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Top 10 Most Beautiful Tiles & Marble Cutting Machine in India

There are effective and sophisticated tool kits for assistance, for example, the marble cutter. The days are gone when a person needed to dig holes or cut the marble tile according to the strength of their body.

Marble cutters are made to cut wet and dry marble. A motor drives the cutter. It has an elongated disc-shaped cutting blade that has ridges or no ridges. It is mounted on an axis.

The principle is similar to circular saws used to cut wood. The primary benefit of cutting machines is that they’re small and mobile, making them portable and easy to use, not only for work but also at home.

Note: Cutting wood can be a dangerous task, be sure to do it only if you are an expert and have experience. If you’re a beginner, read this guide and do it with safety. 

1. Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter

Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter

If you do not have the correct stone cutter included in the tool kit, cutting stones and marbles is an extremely difficult job. Blades are the most crucial component of any stone or marble cutter since they give precise cutting to stones.

Its Bosch GDC Marble cutter, 121, is an effective machine for cutting marble with precision. It’s made to be able to easily cut the stone using it. This marble cutter by Bosch can be utilized in many different situations.

If you do not have the proper marble cutter included in your toolkit, cutting stones and marbles is challenging. Blades are the most crucial component of any stone or marble cutter since they give precise cutting to stones.

Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter unboxing

It’s Bosch GDC 121 marble cutter is a powerful tool to ensure precision in cutting marble. It’s designed to make it easy to cut through the stone using it.

The marble cutter manufactured by Bosch can be utilized in many different situations. 

The device’s largest cutting blade for marble, which measures 5 inches in diameter, allows it to cut both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

If the surface is damp or sticky, many power tools are not able to work. Bosch’s marble cutter comes with an aluminum base plate, which makes it a versatile tool and can be used even in water.

Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter blades performance test

With regular maintenance and regular care, the product will last for a long time and aid you in creating stunning marble designs.


  • The high-end product is suitable for horizontal and slot cutting.
  • It’s simple to operate because of an adjustable system.
  • t’s a tiny device equipped with a user-friendly guide with many buttons for effective use.
  • It has an energy-efficient motor.
  • highly durable.


  • The product return takes a bit extra time, a few users say so.

2. IBELL Multi-Purpose Marble Cutter

_IBELL Multi-Purpose Marble Cutter

Are you planning to build the required components to create finished products? It is essential to be equipped with a tool capable of surviving and is effective in various situations.

The durable and lightweight cutter will not only boost your excitement for the finished product and will help you make powerful cuts. Let’s look at the features that can aid you in connecting your thoughts with our multi-functional cutter, which is the first step towards creating unforgettable experiences!

IBELL Multi-Purpose Marble Cutter body looks

BELL-Futuristic Gadgets For the Well-Heeled .iBELL Products have been successful in selling across India and the Middle East, and Africa through the decades. Our products are designed by professionals and highly cost-effective within their class, widely recognized in the market.

We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, in addition to the growth of our employees and constant improvement in all areas of our business operations.

Cutting precisely on marble countertops or flooring tiles is achievable with the right techniques, safeguards, and cutting equipment.

IBELL Multi-Purpose Marble Cutter speed test

Our multi-purpose cutting tool comes with the largest blade diameter, which makes cutting effortless as you need. Its ergonomic shape and excellent weight distribution reduce fatigue and let you perform your work safely and securely.


  • Despite its popularity, it’s very economical.
  • This product is composed of a durable and long-lasting substance.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is a versatile tool that lets it cut different surfaces.
  • Thanks to its powerful engine, the device is worth the price due.


  • Extra care and supervision are needed when using this type of marble cutter.

3. King Marble Cutter – 1400 Watt

King Marble Cutter - 1400 Watt

This Marble cutter is in high demand for its superior durability, robust performance, reliable operation, efficiency, and compact design.

It is also lightweight and has a better cutting capability with smooth operations and simple maintenance. It comes with a zero-load rate of 11,000 RPM and 5 inches in diameter.

King Marble Cutter - 1400 Watt unboxing

King is among the most well-known and trusted brands that use only the best raw materials and cutting-edge production methods in the production of every product it makes.

