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Our today’s discuss is all about Best Headphones Company in India!

If you’re wondering what the top-best headphone brands in India are, this article will help you make the right choice. 

There are several popular headphone brands in India. Many brands have won hearts, from Sony to Phillips, JBL to Skullcandy, but which ones should you choose? 

This article will discuss some of the best-selling brands in India, such as Bose, Beats, Sennheiser, boAT, and more. This article will examine each brand’s key features and benefits.

We’ll also talk about the intricacies of each. Don’t worry about spending too much; there are plenty of cheap options on the market. Just be sure to check the product specifications of each brand before making a decision.

Read on to discover which brand is best for you!

Which is the Best Headphones Company in India?

1. Phillips


Philips is a leading manufacturer of quality headphone equipment. This multi-national company, established in the late 1800s, began selling light bulbs and now generates more than 21 billion USD annually. Their headphones are renowned for their advanced technology and comfort. 

We checked a few cool headphone models from this brand.

The Philips TAPH802BK is a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones with superior audio fidelity. These headphones are designed to be comfortable for long wear and feature a cooling gel in the ear pads and headband.

These headphones feature rapid charging and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You’ll love the way these headphones look and feel. You can even fold them up when not used, making them convenient to store.

The TAT2236 and T3215 are wireless stereo headphones with a USB-C charging chamber. You don’t have to worry about carrying extra wires – the headphones include in-line volume controls and a built-in voice assistant.

And if you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the TAA4506 Sports Headphones, considering features for the money.

Philips headphones are incredibly comfortable and are available at a wide range of prices. The most expensive model is the Gift N Greet, and the cheapest is the Fun and Fitness.

You’ll also find a variety of other models at lower prices, such as earbuds specifically designed for fitness. The good news is that most Philips Headphones can be bought online for under Rs.1000.

2. Sony


If you’re in the market for new headphones, you might want to consider the wide range of Sony headphone models available in India. They come in sleek minimalist designs and various vibrant colours, so your headphones are sure to add major style points to your outfit.

You can also opt for wireless headphones to make your music experience more convenient. No matter what sort of music you enjoy listening to, Sony headphones will surely provide you with superior sound quality.

The WH-1000XM headphone is the best option if you’re looking for an affordable pair of headphones with excellent sound quality. It comes with a 30 mm neodymium dynamic driver, producing accurate sound across a wide range of frequencies.

They also have a swivel-folding design and cushioned earpads. If you’re looking for headphones that look stylish and sound great, consider the Sony WH-1000XM Bluetooth headphones.  

The Sony headphone brand is among the most trusted brands in the market, and its products are of the highest quality. Depending on the model, you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 699 to Rs. 7000.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, you’ll have to spend more. A pair of these headphones are an excellent choice for dancing or working out. They also offer many features that make them a great option.

Sony headphones promise to give you the best sound quality while gaming. They have a comfortable design, a charging port, and a microphone module. They’re also compatible with 3.5mm headphone jacks and Bluetooth.

3. Skullcandy


With its innovative features, Skullcandy is an international headphone brand in India at an affordable price. The headphones offer incredible sound quality and a variety of features.  

The Hesh 2 headphones from Skullcandy are Bluetooth-enabled over-ear headphones with generously padded ear cups and a simple control scheme.

These headphones are comfortable to wear and clamp your head securely for optimal sound. The bass-heavy sound profile may be a turn-off to some listeners, but it will please genre fans. They feature automatic noise cancellation (ANC) and long battery life.

The Skullcandy range allows users to listen to music on a portable device while taking a call on their mobile. The sleek, stylish design of the headphones makes it easier to listen to music and take calls, even while enjoying your favourite activities.

This headphone brand also sells a range of styles, from budget-friendly to luxury. Those who want to listen to music for long periods can wear Skullcandy earphones while exercising, dancing, or jogging.

Despite being a relatively new brand in the Indian headphone market, Skullcandy is an audiophile favourite, producing top-of-the-range noise-cancelling headphones and earphones.

The brand’s reliability and affordable price have made it a highly popular headphone brand in India. Aside from being affordable, Skullcandy also boasts excellent bass, making it a popular choice for music enthusiasts.

