Best Hair Straightener in India 2022 Reviews & Hair Straightening Tips

Best Hair Straightener in India 2022 Reviews & Hair Straightening Tips

Hey, are you planning to go to the salon to get your hair straight? 


Firstly, if you go for a cheaper plan, be ready to get your hair damaged, for if you wanna attain perfect straight hair, without damaging them, then you’ll have to shed at least 4000-6000 rupees, which actually doesn’t seem smart!

Grabbing cool, reliable hair straighteners seems much intelligent! You just buy a straightener cream, which will cost you below 1000-1200, and that cream, with one hair straightener, you can straighten your hair whenever you want!

Obviously, we’ll describe the process in our guide, but before that, let’s tell you which all straighteners are picked by our experts after 88 hours of research and testing 41 of these!

So, don’t walk the extra miles to get your hair straight! Just be here for short, and then buy smartly!

We’ve described all considerations, tips, and everything you want, and here we begin with our top 8!

Here’s the list of top 7 amazing hair straightener machines in India

Havells HS4152 A++ 9.5 Under 2500 Buy on Amazon
Havells HS4121 A+ 9.2 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Havells HC4045 5 in 1 A+ 9.1 Under 2000 Buy on Amazon
Havells HS4101 A 8.9 Under 1000 Buy on Amazon
VEGA 3 in 1 A 8.8 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Professional feel Neo Tress B+ 8.6 Under 800 Buy on Amazon
AGARO HS 4532 B 8.5 Under 700 Buy on Amazon

Hair Straightener is definitely a great gadget to get your hair to the desired shape, but using it without any knowledge may harm your hair effectively. Also, if your hair gets damaged, it’ll take a very long time for you to get them in its normal state again.

So, rather than taking any big risk, just read our 5 min guide, and you’ll know the best method of using a hair straightener perfectly! Also, the salon experts we hired have provided some great knowledge & solutions in the FAQ section.

Hair Straightening Tips

Sleek, shiny, straight hair may make a significant impact. It is the type of design that manages to look chic with everything from a dress to your Sunday sneaks and joggers, and it works at every hair length. Want to get the look? From prep function in the shower to finishing touches, these rules of thumb give you the best way to whiten hair without causing unnecessary harm (we’re working with higher heat, after all!).


1.) Tough Dry Your Hair

The blow dryer is what’s actually the most damaging to your hair. When you’re trying to receive a sleek finish, should you use a dryer from the shower, we suggest demanding to dry (that is a specialized term for shaking the dryer back and forth within the head) until it is 80% finished. 

However, it is important to keep the nozzle facing the entire time. Otherwise, the hair will frizz. The next 20 percent is up for you: You can apply your merchandise, then allow it to air dry, or blow it out smooth for the best result. It gives your hair more direction & shape.

2.) Prep at the Shower to Straight Hair

Let’s get 1 thing clear: no shampoo or conditioner will provide you hair. But hair care products tagged “smoothing” might have the ability to help prepare the strands to get the procedure by supplying major moisture. 

Hair, which is dried out and brittle before you even begin with the straightener, is. Take a paddle brush to comb through, then rinse your hair gently. 

Don’t towel dry like mad once you’re out of the shower! This will boost the natural curl. Instead, tap downwards softly. As an option to the traditional terrycloth towel that boosts frizz, try the super-soft Micro Cotton Towel, whose microfiber material helps to promote sleek strands.

3.) Hold up Until Your Hair is Bone Dry

In case you see steam or you hear a sizzle, stop and assess the circumstance. It’s the style behind the smooth hair of models. Hair must be completely dry when you fix it. 

In case you’re sure that the hair is dry, it may be the case that item build-up is the culprit. You should be specific about what items you use before you flatiron. 

You must avoid applying anything to dry hair, which is the thing that makes fixing not quite the same as curling. 

Since the iron clips down on the hair, there’s no place for the item to go. You’re basically heating up the item into the follicle, which is definitely not a good thought, particularly when it contains alcohol.

4.) Use the Right Brush

As for your brush, it has to be soft enough to help smooth and polish your hair effectively. Most importantly, we’ve found Vega Round Brush, which is amazing and arrives with a 36 large glitter nail clipper box. It’s ideal for adding curve, curl, and volume to your hair. Also, it’s suitable for all types of hair and is among the Best Hair Straightener Brush in India.

5.) Use Thermal protection.

Alright, so you don’t need the hair to sizzle. However, how are you expected to prepare runway strands without the assistance of a touch of something? 

