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17 Best Torch Light Brands in India (August 2023 Guide)

Before you buy a torch light, you should consider numerous factors. These factors will determine the brightness and luminous content of the light. Considerations such as these can help you choose the best torch light in India.

Not just the factors, but choosing the right brand is also very important. 10 years back, there were just a few torch light brands available in India, but now, the confusion has increased because of the abundance of new coming brands. 

In India, numerous companies are producing and selling torch lights, but many of them are not reliable or durable. Investing in a reliable torch light from a reputed brand is always better.

You should also consider the user reviews to determine how reliable a product is. Regardless of where you live, buying a torch light backed by a good warranty is important. Here are some of them:

1. Havells


Havells has a wide range of products, including torch lights as one of their essential items. Havells is known for offering its customers high-quality and energy-efficient lighting solutions, creating an impression that they are not only a leader in the market but also a pioneer in technology.

Their reliable and premium torches are perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting. The smartly designed bodies with ergonomic grips ensure easy convenience, while the strong LED lights ensure higher illumination.

The pocket-friendly nature makes it easier to purchase multiple torches and keep them handy at all times, while the long-lasting life battery keeps you away from regular charging issues. Havells torch lights are an ideal brand for everyday luxury needs.



Syska is a renowned brand for torchlight products in India. It’s wholly Indian-owned and has garnered customer trust through its affordable yet reliable products.

Its product range includes flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and so on. Its products include adjustable brightness control, rugged construction, long-lasting battery life, and more. 

Syska also offers customized lighting solutions that can be used in various settings. Torch lights from Syska come with IP65 waterproof certification, which makes them safe to use outdoors, even in rain, snow, or harsh weather.

To add to users’ convenience, most torches from Syska are rechargeable, eliminating the need to purchase batteries frequently. The brand’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for quality lighting solutions at an affordable price.

3. iBELL


Regarding reliable and affordable lighting solutions, iBELL Torch Lights are one of the leading brands in India. Their range of torches is designed for all users, from amateur campers to professional outdoor adventurers. 

With powerful lumens and easy-to-use features, their torches boast long battery life and waterproof construction – giving customers access to high-quality lighting without breaking the bank.

Flashlights come in various shapes and sizes, making them ideal for various uses, such as home projects, camping trips, and emergencies.

From basic models that offer brilliant visibility with a bright beam to more sophisticated designs with motion sensors, telescoping lenses, or radio frequency control options – these torches are suitable for everyone’s needs.

Their superior build quality ensures that users can depend on them even in extremely harsh environments, giving them peace of mind when embarking on their next adventure. With iBELL’s Torch Light Brands, trust is key, and performance is guaranteed!

4. Wipro


Wipro Torch Light is the perfect choice for a variety of lighting needs. Their products offer superior brightness and efficiency without sacrificing durability. From powerful flashlights to everyday use lamps, no matter what kind of light you need- Wipro has you covered!

The brand proudly provides top-of-the-line solutions that enable consumers to light up any space with reliable power and maximum performance.

Wipro offers a wide selection of torches and lamps, with battery-operated and rechargeable options, so you will find the perfect fit every time.

All torches by Wipro come with high customer satisfaction ratings and robust warranties. Stocking up on these practical lights with affordable prices and lasting quality can help illuminate any location safely and efficiently. Give your home an upgrade today with Wipro!

5. AmiciVision


The AmiciVision Torch Light brand perfectly fills the gap regarding handheld lighting solutions. These torches provide bright light from their LEDs, powered by efficient and long-lasting batteries.

Constructed with a sturdy aluminum casing that’s lightweight, easy to grip, and practically indestructible, they are suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts of all kinds.

You can adjust the brightness exactly as needed with adjustable focus and a choice of three beam settings. Plus, you’ll find something perfect for your style with many styles available – from classic professional-style models to vibrant modern designs.

For everyday tasks or out on adventures outdoors and in dark places alike, do yourself a favor and give AmiciVision Torch Light a try!

6. Pick Ur Needs

Pick Ur Needs

When it comes to finding the right torch light, nothing beats Pick Ur Needs. Since its inception, this company has produced top-quality and reliable torch lights, offering customers unbeatable value and exclusive designs to meet your lighting needs. 

