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Best Frying Pans in India With Materials Guide (2024)

If you want to sauté some vegetables, prepare an omelette with a healthy and fluffy texture, shallow fry idlis, or even make a silky smooth chocolate sauce, these nonstick pans and skillets are the best choice for you. These pans spread heat evenly during cooking, preventing foods from sticking on the bottom, and can cook food that is low in fat.

They’re durable and straightforward to wash; they’re essential for any beginner and every professional’s most trusted companion. A must-have for any kitchen, the top nonstick cookware is typically compatible with induction stoves; however, some may be more traditional. They may also differ in the handle’s size, materials, and finish.

Users can pick different nonstick pans based on their needs and preferences. There is a wide selection of cookware on the market, so choosing the right nonstick pan for your family could be overwhelming. To assist you in deciding rightly, Here is our list of the top nonstick pans for you to lead a healthier life.

Summery of the Top 10 Best Frying Pans in India 

1. Carote Non-stick Frying PanCarote Non-stick Frying Pan (from Switzerland)

The first item in our look at our review of the Best Frying Pan in India in 2022 comes from a Swiss brand, Carote.

Carote is an expert cookware and kitchenware company established in 1992 and is well known for its high-end quality products.

This is a 3.6-litre frying pan, 30 cm in diameter. The stylish fry pan has a nonstick surface with an attractive Granite coating from Switzerland.

The greatest thing about this frying pot made by Carote is that it’s 100% free of PFOS, PFOA, or any other toxic materials.

With a five-layer nonstick coating based on DURIT advanced technology, the nonstick characteristics of this pan are extremely great. Additional layers have been added to increase the resistance to scratches and make it easier to clean.

It is possible to use this pan for cooking on gas stoves, Induction, halogen stoves, and ceramic stoves. The manufacturer has also added a strong bakelite handle that remains cool when using the pan.

The pan comes with a 5 mm thick bottom and weighs approximately 1.26 kilograms. There’s no lid on the frying pan; however, Carote provides a one-year warranty on the purchase on the bright side.

If you’ve been searching for the Best Non-stick Pan in India, choose Carote’s 30 cm Non-Stick Frying Pan, which comes with Granite coating and a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • Material: Nonstick, with granite coating
  • Induction: Yes, it is safe
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Diameter: 30 cm
  • Lid: No
  • Capacity: 3.6 Liters
  • Warranty: One year of warranty
  • Dimensions: 41.5 x 11.6 x 26.6 cm
  • Weight: 1.26 kgs


  • Perfect for families with many children.
  • Testing of the Frying Pan to meet the strictest European standards
  • Swiss Granite coating
  • Nonstick technology that is PFOA-free
  • Rivetless design
  • 100% free of Lead and Cadmium
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Technology for heat storage that is energy efficient and saves money
  • Wood effect bakelite handle


  • It’s a bit costly. However, it is worth the price.

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2. AmazonBasics Skillet Pan AmazonBasics Cast Iron Cast-Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet Pan

The Cast Iron Pan is one appliance that should be in every home, the kitchen.

Cast-Iron as a material is extremely easy to work on. It holds the heat for an extended period. And most important, cast-iron pans are more durable.

It is a 30 cm cast-iron skillet from AmazonBasics with a capacity of 3.7 Liters. The pan’s size is XL. It is suitable for families of 5-6 persons easily.

This pan has an extended handle that is comfortable for use. There is a handle on the opposite side to hang to store it.

The pan is oven safe with a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. The pan can also be used on any cooking surface like the stovetop, induction stove, broiler, or barbecue.

Be sure not to drag the pan onto glass or ceramic cooking surfaces on the stove.

One of the advantages of a Cast-iron frying pan is that it comes ready-seasoned. This pan features the shape of a round, flat base and flared edges on the sides, which makes it ideal for the Indian way of cooking.

With an iron-cast cooking pan, you will not fret about heat retention. And it does not just hold heat efficiently, but it also spreads heat equally.

If you plan to purchase the cast-iron frying pan, be sure not to employ metal utensils. You can use a Silicone spatula to prolong the lifespan of the Frying Pan.

This cast-iron skillet from AmazonBasics comes with a one-year guarantee.  


  • Capacity: 3.7 Liters
  • Diameter: 30cm
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Induction: Yes, it is safe
  • Lid: No
  • Dimensions Sizes: 51.31 x 32.77 x 8.38 cm
  • Material: Cast Iron.
  • Weighing: 3.8 kgs
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


  • It comes with a loop for hanging.
  • Baked with vegetable oil that penetrates
  • Pan that has been pre-seasoned
  • It is compatible with any cooktop.
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Cast-iron construction with heavy-duty construction for optimal heat retention
  • Ideal for families with many children. 


  • We could not find any cons.

3. Tefal Simply Chef Non-Stick Fry Pan 

Tefal Simply Chef Non-Stick Frying Pan

Tefal is one of the Top Frying Pan Manufacturers in India. It is a French cookware manufacturer that is renowned for its nonstick cookware. The brand name Tefal is a blend made up of Teflon and Aluminium.

