Top 12 Best Pedestal Fan in India 2022

Top 12 Best Pedestal Fan in India 2022

If you’re no AC person searching for the most efficient method to combat the harsh temperatures and extreme temperatures, you’re looking for a pedestal fan. They are the most suitable option for a practical, fashionable, and cost-effective cooling device.

The pedestal fan has replaced all other options for cooling in many locations. Are you contemplating purchasing one for yourself? If so, you must be certain of picking the best one that meets your requirements. Learn more about the subject, and you’ll find the perfect pedestal fan made specifically for you.

Best Pedestal Fans in India 2022

We’ve reviewed the top 10 pedestal fans in India.

1. Havells V3 450mm Pedestal Fan

Havells V3 450mm Pedestal Fan

Havells is among the brands known for its ability to provide the finest electronic items to its customers. Its Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal fan (Black) is as good as the other products which are part of the brand. This is one of the finest pedestal fans that can be the perfect choice for any dimension and style of the room.

The pedestal fan has three blades that measure 120cm in size. In addition to this, you get an elongated blade of 450mm with this Havells V3 Yurbo, 450mm Pedestal fan (Black).

The power supply of this fan is between 220-240 volts which guarantees a high-quality performance while consuming less.

You will receive a two-year warranty on the pedestal fan with all the aforementioned features. Within the warranty time, the customers will be protected from all kinds of damage or defects that the fan could have incurred since they will be covered for all of them within the warranty duration.

The use of stainless steel in the production of this fan’s pedestal ensures that you’ll never experience any problems with the built-up quality.

There’s nothing you don’t like about this fan. In terms of the design of the fan, it’s a chic fan that looks great regardless of where you place it.


  • Great for very big rooms
  • Minimal power consumption.
  • Effective cooling uniformly

  • The positioning of elegant blades on this fan ensures that it does not compromise the flow of cool air to every room.
  • When it comes to air thrust, this pedestal fan is operating at 1400 RPM, which gives the most efficient air thrust to its customers.
  • It helps save the most power since it is only consuming power of 100 watts.


  • Installation needs some exercise
  • The manual up n down adjustment of neck aren’t that smooth.

2. Usha Helix Pro 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Helix Pro 400mm Pedestal Fan

If we’re discussing the best brands in pedestal fans, this list can’t be completed without mentioning the Usha brand. The Usha brand has been around for a long time and is aware of user needs and requirements. Due to this, you can be certain of the performance and reliability that this fan pedestal offers.

The fan under the Usha brand name, The Usha Helix Pro High-Speed 400mm Pedestal Fan (40) Blue, has three blades set most elegantly to guarantee the most air to the space.

Therefore, it can be utilized in moderate and large rooms and provide premium cool air.

It operates on the principle of delivering high-speed performance.  This is approximately 70% higher than a typical fan. Additionally, it comes with a feature of soft head tilting. Using this mechanism, the pedestal fan can rotate its head to the desired location.

The pedestal base is huge, giving the fan solid and even support while operating. If there is a case of thermal overloading, the fan is equipped with an auto-resettable switch capable of providing the necessary safety to the motor. Additionally, it protects the motor from the issue of over-heating.


  • Ideal for moderate and large rooms
  • It is equipped with a high-speed motor.
  • Protection against overheating of motors

  • You get a warranty of two years for this pedestal fan against any kind of defect and damage.
  • It can rotate with a total of 2300 RPM.
  • The motor is protected from the issue of over-heating.
  • The pedestal fan is beautifully styled and can be purchased in white or blue colours when it comes to design.


  • The speed control switches are placed in wrong place. Accessing it is risky also.
  • High blow speedy air comes with some noise level.
  • Switch quality is very bad.

3. Orient Wind Pro Stand Fan

Orient Wind Pro Stand Fan

If you’re searching for an upright fan that gives you the perfect combination of high-performance and appealing looks, your search is over with an Orient Electric Wind Pro Stand -70 400mm stand fan (White/Blue Tint).

The pedestal fan is unique in terms of high-quality performance and unparalleled design. It’s the ideal pedestal fan model that can enrich your rooms with cooling air.

