Usha Misty Geyser: Budget Solution With Durability?

Usha Misty Geyser: Budget Solution With Durability?

Usha is a well-known brand that has created an excellent relationship with its clients over the years due to the high-quality appliances they provide. A Usha Geyser purchase can be a great choice for those who want to find the most effective product at a bargain price.

The range of Usha’s water heaters that are electric is a flawless blend of technological advancement and excellence. The vast selection offers installation kits, and the manufacturer provides the complete package.

Usha Misty is a 25-litre reservoir water radiator. The efficiency of energy and the speed of heating are the main features of it. Multivalve’s wellbeing feature is also present inside the warm water. The warming element is convincing. In addition, the inward tank is designed to reduce the risk of water leakage. Tension bars are typically great and suitable for higher structures.

usha misty geyser

A Quick Overview

If you believe that washing your hands is difficult in the winter months, you’re incorrect, as washing your hands in cold, freezing water can be a terrible experience. If you’re someone who requires warm water for any reason, then you must try The Usha Misty Geyser 15 Liter that provides warm and pleasant water during winter to relieve any tension. Its stockpiling capacity of 15 Liters is extremely rapid. This geyser is designed to supply users with hot water as quickly as you can explain your requirements for that.

The Benefits of Using A Geyser

Accurate Performance

Its Usha Misty 15 Liter Geyser is equipped with Whirl stream technology to provide faster warming and the most energy efficiency, and high strain withstanding capacity of up to 8 bars ideal for high-rise structures. The insurance for dry warming is also there. It’s 2000 Watts.


The following are the principal components of this geyser.

Practical Design

It comes with copper warming elements with a glass-lined, finished cover and encapsulates the presence of the components. This Usha Misty 15 Liter Geyser comes with a single weld line inside the tank. It features an ABS anti-erosion body, PUF of the highest quality and unrivalled protection, which reduces overheating, increases energy efficiency, and facilitates faster warming. Five security features are there.

Superior PUF

The Superior High-Grade PUF is an incredible extension to this water heater. Superior PUF shielding reduces overheating and also maintains the temperature of hot water inside the tank for a long time. Additionally, it enhances power efficiency and facilitates rapid healing.


The Multivalve is a breakthrough for its water warmer in the specified value that appears to be quite suitable. It lets the water out when the stream of water is drawn to cross the line. At that point, it channelizes the excess water.

Thermal Cut Out

This is among the most important features of every geyser that is available. It cuts off the power in case the water temperature inside the geyser exceeds the pre-set temperature. It’s an intelligent security measure.

IPX4 Technology

The water warmer comes with IPX4 technology on the exterior body. It’s water-sprinkle resistant and rust-proof. It can help the exterior body last longer and will be sturdy.

What are we looking forward to?

High-Grade Heating Element

This water warmer comes with an innovative warming component. Contrary to other models, it comes with Incoloy 800 that is glass-lined. It’s powerful and ensures quick water warming. This also includes Dry warming security.

Inner Tank

The Single Weld Line inward tank is safe for consumption. It is able to function properly under hard water conditions. The lifespan of the tank inward is remarkable. You won’t be disappointed in any way.

Pressure Bar

The strain bar for this geyser is 8 bars. It’s perfect to use as a water heater. It will provide a steady stream of water up to the 20th floor of a structure. It is sturdy and safe.

Magnesium Anode Rod

This is the element that makes the warm water well even in difficult water conditions. It’s also erosion-proof and can increase the power of geysers everywhere.

Things We Do Not Like

Knob to Control Temperature: The water warmer is packed with high points, besides the temperature control handle. This could have been an entire package.



The capacity for this Usha Misty water radiator is 15L. This is ideal for small families or guest accommodation. The advantage of this dimension is that you can get sufficient water that is neither more nor less for families. A high volume of water can lead to waste, and if your capacity is smaller, then you must believe that it will heat in the geyser over and again until you completely fill the container.

Rated Water Pressure

The geyser is accompanied by an appraised 8 bar water pressure. This indicates that the geyser is able to withstand the pressure. The buildings that are elevated have very high-pressure water to allow water to flow at the most extreme levels. The pressure measured at 8 bar of this geyser suggests that the geyser is able to be safely and easily used in high-rise buildings since it can withstand the pressure of such a high.

Power Consumption

The geyser requires 2000 watts and 240 Volts to function. This makes it extremely energy-efficient and doesn’t increase your monthly power bill.

Tank Coating

The tank contains steel ABS that has been tempered. It isn’t susceptible to corrosion and consumption and, consequently, provides a longer life for the geyser.

Pre-set Thermal Cut-Out

The geyser stops warming as the water warms to a certain temperature. This is a very beneficial feature in the operation of the. It conserves power and prevents the water from getting too hot. This feature ensures longevity to the geyser. It also ensures that it is safe to use the geyser.


This geyser comes with a wealth of benefits and very few negatives. The biggest drawback is something you can accept. In terms of negatives, there’s a 25-litre capacity, and the capacity is enough for a family of five. One can purchase something smaller.

If the heating is sufficient for everyone’s needs, you can adjust the pressure bar well. Even hard water conditions don’t cause any strain to its magnesium-based anode bars. If you’re purchasing this striking Usha Misty geyser for this price, then it’s a smart idea.


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