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Best Baby Stroller in India To Protect Your Baby’s Skin From Direct Sunlight

The baby stroller makes it much easy to navigate with babies! With a good quality stroller, you can ensure the high comfort of the baby whenever you move out of your home to visit malls, markets, cinemas, etc.

Remember, all strollers aren’t perfect for all terrains, and many of them aren’t that comfortable while turning. Moreover, cushioning and the quality of the outer material isn’t up to that level.

Certainly, some baby strollers really make a hole in your pocket!

Our goal was to ensure the max comfort of your baby, and you’re as well, putting less pressure on your wallet. Besides that, we’ve highly focused on as safety, longevity, and easy maneuverability of these strollers, so that even if you are out with your baby for a longer period, your arms won’t strain!

In this review, we involved the max number of volunteers we ever involved for any review in our and gathered stats regarding their experience. After that, we performed a streak on 13 tests to form the top 10 most comfy and value-for-the-money baby strollers for our readers.

Before beginning with the products, we want to put forth a request! Do read the informative part after the products, as you’ll get several valuable tips there, especially those regarding safety are very important to read. Want to know baby stroller prices in India? Cherish the baby prams and strollers list below!

List of the most impressive Baby Stroller Models of 2022

Chicco Lava Cortina CX 9.6 Under 17,000 5 Points Buy on Amazon
Chicco Simplicity Plus India Ink 9.4 Under 12,000 5 Points Buy on Amazon
R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller 9.2 Under 6,000 5 Points Buy on Amazon
R for Rabbit Rock N Roll 9.0 Under 6,000
5 Points Buy on Amazon
LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram 8.7 Under 5,500 5 Points Buy on Amazon
Luvlap Starshine Stroller/Pram 8.7 Under 3,000 3 Points Buy on Amazon
LuvLap Joy Stroller/Pram 8.6 Under 4,500 3 Points Buy on Amazon
Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller 8.5 Under 3,000 5 Points Buy on Amazon
Chicco New Echo Stroller 8.3 Under 8,000 3 Points Buy on Amazon
R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite 8.1 Under 4,000 5 Points Buy on Amazon

Benefits of Having a Baby Stroller

Baby strollers are intended to offer convenience to parents when they need to head off to someplace with the family. However, for what reason do you truly require a stroller? Is it important? Find the reasons why strollers are essential and why they are beneficial through the following points.


Buying strollers unquestionably gives you the convenience you need when you’re with your little baby on travel. Regardless of whether you don’t say it, carrying a baby while you’re in a place full of the public isn’t comfortable.

Not just that, you won’t appreciate the place itself, but you additionally don’t find the opportunity to explore and enjoy what’s in the area. In any case, with a stroller, you can deal with your baby while enjoying the view.


best comfortable baby stroller

Attempt this. Carry your baby in your arms for 2 hours in a row and check whether he remains quiet after that. In the manner you see it, the stroller is a superior carriage thing to your baby than your arms. This is the reason you have to have it as much as you feel that you need it. The most significant feature of a baby stroller is comfort.

Your baby can either sit or lie on it, giving him\her comfort all through the travel. Nothing is a higher priority than the comfort that you would provide for your baby, so ensure that you’re giving the highest comfort to your baby.


With the best baby strollers, you can be adaptable in everything that you would need to do, particularly at home. At the point when you have to do a house task. However, nobody is there to check your baby; you can get the stroller and place her/him on it. While doing your tasks, you are sure that the baby is alright.

Safety and Security

In reality, parenting requires a lot of patience & effort. There are consistently places that we need to go and puts that we need to take our kids to. When visiting crowded places or occasions, strollers will allow parents to have order as well as some peace of mind.

You can buckle your kid in the stroller and have a feeling that all is well with the world, realizing that they are directly before you and not falling behind, getting lost in the crowd.

Enjoying the outdoors with Your Kids

When talking about a walk in the park, the best baby strollers allow you to all the more effectively go for walks at parks and explore the outside. At the point when your children are too little, it tends to be difficult to get out and exercise. Luckily, these days, with strollers that are reasonable for babies, you should simply strap the kid(s) onto the stroller seat, and you’re prepared to get some sun and appreciate nature.

Not Carrying and more Pushing

As time pass, you quickly acknowledge how quickly your children really develop. For example, most children weigh around 20 lbs at 1-year-old and around 30 lbs by 3 years of age. In case you know anything about kids, you realize that they love to be carried.

In any case, carrying a twenty to thirty-pound youngster for thirty minutes is no simple task as you will probably begin to feel a consuming sensation in your arms, and your back may even beginning throbbing. Strollers are an incredible method to ease that weight, which implies not carrying much and pushing more for parents.

You will have the option to carry more things

Children love going to zoos and carnivals. In case you’re a parent yourself, then you’ll realize that visits these types of places quickly transform into throughout a day occasions. From diapers & wipes to coats, beverages, and food, there is a ton of stuff that you have to carry alongside you.

