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What Is the Difference Between Grinder and Mixer Grinder?

It’s amazing how many kitchen appliances can be found today. These tools will make your life easier. In India, mixer grinders, wet grinds, juicers, and blenders are essential kitchen tools.

There is still confusion about which functions each one performs and how they differ. Are you unsure which one is best for you? You don’t have to be confused; each product has a detailed description that will help determine which one is right for you.

A mixer grinder and a shopper can be confused when looking for kitchen appliances. Mixer grinders are used to blend, mix and blend spices, while wet grinders are used to make batter or paste from grains and lentils. A wet grinder is a wonderful kitchen appliance that grinds food to make a paste.

The mixer grinder is, however, relatively new. The mixer grinder can serve as both a mixer and a grinder. This category-wise breakdown of these products will help you decide which one is right for you.

What is a Wet Grinder?

What is a Wet Grinder_

The wet grinder is a traditional Indian appliance used for grinding rice and as a mortar and pester, which can also be used in making chutneys. They are mainly used in making vada, dosa or idli batter.

Grinding the food products that need to undergo slow processing to keep their taste and food value with this method is quick and effective.

All this it does with little or no effort and noise.

Present-day wet grinders are sophisticated and sleek. They are also portable as they can be used as tabletop ones that are easier to operate and maintain.

These are like mixer grinders but have stones for grinding in place of a blade.

Shall we see why the wet grinder is better than a mixer grinder?

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Advantages of using a wet grinder against the mixer grinder.

The Advantages of a Wet Grinder

Mixer grinders produce much more heat; hence, stone-grounded coffee preserves its original taste and flavour.

  • This will help in the growth of good bacteria since it has not been heated in excess. This makes your idlis healthier. Idli is one of my favourite dishes; I would buy an idli maker to have it cooked perfectly and fast.
  • The wet grinder makes the batter fluffier to ferment well.
  • Wet grinders produce batter, which remains solid for around five days.
  • For a longer period, the stone is sharper than the metal blade.

What is a Mixer Grinder?

What is a Mixer Grinder_

  • It is a common household utensil in India, especially among women cooks.
  • Mixer Grinder is a mixes-and-grinds food mixing machine.
  • It is used for making purees and batters.
  • Homemix is a mixer grinder, ideal for grinding spices, nuts, grains, and lentils at home.
  • Using some models takes only a few minutes to make your own juice.
  • Bananas can be blended into smoothies and milkshakes, too.

What Is a Table Top Wet Grinder?

What is a Table Top Wet Grinder_

  • Tabletop Grinder is a small machine that grinds wet ingredients. You can mount it on your kitchen shelf, and it’ll work like a mixer grinder.
  • It is easy to clean/use/store.
  • An electric motor drives the drum, which rotates continuously in a circular direction. The stone roller in the drum grinds your food items and gives you an evenness during grinding.
  • Many of these devices feature a transparent cover over the opening, allowing one to see the food material being crushed or blended.
  • The body of the tabletop wet grinder includes non-slip feet to enhance its stability as well as make it more entertaining to use.

Differences between Mixer Grinder and Wet Grinder

Difference between Mixer Grinder and Wet Grinder

A mixer grinder and a wet grinder have two major differences.

Grinding Component

  • The wet grinder and a stone roller are provided for free. Mixer Grinder can come with one or several types of metal blades.


  • The wet grinder is helpful to wet grinds, such as grounded soaked grains like rice and Urad Daal in the batter. Additionally, you can prepare masala pastes.
  • A Mixer grinder is one device that can mix both dry and wet food.


  • However, it is also important to highlight its parts, which include, for instance, granite stones rotating within a metal drum driven by an electric motor.
  • The different blade types found in mixer blenders rotate within the jars. They can also be driven using an electric motor.


  • A wet grinder is useful in grinding food by adding water that transforms it into a batter or paste.
  • On the other hand, it can be used to blend, cut, grind and squeeze fresh juice. How many jars and attachments will determine functionality?

Grinding Methodology

  • Food grains are ground using a wet grinder in between the drum and stone.
  • It is the moving blades that grind foods in a Mixer Grinder.


  • The newer models include Atta Kneader Attachment and Coconut Scraper Attachment.
  • However, mixer grinders are multi-purpose devices able to process both dry and moist products.


  • Wet grinders are perfect for preparing the batter for soft idlis, fluffy vadas and crispy dosas. Moderate grinding with stone rollers attains low temperatures in the battery.
  • It can also handle dry grinding of spices like turmeric, coriander, and cumin seeds, making batter and preparations for tadka masalas, chutneys, juices extraction, smoothie blending, etc.


  • Unlike mixers that you may require to clean straight away, wet grinders do not have this need. Alternatively, they can be put in water for some time and then grind after they have been harvested.
  • Cleaning of mixies’ jars and blades is required right after it has been used to enhance their longevity.

Auto cut-off

  • However, there are also some wet grinders without an automatic shut-off feature. If it does not, the motor will continue operating in case of an overload.
  • Nearly every combination grinder contains a cut-out mechanism. This unit contains a device that makes it stop working if the jars are filled up; this is meant for the safety purposes of the motor in the appliance.