The Tefal frying pan is available in stunning Red colour with white dots across the surface, giving an appearance of greasy cookware.

The nonstick Tefal frying pan has a capacity of 2.1 Liters and a width of 28cms, perfect for families with 3-4 persons.

We loved the most about this frying pan because it had the most comfortable handle. The ergonomic thumb rest is made of silicone that allows for easy handling and long-lasting use.

This frying skillet is very light at 780 grams. It can be used as a cooking pan on Ceramic, electric, gas, and halogen stoves; however, it’s unsuitable for an induction cooktop.

The frying pan made by Tefal is a particular kind of resist and nonstick coating which gives durable and long-lasting glide.

The coating isn’t just in the interior but is also on the outside to make cleaning easier. One thing to remember is that there’s no lid for this frying pan.

The Tefal frypan comes with two years of warranty and is priced reasonably and, therefore, one of the greatest choices under 1,000 rupees for 2022.


  • Capacity: 2.1 L
  • Induction: Safe and secure.
  • Nonstick: Yes
  • Diameter: 28 cm
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Dimensions: 44cm x 29.5c x 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.72 kgs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lid: No


  • Extremely light
  • French cookware brand
  • Two-years of warranty
  • 2-Way outside and inside coating
  • Includes a thumb rest
  • PTFE Non-stick exterior coating
  • Priced reasonably


  • Not compatible with the Induction cooktop.
  • No lid for this model made by Tefal

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4. Hawkins Futura Nonstick Frying Pan 

Hawkins Futura Nonstick Frying Pan

Hawkins is among the brands in India that don’t require any introduction at all. One of the reasons is that Hawkins is often referred to as the Best Frying Pan Brand in India.

This frying skillet from Hawkins is a tremendous choice for those seeking what the Best Frying Pan with Lid in India is.

The frying pan is equipped with 2.5 litres, a diameter of 30 cm, and a thickness of 3.25 millimetres. As a bonus, you get a Stainless steel lid that is also available.

The frying pan’s nonstick coating makes it very durable and is manufactured in Germany. Thanks to this coating, the pan will be able to transfer heat quickly and evenly.

The frying pan appears to be sturdy in construction and has a stunning finish. It requires only a little oil to spice and cooks everything without fear of food sticking to the nonstick surface.

You will also receive several freebies like a wooden spatula, scrubber, and recipe book.

The only drawback of the Hawkins fry pan is that it’s unsuitable for an Induction cooktop, which means you can only use it with a gas stove.

You will get a two-year warranty, a stainless steel lid, and a few freebies worth a few hundred dollars. That’s why the frying pan by Hawkins is named the top fry pan for India for 2022.


  • Capacity: 2.5 litres
  • Lid: Yes
  • Material: Non-stick
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Dimensions: 33.53 x 49.28 x 8.38 cm
  • Induction: Safe and secure.
  • Weight: 1.85 kgs
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Diameter: 30cms


  • Nonstick coatings are made in Germany
  • A heavy-duty base as well as a heavy gauge
  • Non-stick, long-lasting surface that lasts
  • A complimentary wooden spatula, scrubber, and a cookbook of recipes from Hawkins
  • It comes with a comfortable fit Stainless lid made of steel
  • Two strong rivets
  • Two-years of warranty


  • Not compatible with the Induction cooktop.

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5. Impex Pearl Pan 

Impex Pearl Ceramic coated Pan Reviews for Fry Pan

Impex Technologies is a Kerala manufacturer that specializes in nonstick cookware. It has been in operation since 1991 in India.

Many people are drawn to the top Ceramic fry pans, and that is why we’ve included this frying pan made by Impex Pearl.

The frying pan made by Impex has a capacity of 2 litres, a diameter is 24 cm, and an overall thickness of 2.5 millimetres.

This Coffee Brown colour frying pan is made of Aluminum, and it comes with three layers of high-quality ceramic outer coating.

The exterior coating of the frying pan is heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of extreme.

The frying pan is equipped with an oven-proof handle that ensures that the pan remains cool and dry from the outside and is comfortable to use for cooking every day.

A spiral bottom of this frying pan lets you cook the food fast and distribute heat evenly. It is also possible to cook with the frying pan with an Induction cooktop.

The most appealing feature of this pan is that its nonstick surfaces are free of PFOA chemicals. You will get the lid made of metal and the frying pan in exchange for a gift.

There’s no lid on the pan. However, you will get a one-year guarantee from Impex Pearl. Overall, the frying pot from Impex will be the top Ceramic Frying Pan in India in 2022.


  • Diameter: 24 cm
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Material: Aluminum coated with Ceramic coating
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Lid: No
  • Induction: Safe and yes
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 0.66 kgs


  • A spoon of metal is included in the offer.
  • Induction stove and gas stove compatible
  • Ceramic coating of high-quality nonstick
  • PFOA nonstick surface that is free of charge
  • Very appealing brown-coloured ceramic frying pan
  • Spiral bottom for even heat distribution
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty


  • It does not come with a lid.