In case you have more than one kid, it is almost a necessity for having to pack a mule. Since anybody doesn’t have a mule and honestly doesn’t care for mules, it is an unquestionable requirement to have a stroller.

There is normally a large-good measure of storage space in the basket beneath the stroller seat for you to store your stuff — also, the cup holders & parent tray accessories, which come with most strollers.

Best Baby Stroller in India – Reviews

1.) Chicco Baby Stroller Lava Cortina CX 

Chicco Cortina CX Stroller

Considering quality and safety, Chicco is the king of the best baby stroller brands in India. Undoubtedly, their price is steeper than other brands, but their strollers are a huge value for the money and last for more than one’s expectations.

Their strollers are unbelievably lightweight and feature-filled, and among all super strollers of this brand, the Lava Cortina CX is the most impressive one. It truly deserves the No.1 spot here. Let’s see what all does the baby stroller with car seats offer:


  • Red + Grey and Green + Grey are the two color variations, and both of them look tremendous!
  • The design is perfect for sunlight protection.
  • This stroller weighs just 12.5 Kg, which means no arms strains even after you’ve spent the whole day with your baby outside.
  • The suitcase-type folding handle permits you to open or close this stroller conveniently with a single hand.
  • There’s are removable child’s tray with a cup holder, which highly helps while feeding the baby. Food spills aren’t an issue at all, as the outer material of this stroller is easily washable. 
  •  It’s compatible with the Chicco Keyfit car seat and comes with a dual side lock. 
  • For storage, you get a humongous basket, which is accessible even with a reclined seat.
  • 8 backrest reclining positions are present for more comfort for the baby. Besides that, the suitcase-type folding handle brings high comfort.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly it’s the most expensive stroller here, but there isn’t a single piece of inconvenience with this one. It certainly passed the set of 13 tests like a hero, and this is the best design one can think of. According to the makers, this stroller is sturdy enough to handle 23 kg weight, but in our testing, the limit was 32Kg.

This stroller is so durable that if you’ve become the parent of your first baby, then this stroller will serve your future babies also! Check this baby stroller price now!

2.) Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller India 

Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller

Costing around 4K lesser, here comes another tremendous baby stroller from Chicco that never lets you complain!

There are 3 color variations, and the design is very attractive. There’s no compromise regarding safety. Moving to the building material, very lightweight and very sturdy material is used, and our experts exclaimed, this material is probably the best to build a baby stroller, baby car seat, etc.

You’ll be surprised to know, 7.1 Kg is the weight! The dimensions are 65 x 43.5 x 29.5 cm. Also, the design is too smart and practical.


  • This highly versatile stroller is perfect for urban use. The practical carry handle is amazingly comfortable; 93 % of our volunteers agreed!
  • You get 4 position backrest recline, ensuring your baby’s high comfort. Besides that, it’s self-standing when folded.
  • It’s compatible with the Keyfit car seat. Removable and washable covers decrease your tension.
  • The wheels of this lightweight baby stroller with a car seat ensure smooth maneuverability. The front wheels come with a swivel lock, and also, there is a 1-step break, which is an amazing feature.
  • The storage basket is pretty roomy, which proves to be sweet while you are shopping. Besides that, the removable bar is well padded.
  • There is a 5-point safety harness, and you can fold this convenient stroller with one hand. Aside from that, there’s a practical peek-a-boo window.

The Final Advice

In the Simplicity Plus Stroller India Ink model, there are all conveniences that one expects from a baby stroller. Truly, no feature is missing. Besides that, there are amazing customer reviews regarding easy portability and high maneuverability.

The padding is all perfect, and even if the path is not smooth, its wheels ensure that your baby doesn’t face any discomfort.

We recommend the Simplicity Plus Stroller India Ink model with both hands up! Better don’t go with the cheap baby strollers with car seats, as while our testing, most of them failed. So, we recommend you do not hesitate to spend money here.

3.) R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite 

R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller

Whenever we talk about baby comfort products, R for rabbit always stands tall. They always ensure high luxury for your baby without harming your pocket. Here, this lite stroller is an amazing creation, and again, comfort and safety are at best.

This stroller carries EN 1888 certificate, which is the most rigid certification defined by European standards considering strollers for babies and toddler’s safety.


  • You can fold this stroller with one hand. Folding this stroller is child’s play! This stroller provides comfort to both the baby and the parents.
  • The stroller is amazingly compact, and you’re able to fit this R for Rabbit model anywhere whenever you are traveling through cars, trains, flights, etc.
  • The lightweight steel frame is very sturdy. Now, as the weight is so low, maneuverability becomes very easy when you are already carrying other stuff.
  • The handle folds pretty easily, and walking while holding its handle feels like riding a laptop bag, the makers say so, and in fact, there are true.
  • 5 point Safety Harness is there for holding your baby in the safest position while strolling.
  • While testing this trolley, our experts gave full marks to its wheels. Over 100 customers reviewed this stroller on Amazon, and not a single complained anything about the wheels.

