The 6 Best Panasonic Washing Machine In India

The 6 Best Panasonic Washing Machine In India

Are you looking for a reliable, long-lasting, cost-effective washing machine that will offer you top performance and top-quality results? If so, then you must consider a Panasonic washer.

Panasonic washing machines are amazing. Panasonic washing machines are awe-inspiring in addressing the needs of laundry of their customers with their amazing and up-to-date features.

These machines are also speedy and efficient in providing the desired results for laundry.

Isn’t it difficult to select the best option from the numerous wonderful and reliable choices available? Perhaps you’re facing similar issues when using the right Panasonic washing machine among available choices.

To help in this kind of situation, we present some of the top Panasonic washers that could draw your notice.

Panasonic Washing Machine Reviews

1. Panasonic 7-kg front-loading automatic washer 

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This is among the most effective Panasonic front load washers for the ease and comfort of users. The machine is impressive regarding its capabilities and appearance and is an enormous hit with the users.

The machine can hold 7kg of load, sufficient for a family of 4-5. Additionally, since it is a Panasonic washing machine, it can be described as fully automated and provides the highest user-friendliness for washing clothes.

Customers also receive two years of warranty for the item and a warranty period of 5 years on the available motors.

One of the greatest advantages of this model is that it runs at a staggering speed of 1200 RPM, which reduces the drying and washing times.

It also offers the advantages of speedy washing, which reduces the washing time but does not impact the efficiency of the washing. A different feature of the pre-wash is that it is designed to tackle the toughest staining of the clothes with the highest quality possible.

Because of the auto-restart function of this device, it can start at the same place it stopped after the fluctuation. It is dependent on the feature of extra rinse to eliminate the excess moisture from clothing.

The style of the Panasonic machine is also stunning because it was made to make the most of space. It comes with the advantages of a clear and accessible touch panel and LED. Because of its stainless-steel washtub, this machine is rust-resistant.

  • Performs at an astonishing speed of 1200RPM.
  • Additional rinse of the clothes for removal of any moisture in the garments.
  • Take on the toughest staining with its pre-wash feature.
  • The stainless steel washtub is resistant to corrosion.
  • It is equipped with an auto-start feature to help manage the fluctuation.
  • It gets the finest washing results in no time using its characteristic of speedy washing.


  • Only 3.1 stars rating on Amazon.
  • The Tub clean feature is cool, but not the best.

2. Panasonic 6.5kg top-loading fully-automatic 

Panasonic 6.5kg top-loading fully-automatic

The next item up on our list of recommendations is next on the list is this 6.5kg Panasonic washing machine which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a family of 4 to 5 members.

The machine is fully automatic and provides maximum support to its users in their laundry requirements. The user will have the greatest ease of using the machine through its top-loading style.

It is loaded with many desirable and efficient features, including fifteen different wash options for the customers. In addition, it has its most effective feature, stain master, which combats the most difficult staining on clothes. With this device, you can fight off any stain from any fabric.

Thanks to its incredible feature called Econavi. This Panasonic washing machine can detect a load of laundry, the water level, and the appropriate temperature settings to ensure the most effective laundry outcomes.

Active foam washing is beneficial to the laundry as it dissolves the detergent in water at high pressure, thus eliminating the stains quicker.

The design of this machine is equipped with a wide opening that allows users to wash all types of clothing without hassle.

It makes the most efficient use of three kinds of water flow for washing using Eco Aquabeat technology. The back panel design is an added benefit for people who want an all-inclusive solution for their laundry requirements.

  • Eliminates all kinds of stains by making use of the stain master.
  • Make use of active foam wash by dissolving the detergent thoroughly in water.
  • Automatically adjusts its settings for optimal washing.
  • Rely on the eco-aqua beat feature to deliver the highest quality wash results.
  • The design is based on an asymmetrical back panel and stainless wash drum.


Due to dark colour scheme, the dirt on the outer body’s surface is easily visible.

