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Top 12 Best Cotton Nighty Brands in India (2024)

In our day-to-day lives, we all wear different kinds of fabrics on our bodies, but cotton feels the best. Hence, women, for their intimate wear, prefer cotton nighty brands for their soft, lightweight, colourful patterns with comfy cuts, which provide a great sense of comfort for every woman.

Cotton is a natural fabric which doesn’t irritate the skin and doesn’t harm the outer surface of our skin. There are many Indian women’s nightwear brands available in India, which can confuse your decision-making process, and females might feel confused about what they should wear and which nightwear brand to go for.

We are here to assist you while you navigate through our provided information regarding Indian nightwear brands and finally decide which one to go with. Let’s get started!

1. Romaisa


Are you looking to reset your wardrobe with a good brand of cotton nightwear? Women always like to make a good purchase whenever it comes to buying good quality clothes at an affordable price. If you’re a woman who has the same mindset, Romaisa can be the brand which would definitely gain your attention.

Romaisa Cotton Nighty brand is a go-to sleepwear brand which provides ultra-soft, comfy-fit nightwear designs. Are you a bubbly girl looking for a fun and funky night? The Romaisa brand has something for every woman. 

Do you have a female bestie who is getting married, and you want to give her a useful gift for her new changing lifestyle? If your answer is yes, Romaisa has a perfect gifting nighty idea for your female bestie.

Moreover, if you can get luxurious cotton sleepwear at a very affordable price, don’t you want to try it too? If so, what are you waiting for? You must check out Romaisa sleepwear.

2. Zivame


Have you become tired of searching for good quality cotton nightwear? Do you want to add fashion to your sleepwear, too? Zivame comfortable night suits are just for ladies like you.

You can flatter your beautiful curvy figure with Zivame’s designer range of luxurious nightwear and amazing silhouettes. Sleep with style over your beautiful body without losing out on your comfort level while dreaming beautiful dreams every passing night.

You can assess classical varieties of nightwear, which come in different shapes, colors, patterns and sizes with a special focus on your comfort.

To keep up with current trends, style and fashion, Zivame brings in a lot of new designs in their nightwear range so that you stay on top of fashion even during the night.

3. Zeyo


Zeyo is another popular cotton nighty brand to help you stay in style and comfort no matter your size or shape. Zeyo has night suits for every woman.

Zeyo has an exceptional range of cotton sleepwear coming in beautiful, comfortable designs paired with a soft touch of cotton to create high-quality nightwear for women.

If you are a woman who prefers comfort over a fashionable choice, the Zeyo brand must definitely be on your checkout list of nighty brands.

When it comes to intimate wear, you can’t choose just any brand, as your skin’s health is involved with whatever you wear.

4. House of Artemis

House of Artemis

Wear the classy, luxurious lingerie collection from the House of Artemis brand and feel comfortable and beautiful while sleeping the night out.

House of Artemis focuses on bringing trends and elegance to their sleepwear. Your skin will feel great if the materials used in the making process of their cotton wear lingerie. 

Do you dream about wearing a certain type of comfortable lingerie with a beautiful bright colour to enhance your beauty on your wedding day? House of Artemis has a beautiful lingerie collection for dreamy women like you.

If you are a woman who likes to explore new lingerie designs, House of Artemis has a wonderful collection for all your explorative curiosities. The brand ensures beautiful lingerie which fits every woman’s style and comfort requirements. 

5. Miss Chase

Miss Chase

It’s no big wonder to know that every woman likes to look good all the time, whether during the day or night. Miss Chase is one of the top-class cotton nighty brands in India.

Miss Chase has a wide collection of cotton nighties ranging from stylish, comfortable, classic and modern styles, which come with an added touch of elegance for a beautiful, glamorous look. 

Let’s talk about how these lingerie designs are made. Miss Chase employs a specialized technique to hold the fabric material in place. There are added air pockets by opting for breathable cotton material taken to stitch to ensure that the fabric stays cool even on the hottest summer nights. 

When choosing Miss Chase as your go-to lingerie brand, you are also choosing style, longevity, comfort, quality and durability. All these benefits make women chase after Miss Chase’s lingerie brand.

Females will enjoy comfortable wearing and get a good sleeping experience while wearing and sleeping in Miss Chase sleepwear. 