The Final Advice

Certainly, this trolley comes with the ideal suspension design, which is perfect for Indian roads. You never want your baby to feel jerks while you are rolling your stroller. There are no questions regarding sturdiness. When you are getting top-level safety, and high-level comfort at this price, R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite isn’t a let go thing. Check this baby stroller price now!

4.) R for Rabbit Rock N Roll Stroller & Pram Review

R for Rabbit Rock N Roll Stroller

Here comes another amazingly build baby stroller from R for the rabbit. Here also, maneuverability, sturdiness, and durability are very promising. Thus, the complaint percentage is pretty low. This stroller also comes to your hand after qualifying the needs of high-level safety certifications from the government.

Even in our testing, the way this stroller passed the crash and triple hit tests were amazing! 0-3 years is the age limit, and 20Kg max is the weight limit.


  • The mechanism of this baby pram stroller is very impressive and intelligent here. It seems like R for Rabbit has truly read the heart of modern mums; thus, they’ve ensured all comforts to the babies and mums.
  • This stroller very smoothly turns into a rocker, which helps in making your baby sleep while you’re on your travel.
  • The outdoor baby ride is going to be very comfortable due to the exceptionally lightweight. Sturdiness isn’t overseen simultaneously.
  • You can use its three-fold mechanism for getting it compact to store even in the smallest places.
  • A convenient ensures easy switching to multi-recline positions for elevating the comfort level of your baby.
  • The wheels can’t be called “absolute shock absorbents,” but these wheels very well tackle rough Indian streets.

The Final Advice

Besides the perfect mechanism, this stroller is so stylish that it seems like a fashion accessory to young moms! A 5-point harness keeps the baby safe and cozy at all times, and that’s what you need in a stroller, right? Its instant breaks also work fine. Washing this stroller is also never a hassle. Both sleeping and seating positions are perfect. Undoubtedly, R for Rabbit Rock N Roll baby pram stroller is a sweet luxurious thing to buy!

5.) LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller + Pram 

LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller


  • The wheels are heavy-duty and can roll on rough paths without letting your baby feel even a bit of trouble. Considering sturdiness, these wheels have never broken; at least no user has exclaimed that happening!
  • The extended double-layer canopy has made many parents highly appreciate this stroller.
  • Rolling this stroller is actually too delightful. 360 degrees front rotation is provided, and a swivel lock is also there, which is dependable.
  • 3 position seat recline proves to be too comfy for sleeping, relaxing, and sitting. The angles are all perfect, and experts exclaim that especially the sitting position’s angle is scientifically the best for a baby’s spine.
  • The weight is 12.6 kg, which is more than most of the strollers we recommended up there, but it’s surely lighter than 67% of the strollers that we included in our testing.

The Final Advice

This stroller satisfies European EN 1888 safety standards. Besides that, this stroller’s performance is also appreciated in various countries! Sturdiness is truly appreciable, and the design very well holds your baby with full security around the waist and the shoulders.

Most importantly, you can reverse its handlebar, allowing your baby to face either side while riding this stroller. This is a rare feature. Keeping the seat upright is also very easy. Buy Luvlap Galaxy Stroller and bless your baby with some sweet comfy naps!

6.) Luvlap Starshine Baby Pram Cum Stroller

Luvlap Starshine Baby Pram Cum Stroller

The price is significantly dropped now! This baby pram stroller is available at below 3500, and if you think that there’s some compromise with comfort and features, then you are wrong.

You would love to fold it with one hand, and the design is easiest, simplest, and most helpful for your baby and you. 5 color choices are there! It’s the second baby pram and stroller on this list.


Many parents are happy with its strong wheels and smooth maneuverability.

  • At certain times, while you are busy with your stuff, there are chances of the baby just moving from the stroller and falling down! For keeping your baby in place, safety belts are there, so no worries!
  • Soft washable cushions are very impressive, as we know that babies are experts at spilling stuff!
  • There is a reversible handlebar allowing your baby to face you while strolling.
  • Many times, you have to keep an eye on your baby when you are strolling. Fortunately, in this stroller, there’s a looking window in the canopy.
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel always proves to be comfy while maneuvering. There is a lock also, and rear-wheel breaks are also there. 
  • This stroller is very sturdy aluminum construction, which is simultaneously very lightweight.

The Final Advice

If you want a perfect baby stroller that brings all comfort to your baby and fully accommodates his/her growing legs, then you can look towards Luvlap Joy stroller cum pram. Just have a look at the cushioning! are you scared with black color considering cleaning? No worries, neither this material attracts dirt, not it’s tough to clean it.

Further, you have 6 more color choices, and all are so sweet that you’ll be confused about which one to buy! However, we aren’t talking about the exact same stroller. You’ll see build variations and a bit of price variation also.

