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17 Best Torch Light Brands in India (2024)

Many companies manufacture torch lights in India. However, not all companies provide durable and long-lasting torch lights.

You may have difficulty finding the right torch for you. So, you must choose a trusted torch light brand instead of just focusing on low prices if you want to go with quality. 

To make your search easier, our team of experts have researched torch light brands to save you precious time. Now, let’s know which torch light brands are the most trusted (we conducted this list after checking their top torch lights to ensure you get the best quality):

1. Havells


Here comes our no. 1 brand Havells. As you know, Havells has a huge product range for electronics; they also provide highly-durable torch lights. 

Also, what’s even cooler is they have slashed through the other competitive brands by providing high-quality and energy-efficient torch lights. 

When it comes to lighting solutions, Havells has never dissatisfied their customers. Whether we talk about homes or offices, Havells has on-go lighting solutions that are durable and reasonable. Moreover, they make you feel like they’re some kind of pioneer in technology, too!

The torch lights Havells company manufacturer are loved by Indian customers. Their torch lights fulfil every single need of Indian homes.

Havells is the perfect choice for you if you want torch lights that can help you for years, and you get both rechargeable and battery ones.

2. SYSKAtime


Here comes the second brand on the list: Syska. This torch light brand is really famous in India as its technology and durability stand out. This company is based in India and has amazing torchlight solutions at affordable prices. 

What’s even more amazing is that they have customised lighting solutions that you can use everywhere. Syska Torch lights are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the weather. 

If we talk about lighting solutions except torch lights, they even offer flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, etc. Also, they integrate features like adjustable brightness, sturdy design, and long-lasting batteries for your convenience.

Their torch lights will assist you even in the rain without malfunctioning. And even better? They are mostly rechargeable, so you don’t have to look for batteries all the time. Just plug in the charger, wait, and that’s it! The torch light is ready to use again.

3. iBELL


When we talk about cost-friendly torchlights, iBELL made its way through the competition and held the #3 position in our best torchlight brands list. iBELL uses advanced technology and offers a huge range of torches designed for every lightning need.

They come in all different shapes and sizes and have a ton of different uses. You can easily use them for home projects and camping trips, and most importantly, they come in handy in emergencies like power cuts. The benefits don’t end here; they offer fancy designs with motion sensors & telescoping lenses.

What makes it even better? Their torches have powerful lumens and long battery life. You don’t have to worry about carrying your torches in the rain as they also feature waterproof construction. It makes iBELL’s torch lights a perfect choice for all lighting needs.

iBELL can be the one-stop lighting solution company for all your needs. With their torches, you’ll have your mind at ease even in the harshest conditions.

Also, they’re built to last, which wins your trust without worrying about the investment, as durability is what every Indian who belongs to a middle-class family looks for!

4. Wipro


Whenever we talk about high-quality flashlights, Wipro is the name which stands out. Their torch lights are amazing, and we’re not saying it directly by reading their reviews! We tested a lot of their torches, and they’ve got flashlights just what you’d expect and need. 

If you’re looking for super bright and efficient flashlights, we suggest Wipro over other brands in this list except the first 3. Also, durability will never be an issue. Their lights, both inside and out, can survive rain and drops, too!

Wipro has impressed our expert team with their torches and lamps. They have both battery-operated and rechargeable options, so you can always find the perfect fit.

That’s not even the best part. Every torch from Wipro offers supreme customer satisfaction with overall performance and comes with warranties as well.

5. AmiciVision


The AmiciVision Torch Light brand is all about solving light problems. You’ll get these torches with LED lights, and they have long-lasting batteries. The aluminium body makes their torch light easy to hold, while they are durable at the same time. 

This brand satisfies you in both affordability and warranties, too. If you need lights that suit every emergency situation, look no further than amiciVision. They even provide you with adjustable settings, including focus and three beam types in their torches. 

Oh, and on top of that, there are tons of awesome styles to choose from. Whether you want classy or cool, you will always find a torch light suitable for your needs from Wipro. Pick up one of these amicoVision lights for all that extra light you need for everyday or outdoor purposes.