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6. Prestige Omega Granite Fry Pan 

Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Fry Pan with Lid

Another best brand of frying pan from India comes from the brand Prestige. The frying pan made by Prestige is somewhat similar to the Hawkins fry pan, except for some minor variations.

The nonstick Prestige frying pan is equipped with a capacity of 2.1 Liters, a diameter of 26 cm, and an overall thickness of 3 millimetres.

The frying pan is constructed using Aluminum material with a free PFOA nonstick finish.

The Prestige frying pan is made with a five-layer nonstick surface created using German technology. You can also use stainless steel spoons with a spatter-coated surface.

The outside of this frying skillet has an edgy metallic finish in two layers that helps maintain the modern design for a longer period.

Contrary to the Hawkins frying pan, you can use this one with an Induction cooktop.

The durable granite finish looks stunning on this cooking pan. When you purchase the frying pan, you’ll get a glass lid that is used to cover the dish and preserve its moisture of the dish.

Also, some customers have complained that the knob on the glass lid was placed on the inside of the lid when it should be on the outside side.

The chances that this will happen are slim. However, just to know, this issue can be solved by using an easy screw.

Although you won’t receive any freebies from this frying pan, it’s still a good deal with a 2-year warranty and an extremely affordable price, making it among the top Non-stick Frying Pan in India in 2022.


  • Dimensions: 44cm x 29cm x 7.5cm 
  • Capacity: 2.1 L
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Lid: Yes
  • Diameter: 26 cm
  • Induction: Yes, it is safe
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.76 kgs


  • Granite finish and compatibility with metal spoons.
  • Two years of warranty
  • Gas stove and Induction compatible
  • 2 layer metallic finish applied to the exterior
  • PFOA free nonstick finish
  • Glass lid included
  • Affordable
  • 5-layer nonstick coating


  • There have been complaints about the knob attached to the inside of the glass lid.

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7. Bergner Argent TriPly Fry Pan 

Bergner Argent TriPly Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Bergner is among the most renowned and premium kitchen appliances brands across the globe. It is located within Austria, Europe. We did look at some of their Stainless steel Kadai that you can see.

Before reading this review, be aware that this isn’t a nonstick skillet. However, it’s still extremely efficient in terms of performance and long-lasting.

You can have an idea of the longevity of this frying skillet from its warranty. Bergner provides a five-year warranty on this cooking pan.

The frying pan made by Bergner has a capacity of 1.2 millilitres, a dimension of 20 cm, and a thickness is 3 millimetres.

The frying pan is built using top-quality tri-Ply technology. The moment a layer of aluminium is placed between two layers of Stainless Steel, it is known as Tri-Ply technology.

In this frying pot, the inside body is made of stainless steel 18/10 to reduce the use of oil. In the middle is Aluminum to ensure uniform heat distribution. And the final layer is stainless steel 18/0 to allow for induction compatibility.

With the aid of Tri-Ply technology, a cooking pan can cook your food faster, making the entire cooking process much simpler.

The Bergner cooking pan has flared rims for easy flipping and smooth turning for smooth flipping and smooth turning.

The handle cast into the pan is made out of top-quality Stainless steel. You are assured of its ability to stay cool, and it is secure with stainless-steel rivets.

The cost of this fry pan falls on the expensive end, but you’ll be happy after looking at the durability of this item from Bergner.

With all of these options and a whopping five years warranty, there’s no doubt that this frying pan made by Bergner can be a nice choice.

If 1.2 Liters of the frying Pan are too small in your home, you may consider the 28-cm Bergner Argent 5CX 5-Ply Stainless Steel Fry Pan.


  • Capacity: 1.2 Liters
  • Weight: 1.16 kgs
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Induction: Yes, it is safe
  • Dimensions: 38.9cm x 22.6cm x 6.3cm
  • Warranty: 5-years of warranty
  • Lid: No
  • Non-stick: No
  • Diameter: 20 cm


  • High-quality stainless steel is used for the construction 
  • Cast handle that is riveted
  • 360-degrees Induction compatibility
  • 5-year warranty
  • Flared rim
  • Created for decades of frequent usage.
  • Makes use of Tri-Ply technology


  • It’s not a nonstick pan.
  • Doesn’t come with a lid

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8. Healthy Options Skillet Frying Pan 

 Healthy Options Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan

Today, the final pan to be featured in our review is a Cast-Iron frying pan from Healthy Choices.

The cast-iron frying pan from Healthy Choices comes with a capacity of 2 litres, a width of 27 cm, and a thickness of 3 millimetres.

The pan weighs around 2.3 kgs, which is good for a pan made of cast iron.

Most importantly, you can cook with the Pan with Induction or gas stoves. To put the pan into the oven of your choice, you could unbolt the handle.

The handle appears extremely durable and made out of top-quality wood. Its thickness is very good, while the load is on the larger end with the heat-resistant handle.

As with any cooking cookware made of cast iron, you will likely have to care for the frying pan. There isn’t any warranty or lid on this frying pan made by Healthy Choices.


  • Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Warranty: No
  • Lid: No
  • Materials: Cast Iron
  • Non-stick: No
  • Dimensions: 44cm x 27cm x 7.5cm
  • Weight: 2.3 kgs
  • Induction: Yes, it is safe
  • Diameter: 27cms


  • It comes with a wooden handle
  • The handle can be detached
  • Strong and sturdy cast-iron cooking pan
  • Induction-compatible


  • No guarantee for this iron skillet
  • It does not come with a lid

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9. Perfect Nonstick Taper-Frying Pan 

Perfect Non-Stick Taper-Frying Pan

Perfect Nonstick fry pan is made in the United States by Mahaveer Metal Converters, founded in 1974.

This fry pan from Perfect is a budget-friendly price, quality cooking pan ideal for novices.

The nonstick frying pan has a capacity of 2 litres with a 24 cm diameter and an overall thickness of 2.6 millimetres.

The frying pan is constructed using high-quality Aluminum, and it has a Japanese nonstick coating that is used to increase the durability and extend the life of the pan.

It is possible to use spoons made of metal for this frying pan or the Bakelite Cool Touch handle, an excellent addition. But the design of this handle is average.

You’ll receive a complimentary metal spoon that comes with this pan. However, we recommend using a Silicone spatula to extend the lifespan of the frying pan.

The pan is not equipped with lids and can’t be used with induction cooktops.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on this frying pan, which is good.

This frying skillet is great for those who only want to prepare eggs, cook cheela, or other items. It is a great bargain if you don’t need to invest a lot of cash.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lid: No
  • Diameter: 24cms
  • Weight: 0.70 kgs
  • Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Nonstick: Yes
  • Dimensions: 6.1cm x 24.38cm x 24.38cm
  • Induction: Safe and secure.


  • Lightweight
  • A spoon of metal is included in the offer.
  • Ideal for frying eggs, veggies, etc.
  • The Best Frying Pan for India is less than 500 Rupees.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Very affordable


  • Not compatible with the Induction cooktop.
  • Average handle quality
  • It doesn’t come with a lid

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10. The Wonderchef Royal Velvet Fry Pan 

The Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-Stick Fry Pan

Like brands like Hawkins or Prestige, Wonderchef does not require any introduction. For those who don’t already know about this company, Wonderchef is co-owned by India’s MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Another matter to stay aware of is that all Wonderchef products are influenced by Italian design and conform to German quality standards.

The frying pan made by Wonderchef is small in size of 1.2 Liters, a size of 20 cm, and the thickness is 3 millimetres. It is also possible to look at the 2.1 three-litre frying pan made by Wonderchef.

The frying pan is an appealing Royal Velvet colour with a striking marble finish.

The Wonderchef fry pan is made of pure 100% virgin Aluminum.

To give you an idea for your reference, pure quality Aluminum can be 9 times more effective conductor of heat; it cooks quicker and helps save both energy and time.

The frying pan has professional-grade nickel-free five layers of nonstick coating for the nonstick surface. This coating is known for its great thermal stability and is durable.

What we loved most about this plan because it’s free of PFOA, heavy metals, and dangerous chemicals.

It can be used for cooking on all types of surfaces, including induction cooktops.

There is no lid for this frying pan, but it comes with an assurance of 2 years, which is a testament to the high-end excellent quality and durability of the frying pan made by Wonderchef.  


  • Lid: No
  • Induction: Safe and yes
  • Nonstick: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Dimensions: 44 x 6 x 26 cm
  • Diameter: 20 cm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 1.2 Liters


  • Nonstick coating PFOA-free
  • Gas stove and induction stove compatible
  • The Best Frying Pan in India in 2022
  • Comfortable grip
  • 5 layer nickel-free surface
  • Lightweight
  • Two-years of warranty
  • Durable and robust cooking pan
  • The attractive texture on the surface
  • Extra harder coating than normal Teflon


  • It doesn’t come with a lid.

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Final Advice

If you visit Amazon and look for India’s most effective frying pan for 2022, you’ll find more than 10,000 fry pans. Making an informed choice and selecting the most suitable frying pan could be confusing.

This article looks at some of the top-notch Frying Pans in 2022. However, the individual’s decision is contingent on the needs you have. For instance, would you prefer to buy a nonstick frypan or a standard one? Or do you require one with lids or without a lid?

Based on these choices, here are the options for the most delicious frying in India –

Suppose you’re looking for one of the best ones with a lid. You can choose Hawkins Futura Frying Pan with Lid. 

If you’ve got enough budget, then consider a Carote Non-Stick FryPan. If lids aren’t the most attractive option for you, choose the Wonderchef Royal Velvet Nonstick Frying Pan if you’re looking to find the Best Frying Pan. You should consider the Hawkins Futura Frying Pan equipped with a Stainless Steel Lid.

Shopping Guide for the Best Frying Pan in India

Frying Pan is a kitchen appliance that a kitchen can’t survive on. The daily frying pan is required to fry, sear, and brown food items. But, with all the options and hundreds of brands available, you may choose the wrong pan for frying.