In addition, King’s products have been designed with the highest level of precision and ensure the highest quality. Its frequency of operation is 50Hz with a voltage of 220 V. It is a King 5-inch marble cutter KP-352 1400 W, which runs on 220 V.

King Marble Cutter - 1400 Watt body looks

This is an essential tool used in various industries, such as woodworking and construction. It is offered with a wide range of characteristics, according to the demands of clients. It is readily accessible online at a low cost.


  • Sturdy enough to please any buyer.
  • No high vibration issue.


  • Less popular brand.
  • No ratings or reviews available on Amazon.
  • Very less info about the product on the Amazon seller page.
  • Didn’t perform that smoothly in our testing.

4. Planet Power Electric Marble Cutter  

Planet Power Electric Marble Cutter

With a weighted net of 2.8 kg, this Planet electric cutter/power tile is lightweight and easy to carry. A backup battery is an excellent feature of this sturdy and durable power tool. This is a fantastic tool for outdoor and indoor use if power is unavailable.

Planet 1200W Power Electric Marble Cutter unboxing

The cutter is equipped with a durable blade rotation system and a power output of 1200W, which makes it a robust tool.

Contrary to most other marble cutters, this has a 6-month guarantee for any manufacturing defect. Thanks to its numerous attributes, it’s the most efficient marble tile cutter that can do precise work.


  • The cutting speed is rapid due to the high speed of rotation.
  • Because it is built of high-tensile-strength material, it lasts a long time.
  • With this powerful tool, cutting tiles and marbles is easy.
  • No noise pollution is present from this product.
  • The cutter was constructed in a manner that it is comfortable to hold.
  • It’s durable and flexible and can cut tiles and marbles.

Planet 1200W Power Electric Marble Cutter accessories test


  • It doesn’t come with an edge; you need to buy one independently.

5. Bosch GDC 120 Marble Cutter

Bosch GDC 120 Marble Cutter

It’s the most compact marbling cutter of its kind. To ensure that the motor’s life is to the maximum extent possible, it must be properly insulated from dust.

Bosch GDC 120 Marble Cutter unboxing

The handle is ergonomically designed to make the usage easy for you, especially in cutting vertically. The broad base plate allows the tool to handle with ease, and the adaption of the water device is optimized.


  • Powerful and compact device for cutting marble and other stone materials.
  • A wide base plate, and a dust-proof switch
  • It has an ergonomic design and is built using premium grade plastic to be lightweight and durable.
  • The maximum depth of 34 mm makes this machine flexible for cutting marble and granite.
  • It also features a protective guard to prevent wet and dry dust accumulation.

Bosch GDC 120 Marble Cutter accessories test


  • Not too efficient in heavy wood cutting work. 

6. JK Super Drive Marble Cutter 125mm

JK Super Drive Marble Cutter 125mm

This JK 5” Marble Cutter machine is equipped with an impressive 1250W motor that can cut profile into Tiles, Marble, and Granite to the size or shape you want.

It’s a great instrument for any skilled craftsman working on construction or remodeling their home. It’s also suitable for chamfering. It has been specifically designed to be ergonomically crafted to keep the user’s best interests in mind.

JK Files (India) Limited is an affiliate that is part of Raymond Ltd and is known for its brand of the year, K Superdrive, which is a symbol of Trust and Quality.

JK Super Drive Marble Cutter 125mm unboxing

Raymond as an organization has been providing top-quality products to its customers over the past nine years with the trust of more than a billion people.

JK Files is the world’s largest producer of files, having operations in more than 100 countries. Its JK Files relationship is based on 70 years of trust with a broad and flexible array of software that can be used by every segment of the market for various applications.

JK Files offers high-quality tools available in various categories, such as files, cutting instruments, and many more. While the machine is not fully opened and removing the carbon brush, the machine can be easily replaced by removing the exterior. This could even be done by a beginner user, saving him time and money.

JK Super Drive Marble Cutter 125mm cutter testing


  • Powerful 1250 W motor proves to be enough for tough applications
  • Wing nut for easy depth adjustment.
    Noise is same as any other machines.
  • Runs smoothly.
  • Swivelling base plate for chamfer cutting.
  • Double insulated for shock proof application. The feature ensures user’s safety.
  • 150+ user reviews on Amazon.