The torch lights come in durable construction with high-grade electrical parts for lasting use – even in wet or hot climates. You can choose from several models to ensure you get the light output and portability options without breaking the bank.

A reliable warranty and detailed instructions for easy setup and maintenance back each model. Pick Ur Needs stands behind each of their products thanks to attentive customer service staff, giving customers peace of mind when they purchase. Pick Ur Needs is your go-to choice if you’re looking for a reliable torch light that won’t break the bank!



When considering a reliable illumination source, JY SUPPER torch lights are your best bet. These flashlights are well-crafted and long-lasting, boasting superior quality and excellent performance.

Featuring durable aluminum construction, adjustable zoom focus, and waterproof IPX5 grade materials, these torches can light up small and large areas.

Additionally, each torch is equipped with specialized cob lighting technology that provides 1300 maximum lumens of brightness to ensure maximum visibility and has undergone rigorous testing for safety and reliability.

What’s more, the conveniently compact design of these lights ensures easy one-handed operation for quick access in any situation. All this makes JY SUPPER torch lights an optimal choice for anyone needing a trusty source of reliable illumination in all kinds of situations.

8. ThruNite


ThruNite Torch Light is the leader in tactical flashlights. With a vast selection of models for every use, their lights are bright and reliable for whatever situation you might need them for.

Their offerings range from everyday EDC (Everyday Carry) flashlights to professional-grade searchlights that make camping and other outdoor activities a breeze. 

From Cree XP-L V6 LED technology to eye-catching design, ThruNite flashlights look good and can handle any environment you find yourself in.

They offer low-light defensive options like their Archer series and high-powered models like the Catfish Pro to help navigate even the darkest forest or cave. They’re there to help ensure your time outdoors is safe and joyful no matter what journey you take them on.

9. Kootek


Kootek torch lights are some of the best brands available on the market. Offering robust, high-powered torches that can light up a dark outdoor area easily, Kootek torches provide excellent illumination while being durable and reliable.

Their ergonomic design makes them easy to carry and hold, while the bright LED bulbs provide crystal-clear visibility in any environment.

The torch’s lens is designed to be shatterproof and waterproof, making it perfect for camping trips or other outdoor activities. To top it off, Kootek torches come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and functions to meet your every lighting need.

With features like wide-to-narrow beam switching capabilities, adjustable modes that allow you to dim or brighten the light as needed, and a strong battery life that ensures you’ll have lasting illumination throughout the night, Kootek torch lights are worth investing in for any outdoor enthusiast looking for quality lighting solutions!



ABTRIX Torch Lights have been lighting up the night worldwide for years. No wonder they have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation.

With a range of torchlight models to suit almost any need, ABTRIX offers something for everyone looking for a makeshift lamp in times of emergency.

Their torches are crafted with quality components that offer superior performance regardless of the conditions. Whether looking for a powerful flashlight that can pierce through darkness or a stylish one to illuminate an outdoor gathering, ABTRIX has you covered.

These dependable torches are affordable, so you won’t break the bank when you buy one. With ABTRIX, you can rely on it to be your faithful companion – light up your dark path!



Regarding reliable torchlight brands, GLOBEAM stands out for its quality and durability. This trusted brand offers a wide range of flashlights, such as water-resistant heavy-duty lights for outdoor activities, compact hand torches that use the latest LED technology, and adjustable focus headlamps for hands-free illumination.

With an impressive lineup of features like CREE LED bulbs for maximum brightness and an adjustable knob to regulate beam angle and intensity, GLOBEAM is the go-to solution for nighttime illumination needs of every kind.

The brand also provides economical rechargeable Li-ion battery options that help provide unlimited lighting power and convenience.

With GLOBEAM’s top-notch range of torchlight products designed to handle any situation with style and dependability, you can’t go wrong choosing them.



One of the most popular names in torch lights is DOCOSS. For many years, they have offered reliable, affordable, high-quality torches that suit any consumer requirement. From camping trips to outdoor adventures, DOCOSS torch lights help direct your way safely and efficiently.

Their wide selection includes headlamps for night activities, spotlights for search operations, or LED flashlights for amateur tasks around the house.

Whatever your need may be, a DOCOSS product can fulfill it. Furthermore, these torch lights are built to last, with the shockproof outer casing, durable batteries, and ultra-bright light output that make them perfect for any condition or environment, regardless of weather or terrain.