Another excellent feature that this model has is its quiet functioning. You won’t be disturbed when working with this fan, even at its maximum speed. It also comes with the security of the thermal overload protection feature by using this pedestal fan. You can therefore be confident of its efficiency.

To know more about This pedestal fan has a blade’s sweep of 400mm, which is adequate for moderate and large rooms. It operates with a power consumption of 85W, which lowers electricity costs for the user.

Also, you will get the most protection against the overheating of the motor, making it long-lasting.


  • Great for large and moderate rooms
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Effective motor protection

  • The structure of this fan was made with a thorough understanding of the needs of the user.
  • It has five blades, which provide large air thrust when operating.
  • It comes with an air delivery capacity of 95 CMM.
  • It also has 1300 RPM, which provides high-speed and immediate air cooling for the space.
  • In addition to the many benefits, you have an adjustable height to reach the highest level for efficient cooling.
  • You get a guarantee of 2 years with this pedestal fan, which shields it from any defects and injuries.


  • There is a creaking sound In swing mode, which is very annoying.
  • The colour is different from the pics.

4. V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan

V-Guard is a brand that is extremely well-known for the manufacturing and dealing of pedestal fans, so you can be sure to receive only the best performances from the V-Guard Finesta 400mm pedestal fan (Yellow black).

This fan is typically sought-after by those who want top-quality performance and a small dimension of this pedestal fan. It is considered one of the top choices from V-Guard’s wide selection of choices on the market.

The most distinctive benefit you get from this fan pedestal is the size of its motor, which measures 509mm by 538mm X 148mm.

Because of this tiny motor size, the pedestal fan never occupies any more space or creates noise when running.

Alongside all the features in this fan, you also receive a guarantee duration of 1 year for any possible damage and defects that you might find.

When it comes to the distance of the blade sweep, it’s 400mm, which is sufficient for larger and, more specifically, moderate rooms.

The motor in this V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan 400mm (Yellow Black) is equipped with powerful oscillations that distribute cool air to every corner of the space.


  • Great for moderate to large rooms
  • The remote control is included.
  • Quiet performance

  • It (Yellow Black) is equipped with three big blades to allow the air to cover the entire area.
  • The height that the pedestal fan can adjust is an additional benefit that you can count on when evaluating its most prominent attributes.
  • It comes with the benefit of an even airflow across the entire room.
  • The remote control accompanies this to allow access from a distance.


  • The low speed mode is also very fast, which may annoy a few.
  • Cable length is only 1.2 meter.

5. V-Guard Finesta Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Finesta Pedestal Fan

If you are searching for a sleek pedestal fan in its design that can fit into any space, the V-Guard Finesta High-Speed Pedestal Fan will be the ideal selection.

It’s made with the tiniest shapes and can be easily adjusted to its position. Additionally, you’ll also be amazed by the appealing design of this fan’s pedestal, which is a mix of blue and white.

It operates using 120 W to provide efficient cooling, the ideal operating voltage.

This V-Guard Finesta High-Speed Pedestal Fan (White and Blue) is also lightweight and extremely portable, making it a popular pedestal fan among people who use it.

It is equipped with three blades, which are top quality and can thus deliver the air to all corners of your room. In addition to 3 blades, you also have 3-speed options to select from.

This means you can choose the speed at which you want to operate the pedestal fan by the room’s temperature.


  • Moderately sized rooms
  • Quiet performance
  •  In-built timer

  • This pedestal fan is incredibly quiet and causes no disturbance for the user at night or when it’s in operation.
  • This model of the V-Guard Pedestal Fan is an inbuilt timer.
  • It can run for 120 minutes, which, once established, can relieve users from having to worry about turning off their fans.
  • You’ll be impressed by the quality of this pedestal fan since it can withstand corrosion and other issues.


  • The big issues include base and fan stem connectivity, firmness and stability.

6. Havells Sprint 400mm pedestal fan

Havells Sprint 400mm pedestal fan

It is not a mistake to describe the Havells Sprint 400mm Pedestal Fan with LED Remote (Wine Red) as the next generation of pedestal fans.

The pedestal fan in question is yet another creation developed by the Havells brand and is slowly accepted by people who use it.