The Sesh True Wireless Earbuds from Skullcandy are a small pair of headphones packed with technology. They have an inbuilt microphone and a foldable hinge that allows for convenient storage.

The batteries last for over nine hours and feature a bass-heavy sound profile. The Push Active range also offers a microphone and EQ settings. These earbuds also have a microphone built-in for taking calls.

4. JBL


You can easily purchase JBL Headphones in India from several online stores. You can get a wide selection of JBL headphones in India at the lowest prices compared to offline stores. 

The company’s headphones have many benefits, from wireless Bluetooth to built-in microphones and advanced DSP technology. 

While purchasing JBL headphones, it is important to check the price tag. Different brands offer different features and prices.

You should check out the specs of the JBL headphones you intend to buy to decide whether you should go for wired or wireless. You should also check whether the headphones support wireless charging.

The JBL C105TWS is a wireless headphone with a 20000 Hz frequency response. Its sensitivity is 96 dB, and its JBL Pure Bass feature increases the bass level to give an authentic, rich sound. Moreover, these headphones are lightweight and feature a magnetic design.

The JBL CLUB 950NC features noise-cancelling, a 2,000mAh battery, and a dedicated Google Assistant button. Apart from that, the JBL LIVE 300 TWS are true wireless earbuds that offer stereo sound even when you’re talking on the phone.

If you are on a budget, try the cheap Bluetooth headphones JBL Live 400BT. Besides offering EQ, the JBL Live 400BT provides good isolation and a mute button.

The JBL C200SI is another top-rated headphone by the company. Its sleek metallic finish makes it easy to transport, and the noise-cancelling microphone makes it even more convenient. It is also one of India’s most comfortable JBL headphone models.

This brand should be your first choice if you’re looking for the best JBL headphones in India. They’re popular among Indians because of their excellent audio quality, superior battery life, and smart design.

5. Beats


Several manufacturers in India have sprung up to meet the growing demand for high-quality headphones. One of them is beats. The company has many options in multiple price ranges, including the affordable line.

They are known for their sleek designs and high-quality sound. These earphones are available at several price ranges and are an excellent investment for any consumer’s music listening needs.

These headphones were designed and assembled by IIT Delhi students. The company claims that its headphones are five times better than big brands while significantly less expensive.

The company claims it is committed to leading the electronic industry and has the expertise to bring fast changes to the global market. Its products have a wide price range and have a large following among the youth. They are available in many price ranges and come with various features.

6. Bose


Purchasing Bose Headphones in India is not an expensive proposition. Prices vary between Rs. 7,763 and Rs. 13,275 for the most expensive model, Bose QuietComfort 45 for Android Devices Wired Headphones (White).

The lowest-priced model is the Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wired Headphones (Charcoal Black & White). Prices listed on the internet indicate pricing in major cities across India.

Bose earbuds and headphones are a perfect example of engineering. They fit snugly in the ear and deliver exceptional audio. Bose SoundSport wireless earphones feature sweat and weather-resistant technology, making them a great option for workouts. Several models are available.

Bose offers noise-canceling headphones as well. The QuietComfort series has adjustable levels of noise cancellation and plush ear cushions. It is ideal for smaller devices and can be worn around the neck.

The QuietComfort 45 wireless headphones from Bose India have a battery life of 24 hours. You can easily charge the headphones with the included charger in fifteen minutes.

The headphones come in Black and Silver colour options, which are sold on Amazon India and the company’s website. They are priced at Rs 32,900. Moreover, you can enjoy your favourite music while travelling, as they offer up to 30 hours of playtime.

The brand offers a return policy and a 100-day warranty. This brand truly deserves appreciation.

7. Sennheiser


If you are planning to buy a pair of high-quality headphones, Sennheiser is a good brand to consider. They are famous for their superior audio quality and are affordable, making them a popular choice among music enthusiasts.

The company has its headquarters in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi. You can also find Sennheiser headphones in Mumbai and Bangalore, including an exclusive showroom in the former city.

This brand’s headphones feature a noise-canceling filter, an ergonomic design, and gold-plated plugs. 

Let’s check some cool examples here. 