3. Panasonic semi-automatic, 8kg top loader

Panasonic semi-automatic, 8kg top loader

If you’re a large family member and seek an appliance that will take care of your laundry needs efficiently, this Panasonic washing machine is the ideal option.

It comes with a capacity to load 8kgs, ideal for families with more than 6 members. Although the machine is semi-automatic, it still delivers all the advantages you desire without problems.

This machine is equipped with the essential magic filters that easily remove the unwelcome lint accumulated while washing clothes. This keeps the clothes free of allergic particles. Also, it comes with a warranty period of 2 years for the entire product and 5 years for the motor available.

The next feature on the list is the option to air dry. With this feature, the device removes the excess moisture from garments. This makes drying faster for the user and is an investment in time.

In addition to quicker drying, this machine will also eliminate all traces of detergent from laundry, all due to its aqua spin shower.

It also provides the advantages of a unique soak for customers who use it to effortlessly remove hard-to-clean stains off their clothing in the most efficient method.

In addition, it comes with a stain master, which can tackle every kind of stain to be eliminated without hassle. Additionally, you can utilize the machine for all of your normal wear and delicate washing.

It’s made of rust-free materials with the highest durability and a simple interface.

  • Provides the advantages of air-drying to reduce the drying time.
  • It is designed with a waterproof and corrosion-free body.
  • With magic filters that eliminate all the lint accumulated during the washing process.
  • Aqua shower rinse feature that will eliminate all of the undesirable detergents.
  • Ideal for the laundry requirements of families with large numbers.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Water overflows if tap is not closed manually.

4. Panasonic 6.5kg top-loading semi-automatic washer

Panasonic 6.5kg top-loading semi-automatic washer

Here comes the 6.5kg Panasonic washing machine which families with up to three members can use. This washing machine gives you the most efficient and desirable drying and washing results with no hassle.

It is equipped with a filtering lint that eliminates the lint that is not needed during the washing process, thus protecting the clothes from allergic reactions.

It runs at a 720 RPM speed and is extremely fast in working. With its unique features, such as soak and shower with aqua spin, users can tackle the toughest stains by getting rid of all remnants of detergent in the washing.

It is also stunning in its design, and all credit to the Chrome knobs and the transparent lid. It’s also small and can be put wherever the user wants. Users also get the guarantee of 1 year with this device.

  • Effective in removing any trace of detergents from washing.
  • It operates at 720RPM to provide quick drying and washing results.
  • The lid is transparent and has compact chrome knobs.
  • Utilizes the unique feature of soak to eliminate the toughest staining.
  • Utilizes magic filters to remove all lint.


  • Outside body color isn’t that vibrant blue as shown in the pics.

5. Panasonic 7kg semi-automatic top loader

Panasonic 7kg semi-automatic top loader

This semi-automatic washing machine by Panasonic is the ideal purchase for those who want an efficient and long-lasting washing machine. It is a reasonable price and well-known for delivering the highest benefits to customers.

It has a load capacity of 7kgs, which will be enough for a family of 4-5 persons. Additionally, it’s a top-loading washer that makes it easy for customers to use the machine. It is designed to provide an assurance of two years of warranty for the entire product and five years for its motor.

To provide the most desired washing results, this Panasonic masterpiece combines aqua crystal filters with magic filters. Its aqua crystal filter eliminates contaminants in water from hindering laundry results.

On the other hand, using its magic filters helps prevent the accumulated particles from affecting the washing results and ensures the highest washing outcomes.

With the air drying feature, this machine can eliminate any moisture that has been accumulated on the clothing without hassle. This speeds up drying for the user and gives them the most efficient results. This is the all-inclusive solution for those who want the most reliable washer.

  • It uses its lint filters for getting rid of the lint that is not needed from the washing.
  • Rely on its aqua spin shower feature to eliminate any trace of detergents from the laundering process.
  • Eliminates all moisture from your clothes by using its features for air drying.
  • Eliminates and blocks the impurities from water from entering the washing process.
  • Ideal for families with 4-5 members.