With dependable illumination security to light up any evening activity confidently, DOCOSS torch lights remain one of the most preferred choices for staying safe and secure wherever you go.

13. Coleman


Coleman’s Torch Lights have been a trusted illumination source for years, offering powerful and reliable performance in even the most challenging conditions. These robust torches have a slip-resistant body, making them easy to carry for extended periods in any environment. 

With their compact design and long-lasting LED bulbs that maintain constant brightness, these torches are perfect for outdoor activities, from camping to fishing or late-night hikes.

The combination of a rechargeable battery pack with an integrated USB port allows users to access light in areas where no power is available so they can feel confident in new surroundings. This innovative item has also been designed with comfort and convenience, with an ergonomic handle that provides extreme stability.

Not only are Coleman’s torches beneficial for exploring nature in the dark, but their versatility makes them ideal for workshops, garages, or everyday tasks around the home.

14. Fenix Flashlights

Fenix Flashlights

Choosing a reliable torch light brand is an important decision. Fenix Flashlights stands out as a tried and true choice for casual users and professionals in many industries.

Their offerings feature multi-functional flashlights with different brightness levels, allowing them to cater to customers of all preferences. 

In addition to its excellent variety of unique styles and sizes, the company also prides itself on the quality and durability of its lights, perfect in any environment you may find yourself in.

Not only are they resistant to shocks and extremely bright, but they’re also easy to use and require minimal upkeep – no matter which product you select.

To top it off, Fenix Flashlights have outstanding customer service, so you can easily get help if you ever encounter an issue with your flashlight.

If you’re looking for a well-made flashlight that meets your expectations, look no further than Fenix Flashlights – your trusted companion for all your illumination needs.

15. Olight


Olight is a trusted torch light brand providing quality products for many years. Offering a wide range of lighting options, from flashlights to headlamps to lanterns, Olight has become the go-to source for those looking for an effective and reliable way to illuminate their activities. 

Olight torches are constructed with strong yet lightweight materials, perfect for tough outdoor adventures like hiking or fishing. They also utilize cutting-edge LED technology, giving you the brightest and most energy-efficient lighting where you need it most.

Furthermore, they come with various helpful features, such as adjustable beams, multiple brightness levels, and IPX waterproofing. With so much to offer, Olight is an excellent choice for supplying dependable illumination.

16. Skilhunt


Skilhunt is known for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship in torch lights. Founded in 2010, it began as a small business that provided only a limited range of models.

Since then, with their relentless pursuit of perfection and dedication to uncompromising quality standards, they have become one of the leading brands in finding the right torchlight. 

Skilhunt’s customers testify to their commitment to providing weapons-grade torches designed and engineered with precision and durability in mind.

They offer flashlights that can be used for specific activities such as search and rescue, biking, running, hunting, caving, and many other outdoor adventures.

Their cutting-edge LED technology ensures maximum brightness, performance, and beam distance without compromising battery life or weight.

Hosting various lighting modes, such as tailored turbo mode for extended battery life plus specialized individual colors for firefighting service personnel, make them the go-to brand for those seeking high-quality torches at an affordable price. When you need high-performance flashlight technology at an excellent value: look no further than Skilhunt!

17. Nitecore


Nitecore is an excellent torch light brand providing users with reliable and cost-effective lighting solutions since 2007. As a specialist in illumination, they offer a wide range of high-powered LEDs, precision engineering crafted torches, headlamps, and bike lights.

Nitecore products are designed to provide superior performance and durability that stand up to the rigors of frequent use. Their lights are built to last for years, even in harsh conditions encountered in various activities.

Their innovative design makes them incredibly efficient, and their incredibly durable construction ensures you always have high-quality lighting when needed.

With a lifetime warranty and worldwide support network, you can trust that your Nitecore torch light will always keep you illuminated wherever your adventure takes you in darkness!


After thoroughly researching the topic, it can be concluded that all light torch brands in India offer a range of excellent and quality products.

They also provide water resistance, adjustable brightness levels, and portable designs. With this in mind, users should consider their needs before buying a torch light to ensure they get the best product.

Additionally, customers should always go for branded products with good reviews from other consumers to ensure they buy a reliable and durable product that will last long. Users must consider their budget and precise requirements when choosing among India’s best torchlight brands.

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