The Straight Spray covers the hair with a particle, and you can utilize it on damp hair, which is incredible. And it secures up to 450 degrees and opposes dampness, so it drastically lessens the frizz factor. 

In addition, it’s made without oils and silicone, which could eventually burden the hair. In case you have thicker or coarser hair, you could, at present, use the argan oil to help saturate your hair and include more sparkle.

6.) Continuously Hold Your Hair Taut

In case you keep your hair areas pulled tight, they’ll need less pass-through (and fewer passes mean less harm, obviously). Disregarding hair with the straighteners more than once won’t execute the hair, yet you shouldn’t have to do it so much in case you’re pulling your hair and making strain. 

Pull your straighteners descending, starting from the root. Obviously, wavy styles will think that it’s important to pull, fix, and rehash a couple of times. However, pulling the hair tight while you fix it will highly help.

7.) Take It One Section at once

You shouldn’t be arbitrarily getting fistfuls of hair. Ensure you won’t get to pieces that are excessively thick and don’t pointlessly reapply heat. 

Rather, we propose making areas so you can, without any hassle, keep tracking of your process: Split the hair in the center at the back and afterward present it. 

This will give both of you segments to work with. However, in case your hair is thick, you may think about cut-out it into four sections. 

Cautious separating is one of the most key hair fixing tips. Sectioning will save you time, and the explanation everybody complains about fixing taking such a long time is that they’re working off random bits of hair!

8.) Check Your Temperature

Continuously secure your hair by maintaining a strategic distance from too-hot temperatures. The 450-degree setting was planned explicitly for in-salon, proficient keratin medicines. 

It wasn’t intended for customers. In any case, presently, everybody can use it, which makes the at-home procedure quicker. Clearly, this comes to the detriment of your hair’s health. 

Coarse hair needs a higher heat, yet fine hair and particularly harmed or colored hair should remain in the safe zone of 300-350 degrees. 

Ensure you won’t let go over 410 degrees, with the goal that you don’t need to run your hair through the straightener more than once.

9.) Use a hair straighteners with Advanced Technology

You could be following the entirety of the above steps but still ending up with less-than-flawless hair. Actually, with regards to straightening, the proof is in the product. 

Here, our experts will give you some convincing reasons behind which you should buy the incomparable hair straighteners, which our experts have recommended.

The automatic shut-off feature in Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener is extraordinary. It’s an incredible safety feature for girl-on-the-go. Search for the recuperation time. A ton of cheap flat irons take as long as 90 seconds to recoup the temperature you set, so you’re really losing heat as you come. 

That means the heat won’t be equally disseminated between the two plates. However, the hair straighteners we’ve suggested have all advanced technology that guarantees even & constant heat flow. Material is essential, and therefore, ceramic is softer on the hair, yet that makes it perfect just for fine-to-normal hair types. 

In case you have curly hair, search for gold or titanium. With regards to size, it’s important. Never go over an inch-and-a-half. 

You won’t have the option to arrive at the root appropriately. Thicker straighteners can be useful for styling, yet not curling.

10.) Add Finishing Products for Adding Shine and Reduce Frizz

If you have the sort of hair that may frizz or curl up, then using finishing items will be your companions, not your foes. 

However, we’ve just figured out how to avoid silicone and oils found in most shine agents, so what’s left? A light-hold hairspray is a smart thought, but it’s ideal to wait until your hair cools down first. 

Consider splashing a hot container — it’ll sizzle and steam. Your hair will do something very similar! We recommend showering a pig nylon brush, at that point, combing it through for even application. It’s the ideal way to ensure your hair gets to hold that isn’t sticky/stiff.

Hair Smoothening vs. Hair Straightening

Hair removal is a temporary treatment that is regarded as a procedure under hair. The process involves saturating your hair using a formaldehyde solution followed by drying it out and using a flat straightener to lock your hair in the right position. However, the chemicals used for hair smoothing aren’t as strong as the ones used for straightening purposes. 

This makes this therapy damaging. But it isn’t ideal for all hair types. Keratin treatment has become popular because the procedure works with hair and gives the hair a naturally smooth look, which is impossible to acquire with chemical relaxers.

Why Hair Straightening Over Hair Smoothing?

While frizz can be easily tamed with hair smoothing, it does not do much for straightening really curly hair. Hair straightening is preferred when dealing with hair forms such as thick and kinky hair when hair is desired by the client.

The odds of it going are bad, while smoothing your hair can change your curls into waves. You are more likely to get the outcomes you want when you choose to straighten your hair permanently.

