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Why Is My Grinder Getting Hot? Easy Solutions Explained

One item that is found in nearly all kitchens is the juicer grinder. It’s possible to live without the microwave or some other appliances in the kitchen for a couple of days, but you shouldn’t be without a mixer.

It’s not just a way to save time but also is an essential item for bachelors looking to help ease the load of the kitchen. Its only problem is, as, with any other electronic juicer, mixer grinders also wear out in time.

The Basic Check

If the mixer’s motor is running due to temperature, disconnect the appliance, remove the jar and inspect the appliance. You’ll find an orange switch in the lower part of the appliance. Use the switch to reset the appliance, then plug it back in, turn it on, and it should fix the issue.

Mixer grinder overheating problem: The root of the issue and the solution

Mixer grinder overheating problem The root of the issue and the solution

The main reason that causes blenders and mixer grinders to perform improperly is overheating. If the machine is not used correctly, it can cause overheating, which could eventually cause damage to it. In addition, it can affect the nutritional value of our food items.

Clean Intervents

Intervents permit air that has been displaced to let out as the ingredients are introduced into the mixer. They can be easily blocked by dust, and when the mixer’s grinding machines do not function at their maximum effectiveness, it can result in overheating.

Regularly clean the intervents so air can escape and your ingredients can mix easily. If air cannot escape through the intervening substances can form dust clouds as they escape through other outlets. Dust poses a risk of explosion and fire.

Repeat the pulse at regular intervals

Repeat the pulse at regular intervals

The best way to do this is to set the frequency at intervals. Ensure the appliance isn’t running for more than 30 minutes in one go. It is possible to use spoons or a spatula between pulses to scrape the inside of the jar. But do not use this method if the appliance is in operation.

Check the Discharge Gate Operation

Over time, dust, dirt, powder, or other foreign objects may become trapped in the discharge gate, making it difficult to close. It could also lead to excessive heat.

Check the discharge gate during operation to ensure it is closed and opens properly. If the gate isn’t fully open, it could result in material remaining inside the mixer.

Check Components for Lubrication

Check Components for Lubrication

Checking the lubricant levels regularly and ensuring that all moving components of your mixer have been properly greased could keep the mixer from overheating and increase the lifespan of your mixer for many years.

Particular attention must be paid to lubricating the reducer, drive, and shaft bearings. Schedule time every month to examine the levels of lubrication.

Do not grind food items over long periods

The grinding of hard ingredients such as dry fruits and spices puts an extra strain on the mixer’s motor. If you drink this kind of drink regularly, you risk the mixer’s motor overheating.

Beware of using hard ingredients and avoiding using them for prolonged periods for at least 2 or 3 days, then examine if the heating problem persists.

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Inspect Electrical

Inspect Electrical

Examine electrical cords for broken wires. As machines and people move about, the facility cords are often blocked. A damaged electric cord is an immediate danger to safety, exposing workers to the risk of fire and shock.

When you combine a damaged electrical cord with the issue of clogged dust clouding, two seemingly minor issues can turn into major problems, such as mixing heat, an explosive, or a powder fire.

A damaged electrical cord could also cause damage to the internal components of the appliance, which can cause internal heat to the appliance.

To ensure that the ribbon blender or mixer functions correctly, look at the power consumed when it’s running. If it’s taken up excessively or insufficiently, there may be a problem within the motors or electrical system.

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