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Table Top Wet Grinder Review – Should You Invest?

Butterfly Rhino just added another exquisite product to their amazing Wet Grinder range – the new Butterfly Rhino Table Top Wet Grinder! Is it worth the investment similar to the other models on the market or provide an edge to the current brands? Let’s discover it right today!

Table Top Wet Grinder’s latest addition to Butterfly Rhino comes in the stunning color of Cherry and is a different style from the early models. It is made of a shiny ABS Plastic Body.

The wet grinder comes with the capacity of 1 Jar that is worth 2 Litres, typically larger than the standard grinders.

The lid is fitted with a hood that is transparent, as well as an option to get a 150-watt low-power consumption motor too.

The features listed above seem quite a lot for a grinder. It’s not the cheapest priced item, but its MRP is Rs. 3,900 (on Amazon India) for Butterfly Rhino, based upon numerous discounts and promotions.

If you decide to purchase, it’s guaranteed to be backed by a warranty, high-quality and durable that will last for years and years. It has an attractive body that definitely makes it stand out from other grinders at a similar price.

It has an ABS-based material body that is lightweight and available in a compact size. If you are aware of the true importance of a wet mill, it is possible to get rid of the confusion about what tabletop wet grinders are.

We have made that decision simple for you now, right here!

Butterfly Rhino Table Top Wet Grinder

Important Specifications for Butterfly Rhino wet grinder

  • Manufacturer: Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd.
  • Weight: 5.96 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions: 48 x 31 x 31 (cm)
  • Included Components: 1 No. of Main Unit of Main Unit, Lid, Roller Stone of Lid, of Lid, SS Drum, Lock Knob, Spatula, User Manual, and Warranty Card 

The Top Advantages of Butterfly Rhino wet grinder

  • The tabletop wet-grinder is extremely simple to operate and also clean. It’s durable as well. It comes with a clear arm lid made from polycarbonate material.
  • With its precise timer, this tabletop mill provides a fast operating time of an uninterrupted period of 20 minutes.
  • Low Wattage – This wet grinder comes with low power of 150W and an output voltage of 220-240V, 50-60Hz, and 1300 rotations.
  • It has an ABS and stainless steel plastic body for greater endurance and long-lasting features.
  • The contents of the package contain a range of items, including a single tabletop wet mill and a grinding stone.
  • The number of jars available inside the box is 1 and has a total capacity of 2 liters.
  • This wet grinder comes with an adjustable stainless steel drum and a rolling stone.
  • The warranty is provided in two distinct ways – the motor warranty is 2 years and a separate guarantee of the machine that lasts for 2 years. 

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Are There Any Other Best Benefits?

Butterfly Rhino Wet Grinder

  • Cylindrical Stone: The new Butterfly Rhino Table Top Wet Grinder has an oblong stone that is sturdy. It makes the batter more supple regardless of what you’re making it to cook or just to make the puree.
  • Greater capacity: The grinder has 2 liters of capacity for grinding. It contains a stainless steel drum that can be used for an extended line. The majority of grinders are not able to allow this, and they will become rusty as time passes and with repeated use. However, it’s not an issue for the tabletop wet-grinder.
  • Easy Ventilation: It’s equipped with easy-to-use vents for the grinder to control body temperature and not overheat in case of multiple uses within a short time.
  • Lock system that is easy to use: When you live in a home with children, it’s crucial to secure your appliances. The tabletop grinder has an easy lock system that ensures that you and only you are able to operate the machine while cooking in the kitchen.
  • Transparent arm lid: We all want to get a sneak glimpse into the food we’re preparing! The transparent lid that sits on top of the jar will help to achieve this, as you can observe the consistency and thickness when preparing food.
  • Easily portable: The grinder weighs under 11kg. It looks heavy, but it’s really not! You can easily transport it between your counter and your washing machine and then other places to pour batter down.
  • Low Power Consumption: Butterfly Rhino table top wet grinder is equipped with 150 watts of power, a high power motor with low consumption, and a 1300 rpm motor that ensures that there is more speedy and efficient grinding. It also comes by using less power to help save the cost-effective billing units.
  • Uniform Grinding Pressure: The grinding device has a consistent grinding pressure, and it is extremely hygienic and easy to use. The body is unbreakable due to the polycarbonate material.
  • Aesthetic Design and Colour: The truth is that the design doesn’t impact the fundamental grinding. It’s nevertheless a pleasing visual treat for the eyes. It’s available in cherry with a stunning design. Therefore, those who love vibrant colors are in the right place to take.
  • Easy Maintenance and Installation: The setup of the Butterfly Rhino tabletop wet grinder is easy, regardless of the many elements that are included. It’s simple to set up and start grinding!

Safety precautions for tabletop wet grinder

Butterfly Rhino Grinder

  • Make sure to wire the electrical components of the grinder correctly as it carries a huge current of energy. You must keep tabletop wet grinder away from water sources since it could alter the voltage or current flowing through the machine and damage it.
  • Make sure to test the grinder before operating or performing any other work. Run your grinder through an secure and enclosed area to identify any flaws or damage to the grinder.
  • Don’t make use of your Butterfly Rhino table top wet grinder without the grinding wheel, which is designed for the protection of the wet grinding machine. Inspect for any issues and then contact the support service for any further questions.
  • There are many components with the tabletop mill to ensure that all components are assembled correctly and tightened to avoid any accidents at the table.
  • Perform maintenance on the grinder, such as proper cleaning of all the components to ensure smooth and seamless operation.

Final Words

Grinders are a must-have part of any kitchen – as in, how could you not own one? So why not get the top Rhino Butterfly Table Top Wet Grinder? It can make your everyday grinding chores much simpler, efficient, and enjoyable to use (not going to say it!). Thanks to its huge capacity, you can make delicious purée shakes, juices, vegetables, and fruits! Its capacity of 2 liters will more than provide for multiple people at one time.

The Rhino Table Top Wet Grinder appears like the perfect platform to reap the advantages of a grinder. It’s not an “too affordable” ktichen gadget on the market. Nevertheless, it’s good enough to bring a change to your everyday kitchen experience. Beyond the technical and internal aspects, this table top grinder is also a priority for the style, size, and weight of this machine. Therefore, why not fight against the mediocre and make it easy and effective just as the batter you put in your machine! Get going and make your purchase today.

Other grinders that we have tested against this one did not pass our tests or scored only adequate. This is why the Butterfly Rhino table top wet grinder is our recommendation for the best.

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