6. Clovia


If you like to pair comfort with style for your sleepwear needs, Clovia is the brand waiting to be explored by you. After a long day spent outside carrying out yourself in a sophisticated manner, you want something comfortable to sleep in when you come home.

Nothing is more comfortable than pure cotton fabric for sleeping. Clovia understands this and has made its nightwear available to its customers in India for comfortable and fashionable wear.  

Mention your needs, and the Clovia brand has got you covered! You can find night suits, kaftans, loungewear, and luxurious nighttime experiences at Clovia’s unique range of product varieties that suit all your feminine needs.

Their items come in various vibrant colours to add colours to your mundane night routine and some spice to it. If you are not a big fan of vibrant colours and want to choose off-white shades of colours, you can also go for Clovia brand’s pastel colour lingerie wear and go to bed rolling in your dreams!

Experience the serenity of the night with Clovia Nightwear.

7. July


The July Nightwear line was launched in the market in July 2017 and has since been a top-chased lingerie wear brand among many customers.

The brand offers a variety of products such as assorted items, including fabric items, essential accessories, home and clothing items.

The brand is followed by many due to its exceptional customer service and fantastic lingerie products with amazing discount rates, attracting many women to buy their sleepwear.

8. Soie


Women need sophisticated clothing all day long to wear something comfortable at night to help them sleep better while letting their skin breadth too.

Nothing is more comfortable than the Soie brand’s pure cotton, lightweight, breathable fabric stitched lingerie, which is extremely comfortable to wear and sleep.

Soie nightwear is gentle on the skin and made to last for long-term wearing. Every woman can find lingerie she likes from Soie company’s eye-pleasing designs available in bright colours at affordable rates. 

Get the size you want; prefer the shape you like. Soie brand promises to deliver quality sleepwear for every female. Soie sleepwear is made with the best fabrics, like silk charmeuse made from 100% silk and Italian lacing. All the goodness makes Soie lingerie a famous name among many female buyers.

9. Eden & Ivy – Amazon Brand

Eden and Ivy Amazon Brand

Are you trying to make your evenings comfortable by finding comfortable wear in terms of lingerie? Amazon-owned Cotton nightwear brand Eden & Ivy is a must-try recommended for you.

Eden & Ivy is a mix of trendy and comfortable nightwear, coming up with floral prints to bring out the chic character in your sleepwear.

You can find tunics or sets, boxers and camisoles, and comfortable shirts that can be mixed and matched to get a comfortable nightwear style.

Their breathable material is very light in weight and a perfect fit for comfortable evenings.

10. Max


If comfort and affordability are your priorities and great fabric is on your list, Max brand of nightwear is another exploratory brand option. 

Max offers top-notch lingerie designs of great money value. Their colour, sizes, designs and fabric composition fix both modern and traditional preferences.

Their quality and design are top-notch, giving you great value for your money. The fabrics they use to design nightwear are of extremely soft quality and breathable, too. The prices are affordable too, for the products you won’t find anywhere.

11. The Kaftan Company

The Kaftan Company

When you require stylish, elegant, feminine nightwear, the Kaftan brand of nightwear is for females. When sensuality and luxury are on your mind, the Kaftan brand of female nightwear is for seekers who demand functionality and long-term wear.

You will feel the fineness of the soft fabric, and it comes in various sizes. The plus point to buying sleepwear from Kaftan is they offer a money-back guarantee.

There is a wide range of choices for your freedom of choice.

12. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is a premium quality cotton brand in India. If comfort is your choice, breathability is your concern, and intricate embroidery is your requirement, then Sweet Dreams brand of nightwear is a go-to brand for many females.

The company has the slogan: ” Sleep well in Sweet Dreams!” and fulfils the criteria of giving you comfortable nightwear.

Sweet Dreams, brand cotton Nightwear brand, has been in the market of nighties for about 25 years. 

You can get delicate lace nighties and provocative corsets from the Sweet Dreams brand.

For women who seek to wear something unique and charming on their wedding night or want to add surprising excitement to their romantic life, Sweet dreams lingeries are just for you.

From delicate lace nighties to provocative corsets, Sweet Dreams is sure to have something suitable for every woman.

If you’re in search of something unique to wear on your wedding night or desire to add some additional excitement to your romantic life, it is the ideal selection.

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