We’ve demonstrated this buying guide to support you clear some of the most frequent questions like the best brand of frying pans in India, which type of material is best for frying pans, how to select the right frying pan, etc.

Best Frying Pan Brands in India 

  1. Prestige
  2. Wonderchef
  3. Tefal
  4. Hawkins
  5. Bergner
  6. AmazonBasics

Brand names assure you that you’re paying for the best product. If a brand wants to be considered the top in its field, it needs to be outstanding in terms of its performance. Support after sales is an additional area in which the brand needs to have some influence over other brands.

In 2022, India’s top brands of frying pans include Carote, AmazonBasics, Hawkins, Prestige, Wonderchef, Tefal, and Bergner.

Carote, Tefal, and Bergner are International brands, which means they’re expensive. However, you can expect to get more value from these brands than you. The quality of the product will be top-of-the-line. Bergner has also manufactured Frying pans that use Tri-Ply technology, which isn’t widely used in India.

Brands such as Hawkins, Prestige, and Wonderchef are Indian businesses. However, they have a large market share because consumers trust these brands. They will provide a top and high-quality product when you purchase these companies, and the fact that their costs are low and are primarily targeted at middle-class Indian families. The brands offer two years of warranty to add icing to the cake.

Non-stick Frying Pan Vs. Natural Finish Frying Pan

The frying pan is available in two distinct versions; you can choose to purchase a nonstick frying pan or a normal natural-finish frying pan. There are distinct distinctions between these two kinds of pans for frying, and in the end, it is drilled down to your specific needs.

1). Maintenance – One of the disadvantages of a nonstick frying pot is the care it requires. The coating for nonstick is extremely delicate, and if not cautious, you could end up damaging the surface. However, natural-finish frying pans require less maintenance and can withstand rough usage, too.

2). Healthy – When using nonstick cooking pans, it is necessary to use very little or a small amount of oil. Lower use of oil can make the dish healthier, particularly if you have dietary goals. There is no restriction on how much oil will be needed for cooking in a standard pan.

3). High -Temperature Cooking – If you are prone to cooking your meals at the highest temperatures, purchasing a nonstick oven might not be the best choice, as it performs best when cooking on low or medium flames. But natural finish pans are better suited for high temperatures.

4). Cleanliness – The reality that the food is not stuck to the nonstick pan makes cleaning quicker and easier; however, this isn’t feasible with a conventional finish pan since you need to exert much effort to clean up stains off the pan.

5). Spatula – You’ll require the spatula if you own a frying pan. It’s not a great option to use a metallic spatula in a nonstick frying pan because the metal could harm the coating on the nonstick pan over time. Therefore, wooden spatulas and silicone spatulas work best on nonstick frying pans. However, metal spatulas are simple with a natural-looking finish for the frying pan.

6). Cooking Experience – We decide to purchase a nonstick cooking pan due to the simple cooking experience. WFooddoesn’t stay in the pot with nonstick cookware, which can be quite annoying. If you use a traditional finish pan, the food will adhere to the pan and make cleaning the pan difficult.

7). Price – There’s an obvious difference in the cost of a nonstick frying pan and a natural finish frying pan. Natural finish frying pans are less expensive, while nonstick pans will cost some money since they offer an improved cooking experience.

Which Frying Pan Material is the Best Choice Available in India?

A frying pan is made of various types of materials, and each one can directly affect the food you cook. As you will observe in this article, the pans used for cooking are cast-Iron, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Aluminum, and others. Suppose you’re wondering what the most suitable cooking pan material is. In that case, it is recommended to read the following article because we will discuss the pros and cons of the various materials.

1. Ceramic Coated Frying Pan

Ceramic Coated Frying Pan

It is no question that Ceramic coated cooking pans are among the most appealing and profitable pans for frying you’ll ever come across. They are coated with a silica-based gel that is created of sand. This creates a nonstick coating with no need for chemicals.

To this end, Ceramic coated cooking pans can be called Green nonstick pans.

The frying pot made of Ceramic isn’t suitable for cooking at high temperatures, so they are generally utilized for medium and low temperatures. If you’re an individual who prefers a nonstick pan that doesn’t have any chemicals ingested, it is possible to purchase a Ceramic coated fry pan for your kitchen.


  • Nonstick coating
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to wash
  • Attractive


  • Do not use metallic utensils
  • Not recommended for high-heat cooking.
  • Hand wash only

2. Non-stick Aluminum Frying Pan

Non-stick Aluminum Frying Pan

Aluminium is known as an excellent conductor of heat, and it’s extremely light as well. The best part is that Nonstick aluminium frying pans for frying are inexpensive. You can find an excellent quality Non-stick aluminium frying pan for less than 1000 rupees from India.

The frying pans can be cleaned easily and these are widely used in India. Aluminium pans are the most popular, with a nonstick coating making this pan a major success. It is not advised to purchase non-coated Aluminum fry pans since they can react with acidic food.

With a nonstick coating, you will need only a small amount of oils to prepare your meals, and food doesn’t stay on the bottom. Although cleaning is simple in these pans, you must keep it clean as soon as the nonstick coating is removed; the skillet will be as good as new.