7.) LuvLap Joy Baby Stroller + Pram Review

LuvLap Joy Baby Stroller + Pram

If you want a perfect baby stroller that brings all comfort to your baby and fully accommodates his/her growing legs, then you can look towards Luvlap Joy stroller cum pram. Just have a look at the cushioning! are you scared with black color considering cleaning? No worries, neither this material attracts dirt, not it’s tough to clean it.

Further, you have 6 more color choices, and all are so sweet that you’ll be confused about which one to buy! However, we aren’t talking about the exact same stroller. You’ll see build variations and a bit of price variation also.


  • The wheels on this stroller cum pram are relatively big, making it highly suited for traversing rough surfaces.
  • Just try to fold this stroller once, and you’ll be amazed to see how compact it goes after being folded! Traveling with such a compact folding stroller seems too sweet, especially while traveling through trains and flights.
  • Of course, 360° Front Wheel rotation is appreciable with this stroller. You don’t face issues while moving this stroller back, forth, here, there, anywhere!
  • The extra padding is always appreciable, considering the baby’s comfort and convenience. Here, the padding is perfect, neither too hard nor too soft, which means your baby will be comfy even if you are out with this stroller for a longer duration.
  • The outer material of this stroller is perfect for all weather. Most importantly, no sweat gathering in summers. Your baby gets a “lap type” feeling!

The Final Advice

Now, this stroller, costing around 4K, matches its qualities with several double-priced American baby strollers. Besides enough safety and convenient padding, the watch-through canopy and easily adjustable leg support with Footrest prove it a nice buy! 700+ Amazon buyers have reviewed this stroller. This 8.32 Kg stroller is a beneficial buy for sure.

8.) Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller Pram

Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

Now, if you are searching for an ultra-cute and practical baby stroller, then here comes the Little Pumpkin baby stroller, and if you a baby girl, then this will be our top recommendation! Just hang a couple of toys there, decorate the stroller a bit, and your baby will look like an angel in her magical comfy ride!

We haven’t selected this Little Pumpkin model just on the basis of looks! There was much more with this stroller that impressed us while testing. There is nothing to complain about under safety features. It costs around 3K, and this stroller has satisfied most of the buyers.


  • The mechanism is pretty simple, and inclining this stroller to any of the three positions is certainly one hand 5 seconds process!
  • The makers have left nothing to complain about regarding comfort, and surely that’s a big reason for the high percentage of positive reviews.
  • This model weighs 8.38 Kg, lightweight convenience is with you, and even if you are rolling this stroller for a longer time, it won’t strain you.
  • The canopy is of perfect shape & size to ensure the protection of your little ones against direct sun rays.
  • The wheels are so smooth that you can push them like a breeze. Besides that, due to the large wheel size, no issues will be there even if there are pebbles on the path.
  • The mechanism of this stroller ensures good shock-absorbing, which is crucial while you’re rolling on rough terrains.

The Final Advice

Certainly, you’re getting high performance at a reasonable price. Folding this stroller for easy travel consumes a few seconds only. The makers have put great efforts into providing enough safety, and we were actually not expecting a 3K price stroller to perform better than certain 6-8K cost strollers in a crash test. So, just move out with your baby in this stroller, and enjoy all the adventures of the day!

9.) Chicco New Echo Stroller W/Bumper Bar Scarlet Review

Chicco New Echo Stroller

Now, regarding looks, the Chicco New Echo model appears pretty much like the Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller cum Pram that we recently discussed. However, the built quality is a bit better, and the estimated durability is also higher.

This stroller is falling behind Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller because it’s just a bit expensive for a few. However, one cannot say it’s not value for money.


  • A well-built bumper bar is an amazing feature here.
  • Besides flat, there are 4 reclining positions, which you can switch according to the baby’s comfort.
  • It’s an ideal solution for modern mothers looking for a stroller with a modern style as well as a strong personality.
  • The ultralightweight yet sturdy frame of this stroller is cool enough for babies weighing up to 22Kg.
  • It is equipped with soft-touch handle grips for offering you a firm grip over this stroller, permitting you to steer it with ease.
  • A 5-point safety belt restraint system is there on each seat.
  • The handles have sufficient height and a good texture at hand. Besides that, the wheels are much more off-road than they seem at first glance.
  • You are getting a good quality rain cover with this stroller.

The Final Advice

Contemporary design, stylized wheels, and matching frame color highly attract you to buy this stroller. The materials are very resistant and robust. The way to recline the seat can be operated with one hand and reclines almost completely lying down. The Footrest has 2 positions that also help the comfort of the baby.

The assembly is very simple, and also the folding and unfolding. It includes a safety piece that holds the folded car to prevent it from opening. Certainly, Chicco New Echo Stroller gives you nothing to complain about!

10.) R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Stroller 

R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Stroller - Copy

For an affordable, everyday stroller, six of our experts recommend the R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Stroller. “It’s a great all-around lightweight stroller at an affordable price point and brings certain features that several higher-end, much more costly baby strollers have,” says Mr. Patel, our chief tester.

