AO Smith Geyser Review – Is This Water Heater Worth Your Money?

AO Smith Geyser Review – Is This Water Heater Worth Your Money?

Water heaters are one the most useful domestic appliances. Sometimes you might need to get somewhere urgently in the morning. It is not possible to take a bath in freezing water.

These heating appliances can be used to quickly and comfortably warm your bath. They heat water quickly. This benefit can be obtained from a performance-oriented heater.

One of the best water heaters is available from AO Smith. This model was also selected as one of the best models by Best Geyser India.

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

What’s Unique WIth AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater?

AO Smith water heaters offer unparalleled performance and aesthetics. AO Smith’s 15-Liter HSE SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater can be used as one example of such a heating appliance.

This geyser is designed to provide high-quality performance. This heating device is made by the company to enhance the decor in your home.

Modern homeowners are most interested in the 2000-watt water heater. However, Havells Water Heater is the only model that can compete with AO smith in terms Performance and Features.

What Benefits Does AO Smith Geyser Contains?

AO Smith designed the 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater to be visually stunning. The unique tank design of the heating device is recognized as a benchmark in the industry.

Blue Diamond Glass Lining gives the tank maximum security to ensure its long-term durability. This Vertical Water Heater is also the most efficient heating appliance. Every homeowner will be impressed by the geyser’s excellent design and affordable price.

The 15-litre vertical water heater is professionally designed by the manufacturer. You can relax your mind and body with the long, hot water baths. AO. Smith builds the geyser tank from durable material that is strong and resists rust.

The heating appliance’s ABS plastic body provides incredible resistance to rust, impact and other damage. These features ensure that you can relax at the end of a long day.

This geyser’s design is also very attractive. It will automatically shut off after the water temperature reaches its highest setting within 15 minutes.

It all depends on the water quality. If the water is very hard, it will take longer for the heating appliance to turn off.

The manufacturer provides a comprehensive warranty on all parts of the heating appliance. The 7-year warranty covers the inner tank. The extended warranty is 4 years, and the full warranty is 2 years.

Design & Features of the AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater

A.O. Smith Advantage

It is more attractive than Haiergeyser or Havell’s model.

The professional design of the 15-Litre Vertical Heater helps it earn 4 Star BEE Ratings. This highly-rated heating device is designed to meet international standards. The tank is made of durable Blue Diamond.

Multi-colour panels and temperature settings are available on the geyser. These panels make it easy to beat the competition in the market. The geyser is designed by AO Smith with a water storage capacity of 15 Liters.

It is compatible with 220 volts domestic voltage and a wattage of 2000 Watts. It is easy to install and maintain due to its compact and professional design. The water heater is available in three sizes: 37.5, 10, and 37.3 centimeters.

The geyser’s compact design means that it takes up less space in your bathroom. This appliance is of higher quality and has advanced technology. It can withstand corrosion and hard water and operates at temperatures between 25 and 75 degrees Celsius. The tank of the water heater is made from a strong, heavy-duty steel alloy.

The tank is 23% stronger than stainless steel and copper tanks. Blue Diamond’s glass-lining technology gives the tank twice the resistance to decay and extends the tank’s life expectancy. These design features make the 15-Liter HSE SDS-15 vertical water heater from AO Smith the most high-quality device in the market.

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Why is This Vertical Water Heater so popular?

While researching and narrating our Top 12 Geysers For Home Use in India review, we found that this vertical vacuum is among the most popular ones.

This model is a popular vertical water heater for several reasons. Its top-notch features are the first. This model of AO Smith vertical heater is extremely popular with global customers for the following reasons:

Tank with high resistance

Blue Diamond Glass is used to line the tank of the AO Smith HSE SDS-15 vertical water heater. This technology improves the tank’s strength and resistance to corrosion. This technology also increases the life expectancy of the tank and the efficiency of the heating device.

Heating element for emergencies

The AO Smith 15-liter vertical heater comes with a glass-coated, fold-back heating element. This matches the tank’s design, providing consistent heating. This ensures that hot water is always available.

Energy-efficient technology

OA Smith designed the water heater with the PUF Injection Technology. This makes it more efficient than other heating appliance brands. This technology guarantees uniform heating. This advanced technology also ensures the distribution of high density foam.

Insulation and the zero-gap tank design ensure maximum energy efficiency and power savings. Advanced PUF injection technology makes the inner container stronger, and reduces heat loss. You will get a durable, performance-oriented heating device that can also reduce your consumption costs.

Useful Diffuser

Attached to the water heater is a well-organized and handy inlet water diffuser. It breaks down the incoming water into smaller streams. It also changes the direction of the water flow from the horizontal to the vertical.

Durable Anode Rod

To ensure a long life, the manufacturer has carefully designed the anode rod using a custom alloy. This makes the heating device compatible with different water conditions. It also makes the heating element highly resistant against corrosion.

Handy Thermostat

The vertical water heater is designed by AO Smith and features a thermostat. This thermostat allows you to set the hot water temperature according to your preference easily. The heating element is automatically turned off when the water reaches the desired temperature. This reduces wear on the heating element by a lot.


  • Advanced Technology
  • Construction of superior quality
  • Tank with double-layered glass and linked
  • Energy saving
  • Maximum protection against corrosion, hard water and hardness
  • Longer Warranties

  • Some people think the water heater is too expensive. It is actually quite affordable.
  • Brand: AO Smith
  • Color: White
  • Style: 15 Liter, 4 Star BEE Rating
  • Power source: Corded Electric is the
  • Product dimensions: (LxWxH: 37.5 x 10×37.3 Centimeters)
  • Product Weight: 9.8 Kilograms

The Conclusion

The Final Advice

The HSE SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater from AO Smith lets users take long, relaxing hot water baths thanks to its top-notch features. Blue Diamond Technology gives the heating appliance the durability it needs and extends its life.

This advanced technology also makes the tank stronger and gives it a high resistance to decay. Vertical water heaters are also energy-efficient. This allows users to reduce their electricity costs significantly.

The warranties offered by the heating device are a real benefit for shoppers’ hard-earned money. It is therefore worth spending your money on the HSE-SDS-15 model AO Smith 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater.


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