Whirlpool Microwave Ovens Magicook: Which model is the best?

Whirlpool Microwave Ovens Magicook: Which model is the best?

No matter if you’re a talented chef or a professional cook, you might require a kitchen appliance that can make your chores in the kitchen easy and simple. You can clean, use and maintain your domestic appliance efficiently and effectively. For kitchen chores, you will require an array of kitchen appliances that are used for cooking, frying, baking, and a lot more. A high-quality, durable and efficient kitchen appliance in your home will make the entire cooking chore easy.

Microwave ovens are among the essential cooking appliances. They let you cook or bake your meals efficiently without putting in a lot of effort. With a myriad of brands of baking equipment available there, picking the one that is best suited to your cooking needs isn’t an easy task. If you purchase one from Whirlpool, it is not necessary to need to think about cooking chores.

It is possible to accomplish anything using these ovens efficiently. These are two of the most well-known microwave ovens from Whirlpool you might want to consider for cooking tasks.

The 24-litre Magicook Pro Convection Microwave Oven model of the Whirlpool microwave is perfect for completing a range of food preparation tasks effortlessly and efficiently. The manufacturer provides the convection oven array of features. It has a range of automatic cooking menus, which allow you to cook your favourite meals quickly and easily. Furthermore, you’ll be able to thaw frozen food items quickly using the defrost feature of your microwave.

Whirlpool 24 L Convection Microwave Oven

The design features that make the microwave oven

Whirlpool lets you cook calorie-conscious meals effortlessly using the MAGICOOK PRO 26CE cooker. The company outfits its kitchen appliances with practical and functional calorie meters. It will assist you greatly in logging your calories efficiently. Therefore, you’ll be able to improve the overall health of your body. Maintaining an ideal body weight is possible by limiting your intake of calories effectively.

Whirlpool creates the 24-litre convection microwave oven that has a multi-functioning feature. It is equipped to perform a variety of cooking tasks using this oven, not just baking. You can utilize the microwave oven at home to:

  • Grilling
  • Reheating
  • Defrosting
  • Cooking

Opening the microwave for cooking your favourite meals is an easy task also. Whirlpool equips the appliance with contemporary, easy-to-use touch controls featuring the Feather Touch style. It is possible to operate the appliance with minimal effort using a simple touch of your fingertips. The manufacturer has equipped the microwave with sufficient security features in addition. They guarantee the best safety, especially for your family, and especially in the case of children. The manufacturer offers this microwave with a full warranty.

Amazing Features of microwaves


Whirlpool creates their MAGICOOK Pro 26CE, a black microwave oven that comes with several flagship features. It will help you operate the microwave oven in the kitchen not just easy but also effectively. You will reap the most benefits from this device with minimal expense. The most amazing features that the microwave oven has included:

Cooking speed is faster and more efficient.

Whirlpool has designed microwave ovens that work quicker than the other models available on the market. The manufacturer has the microwave cook up to 50% faster than your conventional oven. It holds an additional 45% of moisture than an ordinary air-fryer and is an efficient and stylish choice to use in your kitchen. It provides you with foods that are not just fresh but also tasty. Also, it lets you enjoy tasting healthy foods with no oil.

High capacity

If you are planning to serve a large number of relatives or guests with your cooking, you don’t have to fret about it. The manufacturer has developed microwave ovens with a large capacity of 24 litres for the cavity. It can cater to your cooking requirements effortlessly and efficiently.

Menus for cooking that are aplenty

Whirlpool develops their charcoal MAGICOOK PRO 26CE to serve as a superb Tandoor heater. It has 130 automatic cook menus that are pre-programmed. It is possible to enjoy Tandoori meals every night. The microwave oven has an array of delicious recipes for tandoori that it can create automatically with the gentle swipe of your finger.

You just need to select your preferred tandoori recipes from the menu and then tap the appropriate button. You can enjoy your favourite food at a temperature of 200 ° Centigrade. It also has an instant menu that includes nine recipes that have been pre-programmed. You can cook them effortlessly by pressing the button.

