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Noise Fitness Band Review — The Feature-rich Smartwatch

Fitness watches and bands have been in fashion lately, and with new options coming out, customers have plenty of options to choose from and all of them for a price that is reasonable. If you’re looking to purchase a new health and fitness band or watch, look into Noise ColorFit Pro 2.

Colorfit Pro 2 comprises a 1.3-inch LCD IPS screen that shows crisp images of the 240×240 pixel target. The colors were gorgeous and precise, and the show worked well in bright lighting. It is able to produce adequate brightness in sunlight, and the images, as well as the text, are clear. The touch is also responsive and operates without a glitch; however, it isn’t always responsive. Similar to other similarly-priced watches, you’d be able to see that occasionally the touchscreen doesn’t respond to the contact; it’s a side road.

Colorfit Pro 2 won’t bother in this way.

Noise has recently redesigned the attainable Noise Fit Pro Smartwatch and then came up with Noise ColorFit Pro 2. The wellness band goes above and beyond expectations and has proven to be highly useful concerning particular tasks. The device was used for a few days, and here is what we did with it.

noise fitness band review


 The smartwatch comes with an unimportant but beautiful design. It is available in blue-green, dark black and fog dim shades. The commotion also has the option of touchscreen that was missing in the earlier version ColorFit Pro. ColorFit Pro.

Noise Fit Pro 2 comprises a touchscreen with a square shape that is notable when illuminated upwards, even though the huge dimensions of the bezels could have been avoided. There’s a button located on the right side of the dial that can be used to browse the menu.

The silicon-based bands of the device allow you to wear the band in any situation for long periods of time. The back of the watch houses the pulse sensor as well as cathodes to connect the charger. The display on the gadget is 1.3-inch in size and has an aim of 240x 244 pixels. The screen of Noise Fit Pro is truly impressive and provides stunning visuals in daylight. It’s an exceptional design that attracts a lot of users.


Noise Fit Pro 2 will take care of all your needs. It can be connected to your phone via The Noise Fit application, which is available on Android and iOS devices. Once you have installed the application to your device, it will ask you to help you fill in the details and assist you in evaluating your work using the application.

The device has the capability of measuring and monitoring your resting time throughout the day. But, it’s not designed to monitor your resting time when you travel.

There’s a female health solution available to assist you to monitor your female cycle. It also predicts your menstrual cycle based on the LMP.

The music regulator is proven to be useful while travelling. You can use it to rearrange your music playlist. You can also select your default music player. The device also alerts you of incoming calls and messages, which means it’s not necessary to look at your phone to see if you’ve checked. Commotion Fit Pro 2 can be described as water-resistant and has an IP score of 68. We tried it using water, and it performed amazingly.

In terms of the battery’s appearance, it is far more impressive than stunning and lasts for seven to ten days on only one charge cycle.

Noise Fit Pro 2 supports proactive activities like running, walking and trekking, climbing, turning, climbing, treadmill and Yoga, and the check-in capabilities work admirably. The next step is acceptable even though it’s not exactly yet; it identifies how to advance smoothly.

It’s the same for the pulse sensor on the band for wellness.



To get Colorfit Pro 2 for your mobile phone, you will have to install this Noise Fit Pro 2 application for your Android or iOS device. The application gives you an array of features for this smartwatch. The interface is simple to grasp. When you launch this app, you must enter your specific details such as age, size, weight, and more. It is now time to track your daily schedule from then on. This app will display everything you need to know about steps and pulse details.

To see the complete analysis of your workouts, You just need to switch to one of the Details settings. The application comes with a rest after capacity that accurately measures the duration of your sleep and provides suggestions based on the work you’ve done throughout the day. It will let you know how long you rested to help your wellbeing. Colorfit Pro 2 tracks the movements of your body and determines your level of rest between sleep, rest that is light and conscious options. Remember this: Noise Fit Pro 2 doesn’t keep track of your rest when you’re travelling, as we said earlier.



Concerning the battery backup, the Colorfit Pro 2’s efficiency is impressive. If you are using it regularly, the smartwatch can provide a stunning 10-day battery backup using the 210mAh battery on one full charge. It takes just three hours to fully recharge the smartwatch.


Its Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is an ideal choice for those who want a powerful fitness band that doesn’t cost lots of money. The band is able to perform well after your workout and also looks impressive on your wrists.


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