Best Deep Freezer Brands in India [Top 5 Deep Freezer Brands of 2022]

Best Deep Freezer Brands in India [Top 5 Deep Freezer Brands of 2022]

Due to the Indian conditions, Deep Freezers are resurgent in popularity, especially because of the harsh summers.

If you are planning to open your Ice cream Parlor or restaurant, store large items or wish to store those delicious mango juices that are only available in summer, you’ll likely require a deep freezer.

If you’re in this article, then there is one thing that is certain you will find the most effective Deep Freezer is not a simple task. However, don’t worry; we have your back.

We are here to assist you by providing this comprehensive review guide. After reading this guide, you’ll become less ignorant, particularly when it comes to Deep Freezers.

Best Deep Freezers With The Best Brands in India – Reviews

Below we have highlighted the top five deep freezers that were examined and tested with more than 50 different products by our team of experts and then refined to make it easier for our readers.

So, without further delay, we’ll begin by presenting the list of products.

1. Haier Single Door Hard Top 203 liters Deep Freezer (HCC225G)

Haier HCC225G Deep Freezer

  • Brand: Haier
  • Capacity: 203 L.
  • Model: HCC225G
  • Voltage: 230V

The next item we’ll discuss is that of the Haier Single Door Deep Freezer. The Haier brand is known for its motto “Inspired living,” and it certainly can live up to its name.

The brand is also popular when it comes to deep freezers. Additionally, they’ve created this freezer to be used in modular kitchens and commercial applications, making it more durable.

They have created this freezer using PUF insulation foam, and with the aid of Molecular Foaming Technology, this is also an energy-efficient freezer on our list. This is not the only thing they have included.

However, they have also added a Hydrocarbon refrigerant, which provides the highest cooling while consuming minimal energy and reduces energy consumption by as much as 40 percent.

The three-layered trapezoid door holds the freezer’s cooling because they stop the loss of cold air. Furthermore, they’ve added a gasket with anti-bacterial properties, guaranteeing that your food and other items are kept fresh, preventing decay.

In addition, they made the design compact so that it will fit into a small space, and you do not have to go through the hassle of finding space.

The freezer has an interior capacity of 198 liters, giving ample space to store various items, making it an ideal storage option for meat products and ice creams, vegetables, and more.

The warranty included adds to the durability of the freezer. It is one year for the freezer and 3 years for the compressor. Also, Haier Refrigerator is also a great choice if you want a new fridge for your home.


  • The trapezoid design of the door keeps the temperature in check while ensuring no air loss.
  • The warranty is for 1 year for the freezer and three years for the compressor.
  • Gaskets that are anti-bacterial keep the food fresh and tasty.
  • MFT technology, in conjunction with PUF foam insulation, assures the longevity of the freezer.
  • The capacity is 203L with a temperature of from 10 to 18 degrees.
  • Refrigerant made from renewable hydrocarbons.
  • Save up to 40% on energy costs percent.
  • This deep freezer can be converted.
  • The space-saving design is perfect for commercial kitchens as well as modular kitchens.


  • The product is not equipped with wheels for casting.
  • The source country is China

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2. Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer (95 Ltrs)

Blue Star CHF100 Deep Freezer

  • Model: CHFSD100DHSW
  • The brand: Blue Star
  • Capacity: 95 liters

Blue Star makes the third deep freezer we have on our list. Also, Blue Star is a famous company. It is a well-known company known for its products. This laminated shiny deep freezer is designed to look stunning and has amazing features.

The sturdy construction, coupled with the locks and key systems, guarantees durability for a long time that the products provide.

The product is available in two variations, one is a hardtop, and the other is an attractive laminate hardtop. The Recessed handles are a major factor in the strength of the product.

The body is constructed from a pre-coated sheet that serves as an anti-corrosion coating, ensuring the product’s durability.

In addition, it is also the energy-efficient freezer we’ve reviewed. Since the compressor is energy efficient, the freezer uses less energy while operating, saving you money on expenses.

The insulation made of polyurethane keeps the temperature under control while ensuring that the temperature remains cool for longer periods during power outages and extreme weather.

This means you won’t have to fret even in the worst weather.


  • Fantastic laminated top
  • PUF foam helps keep cool even in the most severe weather conditions and power outages
  • Consumes 1.3 each day
  • Robust construction that is resistant to corrosion
  • It is available in two stunning variations.
  • There is a capacity of 95 L, and the temperature range is between -18 degrees to 22 degrees.
  • The compressor requires less energy during operation.
  • They also included a 1-year warranty on the freezer and two years of warranty on the compressor.