  • Easy to wash
  • Utilizes a minimum amount of oil
  • Food doesn’t adhere to the base
  • Ideal for sticky food like pancakes, eggs, etc.


  • Needs proper maintenance
  • Not recommended for high temperatures.
  • It’s not a great idea to use metal spatulas.

Which is the best Non-stick Aluminum Frying Pan in India in 2022? Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick Frying Pan with a 28 cm diameter.

3. The Hard Anodised Frying Pan

The Hard Anodised Frying Pan

Hard anodized frying pans are another kind of nonstick cooking pan. Because frying pans made of uncoated Aluminum are not advised, The Aluminum’s outer layer is oxidized to turn it into a rust-proof metal. The process of oxidation makes pans for frying much more durable.

Because of how the frying pans are made, they naturally have nonstick characteristics. In addition to using a spatula made of metal with these pans, they’re also suitable for high-temperature cooking. They were cooking food faster with a solid anodized cooking pan.

The frying pans mentioned above are extremely popular and come in a mid-price range. Cleaning is much simpler with these pans, and you can count on them to last for a long time and be sturdy.


  • It uses very little oil.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Versatile, perfect for even heat distribution
  • Naturally nonstick
  • Protects against scratching


  • Dishwashers are not compatible with this.
  • Not compatible with Induction cooktop.

Which is the Most Excellent Hard Anodised Frying Pan in India in 2022? Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Frying Pan

4. Cast-Iron Frying Pan

Cast-Iron Frying Pan

If there’s a more robust material than Stainless steel, it’s certainly Cast iron. Cast-iron cooking pans are heavy; it could take a while to adjust, but it’s worth the effort.

Cast Iron frying pans require a bit of time to get heated up; however, once they have it, they can hold the heat for longer than other cooking pans. The heat distribution is great and even when using these pans for frying. Because of their capacity to keep heat in good shape, they are ideal for deep-frying.

If you own cast-iron cookware and you’ve been seasoned, the likelihood is that it has developed similar characteristics to those of a nonstick cast-iron skillet. Also, you should know that there’s a certain amount of maintenance required for this type of material and that you can’t wash it in the dishwasher.


  • Remains heated for longer durations
  • Naturally nonstick
  • It is renowned for its exceptional heat distribution
  • Health-wise, it helps release minerals into the food items
  • Most durable


  • Maintenance is required
  • It takes time to warm up
  • Very Heavy

What is the most effective cast Iron Frying Pan in India in 2022? AmazonBasics Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet Pan

5. Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan

Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan

It is the most durable material for all kinds of cookware; however, it has advantages and drawbacks. For starters, it isn’t the best conductor of heat, but you can count on the strength of stainless steel cookware.

To solve the issue, manufacturers began producing Tri-Ply Stainless steel cookware. For this sort of cooking vessel, there are typically three layers of steel, in the following order:

  • Layer 1: The outer layer is constructed of 18/0 stainless steel to ensure induction compatibility.
  • Layer 2: The outer body is constructed from 18/10 stainless steel, ensuring the least amount of oil for healthy cooking.
  • Layer 3: The first layer is an edge-to-edge aluminium sheet that distributes heat evenly.

It is said that the Tri-Ply Stainless steel frying pans are very efficient thanks to the Aluminum layer that is sandwiched in between the two layers of Stainless steel. Its heat transfer is superb. Naturally, the pans can be a little expensive. However, they’re well worth the money.


  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Do not impart flavours to the food.
  • Extremely robust
  • Resistant to cracks and chips
  • Reduces time and effort spent cooking


  • It’s expensive but well worth every cent
  • There are fewer options in India when compared to Western nations

Which is the best Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan in India in 2022? Bergner Argent Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan.

Which is the most effective Ceramic Frying Pan in India in 2022? IBELL The Induction Base Ceramic Frying Pan or Impex Pearl Ceramic Coated Non-stick Induction-Based Aluminum Fry Pan

The Final Verdict:

What’s the most effective Frying Pan Material? 

The most durable frying pan material out of all the other options is Hard Anodised, Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, and Cast Iron. These materials are extremely robust, hold heat well, and cook food evenly. Like all other things, it needs to be looked after.

How to Choose the Perfect Pan for Frying? 

How to Choose the Perfect Pan for Frying_ 

1). Hard-anodized aluminium

Aluminium material is extensively used to make kitchen tools. Because it is light, it makes cookware easy to hold. In addition, Aluminum cooks more quickly than cast iron. Furthermore, the distribution of heat is even in pans made of Aluminum.

However, aluminium pans can also cause oil staining. In short, it can affect your health over the long term because of food reactions.

2). Cast-iron

Cast iron is heavy, but it is not a food item that reacts. Therefore, unlike Aluminum, it takes a bit longer to heat. However, the distribution of heat is the same as that of Aluminum.

However, there’s a small problem with cast-iron fry pans. They’re not dishwasher-friendly. Additionally, they are not compatible with induction cooktops. When compared with Aluminum, a cast-iron pan is heavier. Therefore, it is an obstacle to washing or moving the pan without difficulty.

