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Which Is The Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 in 2023?

A modern computer mouse can improve your performance when gaming, prevent fatigue at work and further make your computer much comfier to use. 

In recent years, the computer mouse market has brought some interesting innovations, such as built-in LEDs, customizable buttons, and adjustable DPI, etc.

Selecting a reliable mouse is tough, and many highly popular mouse models failed in our testing!

After deeply studying the modern-day needs of gamers, programmers, etc., we’ve formed a top 5 list, and you’ll get an amazing mouse here, regardless of your requirement.

We’ve laid equal emphasis on 9 leading aspects, and this countdown is the outcome of that!

Let’s cherish!

Which Is The Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 in 2023?

Redragon Gainer M610 A++ 9.5 Under 800 Buy on Amazon
Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz A+ 9.3 Under 1000 Buy on Amazon
Redgear A-20 A+ 9.1 Under 800 Buy on Amazon
Zebronics Zeb-Feather A 9.0 Under 600 Buy on Amazon
HP X3500 B+ 8.8 Under 800 Buy on Amazon

Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 – Reviews

Redragon Gainer M610 USB Gaming Mouse – Overall best wired mouse in India

  Redragon Gainer M610 USB

Measuring 8.2 x 3.9 x 12.3 cm and weighing 141 g, this mouse from Redragor is the sturdiest one under 1000 rupees out there. The wide rubberized backlit scroll wheel of this mouse makes the mouse control easier.

This mouse’s shape fully accommodates your palm, and the placement of the scroll wheel is just perfect for your simultaneous movements of the index finger. The cord’s quality is impressive. 6 programmable buttons are present, including fully 2 customizable thumb buttons that you can adjust as per convenience.

The upper button’s Textured surface decreases the chances of accidental blind hits. Its optical sensor is very precise, and you also enjoy DPI level indication, which shows you the chosen level of cursor speed by the scroll wheel’s color.

Elongated Teflon feet ensure excellent gliding. The foot’s surface is also large enough, and you can operate this mouse will full stability even at high speed.

You can adjust cursor speed on any mouse key. In short, Redragon Gainer M610 USB Gaming Mouser is fully customizable as per requirements. This mouse can be the best choice for video editing platform’s usage such as clipchamp.

At around 750 rupees, it’s a super deal! Who should acquire this mouse? Well, everyone can, as it’s dynamic enough to suit any gamer and sober enough for office use.

Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Wireless Gaming Mouse – Best Regarding looks + functionality


Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Wireless

2.4Ghz Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse has won many hearts! Ripjaw wireless mouse comes with an in-built Rechargeable Li-ion battery without the requirement of any external battery. Play it in wired connection 0nce the battery drains while simultaneously charging this mouse. 

So, neither you’ve got to wait for new batteries, nor for charging it differently. It can be charged pretty conveniently through your laptop/computer using a USB charging cable while using this mouse. 

Advanced gaming level micro USB cord wired connection or 2.4 Wireless connection experience zero delays between the user’s thoughts and actions. 

Its sensor operates exactly with the same pace of 180 inches/sec with the 45 G Acceleration ensuring a response time of 1ms. 

7D Buttons of this mouse bring several options in your single hand to tackle various situations irrespective of the v or game genre. 

Easy-to-use scroll wheel and Pre-programmed forward/back navigation buttons are highly appreciable. You’ve got multiple choices regarding setting sensitivity parameters to fully your style from 1600-2400-3200 DPI

Furthermore, Integrated time-sensing technology automatically places this mouse in sleep mode whenever it’s left idle. That maximizes battery life for over 50 hours with turbo fast charging of around 45 mins. Undoubtedly, Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Wireless Gaming Mouse is a supreme choice.[/su_box]

Redgear A-20 Gaming Mouse – Best Regarding Customization

Redgear A-20


Redgear has always been generous towards gamers, and by pricing the amazing A-20 mouse, they’ve proved the same again. By its’ stylish looks, figuring that it costs just around 800 is tough. 7 programmable buttons are there for binds and easy to access.

This mouse is perfect for both palm and claw grip, which means you’ll be able to perform well in gaming with this mouse. Its ergonomic design is highly appreciable. It offers DPI ranging from 200-4800, which for fulfilling all gaming needs.