The CX680 Sports Headphones are available in neon colors and are sweat and water-resistant. Whether you’re an avid sportsman or a casual listener, a Sennheiser headphone is right for you.

The HD 450SE headphones are one of the premium models available today. With an amazing 30 hours of battery life, these headphones are perfect for long commutes or listening to music while on the move.

They support multiple Bluetooth codecs, including AAC and HSP. You can also update the firmware using the Sennheiser Smart Control app. For added convenience, you can also use the podcast mode.

To find the best price for Sennheiser Headphones in India, visit a store near you or look online. This will help you compare prices and choose the best one for your needs. Make sure to compare prices and read product reviews before making a final decision.

Finding a pair of Sennheiser headphones within your budget is not hard. You will have the best audio experience on your budget when buying Sennheiser headphones in India.

Try the HD series headphones if you’re looking for a lightweight and compact headphone set that can keep out outside noise. Their compact design and built-in mic will make them perfect for noise cancellation.

They have many features, including an adjustable mute button and a built-in remote. And because they are lightweight, they’re perfect for running applications and voice chat. They’re also noise-isolating, which is a bonus.

8. Boat


In the personal audio equipment segment, boAt is challenging the Chinese monopoly, which had been in place for nearly two decades, by breaking into the Indian market by leveraging China’s manufacturing prowess.

The company currently sells speakers, headphones, and earbuds. In 2020, boAt had a 37% market share in India, while realme came in second with a meagre 8%. In 2021, boAt was predicted to sell three out of the top five audio wearable models.

The boat company is known for its durable PVC cable and wireless design, ensuring no tangling during long hours of use. The headphones are compatible with both IOS and Android platforms.

They also offer Bluetooth 5.0 dual pairing and magnetic earbuds to minimize noise. The Bluetooth-enabled headphones also have a neckband made of high-grade silicone and a metal control board.

The neckband has a rechargeable battery that allows users to listen to their music for up to 10 hours. Another highlight of the boat headphone brand is that it offers call isolation technology, which helps prevent background noise from affecting the listening experience.

BoAT Headphones are designed in India and manufactured in China. Although many companies manufacture their products in China, BoAT headphones are made in India. While manufacturing costs in China are reasonable, the companies still have to seek financial profit before moving production.

Fortunately, the company realized it could not solely depend on China for its production. Therefore, the company has set up a factory in India. So, India is an excellent choice for BoAT Headphones.

Boult and Boat Headphones are similar in looks and build quality. The Boat is known for its ear cup with leather material, while Boult has plastic. Boat headphones are lightweight and compact and feature adjustable headbands.

While Boult headphones are more compact and lightweight, Boat headphones have a slightly larger ear cup and more colours. Both brands offer excellent sound quality, although boats are generally more expensive. However, Boat is still the better choice for most consumers.

9. Audio Technica

Audio Technica

There are a few top-quality brands worth mentioning when it comes to headphones. In the audio market, Sennheiser and Audio Technica are two well-known names. Both brands produce high-quality headphones and enjoy wide popularity around the globe.

However, the Sennheiser brand has a stronghold in the premium headphone segment in India. Many music lovers enjoy listening to Sennheiser headphones because of their high-end sound quality and sleek designs.

The Indian market is also well-served by BoAT, a Delhi-based manufacturer of headphones and wireless headsets. Besides, BoAT’s products are available in different price categories and are considered a good purchase.

So, Audio-Technica is currently having a tough time in India.

Founded in 1962, Audio-Technica has become a leading company in high-quality audio equipment. Their first product was a phonograph cartridge, and they quickly expanded into headphones, microphones, wireless systems, and other audio products.

Their reputation for high-quality products has earned them several awards for their long-lasting durability. While choosing the right headphones for your listening experience, you should also consider the quality of the material they are made from.

10. Shure


Are you looking for a pair of headphones that don’t weigh you? Shure’s headphones are ultra-comfortable and don’t cause pain, even though they are lightweight. 

Whether you talk about connectivity or voice cancellation, Shuru headphones always please. The only issue many people still don’t know much about this brand is the heavy competition from headphone manufacturers in the current Indian market. 