6. Pick Ur Needs

Pick Ur Needs

Pick Ur Needs is the company to choose if you need some reliable and durable torch lights. Since they started manufacturing torch lights, this company has ensured to provide top-quality and long-lasting solutions.

Again, their torch lights stand out for being waterproof and easy to use. The company has done a lot of tests to provide the best technology for their torch lights.

Plus, they ensure user satisfaction in both price and warranty factors. These two factors make their torch lights worth trusting. So, if you’re looking for a top-tier torch light, be sure to check their range of products!

Plus, you get easy instructions with their torch lights. It will help you set up and maintain the lights for as long as you need.

Oh, and what’s even better? They give you peace of mind with their awesome customer service. Thus, Pick Ur Needs torch light company eliminates all your problems with their amazing torch lights.



If you’re looking for a reliable lighting solution, JY SUPPER won’t let you down. Their torch lights are made with aluminium construction in such a way that they can endure the test of time. 

They are also adjustable to focus the light wherever you need it perfectly. You won’t have to worry about breaking it due to water as they’re waterproof. Also, you get cob lighting technology for 1300 max lumens of maximum visibility in their torch lights.

To ensure you get the best quality, our experts at Top 10 Products India have invested a lot of time to do testing in order to provide you with safety and reliability.

Why are JY SUPPER lights perfect for you? They’re easy to use and convenient to carry, and they come in handy in any situation that requires lighting. Another benefit, they’ve got a one-handed operation, so you can take care of your lighting needs in a snap. 

8. ThruNite


We reached halfway! Here comes our 8th brand on the list: ThruNite. Do you prefer tactical flashlights? ThruNite is a decent choice for you. They offer many torch light models suitable for all kinds of situations, and these lights are super bright and reliable. 

They’re designed to handle everything you throw at them, so you won’t have to worry about your light letting you down when you need them the most. ThruNite lights are made with quality materials, which makes it an excellent deal.

Just pick the model that best suits your needs from ThruNite, and you’re good to go. No need to worry about quality, as our experts have tested a lot of their torch lights.

These torch lights have top-quality Cree XP-L V6 LED technology. The design is super trendy and offers awesome lighting options for low-light defensive situations and high-powered models for navigation.

So you’ll be safe anywhere you go. In the simplest way we can put it, ThruNite torch lights have your back, no matter what!

9. Kootek


When it comes to torch lights, Kootek is the real deal. They’ve got some of the top-tier designs out there. During our durability tests, we found that their torch lights are very strong and durable. Thus, they last for a long time. 

Plus, their torch lights’ bodies are easy to carry. It won’t slip and fall from your hand. The bulbs throw a bright light, which is great for clear and consistent illumination.

And the lenses? Those are waterproof, so no matter what weather you throw these torch lights at, they’ll hold up; Kootek lamps have got you covered for whatever you need.



Say hello to the famous torchlights from ABTRIX. These lamps have been lighting up the night for years now. With a wide range of models to choose from, ABTRIX is a good fit for everyone looking for a decent torch light. 

Whether you need a powerful light that cuts through the darkness or a stylish one to illuminate your outdoor gatherings, ABTRIX keeps you covered.

These dependable lights are affordable, so you won’t regret investing more after ordering & using them. Trust these torches, and they’ll light up your path forever.



When it comes to top-tier torchlight brands, GLOBEAM stands out. They offer an amazing lineup of flashlights with useful features like water resistance for outdoor activities and compact design for easy portability. Their hand torches with the latest LED tech are also adjustable for hands-free illumination.

You’ll love their other features as well. For example, they provide adjustable knobs for beam angle and intensity. So it’s all about max illumination. Not to mention the economic Li-ion battery options to keep your lights charged up.



When it comes to high-quality torchlights, DOCOSS is the go-to brand. They’ve been producing exceptional torch lights at affordable prices for years now. Their regular dedication towards creating top-notch torch lights has made their brand’s position on our list. 