Customizable capabilities and Macro functionality are highly appreciable. This mouse has cool lighting effects and impressive breathing light. Another thing worth praising is its awesome clicking sound, and most of the gamers love that.

Can you use it in productivity tasks? The answer is yes, but for that, our previous recommendation is much better. However, if you want this mouse for both work as well as gaming, then surely go for it.

Zebronics Zeb-Feather USB Gaming Mouse – Best Regarding Sensitivity

Zebronics Zeb-Feather USB


If you are habitual to using lightweight mouse only, then Zebronics Zeb-Feather USB Gaming Mousesuits you better than any other recommendations on this review. Weighing just 116grams, and a cord measuring 1.8 meters.

The Zeb-feather is a supremely comfortable choice for gamers. This mouse arrives with a quick response time, higher sensitivity programmable buttons, good abilities of customization, and a light price tag.

It arrives with a 3000 DPI gaming sensor for ensuring a smooth gaming experience, and features make you adore it. There are a total of 6 responsive buttons. The toggle range here is 1000/1600/2200/3000 DPI.

Not just that, the mouse pad quality is also premium. This mouse pad has a consistent surface texture to ensure optimal accuracy and an anti-slip bottom. The mouse has a Phobos application that’s available online to download.

This app is very conveniently usable with numerous customization for this mouse & even you can set macros. The mouse has got a good rubberized finish, and the durability isn’t an issue. Overall, Zebronics Zeb-Feather USB Gaming Mouse is a sweet deal!

HP X3500 Wireless Mouse Review – Best for versatile use

HP X3500 Wireless


Yes, this one is not exactly for gaming, but it’s a sweet add-on for those who are working for longer and occasionally prefer gaming but can spend just once on a mouse.

So, keeping office work at priority, we’ve got a super mouse that comes with great sensitivity to assist you in gaming also.

With two primary buttons and a scroll wheel, HP X3500 Wireless Mouse wouldn’t look as astonishing as various gaming mouses out there. 1000 dpi, 1200 dpi, 1600 dpi are the Adjustable optical sensor.

One year warranty is there. This is actually a very handy mouse, and that’s the reason it earned 3500+ happy customer reviews on Amazon.

It’s usable with either hand, and its amazing shapes accommodate your left and right-hand palms equally. We’ll give full marks to its shape and super glide.

No matter you play or surf on the desktop, laptop, etc. No restrictions regarding cord length, as it’s a wireless one. The way this mouse does accurate tracking and helps in perfect navigating, users get into the habit of using this one, and no other mouse!

No signal loss issue till the range of 10 meters. 12 months of battery life means enough, and all that makes HP X3500 Wireless Mouse a very suitable choice.

Buying Guide

A mouse can be described as an extension of the hands. It’s an accessory that’s essential for computer use and helps you work, game, or just browse the web with comfort and more accuracy. 

While wired mice are often the default option for house shoppers and professionals, wireless mice could be equally as effective and more convenient for numerous reasons.

Wireless mice eliminate the hassle and distraction of wires. And because they are free from the limitation of wires, they’re portable also. If you operate remotely or fluctuate between the occasional work-from-home day and the workplace, a wireless mouse goes where you go. 

And even if you’re planning to stay put, most wireless mice arrive with choices to get you set up on the main device and operate together with other accessories such as keyboards. You can also set up connections and move between devices if you want.

Wireless mice are available in many styles, sizes, and price ranges. The recommendations on our listing appeal to users with more special needs. 

There’s much to think about before purchasing such any keyboard accessory. In this review, we’re mentioning a few pointers mouse features that will make it possible for you to work, navigate, and the game most efficiently.

Wired Mouse vs. Wireless Mouse?

Should you, or should you not get a wireless mouse, is a personal taste. Having a wireless mouse, you’ll eliminate the risk of cord tangling. However, you live at the risk of batteries running out at an inopportune time. 

Although you certainly require to remember to place the mouse in the station or the dock so that you don’t require to worry about purchasing those AAAs, some mice arrive with charging docks. Other mice might have an on/off change as with the docking station; this is only useful when you remember to switch it.