There are just a few headphones from this brand available on Amazon, and many of them get beaten up by the computing brand headphones in terms of popularity and value for money. 

Understanding the Headphone and Earphone Specifications

Understanding the Headphone and Earphone Specifications

Listening to headphones is the best way to assess them. Listening to piano or acoustic music lets you easily tell the difference between good and bad headphones. Two headphones with very different sounding frequencies will have the same specs.

The price is probably the most important and useful spec. The price tag is a strong indicator of quality and performance. If you are looking for big bass, the driver size is important.

The ability to reproduce bass frequencies is usually greater if the driver is larger. Specifications such as frequency range and sensitivity may be useful for knowledgeable buyers choosing between studio headphones or headphones with lower quality.

However, they might not be very helpful to a novice buyer trying to decide between headphones with lower price points. It is a better way to choose between types, models, and brands and read online reviews from professionals and customer reviews.

How to Choose Between Earphones and Headphones?

Higher-end headphones are generally required for professional audio work like mixing and recording. However, many headphones are affordable enough to satisfy the needs of musicians with small budgets and home studios.

Earphones are also known as earbuds or in-ear headphones. They are usually included with portable MP3 players. Consumers often replace them with higher-quality models that offer better sound and comfort.

Consumer-grade earbuds should not be confused with high-quality, in-ear headphones or earbuds for critical listening applications such as monitoring live performances.

Flat Frequency Response vs Sweetened

You’ll notice differences in the sound quality of the same music when you listen through different headphones. This is due to “sweetening”. Sweetening is the EQing of headphones to improve the music’s sound quality.

For example, open-backed headphones or many earbuds may emphasize the bass frequencies to counter natural leakage through the open back.

The majority of consumer headphones that are for general listening have some sweetening. There are two types of sweetening: Defined Field and Free Field.

The first simulates an open listening space without reflection, while the second simulates a closed environment like a room. You don’t need any sweetening for critical listening, such as when monitoring a mix. Instead, you want a flat frequency response, which allows you to compare and adjust levels accurately.

Different Types of Headphones

Different types of headphones

The circumaural headphone is either closed-back or open-backed. Circumaural refers to the way it cups your ears. Sometimes, circumaural models are also known as “over-the-ear headphones”.

Their padding surrounds the ear and creates a seal. These comfortable headphones have closed-back designs that keep external sounds out and prevent the sound from leaking.

A circumaural design is an excellent choice for DJs and other professionals who must monitor music in noisy environments.

Supra-aural Headphones:

These headphones are similar to circumaural ones, but instead of wrapping around the ear, they rest directly on them. 

These headphones are usually lighter and more comfortable. They don’t seal and therefore can’t isolate as many sounds.


This headphone falls between a fully-open design and a closed-back design. Although sound leakage is possible, it is much less than an open-back design.

Semi-open headphones offer realistic stereo fields, low distortion and extended low-frequency responses. These headphones are used to record sound where there is no open microphone.


Also known as supra-aural headphones or circumaural headphones, the backs of each earpiece are open. This allows sound to flow freely in both directions.

They are not suitable for recording studio applications because they are non-isolating. For example, a singer might use them. The microphone can pick up the sound and influence the final recording.

They are a great choice for general listening because they have a light, open sound that isn’t too heavy on the ears.

Studio headphone packages:

It can be costly to equip a home or studio with enough headphones for a full band recording session. A headphone amplifier is required to amplify and distribute each musician’s mix signal.

Musician’s Friend, in collaboration with professional audio headphone manufacturers, has created a range of headphone packages that combine multiple headphones with a headphone amp. These bundles offer substantial savings over the individual components.

Sealed or closed:

This type provides the best sound isolation. The earpieces’ backs are sealed, and sound is blocked from entering the ears. This design is ideal for monitoring noisy environments and recording as it prevents sound from being picked up and leaking into microphones.

These devices are also known for their strong bass response and are preferred by DJs who mix dance music. They can also cause ear fatigue if used for long periods.


Earbuds offer the best in portability, lightweight and comfort. They fit in the ear canal and create a sound isolation seal, so you can only hear the sound.