The true one-handed fold is a big catch here. It’s a perfectly designed stroller that holds your baby really well. This stroller stands tall on the safety aspect. It full marks to its padding. It’s certainly something that your baby is going to love!


  • Its 6.5 inches wheels ensure smooth-rolling and provide great suspension to avoid jerks.
  • Push the bar below with your one hand or foot, and this Pram folds itself. It’s that simple. Once you’ve folded it down, you’ll b amazed to know how compact it goes then!
  • Sometimes, keeping an eye on your baby is important while you are moving, especially when he/she is eating something. You’re certainly getting a reversible handle with this stroller. So, your baby is always within your sight.
  • For any stroller, holding the baby in a very safe and secure position is very important. Thanks, R for rabbit for providing an amazing 5 point harness with this stroller.
  • Its weight can’t really trouble anyone! It’s nothing more than 7.99 Kg,

The Final Advice

In our stroller testing session, we didn’t just focus on features but also deeply considered how smoothly those features work. With this stroller, adjustments were really smooth, whether it is setting the harness, reclining, adjust Footrest, reversing its handle, applying the wheel lock, or anything else.

No matter you find certain amazing strollers sup there, but you really don’t want to save money from your household to buy a reliable stroller. You can certainly grab this entirely dependable one below 4K rupees! Besides this stroller, we also equally recommend the Luvlap Sunshine baby stroller to you, as both these strollers are almost the same. 

Buying Guide To Select The Best Baby Stroller Models

All of the above were the best baby strollers to buy! Haven’t you bought a baby stroller online yet? Well, read this guide thoroughly then!

Having a car stroller makes life simpler for parents, particularly when traveling. More than everything else, the stroller is among the essential things to purchase when wanting to tour around a spot or tourist destination. For moms, it’s an incredible help to have baby strollers as they won’t get tired carrying their baby.

Today, you can buy various great strollers accessible in the market. However, you have to take additional knowledge in picking the best stroller for your baby. Settle on sure that your selection meets your standard of a stroller

Quick Tips

Here, we’ve got some supportive tips for you.

  • A fundamental lightweight umbrella stroller makes travel (and storage) simple, while high-function stroller systems are highly helpful and have features like additional storage, Snap-on bassinets, and car seats.
  • For a few, a stroller will get miles and long periods of utilization. Trying out your top decisions before buying one will go far in ensuring it works for the baby’s needs — and for the requirements of other members of your family who will push it, folding it & stowing their items within it along the way.
  • Check for a stroller, which was made for your youngster’s age, height, and weight. Babies should able to lie almost flat in strollers since they can’t hold up their heads.
  • Look for the stroller for reliable restraining belts. The most secure plan is a 5-point saddle: shoulder straps, a strap between the legs, and midriff belts that associate together.
  • The handlebars must be at your midsection level or marginally lower.
  • If the stroller has a hand rest (grab bar) at the front of the seat, ensure the opening between the get bar and the seat can be shut when the stroller is used in the leaned back position.
  • The stroller must be free from parts, which may squeeze your baby’s fingers or pose a choking hazard.
  • The leg openings must be sufficiently small to keep a newborn child from slipping past.
  • The handlebars must at your waist level or slightly lower.

Types of Baby Strollers

Standard strollers:

Such models come in a wide range of styles and plans, yet they will quite often have a comfortable cushioned seat that can lean back into various positions. Most have sunshades and storage places underneath the seat. In certain strollers, the baby looks ahead, while others position the youngster glancing back at the parents.

Numerous models can move from one direction to the next. They can range from basic, inexpensive strollers to high-end strollers, which come loaded up with features.

Car-seat stroller frames:

These frames are lightweight and are intended to carry specific sorts of baby car seats. You remove your car seat from its base in your car, snap it into the stroller frame, and then you’re rolling. (This is particularly advantageous when you have to remove a resting baby from the back seat.)

These frames are easy to fold up & put in the storage compartment of your car and don’t occupy a lot of room. Yet, when your baby exceeds her newborn child’s car seat (generally when she/he hits 35 pounds or thereabouts), you won’t be able to utilize one any longer.

Travel systems:

These types of the stroller are great for standard usage. Also, they can also carry a newborn child car seat. Travel systems are bigger, heavier, and more costly than a stroller frame; however, you can use them after your baby has outgrown his/her newborn child’s car seat. Travel systems normally incorporate a stroller and matching baby car seat.

Lightweight strollers:

Lightweight strollers

This type is also called umbrella strollers, normally weigh 12 pounds or less and fold up compactly. These no-frills strollers might not have a lot of cushioning and a little bit not flexible; however, they are generally more affordable than models with more features.

They’re better for little children and older babies (check the producer’s age proposal). A few families use them as backup strollers or for traveling. Most aren’t appropriate for babies since they don’t completely lean back or have a lot of head support.