Fast cooling and heating capabilities

Whirlpool creates the kitchen appliance equipped with a double quartz heater. The maker makes an oven that has a power capacity of 1400 watts. The oven also has convection heating with an output of 1950 Watts. This means that the microwave can cook and heat up your most loved dishes fast. The double quartz heating system assures you of the best cooking experience. In addition, the defrost function of the cookware device lets you melt frozen food items quickly and effectively.

Cooking and heating capabilities

Now you can cook or reheat large amounts of food in just one step. The company designs the microwave oven using glass turntables and a support function. If you’re looking to cook huge quantities of food or cook several foods, you will be able to do it all with ease.

Health-conscious foods

Whirlpool Microwave Oven

It’s possible to make your food using fewer calories and to use less oil. The manufacturer equips the microwave with a calorie meter that is performance-focused. It is possible to track your health easily. The calorie monitor will provide you with the calories present in every food item.

Handy convection features

Whirlpool creates the convection portion in the microwave that comes with various safety and convenience features. These include:

  • The convection part of the oven is equipped with a deodorizer as well.
  • A loud alarm alerts you of the conclusion of the cooking process.
  • The microwave oven is equipped with the Child Lock. This will stop your children from opening the oven because of fear and wounding their hands.
  • The internal light source in the cooking appliance provides you with a clear view of the food inside the appliance.
  • It comes with a tough and insulated handle that allows you to lift the food securely out of the cavity.

The brand has designed its dark MAGICOOK PRO 26CE, which is a great model with impressive performance features. They help you greatly in reducing your total expenses for consumption. The power output for this kitchen appliance is 800 Watts, while that for the grill has a power output of 1000 Watts.

  • Cavity with high capacity
  • Convection technology
  • 130 cook menus
  • Informative user manual
  • Double quartz heater
  • One-year comprehensive warranty
  • It doesn’t come with a starter kit.
  • Whirlpool brand name
  • Capacity 24 Liters
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Color Black
  • Weight is 14 kilograms 100g
  • Dimensions: LxWxH 48.2 47.5 x 47.5 28 Centimeters

Final Verdict

The Whirlpool Magicook PRO 26CE is the most efficient kitchen appliance available in its class. Its unique features, practical, user-friendly, performance-focused, and simple design makes the appliance more sought-after by homemakers across the world. The Whirlpool microwave cooker is perfect for people looking for an appliance with a variety of options for auto-cooking at a low cost.

The defrost feature of the appliance in the kitchen allows people to melt frozen meals in a flash. The calorie monitor of the oven enables people to cook healthy meals in a snap. With all of these considerations about the microwave oven in mind, it is safe to say that your investment in purchasing the oven is worth it.

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Whirlpool 30L Convection Microwave Oven (MAGICOOK PRO 32CE BLACK WHL7JBlack)

Whirlpool 30 L Convection Microwave

Whirlpool has designed the 30L Microwave Oven that comes with Convection technology that provides users with a wealth of advantages. This appliance permits even cooking and it heats your favourite meals faster than conventional models. It also provides a great cooking experience at a low cost. The manufacturer makes its charcoal MAGICOOK PRO 32CE micro-wave oven that has the capacity of thirty litres which allows you to cook and prepare large quantities of food efficiently and quickly.

The convection microwave oven of 30L is known for its outstanding performance. It is more efficient over air fryers and allows you to complete a variety of cooking tasks, from grilling to baking to frying quickly and effectively. The kitchen appliance allows the cooking and heating of your favourite food items with the crispness and flavour you desire.

The most advanced technical features

Whirlpool 30 L Convection Microwave

Whirlpool has been outfitted with charcoal Magicook PRO 32CE with 5 distinct power levels. Each level lets you make use of it according to the needs of your kitchen. The kitchen appliance is equipped with a Feather Touch Membrane. The manufacturer outfits the membrane with stainless steel with 200 auto Cook menus. It is able to cook crisp and delicious meals with very little or no oil. So, you can have an indulgence that is guilt-free. The microwave oven has grill functions, in addition to oven mode.