  • Accessories were missing in the package. There were 1.3% such cases as per our data.

7. Aegon AC4 Heavy Duty Marble Cutter

Aegon AC4 Heavy Duty Marble Cutter

If you’re searching for a top marble tile cutter and looking for a good tile cutter, the Aegon Ac4 multipurpose cutter with heavy-duty construction is an excellent choice. With a mass of 2.8 kg, the cutter can be described as a user-friendly, lightweight, and efficient tool.

The machine’s capabilities allow it to cut not just marbles but tiles and porcelain, Granite, and other types of materials. Aegon is a well-known company that has designed it in a way that it can provide unbeatable accuracy.

Aegon AC4 Heavy Duty Marble Cutter body looks

It has top safety as well as durability and efficiency ratings. It also maintains an excellent level of quality. It is made to be utilized in various environments, including factories and construction sites, and more.

It can accommodate blades with an overall diameter of up to 110 mm and 4 inches blades at a time. Blades can also be changed. This means that it is the most efficient machine to cut marble tiles.

The device can last for longer durations, provided it’s properly maintained. The usage of this tool is made much easier due to the presence of a handle. It is also easy to use, which allows the product to be operated at lower angles to lessen the chance of injuries.

Aegon AC4 Heavy Duty Marble Cutter speed test


  • It has a high-efficiency motor that permits quick drilling.
  • To make maintenance easier, it has an automatic blade change system.
  • It’s a trusted tool that can be used for quite a lengthy duration.
  • It’s completely safe and includes plenty of safety precautions.
  • It is a great way to stay active since it’s easy to use and requires no effort.


  • An experienced person best supervises it. It isn’t recommended for novices.

8. Professional Marble Cutter from Xtra Power XPT-414

Professional Marble Cutter from Xtra Power XPT-414

ProMarble cutters are made of modern technology and high-quality materials to ensure the machine’s longevity. It is equipped with a user’s manual and is easy to use for novices and experts. Wheel diameter of 125 millimeters will ensure quick and thorough marble cutting.

The machine for cutting marble has many applications and can cut marbles, granite marble glass, and many other hard materials. The manufacturer includes an automatic spindle lock to ensure that the machine will last. It operates on 220 voltages.

Professional Marble Cutter from Xtra Power XPT-414 unboxing

The Xtra Power 110mm marble Cutter, Xpt414, 1200 W, is a top-quality Xtra Power product. The entire Xtra Power 110 mm Marble Cutter, Xpt413,1200 W, is manufactured using top-quality materials and advanced techniques, ensuring they meet the industry’s highest standards.

The raw materials used to create these products, Xtra Power 110 mm Marble Cutter, Xpt414, and 1200 W, come from the most trusted and authorized vendors. They were chosen after extensive market research. The high-end performance that comes with Xtra Power products is well acknowledged in the business.

Professional Marble Cutter from Xtra Power XPT-414 body looks

We’re committed to providing an outstanding range that includes Xtra Machining Powers for Stone Cutting.


  • Great for vertical cutting.
  • Ergonomic design allows for efficient, fatigue-free use.
  • This tool is equally suitable for cutting wood, plywood, masonry, and tile.


  • Less popular brand.
  • Somewhat sloppy customer service.

9. Bosch GWS 14-125 CI Angle Grinder, 1400 Watts, 5-Inch

Bosch GWS 14-125 CI Angle Grinder, 1400 Watts, 5-Inch

The tool is powerful and has Kickback controls, and it detects that the device is blocked and then promptly closes it. The champion motor has 1500 W power as well as stop protection.

It’s easy to set and provides solid security and an anti-rotation protection guard. This prevents the tool from restarting automatically following a power failure.

Bosch GWS 14-125 CI 1400W 5-Inch Angle Grinder unboxing

The device is only ready for use following a new active, conscious activation. The anti-rotation guard offers great protection for the user and keeps the disc in its place even if it fails.

It’s a superbly constructed, produced-in-India device that comes with various features that one could imagine. The field winding and armature are coated with epoxy to stop the work-hardening process of copper. It appears to be machined and forged. It is the most reliable one you are available on the market.