Jogging strollers:

It features 3 bike wheels on a lightweight casing and conveys a smooth ride for both pusher and traveler. They’re extraordinary for taking your youngster on long strolls, runs, and even climbs through the forested areas (if the path is sufficiently wide). Some jogging strollers carry more than one baby, either one next to the other or one behind the other.

In urban environments, jogging strollers can easily steep soak slopes & navigate over curbs. In any case, jogging stroller size makes it difficult for moving here and there through stores, lifts, or they don’t crease up as minimally as other models.

You may have to buy extra parts to use a jogging stroller securely when your baby is more youthful than a half-year-old. Some completely lean back for newborn children, but in case yours doesn’t, you’ll need to purchase a baby car-seat connector or a separate bassinet or “carrycot” made for your stroller.

Double & triple strollers:

Double _ triple strollers

Such types let parents push two (or more) kids at the same time. In tandem models, one babysits behind the other, a course of action that can be valuable for a baby & an older sibling. Some traditional strollers have the alternative of including a stage behind the baby’s seat in which an old sibling can stand. The other choice is one side-by-side model.

Tandem strollers are simpler to move through entryways. However, the back seats on certain models can lack legroom. The side-by-side strollers can be more diligent to wheel down a packed walkway; however, the seats are similarly comfortable for all passengers.

What to look at when purchasing a Baby Stroller

In this section, you’ll learn multiple essential features that a Baby Stroller must-have, so read carefully without skipping any portion, as it’ll be really helpful when buying a baby stroller. The baby stroller price heavily depends upon the following factors.


Safety and Security in baby stroller

Regardless of the wheels, you put your baby in, and safety comes first. The present strollers should meet fundamental safety necessities — You need one with a five-point safety harness strap that is simple for you to secure and unbuckle, however not for a child, and furthermore has dependable brakes. Analyze the frame to ensure there aren’t any sharp edges or places in which little fingers and toes can stick.

Ease of use:

Can you effectively lift the stroller all through your car? Will it even fit in your car? Do you need to walk up flights of stairs to the apartment? Will you travel a lot of time with it? Is it simple to fold and unfold? Would you be able to move it with one hand? Is it too huge to stroll through entryways or store paths? Is the fabric machine washable, or can you simply clean it off?

The responses to these inquiries will let you as to whether your stroller selection will be simple for you to use.


Storage in baby stroller

Consider what else you’ll be carrying other than your baby. A huge basket under the seat is incredible for a diaper pack, handbag, and grocery sacks. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about your telephone, keys, beverages, and snacks? Cup holders (for your beverage and a sippy cup) and little storage spaces for holding keys and telephones may be pleasant to have as well.

Canopy & Washable fabric:

A customizable canopy is a vital feature in case you’ll be going on sunny walks or will ever get trapped in the rain or wind. Shades keep your baby shielded from U.V. beams and every single climate element.

Any place your baby goes, messes are sure to follow. The removable fabric spreads can make cleanups simpler.

Handle height:

Handles must be at the pusher’s midsection level or marginally beneath. Most strollers are worked for the normal size lady. In case you don’t fit this portrayal – and numerous parents don’t – you may need a stroller with movable handles or one with higher handles. You can also purchase stroller handle extenders.


Are they simple to operate, regardless of whether you are wearing open-toed shoes? Test them in the store; the wheels should lock when you connect with the break. Additionally, consider whether you need brakes that lock both back wheels on the double or do so exclusively. (Most parents go for the both-on-the-one’s type). Jogging strollers may have hand-worked brakes just as foot brakes.


Single strollers that can change over to a double or triple are helpful for parents who intend to have more children. Search for strollers that take frill, for example, bassinets, riding sheets, and also baby seats.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying

Where will you use it?

Numerous mid-extend models can be large and massive — not perfect in the case you’re going through narrow city streets. However, a little umbrella stroller probably won’t work for you in case you need a stroller basket sufficiently large to handle your purse, diaper sack, and different basics. Know where you’ll go with your baby stroller – that’s half the battle.

Is it infant-friendly?

Check the details keenly. A few baby strollers offer a profound lean back or bassinet mode, which implies you can place your baby in them from the very first moment, with no additional items required.

In any case, numerous models are more appropriate for newborn children who have some neck control or can about sit up unsupported, which normally doesn’t occur for four to a half years. You may need to attach a car seat or optional bassinet to prepare a few infant-ready models, so realize what you’re getting before you purchase.

How long will you use it?

How long will you use it

While you may pay more direct for specific models, flexibility from infant through little child stages could spare you money over the long haul.

Have you planned to use a stroller for various kids? Provided that this is true, search for long-haul esteem, and consider a model you can add onto a car seat, a stand-and-ride bumper, or an extra seat for another baby.

How simple is it to use?

How simple is baby stroller to use

When you’ve done some examination and limited your selections, it’s keen to do a test drive face to face so you can perceive how your favorite compare— and think about that as a flat & glossy store floor may not uncover how a specific model will do on uneven walkways or uneven territory.

Would you be able to control it easily? Would you be able to move it with one hand? How can it handle a difficult tight turn?

