Usha Juicer Mixer Grinder Price | Features | Review

Usha Juicer Mixer Grinder Price | Features | Review

The kitchen is considered the first step in your wellness and health journey. It requires compatible appliances to meet your nutritional requirements.

A mixer is, without doubt, the essential kitchen equipment for any food preparation requirement, especially in Indian kitchens where spices are plentiful, creating the perfect flavour.

In the discussion of juicer mixers, this article will discuss the fantastic juicer mixer grinder from Usha. Usha is an acclaimed Indian brand that has developed the art of providing high-quality appliances for a reasonable price, and this juicer grinder is no exception.

With this budget-friendly but robust juicer mixer grinder, you’ll be free of cooking for a lifetime.

You’re on a budget and need a mixer juicer ideal for you at an inexpensive cost?

The Usha juicer mixer is ideal for those who need it. It costs only around Rs.2600, and it gives the best features available that other juicer mixers with the exact cost don’t. 

Usha 3345 450-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

Usha Juicer Mixer Grinder Review

So what is it that is unique about this model that distinguishes it from the rest? Let’s take examine them each one by one:

The Specs

  • Shock-proof: Yes
  • Product weight:4 kg 420g
  • Product dimensions: 49 cm x 49 cm x 41.5 cm; 4.42 Kg
  • Motor power: 450 watts.
  • Control of speed: 3 speeds
  • The maximum speed of rotation: 18000 rpm
  • Blade type: The type of blade is Stainless-Steel.

Features of Usha Juicer Mixer

Whichever mixer grinder you pick, there will be various features you can expect to find with different brands. As we’re going through the Usha model, we will look into the features of this model:

Robust Motor

This model is equipped with a powerful engine with 450W that can take care of every mixing and grinding requirement. In addition, the machine is protected from overload to guard your mixer against overheating and voltage spikes.

It appears more attractive than some expensive juicers. 

Additionally, the jars are fitted with flow breakers that provide fine grinding and liquid escape options to ensure that the motor is secure. The most significant benefit is that it uses very little energy regardless of its incredible motor. It’s also energy-efficient and offers an 18000 RPM motor. No, that’s what differentiates it from the rest.

Usha 3345 450-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 2 Jars

Safety is the finest

In addition to its strong motor, the Usha mixer juicer also has an excellent overload protector, which prevents your juices and contents from spilling out of the jar in a flash.

It also shields your motor from problems and helps keep it secure for a long time.

This Usha model has taken safety features to the next level by including another locking mechanism to ensure that the contents do not overflow.

Users will have fun with simple, smooth and straightforward activities thanks to this Usha Juicer Mixer Grinder’s 3-speed setting and the pulse feature. It lets users manage their speed with the machine and still keep in mind the purpose it’s utilized for.

Impact Resistant Jars

Its Usha Juicer Mixer includes two jars: one transparent 1.5-litre mixing jar beside a one-litre wet grinding jar that can be used to complete various kitchen chores.

One advantage of having separate Jars is that you do not have to sort your juice and grinding components to prepare juice. Instead, simply mix them up and make your beverage or food.

Additionally, the jars feature excellent construction, making them resistant to all types of impact, like the sudden drop or the severe scratches.

Centrifugal Juicer

The Usha Juicer Mixer has a clear finish, allowing you to see what ingredients you add. This way, you will be able to check if the fruits and vegetables you’ve put in are well blended.

The juicer has some other outstanding advantages too. For example, its centrifugal juicer has an enclosed mesh chamber. It has strong, sharp teeth that allow juice extraction to be made more accessible.

The juicer spins fast to extract juice from the pulp while keeping all the nutrients. It’s particularly helpful in the process of blending large quantities of vegetables and fruits.

Usha Juicer Mixer Grinder system

Compact Design

The Usha Juicer Mixer’s small shape and gorgeous design allow users to use it in tight spaces and create a beautiful pleasure in the kitchen.

The model is made of high-quality ABS plastic, ensuring it’s durable for a long period. It’s also extremely light, weighing less than 4kg, 41 g making it simple to transport to any location.

If you’re looking to make juices in the kitchen or go on vacation, you can bring this mixer grinder for juice wherever you go.

Easy to Clean

When cleaning juicer mixer grinders, most of us ignore tough areas because it’s extremely complicated. Areas like blades and the sides that fit are extremely difficult to clean.

But this Usha blender juicer is simple to disassemble and assemble, making it easy to clean.

Do not worry if you do not understand the concept of assembling the machine because you’ll receive a detailed user’s guide which will provide you with all the details about the juicer grinder.

Powerful Wet Grinding Technique

This Usha Juicer mixer features a powerful wet-grinding feature that is quite useful when making dosas or uttapam, idli and similar dishes that need the battery to prepare. It can save you time and energy.

The majority of juicers are designed to be used for juicing. Therefore, their grinding functions aren’t exactly remarkable. However, this model is a standout in every area.

This wet mill makes it easy to prepare whatever dish you desire without hassle or waste of time.

Quality and Guarantee

One of the numerous advantages of this Usha blender juicer is the fact that it has a one-year guarantee. That means that in case one of the parts of the juicer mixer is damaged by any unexpected case, the machine can be repaired at the service centre without cost.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a blender, grinder, juicer, or an excellent mixer/mixer, the Usha juicer mixer can do it all with the highest quality. This model comes with many features that other juicers of similar prices don’t and can meet your needs for the best juicer grinder available in India.

It is equipped with a powerful motor and a sturdy build that makes it ideal to use daily and lasts for a long time. The company also offers on-site services, so if you think there’s something wrong with your juicer mixer and you are unsure, call the customer service department and examine it.

The main benefit of this mixer grinder is buying this mixer grinder from any place in India by placing an order online through Amazon. It can be delivered within a few days without hunting to find it in one place.

But, aside from using the data on the model, we recommend you think about your own needs and desires. In the end, it is an essential part of your kitchen, and it will simplify your daily life.


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