3). Material Type

Frying pans are produced in three different kinds of materials. They include Aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron. Each of them is distinct and behaves in a specific way when cooking. Therefore, this is an important aspect. Let’s discuss the issue in depth.

4). Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Heavy-gauge stainless steel is a preferred choice for manufacturers. Unfortunately, steel cookware is quite expensive. There are a variety of reasons we can say this.

They evenly distribute heat and are light compared to Cast Iron. The best part is that it isn’t a reaction with acidic food items, and therefore it’s considered safe.

Therefore, it is recommended to verify the physical characteristics before purchasing.

5). Induction Cooktops

 If you intend to purchase an induction cooktop in your kitchen, be sure it’s compatible with Induction since most kitchens nowadays have induction cooktops. Therefore, the compatibility of this pan is essential. However, even if you don’t possess an Induction cooker, you can purchase any frying pan regardless of whether it’s suitable for Induction.

6). price and warranty

The cost of the Frying Pan in India can range from 500 to 5,000 rupees. The price is mostly contingent on the material used to make the pan, and in certain instances, it will depend on the brand. Most frying pans made by international brands cost more.

But there are many options to get the finest frying pans in India for less than 2,000 rupees. The warranty is another thing to look into, and we recommend buying a frying pan with at least one year of guarantee.

Brands such as Wonderchef, Hawkins, and Prestige offer a two-year warranty on their frying pans, as do they also offer a 5-year warranty. Austrian brand Bergner has a five-year warranty.

7). Pan’s Handle Pan

Pan's Handle Pan

Handles are often ignored. Many people think of the handle of the Frying Pan as being of lesser importance. This is a false assumption. If you take a closer look, some pans arrive without handles attached. The seller will provide nuts and bolts for fixing the handle. This is not a company fitting. You must do it by yourself. Some manufacturers supply pans that are riveted.

What’s the main significance of riveted handles? The first thing to note is that rivets aren’t entangled with bolts. This means that you don’t have to tighten them. They are mechanically attached to the bottom of the pot.

Furthermore, they are extremely secure. In this way, you will have the comfort of a firm and comfortable grip on the pan. It is possible to move the pan swiftly without worrying about the grip.

Handles that have nuts and bolts must be tightened repeatedly. This is because they become loose due to continuous water and spillage of oil. Make sure the handle of your pan has bolts or rivets. Be aware of the points we discussed when you plan to purchase your first or your next pan.

8). Cleanliness

The easiest cleaning method is to wash your cookware when you’re done cooking. However, there are some pans in which the cleaning procedure is distinct from other pans. For instance, Cast Iron pans do not fit in a dishwasher, and they are unsuitable for harsh detergents. Clean them by hand and then clean them off using an abrasive-free cloth. To clean dishwashers, it is recommended to choose Stainless steel cooking pans.

9). The thickness of the pan

After you’ve selected the material for the frying pan, think about taking a look at the thickness of your pan. The greater the thickness of the bottom of your pan, the better. The thickness of the best fry pans in India can vary from 2.5 millimetres to 3.5 millimetres.

10). Size of the Pan

Size of the Pan

Size of the Pan Size is important when talking about frying pans. The majority of us Indians like multi-functional products. For instance, a frying pan should not just fry eggs but also cook. You heard it right.

Therefore, we must ensure that our cooking pan is large enough. This could be the case, but the size of the pan is heavily dependent on other elements—for instance, the number of family members and the food being cooked in the pan.

If you make one egg omelette, an omelette made in a small pan will suffice. However, if the eggs are larger than 2, a larger pan is preferred. The same is true for bachelor’s and have a small pan; a smaller one is the best choice. It’s not just eggs, but you can cook one-person meals using that same pan. Consider these specifics before purchasing a frying pan.

11). Natural Frying Pan vs Non- stick

The frying pan is generally available in two categories, namely the natural and nonstick finishes. Food items may adhere to the pan’s exterior when you cook in a natural finish pan, which isn’t possible in a nonstick frying pan. The cooking experience is much better when using a nonstick frying pan. However, the nonstick pan needs regular maintenance, while natural finish pans aren’t.

12). Without or with the lid

With or Without the Lid pans available in India are not equipped with lids, but some brands, such as Hawkins and Prestige, include lids with the frying pan. The lid is not the most impressive feature when you’re purchasing a frying skillet, but it’s something that can be utilized.

Glass Lid or Steel Lid?

Glass Lid or Steel Lid

A frying pan that has lids is an additional benefit. The heat stays within if you close the lid, speeding up the cooking process. So, you can cook meals two times faster. The problem is that not all brands have lids. The pan you’re looking to purchase is without a lid. Therefore, check the items in the box before placing an order.

Another point. The lids of frying pans come with glass or steel material. There’s a trend of buying glass lids, so you can see the contents of the pan. Let us explain. When you close the glass lid, the steam will cover the glass. Within a few seconds, your view will be virtually nothing.