  • The material of the knobs could be better.

6. Panasonic 6.2kg fully-automatic top-loader

Panasonic 6.2kg fully-automatic top-loader

Suppose you’re searching for a Panasonic washing machine that is low-cost and can take care of the demands of laundry for an individual or a couple of users. Then this Panasonic washing machine is the ideal choice.

It comes with a capacity for a load of 6.2kg, which is adequate for the individual needs of users. In addition, it’s a fully automatic washing machine that is built to provide the highest comfort and ease for users.

For starters, the machine comes with an active foam wash, which can dissolve detergent completely in water. This allows users to combat the most difficult staining in the shortest possible time. So, if you require an urgent wash, this machine will provide the solution to every need and requirement.

Additionally, it offers the advantages of three different kinds of water flow to enhance the washing results. It makes the most efficient use of the aqua beat wash feature, which allows the best utilization of its feature.

The advantages of aqua spin rinse can also be used in this machine to eliminate the moisture excess from the clothing.

The Panasonic top-loading washer provides ten wash programs for its customers to wash all kinds of clothing without difficulty. The machine also comes with a warranty period of 2 years and a warranty period of 5 years for the included motor.

  • It is equipped with an auto-restart feature to effectively manage the fluctuation.
  • Active foam wash to give the highest wash quality with a very little detergent.
  • It depends on the stain master feature to eliminate the toughest stains off the clothes.
  • Eliminates excess moisture from clothes using the aqua spin technology.
  • Provides 10 wash programs that are available to users who want an efficient wash.


  • You can’ expect the dryer function to work perfectly if you load over 60% clothes of the entire capacity.

The History of Panasonic Washing Machines:

The name Panasonic does not need to be introduced in electronics. It is among the top Japanese multinational companies in electronics. That was founded in 1918. It has been among the top well-known brands among the consumers of every kind of electronic item through the years.

Panasonic has always ensured that they provide their customers with the most effective and reliable washing machines built with the most recent technology.

The company makes sure to be aware of the requirements and needs of customers before designing its washing equipment. This led to washing machines that are stunning in appearance and efficient in their operation.

Although the brand has grown into a reliable name on the market and all of its washing machines are well-liked by customers, do you remember when the brand introduced the first washer?

The current situation of Panasonic washing machines

It is not a stretch to state that Panasonic is at its most successful moment in the present situation. Panasonic is known for its top-quality products that will impress its customers. In particular, the washing equipment is built on the most recent technologies.

The Panasonic washing machine will make laundry easy and wonderful. You’ll be pleased with choosing a Panasonic washing machine to meet your requirements.

Initial Panasonic Washing machine

The very first Panasonic washing machine came out in the year 1951. It is also known as the agitator washing machine.

It was a simple machine in terms of technology, but it was an important occasion that shaped the business. Following that, Panasonic never looked back and continued to move forward in becoming the top name for its clients.

Additionally, Panasonic has been consistent in innovating its technology. As time passed, the company ensured that it incorporated all the latest technology into its washing machine and created a distinctive position in the market.

The greatest benefit of Panasonic washing machines is that you can discover a variety of options. You can locate the top semi-automatic and fully automated washing machines to meet your requirements and needs for a reasonable price.


All of the listed washing machines are safe; however, should you look for the top washing machine from Panasonic, we strongly suggest you choose the Panasonic seven-kg front load fully automated machine (NA-127XB1L01).

This machine provides all the benefits you need in making laundry a pleasant experience. It’s quick, simple, inexpensive, innovative, and fashionable and offers the appropriate capacity to meet your requirements. It is the ideal choice that should not be overlooked.

Apart from that, other than that, it is also worth noting that the Panasonic 8kg semi-automatic top-loading washing machine (NA-W80H4RRB) could also be an ideal choice because it is a great value for the budget.

If you need additional information regarding the range of Panasonic washers, you can contact us via the comment section below. We’re always available to help you get the most efficient assistance possible.


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