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Top 12 Best Cotton Nighty Brands in India

Indian nightwear designers are producing some of the best cotton nighty brands in India. From soft, lightweight fabric to colorful patterns, and comfy cuts, Indian couturiers are ensuring that all those late nights spent studying or partying never lack a bit of style.

The best cotton nighty brands in India are sure to give you a great fit, delightful designs and more importantly, supreme comfort – no matter your size or shape!

Nightwears from these top Indian brands come with an affordable price tag as well and offer trendy pieces that can be handed down generations to come.

So ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect pajama set to sleep or lounge in, fret not – shop from these top-notch cotton nighty brands in India now!

1. Romaisa


Romaisa has become a household name in India regarding the best nighty brands. Providing women with quality sleepwear at a great price, this company has become the go-to resource for those looking to invest in their sleepwear wardrobe.

The bright and fun prints and designs offer something new every time you look, while the fabric used is uber-soft and comfortable.

Comfort doesn’t have to be boring regarding Romaisa’s nightwear collection – choose from cute matching sets or traditional Indian-style looks that make them perfect for gifting or just a sneaky treat.

On top of all this, they are incredibly affordable, so why not let yourself get lost in a world of luxury cotton sleepwear with Romaisa?

2. Zivame


For the truly fashionable at heart, Zivame is the go-to source for stylish and comfortable cotton nighties. Their designers search the world for luxurious fabrics, then create silhouettes that flatter every figure.

Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, Zivame has something to fit everyone’s needs. They offer a great range of classic styles and keep up with current trends to provide wonderful options so you can stay on top of fashion.

And it doesn’t stop there – with super soft fabrics designed to keep you cool and comfortable through the night, Zivame is the perfect choice for sleeping in utter luxury.

3. Zeyo


When looking for the best cotton nighty brands in India, Zeyo is the perfect choice. As a popular national brand, Zeyo has been helping Indian women stay comfortable and stylish since its launch over fifty years ago.

Offering beautiful designs, amazing softness and exceptional value, this label continues to be one of the top choice for Indian women looking for high quality cotton nighties.

Whether you’re looking for something practical or luxurious, you can trust that a nighty from Zeyo will never disappoint. So if you want to experience ultimate comfort while wearing something beautifully crafted and stylish, then shop at Zeyo!

4. House of Artemis

House of Artemis

House of Artemis nighty brand is a classy and luxurious collection of lingerie that can ensure women feel beautiful and confident.

The designs are contemporary and elegant, focusing on comfort and fashion. The quality of the materials used is top-of-the-line and feels great against your skin. 

House of Artemis is the best option if you’re searching for something unique to wear for your wedding day or need to pamper yourself with something special.

There’s something for all within this Artemis collection; therefore, take your time to take a look at the many possibilities. You’ll surely discover the perfect outfit to make you feel the best you can.

5. Miss Chase

Miss Chase

Miss Chase is one of the best cotton nighty brands in India, offering a range of stylish and comfortable sleepwear for women. From classic designs to modern takes on ethnic styles, Miss Chase’s nighties add an extra touch of elegance and glamour to your look.

Their special stitching techniques ensure that the fabric holds its ability to keep you cool throughout hot summer nights. The prints are a blend of traditional artistry meeting contemporary aesthetic sensibilities and bring forth timeless pieces.

It is a brand that is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Their team is always available to assist you with any questions you may have.

With its blend of style, quality, comfort, and longevity, it’s no wonder that this brand is the most sought-after among women. Best of all, their durability makes them well worth the investment, so you can be sure you’ll continue to enjoy wearing them for years to come!

6. Clovia


Many people find comfort and relaxation in a good night’s sleep. And when it comes to sleepwear, nothing beats the feel of cotton fabric on your skin. Clovia is one of the best cotton nighty brands in India, offering an array of comfortable and fashionable styles for its customers.

From loungewear to night suits to kaftans, they have everything you need for a luxurious nighttime experience. Each piece is made from premium quality materials with attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship.

With items ranging from bright colors to pastels, this brand ensures that you can find whatever suits your preferences perfectly. With Clovia, you can experience serene beauty with comfort and style rolled into one!