Simple, quick, and enjoyable cooking experience

Whirlpool 30 L Convection Microwave

Whirlpool develops their MAGICOOK PRO 32CE microwave oven with a wealth of new features. This model is designed to ensure you can enjoy delicious meals each day. These unique features of the kitchen appliance will give you the ability to cook quickly easily and have a fun cooking experience also. You can cook delicious tandoori meals and also, effortlessly because it has an oven heater for tandoors.

You can take pleasure in your food with a maximum temperature of 300 degrees Centigrade. Making a wide variety of delicious and healthy food in just two minutes is achievable with this microwave. This can be done without difficulty, thanks to its feather-soft touch and the user-friendly control panel of the cooker.

Ideal design

The company develops the 30-litre microwave oven, which has an energy consumption of 990 Watts. The design that is perfect for the microwave oven makes it operate well with a standard domestic voltage of 300 voltages.

This implies that the power output and the local voltage makes it draw less power which allows you to cut the cost of electricity. The manufacturer equips the appliance with a side wing entrance. The company designs the microwave oven to have an LED display, as well as the ability to defrost. It has a quick-start feature and stops, as well as PreHeat feature, in addition.

Big cavity

Whirlpool has equipped the 30-litre microwave oven with an additional cavity. It can cook and cook huge amounts of food quickly and easily in addition to performing other cooking tasks, including baking and reheating, grilling and defrosting comfortably and efficiently. You can cater to the dining requirements of many people and relatives effectively using these microwaves.

Many auto-cook menus

Whirlpool 30 L Convection Microwave

The manufacturer outfits this microwave with a total of 300 menus for cooking auto-style. You can choose various pre-programmed menus for cooking various exotic meals from the convenience of your own home. You can cook tasty and healthy dishes fast, and also. This is due to the speedy heating and cooking capabilities of kitchen appliances.

Other notable characteristics in the microwave comprise:

  • The freezing of frozen food will be easy using the cooker, as it has a defrost feature.
  • The manufacturer provides the kitchen appliance with a one-year guarantee.
  • The microwave oven has an easy grill rack. It offers the ideal grilling and baking experience for the food you love.
  • It is possible to achieve better and even cooking as it comes with stainless steel cavities.
  • This model has an easy-to-use feather-touch membrane.
  • 300 auto-cook menus
  • Big stainless steel cavity
  • Price is reasonable
  • Convection technology
  • Five power levels
  • The kitchen appliance doesn’t come with the starter kit.
  • Brand Whirlpool
  • Color Black
  • The capacity of 30 Liters
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • The Product’s Weight is 18kg.
  • Product Dimensions: LxWxH 52 x 51 33.5 Centimeters

Final Verdict

The specifications and features of the Whirlpool 30 litre convection microwave are unique in the field that microwave ovens fall in. It guarantees that consumers will have delicious meals every day thanks to its unique features. The huge stainless steel body allows users to cook large quantities of food fast, easily, efficiently, and quickly.

The Tandoor heater in the kitchen device to cook delicious Tandoori recipes with ease. It is possible to stir up many tasty and healthy meals quickly by using the microwave. The maker of the appliance designs it so that users can manage, use and maintain it effectively without much of their time and effort.

The market offers a wide selection of microwave ovens on the marketplace. However, they’re not as good as the specifications, quality as well as performance offered by the Whirlpool Magicook PRO 32CE oven. The 30-litre cooking appliance has 300 auto-cook menus. That’s a lot!

They allow cooks to prepare various dishes according to their preferences effortlessly. Furthermore, the advantages of this kitchen appliance far outweigh its drawbacks. The one-year warranty on the appliance also proves this microwave oven by Whirlpool is a dependable and highly efficient kitchen appliance that is available on the marketplace in the present.


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