How simple is it to fold and unfold?

How simple is it to fold and unfold

You’ll likely be holding a baby and his/her stuff when you have to fold or unfold your stroller, so simpler is better. Numerous models tout a one-hand overlay but try before you purchase — not each of the one-gave folds is as simple as they sound. As the baby stroller recommended in this review is tested by our expert team, there are no issues.

How heavy is it actually?

At the point when you’re on the road, lighter is better. However, note the details keenly since certain producers will call a 25-pound stroller lightweight, while others can weigh a simple 12 pounds. That is a major distinction when you’re carrying a baby, stroller up endless staircases, diaper sack, or squishing onto the subway.

Is there any requirement for more than one?

Need an umbrella stroller for the street yet a full-sized model for occupied days in the area? For certain families, one stroller simply doesn’t consider every basis, regardless of how keenly planned.

In case that is the situation, consider parting your stroller spending plan instead of putting hugely in one. You may require a separate full-size model for home, whereas a different umbrella stroller for travel.

How would I guarantee that my stroller is safe?

With regards to hitting the pavement with the baby, safety comes at first. Practically all stroller models nowadays satisfy essential safety guidelines, but there are still a few safety features to consider when using the baby stroller.

Additional advantages to look for in Stroller models

Search for a five-point safety harness. A five-point harness is moderately standard nowadays, yet some umbrella strollers may hold back with a three-point saddle. Test the snaps to ensure they’re secure and simple to buckle (and not very simple to unbuckle, at least for your baby!).

Put on the brakes — actually. Make certain to test how simple the brakes are to use — and how simple they are to trip, as well. Did you find yourself hitting a stroller’s brakes when you don’t plan to? Do the brakes offer a safe stop? Can you effectively disengage the brakes when you’re good to roll on?

Look at the hinges and edges. Nooks and crannies on any baby item can be tricky; however, be particularly careful when looking at strollers. Your baby’s little fingers & toes can get trapped in tight spaces, so you’ll have to be careful with any bulges or sharp edges.

Get some shade. A stroller shade or canopy is an absolute necessity for strolls in the sun (or rain) — consider settling on a model, which has in-built SPF protection, as well.

Lie back and relax. How profoundly does the seat recline? In case you want to place your baby into the stroller, search for models, which offer a nearly flat recline. Or discover a stroller that can undoubtedly connect a newborn child car seat, which encourages you to move a sleeping baby without drama.

Lie back and relax

Set up all the pieces together. In case you want to buy a travel system, take a gander at the safety ratings for the car seat, and look at how the car seat attaches to your stroller. Is it a simple-to-use, single-click system? Is there are so many straps or an adaptor included? You need it to be as basic and straightforward as possible, as babies are complicated enough!

No matter you have bought something from the best baby strollers in India for your baby, still there are certainly some safety tips we want to put forth:

Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

  • Always use harness straps, as mentioned in the stroller instructions.
  • Store heavy things like diaper sacks and handbags in the basket underneath, not hanging from the handlebars, to keep the stroller from tipping over.
  • Always set the brake when your stroller is parked, also when the stroller isn’t moving.
  • Follow the weight and age limits, as mentioned in the stroller instructions.
  • Do not put your baby to sleep in strollers, particularly babies more youthful than 4 months old, since they could move into places that cause them to choke.
  • Never leave the baby unattended in your stroller.
  • Always use the safety harness when your baby is in the stroller.
  • Don’t use a cushion or cover as a sleeping pad in a stroller. In case an infant has a lot of room in the stroller, place firmly moved baby covers around the baby to help keep him/her still.
  • For avoiding trapping your baby’s head, close the opening between the grab bar and the seat when utilizing the stroller in the reclined position.
  • Always fold and unfold your stroller away from your baby to avoid squeezing your child’s fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a baby stroller is actually no rocket science, but we know some readers are still stuck with a few questions. Certainly, we’re making sure no doubts are left unsolved. Hence, we’ve provided a comprehensive baby stroller F.A.Q session.

What type of stroller is alright for an infant?

In case you intend to use a stroller for your infant, ensure that the stroller leans back — since babies can’t sit up or hold up their heads. A few strollers completely lean back or can be used with a bassinet attachment or a newborn child just a car seat.

Most umbrella strollers don’t give sufficient head and back help for youthful babies. Also, most jogging strollers aren’t intended to lean back. Subsequently, they don’t fit for babies until about age a half year.

What do I have to think about travel systems?

In case you have a car, you may search for a stroller that can hold your baby’s car seat. Some car seats and strollers come in coordinating sets, whereas others require separate attachments, which allow the strollers to be utilized with certain car seats. When you strap the baby into his/her car seat, these sorts of strollers will allow you to move your baby between the stroller and car handily.

If you utilize a travel system that allows you to move your baby’s car seat from your vehicle to a stroller base, you may be tempted to let your baby finish car naps in the car seat.