7. July


The July Nighty brand is a well-known retailer with a broad selection of merchandise for shoppers. The brand launched its July nighty line in July 2017 and has become a top spot for many consumers.

The brand offers a broad assortment of items, including clothes, accessories such as home items, clothing, and much more.

It is renowned for its quick shipping times and outstanding customer service. The brand also provides various discounts and sales during the entire year. It is a fantastic option for those looking to get the best price on quality products.

8. Soie


An excellent night of restful sleep is something that many people strive for, and brands like Soie are helping customers achieve just that. Made with pure cotton, a Soie nighty is lightweight, breathable, and exceedingly comfortable.

Furthermore, the fabric is gentle on the skin and highly durable, so you can look your best even after several washes.

Offered in a variety of pleasing designs and colours to match individual preferences, these garments are also very affordable, providing excellent value for money. No wonder Soie is considered one of the best cotton nighty brands in India!

It offers various sizes, which makes it available for women in all sizes and shapes. Additionally, the Soie nighty brand is focused on using only the best quality fabrics, like silk charmeuse made from 100% silk and Italian-made lacing.

This is why it has become an absolute favorite among lingerie enthusiasts. If you’re looking for something hot to wear on your next date or want to feel beautiful and confident in your style, the Soie nighty brand has the ideal piece for you.

9. Eden & Ivy – Amazon Brand

Eden and Ivy Amazon Brand

If you’re looking for an amazing nighty to make your evenings comfortable and stylish, then Amazon’s own cotton nightwear brand, Eden & Ivy, is worth considering. Blending both comfort and contemporary styling, these nightwear options feature floral prints and embellishments that add a definite chic factor.

Whether you opt for their tunics or sets, which include boxers and camisoles as well as shirts, they can all be easily mixed and matched to create various looks.

Made out of breathable fabric that is lightweight yet strong, these beautiful garments will keep you feeling fresh throughout the night – perfect for relaxed evenings at home or even in the office.

10. Max


If you’re looking for a comfortable but stylish nightdress, Max is one of the best cotton nighty brands in India. Their quality and design are top-notch, giving you great value for your money.

Max provides a wide variety of collections that cater to everyone’s needs in terms of fit, size, colour designs, and fabric composition, all tailored to suit both modern and traditional preferences.

With their unbelievably soft fabrics having diverse advantages like moisture-wicking properties and breathability capabilities – you can trust that you’ll have a good night’s sleep every time!

Besides this, they offer multiple fashionable options at such affordable prices that you won’t find them elsewhere. So look no further than Max if comfort and affordability are your priorities while getting yourself ready for sleep!

11. The Kaftan Company

The Kaftan Company

The Kaftan Company nightwear brand is an elegant and feminine nightwear label that combines sensuality and luxury.

The brand’s commitment to high-end quality means that every item is made with high-quality fabrics. This results in a collection of lingerie that is elegant and practical. 

The use of high-end fabrics also makes the nighties very comfortable, which makes them the perfect choice for occasions and everyday wear.

If you’re seeking something elegant for a dinner event or something more fun to wear for a night out in the city, the Kaftan Company nighty brand is ideal. 

It is constructed of the finest fabric and comes in various sizes. The company also provides the option of a money-back guarantee, so you’re guaranteed that you’ll be pleased with the purchase.

With a wide range of colors and styles you can choose from, it is certain to be a night to leave you feeling most confident. Why not give yourself some indulgence and discover the selection now? You deserve it.

12. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams, one of the premier cotton nighty brands in India, has been helping women of all styles and sizes snuggle up into comfort since its inception.

From simple designs to intricate embroidery and unique fabrics, Sweet Dreams caters to a wide range of tastes. Their products are made from the best quality cotton, ensuring breathability yet providing adequate warmth throughout the night.

As their slogan says: ” Sleep well in Sweet Dreams!” they make sure you’ll feel cozy every time you slip into their nightwear.

With over 25 years of expertise, it’s not surprising that Sweet Dreams has become India’s number one go-to brand for nightwear.

From delicate lace nighties to provocative corsets, Sweet Dreams is sure to have something suitable for every woman.

If you’re in search of something unique to wear on your wedding night or desire to add some additional excitement to your romantic life, it is the ideal selection.

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