Noise Company Belongs to Which Country?

Noise is a popular brand of headphones and audio accessories that has been providing high-quality audio experiences since 2018. But many people don’t know which country Noise actually belongs to.

Let’s explore which country is the home of this amazing company!

Noise Company Belongs to Which Country?

Noise Company Belongs to Which Country

Headphones are a go-to device when music listening is your favourite hobby. When you choose headphones, you want the best ones. Noise has been famous for bringing high-quality audio experience to its customers since 2018.

But many people have zero clue about the origins of Noise and which country it belongs to.

Noise is an Indian-based company popular for making electronic accessories for consumers. Noise brand doesn’t limit its products just to making headphones. It also makes products like earphones, speakers, power banks, fitness bands and even headphones.

The company started in 2015; its headquarters are in Mumbai, India. 

Noise products have stylish appearances made affordable to be arranged to fulfil the needs of diverse customer groups.

The company has made its products available in many retail stores nationwide, including online marketplaces.

Noise’s position in the Indian audio electronic market is very strong.

Noise Company’s reach is not only in India, but it has retail stores in foreign lands like the Middle East, Africa, Asia and even in Europe.

Noise brings its product-based materials from Original Design Manufacturers in China.

Noise Manufactures Products From Original Design Manufacturers in China

Noise specializes in manufacturing products with utmost precision to meet advanced customer satisfaction.

They produce products ranging from small ball bearings gears to complex subassemblies and components along with multiple varieties of products.

The features that make Noise company stand out from the other audio product brands is that their resources come from Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) in China.

Their products fulfil the requirement standards for quality, competitive pricing and shipping turnaround.

The company has over 20 years of expertise and experience in the audio product industry. Their knowledge employees can quickly troubleshoot any problems with given specifications of even complicated issues.

Noise is capable of giving on-time delivery of their products and ensuring the accuracy of their products at every phase of their production stage.

Noise commits to providing a quality range of products at very affordable and competitive rates when compared to other brands in the market.

Noise offers truly excellent Earbuds

Noise Offers Truly Excellent Wireless Earbuds.

Earbuds have become an essential part of every music lover’s life. Noise brand offers earbuds which are both stylish and affordable to win the hearts of their customers. 

Their wireless earbuds have quite a craze in the music market. Their wireless earbuds are made to provide high-quality frequency sounds and are shaped to fit in the listener’s ears. The long battery ensures listeners a long time accessibility to music.

Features that make Noise earbuds an excellent choice are listed below:

1). Bluetooth 5.0 technology: Noise earbuds come with the latest version of Bluetooth technology to provide a fast and stable connection with other devices, even for long ranges.

2). High-Quality Sound: Advanced audio drivers are included in the Noise earbuds design to provide a qualitative, rich sound experience, which includes bass, mids and high-low sounds as well.

3). Noise cancellation technology: This technology helps block out external sound disturbances, allowing a seamless music listening experience for Noise earbuds users.

For who likes music with interruptions? Nobody! Right. This is why Noise earbuds do smart interruption blocking for you.

4). Comfort: Noise provides flexible silicone earbuds for a comfortable fit which do not raise the heat in the ears even after long-term use.

5). Water-Resistance: Noise wireless earbuds which come with IPX5 ratings. These ratings are provided for the product’s water-resistance quality. This ensures that Noise earbuds are water-resistant and also sweat-proof.


All the above things let you know about the quality manufacturing of Noise earbuds. Noise earbuds are equipped with noise cancellation, long battery life, 5.0 Bluetooth enabled, comfortable wearing in the ears, affordable rates and water-resistance.

You can check out the amazing earbuds range from Noise at AMAZON.


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