Bosch GWS 14-125 CI 1400W 5-Inch Angle Grinder accessories


  • Soft start and low vibration performance.
  • Auto-restart protection.
  • Tool-free protective guard. There are no tools required to adjust the guard.
  • Protection against overload and kickbacks.
  • Anti-vibration side handle.


  • It’s of 1400 watts, but a few users claim that it isn’t that powerful.
  • Not that perfect for cutting a few materials, for example, tiles. 
  • A few had issues with its durability.

How to Buy a Marble Cutter?

You now have a solid knowledge of marble cutters. But the market is overflowing with options, and deciding on the best marble cutter might seem daunting.

Here’s a quick overview to help you determine your choices.

Marble Cutter Machine Cordless or Corded?

A marble tile cutting machine must be able to state whether it’s driven by electrical energy or needs manual operation.

The majority of users prefer a corded device with an electronic backup system. Since the weariness of the user can be reduced with the device with a cord, a higher level of fatigue at work could cause danger.

A corded machine is useful for businesses and construction sites. There aren’t any power interruptions in these areas. However, certain areas could experience power interruptions, and in such cases, an electronic device powered by a battery could be beneficial.

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The portability of the system and its effectiveness.

A typical marble cutting machine must be easy to use. It should weigh between 2-and 3 pounds in size. It’s light, which makes it simple to transport.

It is important to pay particular attention to the blade’s speed and the quality of the blade when you inspect it. Anything that is less than 1000 RPM is not efficient.

The best safety measures for marble cutters.

Every safety feature should be included in a quality marble cutter. It currently comprises buttons that control the locking mechanism of the machine.

Avoiding accidents is as simple as turning off and on the lock that controls the system. Before you purchase a product, check for these security features.

Customer Service and Warranty.

The warranty duration for marble tile cutter machines must be clearly stated. In most cases, a 1-year warranty is standard, but you could find a six-month warranty too. It is a good idea to search for the warranty label.

The customer service team should be responsive and accessible. This is why you should buy marble cutters that reputable manufacturers make.

When you purchase a marble cutter or tile cutter, ensure that you get value in terms of price.

Cutting Blades are of good quality and Durability.

The blades of a marble cutter comprise an additional crucial element. Blades have the primary function of cutting through the material. When buying blades, take note of the wheel’s size. The ideal marble cutter blade must be impervious to corrosion.

To ensure long-lasting use. To ensure Durability, a marble or tile cutter should be built well. A marble cutting machine must generally be multi-functional. The machine’s versatility is a factor in its value to the market, along with other aspects of purchasing.

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How Can You Modify The Marble Cutter's Blade?

A user's manual is a good reference to change the blade of the marble cutter. Every marble cutter is an original style. Before installing the blade, you need to follow a set of steps. It is important to ensure that you can switch the blades on the marble cutter.

Does Each Marble Cutter Cut at an angle of 45 degrees?

Different marble cutter models cut material in different ways. The cutting capabilities of Marble are dependent on the countertops or stones. Certain marble cutters are especially suited for cutting at an angle of 45 degrees. When cutting at an angle, miter saws are usually the most suitable choice. You can search for miter saws on the internet to determine what best suits your requirements.

In India, Which Are The Top Marble Cutter Brands?

To slice the slab of Marble accurately, it is necessary to purchase the top marble tile cutter in India. Bosch, iBELL, Planet Power, STANLEY, Aegon, and Akshar are among the top marble cutter manufacturers in India.

Can You Cut Concrete or Metal With The Marble Cutter?

A normal marble cutter can cut concrete or metal too. In addition, it is dependent on the thickness of the stone tile, concrete, or metal part. All you need to do is make sure that the knife must have the right size and sharpness to cut through the material.

What's the Best Method to Cut Marble?

A circular saw equipped with sharp blades is normally combined with a marble cutting. Preparing the blades with moistened them is the initial stage in cutting. You can easily alter the temperatures of the blades and keep them cool by this method. On the Marble, outline to mark the area you want to cut. To prevent scratching, set stones on a level surface and then. Make sure you cut the stone using the sharp edge of the blade. After cutting, you can use water and sandpaper to smooth the cut sides. This will ensure that the edges are clean and finished.

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