Also, Assess whether you have any compound allergies, hair loss issues, or some other serious conditions before getting any one of these baldness treatments. Get a hair test. If you experience any discomfort or baldness, consult a doctor before you move any further.


Following are some frequently asked questions regarding hair straighteners and expert answers:


Is permanent hair straightening good for hair?

It’s true, permanently straightening hair may damage your hair in case the chemical on the type of hair isn’t understood properly. For example, straightening blonde-colored frizzy-treated hair can be a disaster. However, using a great strength straightener on hairline hairs may cause thinning.

Coconut milk for hair straightening + (can we apply coconut oil after hair straightening?) 

In the morning, make a mixture by combining coconut milk and lemon juice. Mix it well and apply the mixture to your hair. Start from the roots and reach the tips. Leave it on for approx 30 minutes. Then simply wash off with a mild sulfate-free shampoo and cold water.

What about hair straightening for boy?

In case you’re a guy and want to straighten your wavy or curly hair, there are a few effective methods available you can use. You can straighten your hair temporarily with the use of a blow dryer & comb, or you can just use a flat iron with the goal to achieve straight strands.

 In case you want a semi-permanent method, use the relaxer to chemically straighten it. However, you must think about what kind of styling gadget & products you have and select the perfect method, which works best for you.

Is hair straightener allowed on plane in India?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. You can bring your hair straightener in your carry bag. In case you’re traveling with checked luggage, you can also pack your hair straightener there as well. In case you’re asked to show it, don’t hesitate at all. It’s entirely legit to carry!


Which is the best Philips hair straightener?

As Philips is known for its highly durable and fantastic performing products, it’s true that knowing about best Philips hair straighteners can be a smart thought. However, in our testing, they got beaten. Still, if you wanna stick to Philips, then also, no worries!

Therefore, our experts have also selected two supreme hair straighteners from Philips. Philips BHS673/00 and Philips BHS386 were the two best hair straighteners, which truly impressed our experts with their ultra-advanced technology and great features.

Best Hair Straightener in India 2021 – Reviews

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener

The best, easy-to-use and perfect hair straighter on our list is from Havells, and this one is very safe also. You get 2 Year Guarantee here, and regarding durability also, this hair straightener is the ultimate conqueror. The movable plates of this one adjust to the hair’s thickness.

This further reduces the pressure, ensuring a smooth glide over your hair. 25×120 mm Titanium coated plates of this straightener are truly appreciable, and due to this Titanium coating only, chances of hair damage are close to none. Besides straightening, we also tried this straightener to make bouncy curls, and we were entirely pleased.

You enjoy 6 Adjustable temperature settings, which means no matter what’s your hair type, this straightener will fully assist you!

The makers have also ensured no hair breakage with this model by providing floating plates. This is easy to carry while traveling. Plates lock system ensures that! It’s truly the best buy!

Havells HS4121 Wide plate hair straightener

Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener

Oh yeah, the second one is also from Havells, and this one is almost half the rate of our previous straightener. This red one is truly attractive. A 2-year guarantee is here as well. Temperature setting is very important, as all of us don’t have the same type here.

The range is -150°C to 230°C with this straightener, and you can set that warmth at whatever level you think will work on your hair.

There’s a convenient display for the temperature. 40×100 mm wide plates are there, and hair straightener always becomes easy with wider plates. It saves time and adds to perfection.

These are Ceramic coated heating plates, which are ultra-safe to use, and that’s why this Havells hair straightener is recommendable to those also who never straightened their hair before on their own. Will your hair break? Absolutely not, because you’ve got Floating plates here.

Havells HC4045 5 in 1 straightener

Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler - Straightener

Now, here comes something unique! It’s a five in one kit, which accommodates your hair so well.
If you want a specific sort of styling, this straightener kit does that in
minutes! The coating ensures heat’s uniform distribution, closing the chances of hair burning damage.

Users also exclaim that this kit gives an amazingly smooth and shiny texture. The perfect temperature is provided by the ceramic coated plates.

As it glides so perfectly on your hair, you don’t face the hair-tangle issue. The on/Off power button works efficiently. 190 degrees is the max temperature, and that much heat is enough even for the most stubborn hair type.

Besides that, All attachments arrive with a protective heat-insulated tip for the prevention of any accidental contact of your fingers with its heat plates.

You can create beautifully sculpted and stylish hair patterns, as you’ve got interchangeable plates here. What else you want for around 2000 rupees?

Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Fast Heat up Hair Straightener

With 2300+ Amazon customer reviews, the HS4101, the fourth constitutive model from Havells, makes an entry here in the best hair straightener list.

This one is for those who aren’t that confident about straightening their own hair for the first time and a bit scared of spending.

This one, costing around a thousand, does justice for you. If you’re a long hair man, then also this straightener is a sweet choice.

We highly appreciated its performance while straightening hair samples, and it performed over expectations.

You’ve got an LED indicator and perfect size blade with proper ceramic coating. Guess what? It takes just 45 seconds to heat up because you’re getting the advanced PTC heating element. Is your hair too hard to straighten?

No worries, this straightener has a max temperature of 210 degrees Celsius and can straight everything! For easy operation, you’ve got a switch based on/off mechanism.

Most importantly, this one ensures root tip straightening, which means your hair will stay straight for a longer duration. this cheap straightener is undoubtedly a sweet purchase.

Buy on Tatacliq

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VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler

VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler, Straightener


By adding around 500 over the cost of our previously discussed hair straightener, you can actually by one with extra functionality. 

For your occasional hair straightening requirements, the previous one was enough, but if you are more into hairstyling, and besides straightening, you prefer curling, layering, textured crimps, etc., the Vega 3 in 1 styler is superb for you. 

Of course, the plates have a ceramic coating, as that’s a “must” for any reliable hair straitening device. Its s360° Swivel cord ensures easy operation, and the Easy lock system makes carrying it easy. Complaints are minimal, and 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty is there. 

Besides that, Vega provides eight variations and combinations at various cost prices. Just wrap your hair around its barrel and tightly grip it with the clamp, and create free-flowing curls. 

For attaining different functions of this hair styler, you can use its switch. Most importantly, this styler is so easy to use that after 2-3 trials, you’ll attain results as per desire. We highly recommend VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler.

Buy on Indiamart

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Professional feel Neo Tress Pro Hair Straightener

professiona feel Neo Tress Pro Hair Crimper

Want a simple yet reliable hair straightener with a simple operation that doesn’t let you down?
Pull around 800 bucks out, and grab something like Professional feel Neo Tress Pro Hair Straightener.

Ultrafast heating makes it ready to use in seconds, and another thing that you’ll highly appreciate is the uniform heating.

A variable setting is there for the perfect temperature. We were pleased with the heating element of this one because of better heat retention than certain expensive straighteners. Tourmaline-ceramic plates ensure a smooth, shiny finish, and it’s better than your expectations.

It includes Includes 2.5 meters. Swivel cord (tangle-free) and usage go much convenient with Easy to hold ergonomic design. As it Penetrates hair from the inside, you attain long-lasting styles.

Truly, it’s a must-have styling tool that offers you easy-to-read, easy controls, and most importantly, perfect styling. even if your hair is pretty silky, your hair is gonna remain well straight till the next hair wash.

Buy on Indiamart

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AGARO HS 4532 Professional Hair Straightener

AGARO HS 4532 Professional Hair Straightener

This is the cheapest hair straightener on our list, costing around 700 without compromising on perfection. 

Just grab this straightener in your hand, and you’ll feel its ergonomics and will be able to figure out how well does its design accommodates you in straightening your own hair. 

We tested 8 hair straightness at this price, and most were crap. No one was able to compete AGARO HS 4532 Professional model. Due to the 360° Swivel Cord, you don’t face Tangling & curling issues. It’s 1.8m Extra-Long, and most importantly, heat-safe! 

Plate Dimensions are 115 X 32 mm, and these plates are Suitable for curly & frizzy hair. Even after being around just 700 rupees, durability is high here. The heating element seems very promising. 

The warranty is for 2 Years. 3D Floating plates easily adjust to your hair type & thickness, further making heating & seamless straightening. Also, being so sleek, it’s travel-friendly and easily fits in your purse.

Buy on Desertcart

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The Conclusion

Gaining A++ for feature grade, Havells HS4152 is the supreme best hair straightener to buy. Havells HS4121 is the one satisfying customers for a long. It’s the best choice under 1500.

Are you highly involved in regularly styling your hair? You should buy Havells HC4045 5 in 1 hairstyling kit then. For those, who feel that a hair straightener is just an occasional need for them and not wanna spend high, then Havells HS4101 is a suitable choice, costing below 1000.

Further, VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler is the Best Hair Straightener and Curler in India. If you wanna buy an ultra-cheap hair straightener, spend around 700, and buy AGARO HS 4532.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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