You’ll be unable to discern what’s happening to them. Okay, we will not discourage you from purchasing a glass lid. However, take a moment to think about the implications. We are trying to make that your purchasing choice should not be based solely on the kind of lid. That’s it.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of a Frying Pan

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of a Frying Pan

1). For tough staining or food residues, always use baking soda paste to clean off the stains instead of using scrubbers that could ruin the coating on your frying pan.

2). Whatever the quality of your pan for frying, do not use any metal tools in it. The spatula, spoon, or whisk will eventually tear away the nonstick coating that covers the frying pan before you realize it. This happens even with cooking pans that work with metal tools. Instead, you can utilize silicone, rubber, and a spatula made of wood.

3). Storing frying pans in a storage container is another thing to be cautious about. If the frying pan you are using is equipped with a hanger, it is more convenient than this. But, in the absence of a hanging loop, ensure that you put the pans on top by making sure they are kept away from other kitchen appliances.

4). If you’ve just cooked something in your frying pan, allow it to sit for a while instead of pouring cold water over it to wash it up. The frying pans, specifically those with nonstick coatings, don’t react particularly easily to sudden shifts when temperatures are extreme.

5). A frying pan can’t be used for food storage. If you require some way of storing food products, we have a post on the 7 Best Glass Jars for Food Storage in India under 500 rupees. Storing food items in the cooking pan for long periods could leave a metallic taste according to your food.

6). Beware of washing your frying pans using abrasive sprays or detergents. While you may be able to wash your frying pan completely using these soaps, the problem is that these detergents or sprays contain harmful chemicals that could cause damage to the coating on the frying pan.

7). If the manufacturer of your brand states it is possible to use the nonstick pan without oil, DO NOT do it. It is crucial to use a certain amount of butter or oil to ensure that the coating on the pan remains in place and stays the same for a longer time.

8). Even if the label of the frying pan states it’s dishwasher-safe, do not put it in the dishwasher. Hand washing still works like the charms intended to be and is safe.

9). If you intend to use a frying skillet for the first time following the purchase, wash the pan first to get rid of any dirt or remnants of the shipment.

10). Beware of using nonstick pans at temperatures higher than nonstick pans will provide the best results if used with medium or low gas flame.

Are Nonstick Fry Pans Safe to Use?

Are Nonstick Fry Pans Safe to Use

If you are thinking of a frying pot, one of the things that pop into your mind is whether or not the pan has a nonstick. Nonstick fry pans have gained popularity in the Indian market because of their numerous cooking benefits. But, there have always been doubts concerning the safety of these cooking pans and frying pans.

We covered this issue in another blog post about the 7 best Nonstick Cookware Sets to Buy in India in 2022. All nonstick pans are lined with PTFE, also called Polytetrafluoroethylene. The chemical, also known as Teflon, is created by mixing fluorine and carbon atoms.

There was a period when PFOA, also referred to by the name Perfluorooctanoic acid, was employed to manufacture nonstick cookware and nonstick pans. However, most fry pans sold in India have been made PFOA-free and have no risk to health.

The issue arises when Teflon is heated to more than 300 degrees Celsius for a general understanding. If it is heated to more than 300 degrees Celsius, Teflon releases fumes. This is why nonstick pans should not be used with extreme temperatures or in high gas flames and are intended to be used in low-medium flame.

If you’re searching for a frying pan free of Teflon, it is possible to select a Carote 30 cm Non-Stick-Frying Pan with Granite coating. It also comes with one year of warranty from the brand.

How Do I Season a Nonstick Frying Pan?

You may have read or heard about the process of seasoning a nonstick fry pan. Simply put, it is placing a very thin coating of oil, which could be vegetable oil. This is done to fill in the tiny pores of the nonstick coating so that food items do not stick.

While most frying pans have been pre-seasoned nowadays, especially cast iron frying pans, once more will not hurt your pan at all. It will ensure that there aren’t any uneven spots on the pan’s surface.

To add flavour to your nonstick pan, clean the pan with soapy water. Let the Pan dry. Then, when it’s dry, you can lightly rub some vegetable oil on the pan’s surface. Then, turn the gas to a moderate flame then let the pot gain some heat using vegetable oil.

Take a few minutes before switching off the gas. When the pan is cool and the oil has been removed off the pan with a paper towel. You are now seasoned with your new nonstick frying pan in less than two minutes.

The Verdict

Each of the frying pans mentioned above was thoroughly evaluated for various parameters. Each product’s picture shows the warranty given by the seller/company.

It is possible to read the chef’s perspective section at the end of every item. It will assist you in selecting the right cooking pan for your kitchen’s needs and your usage.

We’ve selected the best six companies’ products: Prestige, Lifelong, Hawkins, Madhu, Amazon Solimo, and Pigeon.

Prestige, as well as Hawkins, are among the most well-known Utensil brands from India. The Lifelong brand and Amazon Solimo are emerging brands and offer excellent after-sales support. Madhu and Pigeon are local brands from India that are great for use in short-term situations.

For any concerns, send them to us in the comments section. We’ll be pleased to assist you.

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