The fan has blades with a sweep at 400m which demonstrates its power and performance. Additionally, the addition of a strong motor gives it a complete package to meet the demands of its users.

If you’re concerned about the energy consumption of this fan, it is operating at a power consumption of only 50W. This means you can pay less for electricity when using the pedestal fan.

It comes with a warranty of 2 years with this pedestal fan, which is an effective defence against problems and damage.

It is also equipped with an LED remote control that increases the user’s convenience to operate the pedestal fans from distances.


  • Great for moderate to large rooms
  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Includes a remote with LED control

  • This fan is fashionable and robust in its performance. It leaves a lasting impression on customers.
  • The Havells Sprint 400mm Pedestal Fan has an LED Remote (Wine Red).
  • It has three sleek and powerful blades that can reach into every corner of your room with its cool, cool air.
  • With 72 cubic meters/minute airflow, the pedestal fan can bring immediate relief from heatwaves.
  •  To ensure its performance, this fan runs at 1360 RPM. With this increased RPM, you will see a flood of cool air into your space in no time.


  • The 3 blade part is plastic which isn’t very sturdy.

7. Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan

Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan

The scorching heat of the outdoors could ruin your enjoyment with your pals, but with the Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan (White), you are now able to have fun with your companions.

The latest and most innovative technology used with this Pedestal Fan (White) guarantees that users can enjoy cooling air, regardless of the outside temperature. You can do every fun activity with your loved ones without feeling hot.

With a delivery distance of 72 CMM, cool air will certainly get to all corners of the area. When it comes to the pedestal fan’s motor, it is equipped with a powerful motor that runs at 1350 RPM, which further boosts its performance.

As the name implies, you will get the swing wings that serve as the basis for the uniform distribution of air. Additionally, you get three speeds for this pedestal fan.

This fan is simple to operate in terms of design and delivers a smooth and seamless airflow across the entire room.


  • Ideal for rooms with moderate space
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Motor with power

  • This fan is light and very portable and can provide the necessary convenience to customers.
  • The blade sweep of 400mm from this pedestal fan is efficient for cooling small and moderate rooms to the highest quality.
  • The pedestal fan runs with 50W of power consumption and reduces the electric cost of users.
  • The distinctive design and powerful characteristics are the ideal combinations for their customers.
  • The top power of this fan isn’t that satisfactory.
  • No lever to stop swing.

8. Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm 

Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm

Suppose you’re looking for an upright fan that will deliver maximum airflow with the least power and voltage. In that case, the Orient Electric Stand-82400mm Perimeter Pedestal Fan (Crystal White/ Sky Blue) is the most suitable option for you.

This pedestal fan has been created with the requirements of users and customers in mind, that it always delivers the best and most uniform airflow to the space. The three blades on this fan’s pedestal are designed in an aerodynamic style that will completely impress you with their efficiency.

The pedestal fan has 53W of power, ideal for lower power expenses. It also has the option of downward and upward tilting to ensure cool airflow.

The pedal fan motor has been protected against thermal overloading and from the danger of overheating. It is protected by powder-coated guards that are surrounded by a polymer. The 90-degree rotation of this pedestal fan improves its performance.


  • Ideal for small and moderate rooms
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Advanced security measures to protect you

  • In addition to the 3 blades of the pedestal fan, you get three speeds that can be adjusted depending on the temperature requirements.
  • It (Crystal White/ Sky Blue) is fully adjustable, and its height can be adjusted according to and when required by users.
  • In terms of style, it offers an appealing combination of blue and white that is compatible with most of the decors in your room.
  • The pedestal fan, in general, is protected by a warranty for 2 years against any possible defect and damage.


  • The height adjustment isn’t that proper. It slides down, even though you tighten it.
  • The construction could have been sturdier.

9. Crompton Micron 400mm Pedestal Fan 

Crompton Micron 400mm Pedestal Fan

Bringing back the style of a metal body with metal blades is the Crompton Micron 400mm pedestal fan featuring a Metal Body and Metal Blades.

This is one of the few pedestal fans made using a metal body and metal blades. The pedestal fan could be different in appearance and design, but it is guaranteed to provide the quality of performance expected from the pedestal fan.