If it comes to those wireless receivers, some come with nano receivers that sit flush with the USB port. Others arrive with wireless receivers that just a few inches from the interface out. As you can imagine, you pay a good price, but it might be your best buy if you’re a traveler.

With a wired mouse, then you won’t have to worry about batteries or recipients because it will draw power from the USB (or PS2) port. The downside of this is that you are tethered to your PC. You may only go as far away as the cord is extended.

If you go wireless, you are going to be replacing batteries from time to time. To prolong the battery life of your mouse, look for one that is accompanied by an on/off switch and utilize it.


Much like battery lifetime, this really is a concern for mice. Does this use a full-sized receiver that juts out of the laptop, or does it use a nano receiver that allows you to pack away the notebook without needing to be removed? Does this include a radio placeholder? 

Like USB flash drives, ballpoint pens, and spare keys, mice receivers can easily be lost, so having a magnetic placeholder or a designated slot is tremendously helpful. Similarly, check to be certain the mouse includes the right receiver. 

This usually isn’t an issue for mice that utilize 2.4GHz wireless technologies, but a lot of mice utilize Bluetooth and often don’t come with a Bluetooth receiver. Check to see if your PC has integrated Bluetooth until you buy a Bluetooth mouse.

Laser or Optical?

Mice operate by stalking in”dots per inch” (or dpi). Though over 2,000 dpi can be generally tracked by a laser mouse, A optical mouse can monitor between 400 and 800 dpi. So do you want an optical mouse or a laser mouse?

Do not let the dpi numbers fool you. Your mouser typically won’t need such tracking and will get by just fine with an optical mouse (Some even make the excess preciseness annoying.). Graphic designers and gamers, however, often welcome the additional sensitivity.


Hand cramping is something you face after a long working day on your computer. Good could not do much more harm than a mouse that doesn’t fit your hands or provide an ergonomic design.

Several people prefer buying a mouse with a shape which they are familiar with. Some prefer going for something new regarding the mouse’s shape, weight, etc. 

So, it’s entirely an individual choice. But it beneficial to search for specs concerning how big there is a mouse and whether it suits hands if that’s what you’re working with. 

Even if you can operate a mouse that small or big, it is not worth buying a system that is unwieldy or causes discomfort that is preventable.

Think about the number of switches for customizing and sensitivity settings that could make the workday easier, as could the ability to utilize hand grips strain could ease on your palms. 

Determine in case you prefer more of a claw grip or a flat-palm strategy and whether resting your thumb matters more to you.

If the traditional mouse shape does not work for you, consider a vertical mouse that is designed to keep your wrist and arm at a strain-free, impartial place in any way times. 

And if you are ambidextrous and it is important for you to be able to use a model with both hands, look for models that may switch back and forth as easily as you can.


Scrolling speed and versatility are also useful gauges of a wireless mouse that fits into your installation in your home or work. Wireless mice offer a fair quantity of control over how slow or fast scrolling action is–no matter through your OS mouse configurations or through a physical button. 

Wireless mice also come with buttons or a toggle that gives you the option to scroll or match every movement with a click. Some wireless mice additionally feature the ability to scan lines and lines of material in a mere second in addition to cover side-to-side moves.

With programmable and numerous buttons, wireless mice come beyond controls. Try to get beneficial by utilizing manufacturer software for controlling everything from apps-specific prompts, gesture controllers for switching between desktops and apps, or correcting RGB lighting and highlights on your device.

Programmable Buttons

Everyone knows about the left- and right-click buttons, in addition to the wheel in the middle. However, some mice also come with additional buttons that are typically located on the device’s face. 

These can certainly be programmed for specific operations, like the”Back” button on your browser. If you work in the applications, these may be useful, and they easy to set up.

Full-Sized or Travel-Sized

This class is exactly what it sounds like. Many mice come in two sizes: travel or full, Even though there is no universal sizing among manufacturers. 

Even if you never intend to remove your mouse from its position, travel mice could be more comfortable for individuals with smaller hands. A road warrior would prefer sticking with the full-size device as ill-fitting mice certainly cause discomfort.

