Nova Hair Dryer Review & Price Idea: Should you Buy?

Nova Hair Dryer Review & Price Idea: Should you Buy?

Hair drying is a natural phenomenon, and spending 500-600 rupees shouldn’t hurt, as this is a daily requirement. If you’re buying this little appliance, you have a handful of considerations if you really don’t wanna burn your hair!

Not scaring you, but most of the hairdryers, costing below 1000, actually do boast of having safety features, but some way or the other, they do damage your hair.

Fortunately, we’ve pulled out an amazingly low-cost hair dryer from Nova, which has highly pleased with its performance for the money. 

Its design is perfect, there are two attachments and some amazing features, helping you in drying and styling your hair.

Is it really durable? Are those features gonna work out? What’s cool about the Negative Ionic Technology used here? Let’s get the answers!

Nova Hair Dryer Price: Should you Buy?

Nova Hair Dryer

Considering Hair Dryer Nova price, the Negative Ionic Technology used in this dryer is fantastic. It generates negative ions, which smooth your hair and also lock in moisture. 

It makes the heat gentler on your hair during styling, which brings a less frizzy and shinier finish. Besides that, it also permits the hair to endure higher heat levels without creating damage, and that’s interesting. 

It Emits a huge number of negative ions for eliminating frizz, preserving the natural health of hair, and keeping hair humidity-resistant. 

It provides even heat distribution, which penetrates your hair evenly and quickly from the inside-out, conditioning, and dries your hair in a time fraction.

Reasons for buying Nova Hair Dryer? 

Adjustable Speed: Considering Nova Hair Dryer price, this model is a perfect dryer as it arrives with adjustable speed. One can flip the speed of the fan as per the hairstyle. Its high-quality buttons make adjusting fan speed convenient. Just switch its button and attain stylish locks whenever you want.

Hair Concentrator Nuzzel For Special Straight Curly Hair: Its 2 different size air connectors are perfect for precision styling on your straight, smooth hair.

Hair Dryer Diffuser For Curly Hair: Now, turn off the dryer, and use it on low heat & speed setting. You can conveniently create natural-like waves by grasping your hair at the roots and then scrunching between fingertips properly while drying.

Easy Grip: This convenient hairdryer is a perfect design to bring ease to the user. Urban Nova Hair Dryer is constructed by keeping your choice and need in mind. This comfortable hairdryer ensures a firm gripping for preventing slipping from hands.

Long Cord: This Dryer arrives with a long thick, dependable cord that ensures mess-free drying. This cord’s high-quality insulation prevents the risk of injuries and shocks.

Hair Concentrator Nuzzel For Smooth & Straight Hair: Just pull hair down until your hair is fully extended and taut. Now, run this dryer gently down your hair length several times until dry. You need to repeat this with all sections of hair to dry them completely.

Hair Diffuser To Treat Curly and Natural Hair: This dryer arrives with the benefit of 360-degree airflow that diffuses hair gently and evenly to maximize volume while dissipating frizz and enhance your natural texture and curl. It provides your curls the attention they deserve, and especially if you’ve got wavy or curly hair.

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