Let’s begin by letting us look at the style for the Crompton Micron 400mm pedestal Fans featuring a Metal Body and Blades.

The name implies that these pedestal fans feature metal bodies and metallic designs. While this provides the fan with an appealing appearance, moving it from one location to another can be challenging.

You also enjoy the benefit of less energy consumption. It runs with a power consumption of 54W. Additionally, it also has an RPM of 1360. This will ensure that you get the best performance from this pedestal fan.


  • Ideal for moderate and large rooms
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Quiet performance

  • Its 400mm blade sweep makes this fan an ideal choice for rooms with large spaces and moderate spaces.
  • In the shortest time frame, you will enjoy a refreshing cooling effect in your home.
  • In addition to the top-quality construction, it comes with Metal Blades and a Steel Body.
  • You have the option of speed four levels, which you can pick based on the temperature outside and the room’s cooling.
  • Very poor Amazon customer reviews.
  • It’s very difficult to installation.

10. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

The Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan (White) You can comfortably relax even in the scorching hot summer heatwaves.

Let’s begin with the style for it (White). In the beginning, you have two choices in the colour choices of this fan. You can choose between the colours blue or white. Also, you get a warranty for 2 years.

In addition to the colour options, the other impressive thing (White) is the style. It is a beautiful and straightforward style that can fit into any decor and provide high-quality performance.

The pedestal fan is made to deliver efficient cooling for rooms with moderate temperatures, but it also works most effectively in small rooms.

It runs at a small power draw of just 55W, and it operates at a voltage of 300 volts. This means you’ll be able to take pleasure in the cool breeze and save money on electric costs. Another benefit of oil reservoir oil lubrication increases the longevity and reliability of the Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan (White).


  • It is ideal for rooms with small spaces.
  • High-quality and reliable
  • Motor size compact

  • This Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan (White) is designed to be easily and efficiently put indoors and outdoors.
  • It allows you to feel comfy, regardless of the temperature outside.
  • You’ll be pleased with is the cost-effectiveness of this fan.
  • The ability to adjust the height of this fan is another benefit you will enjoy as an advantage.
  • You can also alter the setting of this fan according to your preferences and requirements.
  • It is fully plastic constructed except motor and stand rod.
  • Assembly is tough.

11. Bajaj Victor Aluminum Pedestal Fan

Bajaj Victor Aluminum Pedestal Fan

The Bajaj Viktor VPO1-18 Aluminum Pedestal Fan (White 450mm) is designed to come with features and amenities that are useful for customers.

If we talk about the blade sweep length that this pedestal fan provides, It is 450mm, sufficient for very large spaces. This means that you can utilize the pedestal fans in outdoor settings without concerns.

The material used to make this fan’s pedestal is Aluminum which is one of the top materials used in creating pedestal fans since it shields the fan from various dangers.

The blades of acrylic used on it (White 350mm) can move fast and uniformly deliver air to all corners of the space. The fan utilized on this pedestal is robust and will provide the required performance for many years with no issues.

Blade guards have also been included that shield its blades from the possibility of damage and therefore ensure the best longevity. Also, it comes with the option to control the pedestal fan using a remote.


  • Great for very large spaces
  • Blade covers are included.
  • Aluminium body

  • Beyond the benefits, you will be awed by the style and design (White of 450mm).
  • It comes with two years of warranty to ensure the best performance from this fan’s pedestal.
  • This is a high-speed pedestal fan because it runs at 1300 RPM.
  • It efficiently provides the required high-quality air even at the most extreme temperatures.
  • To help keep your energy bills at bay to reduce your electric bill, it operates at an energy consumption of around 55W.


  • Top Speed is not up to the mark.

12. Crompton Hiflo 400mm Pedestal Fan 

Crompton Hiflo 400mm Pedestal Fan

The Crompton Hiflo 400mm pedestal fan is an incredible pedestal fan made with the finest of features and designs within the Crompton brand.

The pedestal fan is so advanced that it is modern in style and design that does not leave any space to impress its customers. If you’re searching for an attractive and efficient combination of a pedestal fan, the Crompton Hiflo 400mm pedestal Fan LG is the best choice.

