You are currently viewing Prestige Electric Rice Cooker Review & Features Guide in 2024

Prestige Electric Rice Cooker Review & Features Guide in 2024

Prestige recently launched a new item in their cooker range – the brand new Prestige electric rice cooker. Cookers from this brand have always been known for their authenticity and quality. But is the latest version of the line as good as it promises?

Electric Rice Cookers operate more efficiently than regular cookers. They can help keep the kitchen cool when the stove is turned on and are more stable in temperature, too.

Prestige Delight 1.5 electric rice cooker is available in a sleek and elegant colour of contemporary white, with minimalist floral designs on the edges. The cooker comes with a large capacity of 1.5 Liters.

The item is priced between Rs1800-Rs2200, based on the various market prices. It’s certainly not the lowest price rice cooker, but it is absolutely worth the cost.

The new Prestige Electric Rice Cooker surely provides some intriguing features such as keeping flavours intact, remaining close to you in the long haul, using less energy and other things. Let’s examine some of the key features.

Prestige Delight PRWO 1.5 Electric Rice Cooke

  • Dimensions of the Product – 33.8 by 24.8 19.4cm x 19.4cm; 25.2 Kilograms
  • Capacity – 1.5 Litres.
  • Material – Steel with a stainless steel
  • Item Model Number: PRWO 1:5
  • Item Weight: 2KG 5 10 g
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Item Dimensions: 33.8cm x 24.8cm x 19.4cm
  • Net Quantity: 1 U
  • Basic Customer Reviews Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

The Most Impressive Features of Prestige Electric Rice Cooker:

  1. Features for steaming: Steaming assists in more ways than cooking rice. It lets you steam and cook tender and delicious vegetables as well in cooking rice to cut down on time and space on the counter.
  2. Solid construction: Prestige Stainless steel has a high degree of strength and endurance due to the longer and stronger durability of the item.
  3. Auto-warm function: Unlike conventional cookers, Prestige Cooker offers auto keep warm functions to ensure that your rice is protected from bacteria even if it cannot serve it immediately.
  4. Multi-purpose: Prestige Rice Cooker, as the name implies, is not just used for rice cooking but also provides the entire menu of soup stew, puree, stew Idlis porridge, etc.
  5. A power cord that can be conveniently detached: This feature will allow for better connectivity and a bug-proofing experience. You can easily wrap the cord and store it in its place after use.

Which Big Benefits does Prestige Electric Rice Cooker Provide You?

Prestige Rice Cooker

Durable Body and Low-Maintenance

The new and improved electronic rice cooker is a high-end model that has an extremely durable body that has an extremely strong double-wall construction composed of stainless steel. This helps protect the cooker’s inside from damage and dents and will also prolong the longevity that the appliance will last.

Availability of Control Panel

One of the latest options, the panel helps with making meals automatically while you’re working in other chores in the home. After cooking, the rice will be automatically moved to keep warm. This makes it convenient if there are delays in serving the food.

Cool Touch Handles

The handles of the cooker can be hot and cause burns to the hands. Prestige has cool-touch handles to make it simpler to transport and move across the countertop from the stove. Even when the food inside can be hot to touch, the handle of the cooker remains cool.

Greater Capacity

The cooker is equipped with a capacity of 1.5 Liters and cooks up to 300 grams of rice or other food at the same time. The name says it all that it’s not just restricted to soups, but the cooker can cook an entire selection of cooked porridges soup, pulao, soup, stew, and idlis with its 30-watt electric rice cooker.

FREE 2 Cooking Pans

The prestige rice cooker includes two cooking pans made of aluminium for cooking convenience. Aluminium cooking pans provide uniform heat distribution to ensure efficient and consistent cooking of rice.

Tight Close Fit Lid

Like the stainless steel features and lid, it is fitted with a steam vent to let steam escape to prevent overflow and the lathering of rice, making it simple to keep clean. The cooking pans are easily stacked and placed in the cooker, thereby conserving space.

Detachable Power Cord

This is a new feature in cookware, but it’s not available for Prestige! This makes the cooker mobile and practical, as you can take it wherever and use it! You don’t need to store the cooker in one location. Instead, cook with it and then serve it at the table or counter as well.

Important Safety Tips for the Product

Here are some tips and security strategies one should bear in mind when using the Prestige electric rice cooker. These are as follows.

  • Make sure to check the cooker on a regular basis to determine at what time to ensure that the electrical sockets, cords, and so on. are in good working order and ready to take on heavy appliances. 
  • Keep the cooker away from other flames, stoves, or alternative sources of warmth or flammable substances. Don’t keep the bowl of the rice cooker in the LPG stove as it could cause electrical disturbances or power loss.
  • You shouldn’t connect Prestige rice cooker to an in-socket that shares with other appliances since it’s electric and has 300 megawatts of electric power.
  • Do not close the steam vent when the lid is on the outside of the cooker in the cooking process.
  • Do not scrape the cooking pot to clean it or wash it away, as it could cause scratches. The deformation leads to poor contact between the pan and the plate for heating. This can lead to the failure of the cooker after the warranty has expired.
  • The power cord of the cooker should not become knotted or twisted, or stretched.
  • Make sure you don’t use the rice cooker using an unrepaired plug or cord.

Final Words

If you’re in search of an efficient, low-cost, affordable and long-lasting electronic cooker, then the high-end electric rice cooker is your first choice. It’s enough for a small household.

If moist, warm and delicious cooked food that is steaming is what you are looking for, the Prestige Electric Rice Cooker will be a great choice for you. You will enjoy this appliance as it makes sure that food retains flavorful tastes, and the features that this cooker has will help you to fall in love just a bit more!

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