  • The quality of wet milling and its effect on a stone grinder differs because, unlike a mixer, a stone grinder generates less heat. This preserves the original flavour.
  • A Mixer grinder is a machine that produces high-quality food. Wet-grind, the mixer grinder operates at high speeds. Therefore, it might mean that the batter will not be as good as in a wet grinder.


  • They are perfect for making South Indian dishes such as dosa, vada, and uttapam, which is why wet grinders are common throughout Southern India.
  • They are quite popular everywhere in the country.

Comparative Analysis with Similar Appliances

How does one compare Juicers vs Food Processors Vs. Blenders?



Juicing is a quick, easy and healthy way to obtain mouth-watering juices from fruits and veggies of all sorts. It is a device that squeezes out healthful and tasty juices from fruits or vegetables.

With a juicer, any kind of pulp or skin of fruits and vegetables can be used to produce every essential element that may have been lost by simply eating any part of it. If your juicer is good, you will have all the benefits of the fruit with no pulp.

Many juicers can be found on the market.

The centrifugal juicer works by spinning objects very quickly and utilising flat-cutting blades. Thereafter, it gets rid of the pulp from the juice and offers a kind of chunky juice. It is also easy to store, and it is quite cheap. They are quiet, reliable, and simple to use.

It is an upgrade over the ordinary juicer, thus its recent modern alternative. It is quicker than the centrifugal juicer since it only has one gear and a mesh. It comprises steel blades that break down the product, with potent enzymes being squeezed out.

Additionally, it takes twice as much juicing as required so that the juice has enough essential minerals.

Those who want high yields and more nutrients may find masticating juicers worth considering. Dual-gear juicers, otherwise known as twin-gear juicers. Two augers crush the vegetable or fruit juice before being ground.

However, as compared to other juicers that allow for quick oxidation of juices, these expensive juicing machines have comparably low prices.



The blender is a kitchen equipment which mixes, mashes, purees or emulsifies fruits, vegetables, and other components. Blenders can also help by making ingredients into a smooth and agreeable liquor mixture.

Their conical shape makes them perfect for mixing liquids, as they direct all things to the underside of the blades. Additionally, the blenders have sharp blades, and they do well with processing foods that end up having a smooth finish.

There are different features of blenders which are adjustable, e.g. liquid tank and reservoir, to achieve desirable consistency. Liquid-based recipes like smoothies and soups can be prepared using a blender.

If you consumed liquids, then blenders become an amazingly good purchase, considering that they could be included in your routine meals.

Food Processor

Food Processor

Most meals can be cooked using a food processor. With these many attachments and blades, it is possible for one to get a food processor that suits their purpose most effectively. It can chop, shred and grind fruit and vegetables. Mixing ingredients, making batters and dough.

There are three types of cutter knives for chopping produce into small, medium and big chunks. It can also grind vegetables and fruits.

For example, the standard food processor comes as a package with standard attachments; however, if your operations require additional work, attachments are available for purchase.

Other tools that can work include a variable egg whisk that one may have to buy. There is even a place where you could get a juicer and a dough cutter. There are also other shredding and cut disks available. There are three sizes available: small, compact, and full. It is a multitasking software, motorized, for various tasks.


1. What is better: a mixer grinder or a wet grinder?

All your kitchen needs is a mixer grind. Such a mixer is intended for shredding different quality veggies, squeezing juice from fruits, and grounding meat. That’s why its functionality largely depends on whether it has one or more bowls and additions.

However, wet ground food grains such as rice and urad dal used in the batter have been processed through a wet grinder.

The wet grinders help to produce batter for very soft idlis or steamed cakes like “vadas,” crisp dose, etc. Grinding with stone rollers should be done moderately this time; battery temperature will drop.

2. Is it worth purchasing a wet grinder or not?

A wet grinder can also be considered if you make traditional South Indian meals such as idli, dosa, and vada. Wet mill batter is fluffier than dry millet and ferments well.

It will be hotter than a mixture, which means the food will preserve its traditional smell and taste.

The heat within the batter also assists in building up good bacteria, which increases the good idle consumption.

3. What’s a wet grinder used for, and how do they work?

Specifically, a wet grinder is used in wet grinding. It can also be applied in processing wet food materials such as rice and urad dal into the batter. They can also prepare spices such as masala powders and pastes.

4. Wet grinder for chutney making?

Indeed, a wet grinder is the best tool for producing tasty chutneys.

5. What is the Best Dosa Batter Grinder?

However, a wet grinder makes a more suitable batter for dosa since the batter made in it has an airy texture with more fermentation.

However, a wet grinder makes a more suitable batter for dosa since the batter made in it has an airy texture with more fermentation.

Wet grinders are more suitable for preparing dosa batter as the resultant batter is fluffy and easier to ferment.

6. How does a Wet Grinder differ from a Mixer?

The purpose of the wet grinder is for special uses. It is suitable for grinding wet food grains like Rice, Urad Dal, etc in Batter.

As well you can also use mixers to blend different foods.

Which one to choose?

Which one to choose

Once you grasp the difference between wet and mixer grinders, let’s pick one suited the best for your kitchen. If in doubt, the grinder may serve various functions, such as making a uniform batter.

It is also possible for a mixer grinder to prepare smooth batter as well. For this, if you need it on a large scale or for business, a wet grinder is available. Small families can use a mixer grinder. It is also very easy to operate a mixer grinder.

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