If you’re worried about this fan consuming more power to run its operation, take an alternative; it consumes only 50W of power, which lowers the cost of electricity to a manageable amount.

Also, don’t forget that plastic blades, bodies, and base make the pedestal fan lightweight, and consequently, it can easily be moved as is required.

It provides a blade sweep of 400mm, which is ideal for small and moderate rooms. Overall, this fan offers a relaxing experience in delivering to the requirements of its customers.


  • Ideal for small and moderate rooms
  • Modern design and beautiful designs
  • Soundless performance

  • It has a two-year warranty which guarantees the user that they can use this fan with no worries about damages or defects.
  • The quiet operation of this fan is also recommended as it does not bother users with its operation.
  • In terms of the design and shape of its body, it has a base of plastic for a contemporary appearance.
  • The blades in this fan are made from plastic, which enhances its appearance and makes it look better.
  • It also operates at 1300 RPM, ensuring that cool air can reach all corners of the area.


  • Not as fast as it claims.
  • Swivel is too slow.

What is the Pedestal fan?

Pedestal fans are also referred to as stand-ups fans. These are the most reliable and durable solutions to beat the scorching summer heatwaves. They consist of rods for the long fan connected to the strong pedestal base located at the bottom.

Many choices of pedestal fans are available that are superior to other alternatives like wall fans, table fans, and more.

In contrast to other fan models, pedestal fans have mobility since they can be easily moved from one location to another. Additionally, these fans’ space is larger than the other fans.

What is the best Pedestal fan available in India?

When choosing a pedestal fan, it’s essential to keep an eye on the elements to be considered. Examining these aspects will make it easy for you to make the right choice among the many choices.

If you’re unaware of the numerous aspects and want to know more about them, consider these points when selecting the ideal pedestal fan for you.


Most pedestal fans have been designed so that they don’t create any noise when operating. They function quietly in any circumstances and don’t cause disturbance to the regular functioning of people.

It is important to check this aspect and ensure that the chosen pedestal fan doesn’t make any noise when in its working condition.

To confirm this, get a demo from the seller, and take a look at users’ reviews regarding the product.

Blade Sweep:

When selecting an appropriate pedestal fan, the first thing you must consider is the blade sweep. This is the circle area covered by the fan’s blades when the fan is turning.

Blade sweeps of pedestal fans determine the area covered by the blades of the fan. It also determines the cooling zone.

The greater the number of those blade sweeps better is the cooling that comes from this pedestal fan. On average, the expected worth of the blade ranges from 400mm-450mm.

The type of motion

Another aspect that you must consider when selecting a pedestal fan is the type of motion. It is available with various types of motion, and you need to be aware of the different types before making your final purchase decision on the right pedestal fan.

There are three types of motions available from a pedestal fan are as follows:

  • Rotating motion – The pedestal fan with this kind of motion spins its movement with time. It’s exactly opposite the static motion and spreads cool air across all directions.
  • Oscillating motion – The pedestal fan which oscillates can move up to 90 degrees. The pedestal remains stationary or unmoving while the grill also rotates and distributes the air in all the necessary directions.
  • Fixed motion – Fixed motion is this form of the motion on the pedestal fan in only one direction. It simply passes through the air in this direction and does not make any other changes.
  • Removable grill:

Pick a pedestal fan with an adjustable grill that is attached to it. The grill can be removed to facilitate your fan’s quick and efficient clean-up. However well you use your fan will become filthy over time and requires cleaning.

If the pedestal fan you choose doesn’t have a grill that can be removed, it could become difficult to clean. So, it is recommended to look for a pedestal with an open grill to make cleaning easier.


Alongside the numerous aspects that affect the pedestal fan’s operation and motion, you must be aware of your budget. It is recommended to set a budget before deciding on your pedestal fan.

After you’ve decided on your budget, it will become a breeze to select the best pedestal fan to meet your needs.

Since there are numerous choices in pedestal fans, staying within the budget will keep the need to spend more when choosing the pedestal fan.

The speed option

It is best to pick a pedestal model which gives you a few options for speed. It is best to seek out a fan with several speeds to ensure that you can control the speed as required according to the outdoor and even indoor temperatures.