  • Only 95 L of Storage

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3. Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Liters

Rockwell Chest Freezer

  • Brand: Rockwell
  • Capacity: 250 L
  • The model: SFR 250 SD

The last item on our list will be the Rockwell Chest Freezer. This freezer could be the newest on the market, but it has been able to secure the top place on our list since its features beat those of the established ones.

The company has been serving fridge appliances in India for the last 34 years, which means it is considered an old-fashioned player.

This compact deep freezer provides additional storage capacity at as high as 14%. This guarantees that you will be able to store a variety of items. It is suitable as a home appliance because of its small size.

The freezer is super tropicalized to ensure it doesn’t sacrifice efficiency and performs well even in ambient temperatures. The freezer’s exterior is anti-corrosive and painted with a GPSP sheet.

Castor wheels offer more mobility, and the lock feature ensures limited access to the product.

In addition, all machines that are used in this freezer have been tested by computerized runs of OPTIMO. Because of the 3-sided air circulation, they have improved heat transfer.

They also include one year of warranty on the freezer and a 2-year guarantee on their compressor.

As mentioned, the product is manufactured in India. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality.


  • The capacity is 250L, and the warranty for the freezer is one year, while on the compressor, it’s two years.
  • Extra storage capacity of up to 14 percent
  • Three-sided air circulation provides greater heat transfer.
  • A body that is corrosion-resistant and already-painted GPSP sheet
  • Origin of the country: India
  • Passed OPTIMO computer test.
  • It also includes castor wheels as well as door locks.
  • A super tropicalized freezer that can be effective in extreme weather conditions.


  • The product is almost all the time out of stocks

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4. Voltas CF HP Double Door 320 DD Deep Freezer, 332 Liters

Voltas CF HP Freezer

  • Brand: Voltas
  • Capacity: 320 liters
  • Model: 5210395
  • Voltage: 230V

The next item on the list will be the following: Voltas Double Door Deep Freezer. Another popular brand we have included on our list is not a surprise since this list was filtered to the top of the most popular.

The soft and elegant design with double doors is stunning, and the build quality is unquestionable and comes with the confidence of Voltas.

The commercial deep freezer was built with Stucco Aluminum inner liner, ensuring better hygiene. The material used in this freezer is constructed from UV-resistant plastic, which is essential to the last durability.

The spring hinges are included to allow the freezer to be used easily.

The insulation is eco-friendly since it’s CFC-free, which eliminates safety issues. This product is ideal for freezing products. It is therefore widely used in commercial applications. The freezer is an item that requires minimal maintenance that offers the best cooling.

The door lock works effectively by restricting access, while the sunken handles assist in operating the lock securely.

The capacity makes it different from other freezers with 320 L, so you can store it without thinking about space. They also have castor wheels, which make the freezer movable.

The greatest feature is that this freezer is manufactured in India.


  • CFC Eco-friendly insulation that is free of CFC.
  • Castor wheels for simple transportation and a door lock to limit access
  • Double doors with an attractive soft design
  • Origin of the country: India
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Maintenance-free and optimal cooling
  • Stucco Aluminum inner line, which offers better hygiene
  • UV-grade plastic material
  • The capacity is 320 liters and is the most suitable option for commercial use.


  • This product is suitable for commercial use but is not suitable for residential use.

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5. Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer (DpFrz GCHW410R2DXB Htop)

Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer

  • Brand: Godrej
  • Capacity: 400L
  • Model: DpFrz GCHW410R2DXB Htop White
  • Voltage: 208V
  • Power: 98W

The most important item on our list will be our top pick, the Godrej Deep Freezer. It’s a name frequently mentioned when people talk about deep freezer, as Godrej is famous for the high-quality products they’ve delivered and for winning the hearts of consumers for the last two decades.

They’ve provided a wide array of features that make every cent you spend on this freezer.

The double-door convertible chest freezer has an anti-rodent cabinet to keep rodents out. The converter lets you change from the freezer as you like, making it more secure. Its wheels rotate 360 degrees with handles and locks, making it easier to move.

The drainage system and the freezers’ interior are easy to clean and operate. The remaining water can be easily drained, and the inside is easily cleaned to ensure hygiene.

The designers of this freezer have an important thing in mind, and it is simple to use by customers.

A strong design is crucial to longevity. This chest freezer will rapidly reduce the temperature, allowing faster freezing. While in operation, the device makes silence and is silent, making the victory sound.

The LED light accentuated the ease of use. In addition, the dense PUF insulation offers the best cooling without power.

