Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review – Is it Worth Buying?

To the majority of people, cleaning is trying to get rid of waste and clutter, sweeping and mopping obvious dirt or dust, and eliminating smells. However, the “dirtiest” spot in your house might be the unseen air you breathe.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Particles in the atmosphere may be a primary cause of many allergy and respiratory responses, as well as a carrier for the transmission of airborne illness. Dust can include germs, viruses, mould, pet dander, insect remnants, and pollen.

That is where stepping up your vacuum game might assist — an air purifier alone won’t be enough to keep your house clean. The vacuum cleaner you choose has an influence on both the filth on your floors and the air you breathe.

Dust is tough to eradicate and, despite taking many precautions, it finds its way into our homes. If you want to keep yourselves and your surroundings clean and safe, particularly during changing seasons, the Philips vacuum cleaner is one of the most important household appliances in which you should invest your money.

It decontaminates your house by removing dangerous dust and trash. Philips is one of the greatest vacuum cleaner manufacturers among the numerous brands currently on the market.

It’s one of the most trusted (and appreciated) brands in India, not just in vacuum cleaners but in all kinds of electrical appliances. Philips is making a huge comeback in the world of floor care. A number of anti-allergen products have been released by the company, and vacuum cleaners are among them.

Philips PowerPro FC935201 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review- Is it Worth Buying?

Today, we’ll discuss the top model, the PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner with a large capacity.

The bagless vacuum cleaner from Philips, which has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, is a complete powerhouse with a 1900W engine that ensures powerful suction strength.

Philips has not once failed to live up to its motto, “Innovation and You.” This vacuum cleaner has revolutionary and robust cyclonic technology that is specifically intended to propel air in the cyclonic chamber.

The segregation of dust is highly efficient as a result of this technique. Let’s discuss other features of this amazing vacuum cleaner.


  • Product Dimensions : ‎ 41cm x 28.1cm x 24.7cm
  • Weight: 4.5 Kg
  • Net Quantity ‏: ‎ 1 Unit
  • Power: 1900 W
  • Included Components ‏: ‎ Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, and Accessories

Impressive Design

The Philips floor vacuum cleaner comes with a power cyclone 5 technology that separates dust from air and keeps your house clean from the invisible dirt and germs.

The cord length of the vacuum cleaner is 6m, and the action radius is 9m long. It allows you to clean various intricate corners of the house easily and more conveniently.

It is a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner that gives you the freedom to move wherever you want in the house. Moreover, the large wheels present to allow for better motion control. It glides over the carpet because of its big wheels, and the tip is excellent at gathering up fluff, lint, and dust.

Also, It cleans the surface well in one sweep with outstanding close-to-edge cleaning owing to the soft brush that reaches the extreme end of any area. It cleans the large area of carpet efficiently, even out in the open, saving overall cleaning time for larger rooms.

Beast Power Mode

Philips PowerPro FC935201 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning

The 1.5-litre vacuum cleaner allows easy disposal of dust and bacteria. The size of most bacteria range from 0.2 microns to 10 microns, and Philips’ filtration is extremely effective at eliminating dust and bugs from the invisible air, giving it an A rating for exhaust dust elimination. Besides, the lightweight cleaner allows you to empty the trash easily.

The vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1900 W motor that provides strong suction power and cleans every corner of the house very conveniently. Suction power itself can be maximized up to 370 W, which makes this vacuum cleaner a beast among its competitors.

It also has an input power of 1600 watts and a turbo brush that removes 25% more dust and hair from your house. The turbo brush nozzle ensures the cleaning of carpets and the removal of hair and fluff.

Moreover, its powerful cyclonic action and advanced modern design put dirt in its place and controls dust even when you are emptying the trash.

Easy disposal

Most vacuum cleaners only provide limited features for cleaning dust and air from the house. However, the Philips Pro vacuum cleaner comes with an advanced dust container design, allowing you to dispose of the dust in a hygienic way. It also has a multi-clean nozzle that offers thorough floor cleaning throughout the house.

Most of all, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with an EPA 10 filter that offers cleaner, healthier air. The integrated soft brush comes with a fully sealed filtration system that captures more than 99.9% of fine dust particles, such as pet hair, dust mites, and pollen.

Automated System

One of the most impressive benefits of the Philips Power Pro vacuum cleaner is its active lock accessories. With these, you can easily adjust and switch to various tasks such as cleaning the sofa, floor, or bed.

The vacuum cleaner has a sound power of 82 dB and max airflow of 37 l/s. It makes sure you clean your house without any noise. This product guarantees complete hygiene with its intelligent dustbin design that can be emptied with one hand and helps to maintain fresh and clean surroundings.


Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner

The product comes with a two-year warranty that allows for the user to have the parts repaired whenever there is a defect or damage to any parts of the vacuum cleaner.

The customer service provided by the company is known to everyone. So, whenever you feel like your vacuum cleaner is acting strange, you can turn to the company professionals who will fix or repair the part immediately.

Make sure that the product is within the warranty period. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra for the repairs.


Costing just 7199, The Philips vacuum cleaner is one of the most cost-effective models with the good build quality. It’s also quite simple to use. What’s more, the attachments are sufficient, and emptying the dust collection canister is a breeze.

Cleaning it is as simple as knocking it over a trashcan or brushing it. As a result, cleaning the vacuum cleaner does not need much effort. Overall, this vacuum cleaner is among the best.

Final Take

This Philips vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction strength for excellent cleaning results. It also has a sophisticated design that cleanly removes dirt. This vacuum cleaner also has Power cyclone technology, which separates particles by accelerating air in the cyclonic chamber.

For outstanding cleaning results, the vigorous swirling movement increases airflow and performance. Using this vacuum cleaner to remove dirt is incredibly clear and simple. The dust bin is meant to be removed and emptied with one hand in a sanitary manner. It also enables deep carpet cleaning by removing hair and fluff. The nozzle’s spinning brush eliminates even the tiniest dust particles and fur.


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