In general, there are three-speed options you will find in most pedestal fans. From there, you can pick your preferred speed:

  • After-sales-services:
  • Medium speed
  • High speed
  • Low speed

Most people don’t take note of this fact, but it is one of the most important aspects that must be treated with the same importance as other elements. The after-sales service is crucial that it can help you receive the best and most desired service and support when experiencing any issue or problem with the pedestal fan.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was possible to get the necessary maintenance needed for any type of issue or issue with your pedestal fan? The guarantee for after-sales services guarantees the same for customers.

Benefits of using pedestal fans:

If you’re exhausted from trying different possibilities with your fans but not getting the perfect comfort and style, it is time to look into those pedestal fans.

They have a lot of benefits that will cause you to be enthralled by the incredible performance and beauty they offer. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy when you decide to utilize pedestal fans:

Air distribution evenly:

Another benefit you gain from pedestal fans is their ability to evenly distribute the air throughout the space. It is possible to place the fan in one area of the room, and it still can circulate cool fresh air to every part of the space. The pedestal fan can rotate its head to ensure that its air reaches every inch of the space.

Energy consumption is reduced:

Another advantage you will get from pedestal fans is that they require less power and energy. Even though pedestal fans offer a consistent air distribution to each corner of the area, they use a lot less energy.

They also require less power to operate and are more economical for consumers. Since pedestal fans use much less power than conventional fans, they help you save on your electric cost.

More maintenance:

In contrast to other fans requiring more maintenance, pedestal fans are much easier to maintain. There is no need to maintain these fans to ensure their components and performance.

The fans are made so that each one lasts for a long time without requiring maintenance from users. If, in reality, the pedestal fans require some kind of maintenance, it is within a reasonable cost.

The ease of using:

The primary benefit you will get from pedestal fans is their simplicity of use. They are extremely easy to operate and do not require additional installation or operation to transform them into working conditions. They take care of the convenience and comfort of their users and do not make things complicated.


Since they aren’t connected to any fixed location of connection or do not have a wire fixed to them, they provide the greatest advantages of mobility.

They can be easily moved by fans from one location to another without facing any difficulties or issues. In addition, if you’re thinking you’ll have a difficult time placing the fan in another location, you can enjoy the greatest ease of use with that.


When compared with other options for fans offered in the market, pedestal fans are the most affordable and suitable alternatives.

They are priced so that every person will find one of the pedestal fans that meets their requirements and preferences. There’s something for everyone in pedestal fans.

It doesn’t matter if you require an expensive or cheap fan; you’ll choose the right pedestal fan of your preference. The only thing you have to do is set your budget and then search for the best solution for your needs.


One of the most significant advantages you can reap from the pedestal fan is that it can cause less harm to the natural environment. They do not emit toxic smoke or poisonous substances during their operation, which means they are very eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Because these pedestal fans work at lower power consumption, they aren’t as harsh on resources, which means they can help the environment through their work.

Many options:

If you think you’d get one or two options for the pedestal fan, you ought to look at the various pedestal fans. You will find plenty of options with pedestal fans to meet and fulfil your requirements and requirements in the most efficient possible way.

It is possible to have as many options in terms of design, quality, and distinctiveness of pedestal fans as you’d like. You’ll never be in the middle when looking at the right pedestal fans that are right for you.


In terms of design, performance, or quality, pedestal fans are durable and reliable in all categories. When you’ve chosen your choice of pedestal fans, you’ll have no issues when using them. Since these fans last several years, you can reap every benefit in the most efficient way possible.

The advantages of pedestal fans only when you have picked the best fan for you that meets all your requirements and expectations.


Pedestal fans are changing the function of the term fan. Within a short period, they have established their mark on the market and among the consumers. To ensure that you’ll receive all the anticipated benefits and features of a pedestal fan, it’s essential to select the best one for your needs.

Based on the quality, characteristics, features, and advantages anticipated from a pedestal fan, we suggest Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan. It is among the top pedestal fans you could pick for yourself.

If you’ve got any questions regarding this pedestal, please leave a comment below, and we will be back with the most appropriate answers. You can check out our top air coolers for India guide if you’re curious.


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