The tropicalized compressor is specifically created for Indian summers and promises to pump up freezing, even at high temperatures.

In addition, it also is low-cost, allowing you to save up to 5000 Rs per year. Thanks to its 400L capacity, it provides plenty of space to store items. The greatest thing is that it is manufactured in India. That’s certainly something to be proud of.


  • Manufacturing country: India
  • The robust construction provides greater durability.
  • Double door convertible chest freezer that is more friendly for users
  • High-density PUF insulation provides excellent coo
  • Clean and easy to maintain, thanks to an excellent drainage system.
  • Anti-rodent chest freezer, which provides silence
  • Tropicalized compressor that can deal with Indian summers
  • The capacity is 400 liters and comes with a 1-year warranty for the freezer and a fantastic 5-year warranty on the compressor.
  • The Low-cost operation, savings of 5000 Rs annually.
  • ling retention.
  • Faster freezing and better lighting to provide better visibility


  • Manual Defrost

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How to Select the Right Deep Freezer?

Deep freezers are typically used for commercial reasons because of their power and size. However, they are also becoming popular for home use as the epidemic has made it necessary to store their food and items.

There are many aspects to consider when looking at your Best Deep Freezer to get the best one that will meet your needs depending on your preferences. A few of these essential aspects are listed below:

1. Different kinds of Deep Freezer

Two deep freeze kinds of rs are available in the market, namely Chest Freezer and Upright Freezer. For the uninitiated, both might seem like they are similar. However, there are differences between these two types.

a) Upright Freezer

Another kind is called an Upright Freezer which is mostly similar to refrigerators and is widely used in residential and commercial functions.

However, this freezer will cost a lot of cash since it has a substantial cost. But, the benefits that it provides are worth the cash you pay.

The main reason why they are more popular for homes is that they are equipped with doors and organized items. Items kept in the freezer will be easily accessible.

Not just that, but they are simple to clean and maintain, making them more durable. It is not necessary to bend a needle into a haystack because these freezers are equipped with shelves that can be used for various purposes.

Another unique feature of this kind of freezer comes with its auto-defrost, which allows it to be maintained easily since it doesn’t require you to defrost it manually. Therefore, if you don’t wish to be thinking about space or have limited space, this is the kind of freezer to consider.

b) Chest Freezer

It is the most well-known freezer available in India because it can be a cost-effective alternative to deep freezers. The freezer’s name is derived from its top, shaped like a chest or a huge box that opens upwards.

In comparison, this freezer is thought to be the most cost-effective freezer. The other benefit of the freezer is its energy efficiency. This is primarily because it is not subject to fluctuations in temperature, so your freezer’s compressor can operate easily.

Typically, you can find it in grocery stores, ice cream parlors, medicine shops, and restaurants. They can also be used for home when you have the space.

They can be used to store bulky objects that would otherwise have been stored in conventional refrigerators. Also, they don’t have air conditioners that limit the circulation of air, which causes a fluctuation in temperature. 

This shouldn’t be an issue as long as the temperature is lower than freezing to ensure that it does not cause harm to the food you eat.

Using simple physics, cold air is kept at the bottom of the freezer while the hot air moves upwards, which is why people will keep meat and other large things in the bottom of the freezer to ensure that they are kept for a long time.

Smaller objects can be stored on the top of the freezer to make them easier to find.

Because the temperature is often fluctuating, they are the ideal choice for those who live in an area that experiences frequent power outages. They can keep food cold and fresh for a long time without power. If you require a time frame, it’s about 72 hours.

2. Temperature

This is another important aspect to know about. The temperature is typically listed on the product’s packaging when you buy it. But, as per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the temperature must be kept at 0 deg F or 18 deg C.

In general, deep freezers are constructed so that this temperature requirement can be satisfied. This means that you don’t need to be concerned about it. One caveat to this is that it depends on the temperatures you keep in your freezer.

This means that if you’ve put the freezer anywhere within your home, it’s not an issue to be concerned about. However, you may need to test the temperature when you use the freezer outdoors or in areas where temperatures fluctuate.

3. Doors of different types

The door type may appear absurd, but it can be very beneficial for your needs. There are two kinds of doors, either the Sliding or Hard door. The type of door you choose will depend on your use of the deep freezer. Also, there are even side by side refrigerators available in the market.

4. Sliding Door Type

The doors of these kinds are typically transparent and are utilized to store dairy items and other products that customers can easily observe, which means that they don’t need to open the door to look at them.

This is why they are commonly employed in grocery stores and ice cream parlors.

5. Hard Door Type

This kind of door is favored by those who wish to store their items for a single time and do not want to revisit them over a long time.

