free rice. 

You don’t have to worry about any artificial substances coming on your plate when you trust Ella Food grain rice. They also offer beautiful fluffy white rice, which is gluten-free.

Your nose will be immensely satisfied when you start cooking Ella Foods rice; its rich, aromatic smell will fill your kitchen and attract hungry family members instantly because they won’t be able to resist the amazing smell of rice.

Whenever you seek healthy and tasteful rice, the Ella brand rice range is definitely something you should look for.


  • They provide rice that appears in a fine white colour, free from any impurities.
  • Taste the rice, which is full of earthly flavour and a pleasing aroma 
  • The rice is free of Gluten
  • 100% organic rice range 

Cost: INR 125/Kg

12. Tilda


Tilda rice brand is known for its uniquely flavourful rice range. They offer the best quality of basmati rice and jasmine rice varieties. 

Tilda works very hard to bring long grain, fragrant variety preservatives free and the best quality of rice produced directly from the farmers to its consumer’s lap.

They provide authentic aged rice, which is aged for a minimum of 12 months, to bring a good flavour. Tilda got nominated for its authentic range back in the year 2011.

Depending upon its authentic rice range, the customers rely a lot on the Tilda rice brand.

13. Dosti


Are you a customer seeking quality and nutrition in the rice brand you are searching for? You don’t have to look any further because the company has been producing long-grained quality grade Basmati rice and other rice varieties since 1945. 

The brand offers other products like besan, atta, and other edible products, along with their best quality rice produce.

By opting for an advanced milling method of harvesting rice from the rice farms, the company strives to deliver the best quality rice for its customers.

To send superior flavour into the mouths of its customers, the Dosti brand is committed to barring health with flavour into the lives of its customers.

14. Organic Tattva


If you are looking for a nutritious and sustainable variety of rice, Organic Tatva is the brand you should definitely check out. 

They source their rice variety from the Northern regions. They employ rice production methods which don’t involve the use of any kind of preservatives or chemicals. You can make numerous delicious rice recipes with the Organic Tattva rice range. The rice they provide cooks quicker than the rest of the brands. 

They use organic farming methods to grow their rice. The rice provided by Tattva Organics has all the essential minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and folate.


  • Organically grown and organically certified
  • 100% vegan

Cost: INR 81/Kg

15. Sungold


Located in Delhi and started in 2009, Sungold is one of the best-known rice brands in India. They offer parboiled rice, brown rice as well as long-grained white rice.

Customers do not have to think twice before eating Sungold rice because the company provides organic, non-GMO-containing rice. The company takes its buyers’ health seriously and doesn’t compromise on organically growing rice without using artificial fertilizers and insecticides. 

You can prepare various rice dishes with Sungold rice brand and delicious flavours.

16. Tata Sampann


Brought from organic fields from traditional farmers, Tata Sampann comes on the list of providing the best quality rice in India. They basically source most of their rice from Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan states. They harvest their rice without bleaching it or adding preservatives.

They sort their rice produced by removing a maximum of its impurities for delivering fine-quality rice.

They provide their customers with rice which suits them best for every festive occasion. Offering natural super long basmati rice and regular basmati rice is their specialty. Nutritional value is of utmost importance for health-conscious individuals, and Tata Sampann brings nutritious rice to you.

17. Conscious Food


For health-conscious freaks who require organically grown food products in their food, Conscious Food brand is for you. They offer extensive rice recipes for making tasty rice recipes. Basmati rice, short grain rice range and red and black rice varieties are brought directly to you. 

They use eco-friendly alternatives to grow rice. They use both modern and traditional agricultural methods.


  • No added colours.
  • No chemicals used 

Cost: INR81/kg

18. Avadata Organics


Quality and taste go hand in hand when Avadata Organics brings rice to your plate. Known for its delicious flavours and refreshing taste, Avadata Organics is the rice brand you should check out.

They use a natural ageing method to bring out the original flavour of rice. They especially focus on the health and safety of their customers and do not compromise the health of their customers at all costs. 


  • Easy to digest
  • Less starch
  • Lower calorific level
  • Organically produced

Cost: INR 94/Kg

19. Praakritik


Sourced using sustainable methods, Praakriti rice brand comes in the list of best quality rice. 

Their motto is being supportive towards their local farmer community while growing their business and providing the best quality rice to their customers.

You can go with their budget-friendly price range option. They pack their rice with the best nutritional content and exceptional taste to make a happy family dinner or lunchtime.

Cost: INR 95/500G

20. Pro Nature


One of the popular nutritional rice brands in India is known for their 100% organically grown rice using natural fertilizers, which do not harm the precious health of their customers. Pro Nature is one of the best brands to look for.

The varieties of rice provided by them include Basmati rice, kala jeera, Pachari Jeeraksala, Organic Rice and matta rice. This brand uses patented technology at “Dehusking Technology” to ensure customers get premium rice grains.

The people who value organically produced rice and their own health and also want to enjoy the natural flavour of rice should definitely check out Pro Nature rice.


  • No added preservatives
  • Colour free
  • GMO-free

Cost: INR 124/Kg


By researching the top rice brands in India, you must have gained definite clarity on which rice brand you want to try next.

The brands have worked scientifically to develop flavourful rice varieties, from traditional Basmati rice to modern hybrids. For those seeking traditionally grown rice, Royal Sharbati and LS exports are among the best in the line of best-quality rice providers.

If you are looking for nutty flavour rice and aromatic rice, you will not regret buying from the brands mentioned above.

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