In their inventory, you can look for headlamps, spotlights, and LED flashlights for a wide range of needs. With their dependable performance and affordable prices, you can rest easy knowing your lights will be there to help you whenever you need them. 

So when you need a flashlight in a hurry, DOCOSS will satisfy you with their torch lights’ amazing performance.

13. Coleman


Coleman Torches has been a trusted provider of flashlight solutions for years. They’ve got the performance you need for the toughest conditions.

You get a slip-resistant body in their torch lights for easy carrying. Also, they provide long-lasting LEDs that maintain brightness. Do you need a handy torch for camping, hiking, or fishing? Coleman torches will light up your way. 

With a rechargeable battery and integrated USB port, you’ll have good lightning power in dark areas or emergency situations. The comfort-friendly handles give you extra stability when exploring nature at night. 

It makes them a solid choice for any outdoor or domestic task. Grab one of these torches from Coleman, and you’ll feel confident exploring dark areas and dealing with power-cut situations.

14. Fenix Flashlights

Fenix Flashlights

Fenix flashlights deserve a position in this list as they are well-known for lighting solutions. Are you looking in the market for some quality torch lights? You’re bound to be impressed with Fenix Flashlights as they offer a wide variety of styles and sizes. 

Their decent offerings feature multi-functioning flashlights with different brightness levels. These amazing features allow you to use their torch lights effortlessly.

What’s more? Fenix lights are durable and require minimal upkeep. Not only that, but the endurance in shock resistance makes their torch lights an awesome option.

No matter where your journey takes you. Fenix Flashlights has got you covered! Also, they have exceptional customer service, so you can easily contact them if you encounter any problems with your torch light. So don’t hesitate and choose Fenix Flashlights as your reliable partner.

15. Olight


When you need a lightweight and durable torch for your outdoor activities, you should definitely check out Olight. They’ve got an impressive selection of high-performance torches.

Let us tell you the most amazing features in their torch lights: Cutting-edge LED technology, Multiple brightness levels and Adjustable beams. 

No matter the condition or environment, you can count on these powerful lamps to provide the illumination you need. So, let Olight be your trusted companion and guide you on your adventures without having to worry about the dark.

16. Skilhunt


Let us introduce you to the second last brand on the list: Skilhunt. They have been providing high-performance torches for over a decade.

It makes this brand one of the top-tier brands in the torch light industry. You don’t have to worry, as their commitment to quality and uncompromising standards give you peace of mind.

Each torch offers exceptional illumination and a durable build. Both flashlights and headlamps won’t let you down. They are designed to meet your needs after a lot of tests. The reviews from their satisfied customers help this brand thrive more. 

They gave Skilhunt confidence to keep providing high performance in each of their torchlight models. The brand has earned a reputation by providing uncompromising standards, and we completely agree with this fact as their torch lights do offer amazing performance.

17. Nitecore


Here comes the last torch light brand on our list: Nitecore. It is a well-known flashlight brand that offers high-quality LED lights at reasonable prices. They’ve been providing lighting solutions to Indian customers since 2007. 

However, they kept on improving their technology with time and manufactured tough lights that last a long time and can handle rough conditions. You’ll get a wide range to choose from as they offer all kinds of lights like headlamps and bike lights.

Nitecore values quality above everything else, and their torchlight justified that this fact isn’t wrong. Their innovative and durable torch offerings ensure long-term use in challenging conditions. 

Also, some of their top torch lights even offer you a lifetime warranty! So, be free to opt for their torch lights, as their dedicated support team is always there for you. You can trust that your Nitecore torch will be there for you, no matter where your adventures take you.


India’s torchlight brands have improved a lot in recent years. Our experts are highly impressed, especially with the top 3 torch light brand choices in this list.

Although you can blindly go for a torch light from the top torch light brand in this guide, we suggest you purchase a model after considering your requirements. 

You can trust our testing process and opt for a torch light from these reliable brands. Also, reach us through the comment box below if you have any specific torch light requirements, and our experts will reply to your queries to help you opt for the best torch light model!


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