Most often, it is used in storage spaces and meat houses or any other places that require storage of things in large quantities. Two variants of this kind of door are a single and a double one.

  • Single Door

The name itself is self-explanatory. This type of door is one door through which you can store a lot of stuff, but should you wish to make them more organized, include some baskets.

  • Double Door

As the name suggests, the freezer comes with two doors that could be utilized to keep multiple things in the various compartments. Also, there are baskets to help you store things from mixing.

6. Capacity

The capacity of deep freezers needs to be taken note of to give you a concept of how many things you can put in. Most of the time, the size is between 100 and 400 liters. It is important to note that freezers have capacities beyond 400 liters.

If you want to keep fewer things, then choose a 100-200 liters deep freezer. However, if you’d like to store things in greater amounts, you can choose anywhere from 200 to 400 liters.

7. Compressor

A compressor is at the center of a deep freeze and is responsible for keeping the environment cool. The compressor can also be found in refrigerators and air conditioners.

The compressor can determine what the freezer’s quality is. Thus, having a large freezer that has a high-quality compressor is essential.

Also, verify whether a warranty is included with the compressor, so you can exchange it if it ceases to function using the warranty.

8. Warranty

Always be looking for items that come with warranties, so you don’t need to worry about them if it ceases to function. Similar rules apply to deep freezers. Most companies provide a guarantee of 1-2 years. However, for a compressor, it is 2-5 years.

9. Power Consumption

You won’t find stars for deep freezers as you would on refrigerators. Therefore, be sure you test the voltage level in the freezer. In general, deep freezers use more energy.

If you don’t want to create a catastrophe to your budget, then buying a suitable appliance for your needs can be wise.

10. Convertible

It’s not the most important thing to consider regarding the deep freezer, but it’s something that is an added feature that you need to take note of. In essence, with the help of this option, you can convert your freezer into coolers to store various items at different temperatures.

Most commonly used by retail store owners who want to keep some items in the freezer, and when not needed, they can convert the freezer into a cooler to keep other things cool.

11. Defrost

This option can save you the most time if there is one inside your freezer. There is usually an auto or manual defrost option for deep freezes. If you’re using auto defrost, then it will save you time and energy.

However, the manual defrost process is more time-consuming and tiring as you must wait until the ice melts. Also, you can learn about which gas is used in a refrigerator.

12. Cost

The price of a large freezer is vital, particularly when you’re unaware of the costs. If you’re on an affordable budget, some brands begin at 10,000 rupees.

However, if you’re ready to spend cash on your first deep freezer, certain brands will offer around 40000 rupees and even greater.

The typical price of deep freezers ranges from 10,000 to 50k dollars. If you have more features, prices could increase even more. If you want a portable choice, you can read the best food dehydrator in India.


Which is more effective? Upright than Chest Freezer?

It could be a personal preference based on the use you make of it. The chest freezer uses more space but less power and is more affordable. They are great for storing bulky objects for an extended period of duration.

Also, they use less energy and feature cooling retention to work even in the harshest weather without power. They are therefore more commonly used for commercial applications.

The upright freezer, in contrast, is smaller and ideal in modular kitchens. However, they have a high price and use more power than chest freezers, but they can also be useful for locating things and keeping food well-organized as they have compartments.

What is the difference between a deep freezer and a freezer?

Both serve the same goal: to store food at temperatures of -18°C. However, the process can be slow in the freezer and could last all of the 24hrs. The deep freezer, however, can do this in less than an hour.

Therefore, they are more popular in the industry. The second major difference is the capacity. A conventional freezer can provide up to 150 liters, while a deep freezer can offer between 100 and 550 liters.

Does a deep-freezer consume lots of energy?

When compared to a normal refrigerator, then yes. However, compared to deep freezers’ internals, some brands offer appliances that save a lot of electricity and reduce costs. We’ve listed all of them so that you will have the best freezer.


After sorting through the best and comparing each item on the list, and deciding on the winner, we came up with Haier Single Door HardTop 203 liters Deep Freezer (HCC225G), and the main reason for this is due to all the advantages it provides, such as simple to access and maintain plus more user-friendly.

Four years of warranty for the compressor is unreal, in addition to the best customer reviews. This makes it the ideal deep freezer for India.

We’re sure you’ll make the best decision with all the necessary information to purchase your deep freeze. All of the items mentioned on this list are the best and currently dominate the market.

Make sure that when you purchase, be aware of the available space and the number of items you wish to keep. If you are unsure, you can leave a comment, and we’ll gladly answer them.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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