Gaming Response

Fans of online PC games need a mouse that can react quickly and just. Attributes include the mechanics of input, including a laser, which might not work on surfaces or a rubber ball.

Choice of batteries and recharging

Most mice use one or two AAA batteries to operate. You hardly need the replacement of those batteries. 

The majority of these mice could operate for weeks on end without having to replace batteries. AAA batteries are cheap to replace. More expensive mice have built-in batteries, which may be charged using a dock or a charger.

Quality of cables

In case you’re opting for a wired mouse, certain factors like the cable’s quality, thickness, length, etc., matter. Laptop mice generally have shorter cables, whereas desktop mice have long cords. 

The PC chassis, which the mouse needs to connect to placed a few feet away, and it is important to have a cable long enough to reach it. 

The standard of the cable is significant. Some of these top mice have braided cables that split or don’t entangle.

The shape of this mouse

Not everything about a mouse has to do with specifications and amounts. The shape of the mouse is important, based on how we utilize them. 

Desktop mice can be larger and heavier, while mice for laptops are small, so they are portable. Shaped mice that are certain are more preferable for a specific segment of users. 

As an instance, a number of us prefer using the mouse through our hands might rest onto it with our fingers. There is A mouse preferred for those using the thumb and the ring or little finger to grip the mouse. 

There is A more mouse greater for those who rest their hands. Regarding comfort with size, we’ve already discussed up there.

Quality of mouse switches and feet

The mouse buttons are most important, as that’s what we interact with all the most when you are using a laptop or PC. 

Every mouse has sound and its own distinctive feel. It may be worth testing before you get a mouse, although not critical. 

The caliber of the button is also important, so you do not run into problems that are wear-and-tear later in its lifetime. 

Issues tend to be button clicking. If you are a gamer, more buttons on a mouse help you get your things that are in-game a little quickly. This can be a difference between losing and winning a game where response time is everything. 

The cushioning in the bottom of the mouse, which helps it slip your mouse pad on, are known as mouse feet. Quite small and thin feet can get worn out easily over time. 

Slightly wider and thicker feet will last. Mouse switches and feet are certainly crucial things to look out for for a while acquiring a mouse.

Software features

Mice work with no applications installed fine. Some manufacturers bundle software with their mice, which do a bunch of things. 

Some of these features enable tweaking of the color of the lights on the mouse, while others allow you to tweak the assignments to various buttons, even add macros that enable you to do several jobs. 

A few others can save the settings you tweak themselves. This can be useful once the mouse moves to another from one PC or laptop. Since the mouse store all the user profiles onto it, you don’t have to settings.

These are a few of the important things before buying a mouse for a notebook or a PC to keep in mind. Certainly, more sophisticated and modern features straightly mean more expensive. 

If you don’t have the real need for any higher-level software features, better don’t spend money there!


Some of the brands also sweeten the deal with accessories that extend the performance and ease of their own mice. 

Gaming mouse pads operate in harmony with a gaming mouse to offer smooth movements, more grip when you desire it, and play with no performance issues like skipping or diminishing. Some even improve battery life by supporting more clicks.

Discussing battery life, if used for a long time per day, consider a laser mouse that is compatible with a wireless charging platform. Brands such as Logitech, Corsair, and Razer offer mouse pads that control not — or the mouse you’re playing and also provide the perfect surface for gliding.

Another exceptional accessory that the Logitech brand offers is a unifying receiver. This minute dongle is the tiniest they create and is compatible with every single Logitech product that’s loaded with a USB receiver. 

So in case you misplace the one your mouse came with, this is a simple replacement. Additionally, it’s compatible with around six unique devices, so you can hook up mice and keyboards into one computer via this small accessory.

The Conclusion

 So, gamers, are you feeling confident now? Not yet? Want a quick revision? 

In our review, Redragon Gainer M610 is the ultimate choice for the Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000. Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz is the Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Regarding looks + functionality. Costing around 800, Redgear A-20 is the Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Regarding Customization.

Further, if sensitivity matters more than anything else, go with Zebronics Zeb-Feather USB Gaming Mouse. At last, if you’re an office guy, who prefers gaming just occasionally for boosting stress, and want a cheap mouse for assisting in both departments, go with HP X3500 Wireless Mouse.

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