Whirlpool White Magic Classic 601SD Washing Machine Review – Make Laundry Tidier

Whirlpool White Magic Classic 601SD Washing Machine Review – Make Laundry Tidier

Our forefathers cleaned their clothes in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Your great-grandmothers were not employed but instead cared for the home. Today, nuclear families are commonplace in urban cities. Both husband & wife work while their children go to schools or colleges. 

Housekeepers are replaced with modern technology gadgets that perform household duties. 

For this article, we’re discussing washing machines. There are various kinds of washing machines ideal in the Indian household. Today, we’ll showcase the most sophisticated, easy-operated, cost-effective model, the Whirlpool 6 kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine.

Whirlpool’s model is space-saving, thanks to its small dimensions. It has plenty to provide, which we will cherish in this article.

Whirlpool 6 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

A Quick Review of Whirlpool 6kg fully-automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine

A perfect appliance to aid in washing your clothes in a short amount of time without human involvement. The Whirlpool White Magic Classic fully-automatic washing machine is equipped with special sensing technology to determine the amount of load, water pressure and temperature, detergent dosage, and many other factors. It comes with a water intake pipe and detergent cup user’s manual, warranty card, and drain hose with a clamp.

  • Capacity: This wash can hold 6 kgs and is suggested for families with nuclear members in cities. It can accommodate 30 T-shirts into one duvet. It is the preferred purchase by families with 3-4 people.
  • The Type of Control and the Function: It’s an all-in-one, top load automated machine with many features.
  • Color: The Washing Machine is available in one color: grey. The color is trendy thrilling and is frequently used in appliances because of its appeal to consumers.
  • Warranty This warranty: Whirlpool White Magic Classic comes with two years of comprehensive warranty and 10 years of warranty for the motor as well as the prime mover.


Whirlpool 6 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine System

You’re probably thinking about the advantages of this machine. What makes it a great purchase for your family and you? We’ll discuss the features and benefits of Whirlpool White Magic.

Energy Rating of 5 Stars with Eco Wash Program

5 stars for top-of-the-line water in terms of energy and water efficiency. Each wash will save over two buckets of water.

Sixth Spa Wash System Sixth Spa Wash System

With its well-designed primary mover and drum combo, the sixth spa washing system gives the most efficient wash, with 40% less tangling. It has 50% fewer holes than a normal wash drum, leading to smoother washing and less lint production.

Technology Of Power Scrub

Power Scrub Technology Power Scrub Technology generates more significant agitation. This aids with the elimination of tough debris and gives a thorough cleaning each time.

Zpf Technology

It will fill the tub 50 percent faster, even at pressures of as small as 0.017MPa.


Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

3 clever features make this washing machine the perfect purchase.

Smart Lint Filter

This feature assists in the elimination of lint that has accumulated throughout the washing.

Smart Sensors

The machine’s sensors are smart and instantly detect and notify of low voltage and water conditions.

Smart Detergent Recommendation

The system detects the amount of wash in the tub and recommends the right amount of detergent.

Tub Cleaning

Each time a wash cycle is run, it cleans all the dirt and debris that have been built upon the inner wall of the bathtub after its spin.

8 Washing Application

The eight washing routines are designed to offer the highest quality wash for every type of fabric.

Child Safety Lock

Children naturally become fascinated by their surroundings and constantly seek new experiences. Child Lock is a great feature. The Child Lock button provides total tranquility as there are no buttons to manipulate while this mode is in use.

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Filter for Magic Lint

The novel magic lint filter, which is not visible to the naked eye, can automatically remove the machine of lint during the cycle of spin of each wash, using centrifugal force. This feature is automated and will eliminate the need for handwork by you.

  • A capacity of 6 kg is perfect enough for a family with between four and five members
  • Two years of comprehensive warranty
  • 6th sense technology
  • Auto tub clean makes maintenance a breeze
  • The top-loading model makes it extremely convenient and also within your budget
  • It is ergonomically friendly and provides high-quality wash every time.
  • Five stars make it energy efficient.
  • Fully automated, every wash, rinse, and drain cycle has to be completed before starting the next wash cycle. This can make washing time-consuming.

Frequently Answered Questions

Which one is better, either a top-loading or front-loading washer?

A variety of factors determine. Front-loading washing machines consume less water, but they cost more. Top-loading washing machines are simpler to operate because they don't require you to bend to load and take off your clothes.

Which one is better: either a semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machine?

Fully-automatic! There's no question about it. Make sure to consider semi-automatic washers in case your budget isn't too tight. Semi-automatic machines are difficult to operate. The entire process of washing can take a long time and exhausts you. It is essential to be present at every step - washing and drying, rinsing, and washing. Fully automated machines will complete the entire washing process without your involvement.

Which is more harmful to clothes which are more damaging to garments, the washer or the dryer?

It's entirely dependent on the method you use to use this washing machine. There is a chance that delicate items could be damaged when you dry or wash them at high speeds.

What are the factors I should consider when buying the washing machine?

The capacity, the space requirements type, price, and the brand are all factors to consider when buying the right washing machine.

How much water do a fully automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic washer use per washing?

The amount of water used varies between semi-automatic and fully automatic top-loading washers. Semi-automatic washing machines consume approximately 120L of water, while a fully automatic washing machine requires 140L of water. Thus, there should be no doubt about purchasing a fully automatic washing machine.

Do you see a difference between front-loading and top-loading detergent? Do you think it's just another advertising ploy?

Yes, there is a distinction. Top-loading detergents for washing create foam that assists in the elimination of filth. Surfactants are in the foam. Front-loading washing machines provide less space for the foam to rise. Therefore, they need less foaming surfactant and other chemicals to get rid of the debris. Front-loading detergents can be more expensive because of special detergents that have less foaming.


The Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine can save you from the hassle of checking the condition of your clothes and will effectively clean your dirty clothes with one simple click. The automated washing machine is water-efficient and energy-efficient, and capable of handling all kinds of clothing. It has features such as the child lock & the hot water source, timer, and many more.

The capacity of 6kg on the washing machine is sufficient to wash your clothes every day. So why do you have to pay for your laundry when this washing machine takes care of everything in one click.


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