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Panasonic Rice Cooker Review – A Tough Competitor For Other Cookers Out There

Panasonic recently launched a new product to their already impressive cooker line-up, the Panasonic The SRWA22H (E) Automated Rice Cooker. The cooker is quite impressive and has exciting new features. But, do you think it’s really worth it? Can it compete with the current name of Panasonic?

Panasonic rice cookers are capable of auto-cooking with an automatic cut-off feature and include a cooking plate. It has a convenient round holder, which comes with a guarantee that is included with every Panasonic product. The product is available in two colours, green and blue, as well as anodized aluminium for greater durability.

The power is around 700 Watts, with 2.2 Liters of capacity. It weighs 0.6 kg, which means it’s not heavy enough to be carried across the kitchen. Once you’ve finished cooking, you can prepare the dish within the cooker itself! A single appliance that serves two functions Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s priced between 2200 and 2500 rupees, in light of the pricing in the market and discount offers. The item has 4.5/5 stars, and users absolutely love this rice cooker once they have used it. Let’s look at the main specifications of this rice cooker.

Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) Automatic Rice Cooker

Key Specifications

  • Brand – Panasonic
  • Material – Anodized aluminium
  • Total Volume – 2.2 liters and can cook up to 1.25 kilograms of Raw Rice
  • Colour – Blue or Green
  • Wattage – 750 Watts
  • Capacity – 2.2 Liters
  • Product Dimension: 27cm x 27.4cm x 26cm; 2.9 Kgs
  • Rice cooker Dimensions: 27cm x 27.4cm x 26cm
  • Capacity for Warm Function 5 hours
  • Operating Voltage – 220-240 Volts
  • Item Weight: 2kg 900 g
  • Warranty: Two years of rice in the cooker and 5 years on the heater

What Are The Most Impressive Features of Panasonic Rice Cooker?

  1. The rice cooker can safely keep the rice in place; it is non-sticky easily cleaned. They’re a perfect fit for the back or front of your home; they don’t require any removal and are extremely easy to use.
  2. The cooker includes a cooking plate as it is inserted into the shell of the rice cooker; the pan’s weight assists to press the device that detects heat while the plate for heating will swiftly be able to settle.
  3. Panasonic Rice Cooker supports automatic rice cooking. It is controlled by a thermostat that monitors the cooking bowl’s temperature and regulates the heat.
  4. It is supplied with its own Anodized Aluminum Pan that is generally regarded to be safe because it is sealed and doesn’t interact with acid the way normal aluminium does.
  5. The cooker comes with a power-saving feature that automatically shuts off immediately after you have completed your cooking.
  6. Long-lasting durability Panasonic has always been renowned for its long-lasting and durable features. We’re sure that this model will not be a disappointment either.

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Which Benefits Does Panasonic Rice Cooker Provide You?

Panasonic Rice Cooker

ROHS Compliant Material

The body of the Panasonic rice cooker is made from high-end CRCA, which is food-grade material. The lid is made of tough and authentic stainless steel. The pan for cooking that comes in the cookware consists anodized aluminium, which is long-lasting and durable. This is known as ROHS-approved material.

Two-Size Capacity

Panasonic Rice Cooker comes in two versions with different capacities. One has a capacity of 2.2 Litres; the other comes with 1.25 litres. It’s a decent capacity and is suitable for small families of four or more people or for any other smaller gathering at home. Cook delicious meals for your family members and have them taste amazing by cooking up to 1.20 kilograms of rice at once using this cooker.

Auto Cut-Off and Auto Cooking

These two functions make these two features set the Panasonic rice cooker distinct from other cookers and make it stand out. After the cooking time has been completed, the cooker will stop cooking. Even if you fail to shut it off manually, you’re safe to go.

Low Maintenance and Durable

The new Panasonic rice cooker is an extremely durable body that has an extremely strong double-wall construction of stainless steel as well as anodized aluminium. This helps protect the cooker’s interior from dents and scratches as well as extend the lifespan of the cookware.

It is easy to handle Bridge Handle

Bridge handles have pull handles, making them more comfortable to hold. It is easier to carry them in hot rice, food, or other items or to clean them.

Built-in Heater Structure

The cooker has an inbuilt overlapping heater that guarantees uniform heating throughout the process of cooking.

Control Mechanism

The cooker has an easy-to-use control mechanism that is precise and easy to use. It also has a ferrite thermostat. It allows you to put in the exact measurements to create a cooking experience that is precise and incredible!

Rust-Proof Body

The typical cookers rust after a period of time. The new Panasonic rice cooker is available in two vibrant colours with a high-quality painting that lasts for a long time. The rust-proofed body remains intact even after a variety of wash cycles and use.

Power Saving Series

The latest addition to the cooker line of products from Panasonic is a power-saver series that help you save much power for many uses thanks to the automatic switch on/off.

Precoated Non-Stick Pan

The non-stick component helps cook quickly while not removing the rice from its edges. When you press it, you can remove the rice.


Panasonic has been making top-of-the-line products for years and continues to innovate – the extensive features that they have discussed ensure that their new Panasonic Rice Cooker is worth the price and the hype. If you’re a smaller family and want to buy an upgraded cooker for your kitchen, you should consider Panasonic cookware as the best option for you!

It’s not just trustworthy but also lighter on your pockets as well. It’s a fantastic cooker, yet still on a budget. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Take a look at the other features on the website and purchase them soon. 

If you have any issues with your cooker, make sure you’re not attempting to work on it by yourself. Instead, contact customer support immediately to resolve the issue, and the company will make sure that the experience you have with them is pleasant and effortless!

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