Earbud-type headphones with better sound quality are more expensive and have smaller drivers. Some designs can have a weak bass response, especially if they don’t fit well in your ear canal. Some models come with interchangeable tips that better fit into the ear canal.

Portable headphones:

These are lightweight, open-air headphones that can be used with portable players. You may need to replace the cheap headphones with your player with better-quality headphones.

They’re lightweight, making them great for active listening. They can be used when it is important to hear outside sounds, such as the rumbling of a runaway garbage truck.

Earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones:

Many commuters know that listening to music while on the road is difficult due to background noise. This can cause the music to be lost and make it difficult for critical listeners. The noise-cancelling headphones remove background noise.

This is done by using phase-cancelling technology. Some models include Bluetooth technology, which allows for wire-free connectivity and connectivity to smartphones and computers.

DJ headphones:

There is a wide range of headphones for DJ use. These headphones are typically circumaural closed-back headphones that are designed to isolate. While most headphones are two-cup, DJs can also use one-cup headphones. This allows them to hear both their mix and the surrounding room simultaneously.

DJ headphones tend to be louder, so they can be heard above high ambient sounds. Many DJ headphones have rotating ear cups that provide comfort and can be detached to replace the cords. Most DJ headphones are made to withstand heavy use and frequent travel.

Wireless headphones:

There are many benefits to wireless headphones. You can listen anywhere you want while you’re listening. They work with three types of technology, including RF, infrared and other digital technologies, such as Bluetooth.

Infrared models require line-of-sight orientation to the base unit transmitter and have a shorter reception range. They are also the most reliable in terms of signal quality. While RF models transmit more and can work through walls, noise and quality can be issued.

Digital wireless converts signals into digitally encoded signals, and then the headphones turn them back to analogue. Although this type is less noisy than RF and infrared, it is also more expensive. They require power for both the transmitter and the battery for the headphones.

Before Buying Headphones, Here Are the Top Considerations

Before buying headphones, here are the top considerations

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is essential. While headphones may feel comfortable when worn for short periods, they can become irritating if worn long enough. Before you decide on comfort, wear the headphones for at least 20 minutes.

For closed-back or circumaural headphones, the larger the ear cups, the better. A smaller ear cup will work better if you want headphones to rest on your ears. Leather or fabric padding can help reduce the pressure.

Long-term comfort is determined by how light the headphones are. In most cases, lighter headphones are more comfortable. The super-light, portable headphones with foam pads make for a long listening time.

Comfort is also affected by the headband. Most headphones come with an over-the-head style, although there are also behind-the-neck styles. Earbuds do not require a band and are therefore more comfortable.

No matter what type of headband you choose, it should be adjustable. The rotating cup is a great feature to increase comfort, especially for over-the-ear headphones. You can adjust the cups to fit your head to reduce leakage and improve comfort.


Your headphones should last. Heavy headphones are often more durable than those with lighter weights. You can easily snap in or sit on lightweight headphones. It’s important to take care of them and keep them in a case when not on your head.

For fold-ups, make sure to check the hinges to ensure stability. Are they thick and sturdy or delicate and thin? Check to see if there are replacement parts available for higher-end headphones. It is much cheaper to replace the cable or the earpads than to replace the entire set.


Portability is not an issue. For listening while exercising, you can use lightweight portables. Traditional stationary studio work requires heavier, closed-back circumaural. The on-location recording has become more popular thanks to the popularity of laptop computers and small interfaces.

These headphones must be bulkier and have a closed-back seal. The headphones are easier to transport and more portable with fold-up designs. If you plan to take your recording headphones with you, having a case is a good idea.


Make sure that the length of your cable is sufficient for your needs. Avoid a long cable, as it can cause a reduction in sound quality and noise introduction. It can also make it more difficult to tangle. The shielded cables that reduce noise will make headphones more durable.

You can always buy an extension cable if you purchase headphones with a too-short cable. However, ensure that the extension cable is of equal quality to the original headphone cable. A single cable should be sufficient to reach the length you desire. Multiple connections can cause signal degradation.

Consider whether you prefer single-sided or double-sided cables. The internal circuitry of single-sided cables carries the signals to the correct earpieces. Many prefer one-sided designs as they are less likely to get tangled.

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