Havells Hand Blender Review – Should You Invest?

Havells Hand Blender Review – Should You Invest?

Are you looking for a Havells hand blender? We will show you what to look for in this blender and what to avoid. We’ll also tell you about ergonomic design, power and price.

You’ll also learn about the many uses of a hand blender. After you’ve read this review, you should be able to make an informed decision. We hope these tips have been helpful. 

We know everything about Havells hand blender, as we’ve invested 17 hours researching and testing. 

Havells Hand Blender Review

Havells Hand Blender Review

1. Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

The Havells hand blender range offers an ergonomic design and powerful motors that make it easy to blend, sift, and chop food. Using a hand blender is an excellent way to get the job done, and this brand’s models are both stylish and functional.

They make blending and chopping easy with their slim ergonomic design and powerful motors. The company also offers two separate models – one with a 500ml chopper and another with a 600ml beaker.

2. Powerful motors

Powerful motors

You can choose from the many Havells hand blenders available in the market. All these blenders are packed with powerful motors that make blending your favourite food a breeze. These blenders also come with a handy storage pouch for extra ingredients.  

Havells hand blenders are equipped with detachable stems, beaker, chopper and stainless steel blades. They have a powerful motor of up to 600 watts and come with two-speed levels to suit your needs.

Moreover, the blender comes with a two-year warranty. These are suitable for blending dry items and soups. It’s easy to clean and can withstand prolonged use without damaging the blades.

The HL1655/00 is an exceptional multi-function appliance. It comes with a powerful chopper, detachable stainless-steel blending wand and a 500-ml jar.

This blender is aesthetically appealing and has a rust-proof metal arm for easier cleaning. The motor is made from copper and features two speeds to allow you to make smooth purees and other foods with ease.

It’s made with powerful motors to make cooking a breeze. It offers various functions, including blending, whipping, whisking, baking, and more. 

This blender is designed with power and precision in mind. 

The Havells Duro Blend hand blender is a lightweight option with a powerful 300-watt motor. The blender is ideal for cold and hot blending and features a steel rod for extra safety.

You can even remove the blades for blending. It has adjustable speeds for different blending needs, and the Duro Blend is an excellent option if you want a light-powered blender.

3. What About The Price?

What About The Price

Havells is well known for making top-of-the-range hand blenders, but you can find a lower-priced option with a bit of comparison shopping. You can compare different models and decide which one fits your needs best. 

We’ll have to agree that Havells hand blenders are very reasonably priced. This we can say for every single hand blender model from this brand. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality hand blender that’s reasonably priced, you can find it at Havells. The Havells Super Blend Plus with Chopper 400 W Hand Blender is the priciest model, while the least expensive model, Duro Blend, also impresses with its features. It retails for around Rs.1300 and is available in all major cities.  

The 400-watt Super Blend and the 600-watt Xpro Chopper are perfect for professional use, while those costing below 2000 rupees are perfect for domestic use. Even the least costing models have extra features, including chopper and dough maker attachments.


Havells’ hand blenders are the best for cooking various dishes, including soups, salad dressings, and gravies. They’re easy to use, sleek, ergonomic design, and have a detachable stem.

Havells hand blenders are competitively priced, so you can be confident that you’re getting a great value for your money. This brand makes the highest-quality domestic appliances and offers electric hand blenders at the lowest prices.


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