However, sitting in a car seat for long periods can add to the improvement of a level spot on the rear of your baby’s head, worsen gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and may affect a child’s relaxation. We recommend not allowing your child to sleep or relax in the car seat for over two hours.

What if my baby has exceptional needs?

What if my baby has exceptional needs

In case your baby was born prematurely or has health concerns, you may need a stroller with storage that will assist you with carrying any essential item, for example, a monitor screen or oxygen. Parents of babies who have some health concerns may be a decent source of advice.

How might I protect my baby in his/her stroller?

How might I protect my baby in his_her stroller

Now let’s learn how to draw a baby stroller in the perfect way. For preventing stroller accidents:

  • Stay close. Try not to leave your baby unattended in their stroller.
  • Be careful with toys. In case you hang toys from a stroller bumper bar for entertaining your baby, ensure that the toys are safely affixed.
  • Take caution when folding. Get your baby far from the stroller as you open and fold it since little fingers can get trapped in stroller pivots. You must ensure that the stroller is locked open before you put your baby in it.
  • Buckle up. Continuously buckle your baby’s harness and seat belt when taking his/her for a stroller ride.
  • Use your brakes. Engage with your stroller brakes at whatever point you stop the stroller.
  • Properly store belongings. Do not hang your bag from the stroller’s handlebar, which can make the stroller tip over.
  • Keep it out of the sun. During the hot climate, don’t let your baby’s stroller sit in the sun for a long time. This can make plastic and metal pieces become hot enough for burning your baby. In case you leave the stroller in the sun, check the stroller’s surface temperature before putting your baby in the stroller.

What are the buying considerations of a stroller?

When looking for the strollers for your baby, consider:

  • Your area. In case you live in or close to a city, you’ll likely need a tough stroller to move along walkways. You may also have the option to collapse your stroller in a pinch for getting on a bus or subway. Suburban parents will need a stroller that is easy to overlap and fits into the storage compartment of a vehicle.
  • Your way of life. An umbrella stroller may be valuable for getting errands or traveling. Have you planned to take your baby along on your runs? You may search for a jogging stroller, as well.
  • Your family. In case you have an older child, you may need a double stroller or a stroller with an attachment for an older child. In case you are using an attachment, don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s weight guidelines.
  • Accessories. Do you need your baby’s stroller to have a storage basket, blanket, sunshade, rain cover, or cup holder? A few strollers aren’t compatible with certain accessories.

Lightweight or Umbrella Stroller, which is better?

Lightweight or Umbrella Stroller, which is better

You may certainly lose some features you can discover in a full-sized stroller. Yet, an umbrella stroller compensates for it by being simple on the go. Frequently weighing 15 pounds or less, a lightweight stroller is specially designed for convenience (some even accompany a shoulder strap). It is easy to fold, which makes stashing it in a trunk or taking it on a plane, transport, or train a snap.

Numerous lightweight strollers still come equipped with advantageous features. For example, a partial seat recline, storage basket, built-in cupholder, expandable canopy, or snack tray. In case you’re searching for a stroller that you can use from the newborn months on, then a lightweight stroller won’t do.

While some models can securely carry newborns with car seat adaptors, most umbrella strollers are specially designed for babies a half year or older.

How to fold a baby stroller?

How to fold a baby stroller

Following are the right steps:

  • Set the brakes and set your foot for pushing down on the lever to close the rear wheels. …
  • Now, lock the front wheels. On some models, the front wheels may also possess a locking mechanism for preventing them from swiveling.
  • Collapse the stroller’s canopy.
  • Further, recline the seat backward and Look for a low handle.
  • Finally, fold the stroller together.

NOTICE: Every single that we’ve mentioned up is a foldable baby stroller. Also, for doing it more properly, you can know folding a baby stroller perfectly.

A Quick Recap & Conclusion

That way, you can buy a convenient and highly practical stroller for your baby at a lesser price than expectations. Here comes a quick revision now.

  • Chicco Lava Cortina CX Stroller is our overall best choice, and there’s absolutely nothing missing in this stroller. 
  • Another superb model from Chicco is the Simplicity Plus Stroller India Ink, which is equally recommendable. 
  • Moving down the price line, around 6K, the most convenient stroller is R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite.
  • Considering sturdiness and lightweight factors simultaneously at a mid-range price, R for Rabbit Rock N Roll is our top recommendation. 
  • For 2-3 years old kids, we recommend LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram because of its extra space convenience. 
  • Luvlap Starshine Baby Pram Cum Stroller is our budget choice.
  • For the baby girl, our top recommendation is Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller Pram because its color scheme is the most attractive throughout the list. 
  • Talking about the best lightweight everyday stroller, our experts have selected R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Stroller for you.
  • However, we’ve not involved that stroller in this list. Still, if you have a below 2500 rupees budget, then buy Mee Mee baby stroller
  • Further, Joie Stroller Aire Twin is the best among all twin baby strollers out there!

For decorating your baby stroller, you can buy some amazing baby stroller toys.

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