Top 10 Best Inverter Battery in India 2022: For Home Use

Top 10 Best Inverter Battery in India 2022: For Home Use

Inverters can be a blessing when power is cut off, aren’t they? However, an inverter will only function effectively when running an outstanding battery. Inverter batteries are the heart of inverters, and you must choose the right one.

Inverter batteries are an uneasy decision to make. If you’re confused about choosing an appropriate inverter battery, we’ve listed some alternatives that you could try and trust.

Best Inverter Battery in India For Home 2022

1. Exide IT-500 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Exide IT-500 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Exide is among India’s top and most well-known brands that offer high-quality inverter batteries. The 150AH inverter is the perfect blend of design, performance consistency, and reliability, like all the reliable and trustworthy Excide inverter batteries.

Because of the robust tubular plates that are used for this inverter, it is the ideal option for those who experience frequent power outages.

The Exide batteries are 100% secure as they can be used to achieve the highest level of comfort and ease. When the inverter battery is fully charged, it can be used to operate two fans and two lights for around 15 hours without interruption.

This inverter battery was created with the latest hybrid technology that can endure high temperatures, making it perfect for use in the home. In addition to the emphasis on its quality, this inverter battery comes with moulded handles that make its handling simple and easy.

Users also get the guarantee period of 36 months for the Exide inverter battery, which protects against potential issues that could pop up.


  • Resistance to leaks and heat
  • This product requires very little maintenance
  • Specially designed fume stopper
  • Provides a 36-month warranty
  • The vehicle has a very good air-conditioning system.
  • Moulded handles that make it easy to carry

  • It is among the most powerful batteries that can improve the performance of the inverter.
  • It endures continuous and long-lasting power cuts. 
  • This battery is equipped with an anti-splash shield on the lids with top vents, which stops the battery from becoming overheated.
  • It requires minimum maintenance. No leaking issue at all.
  • It’s designed to be able to fit and adjust to all kinds of inverters without any problems.
  • A few complaints exist regarding the backup time. 

2. Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 Tall Tubular Battery

The brand Luminous is another well-known and trusted brand on the Indian market to provides the top inverter batteries. The inverter batteries of the brand are specially designed for Indian households in areas that have frequent power interruptions. This battery is right up to the standard, and you will have no dissatisfaction.

The luminous battery is constructed with an alloy composition that protects the battery from corroding and consequently increases its longevity.

Due to the balanced design plate of the battery, it will provide a deep discharge and provide an excellent capacity for charging. Internal partition connections in this battery are designed to provide low internal resistance. This, in turn, enhances battery life and performance.

In terms of technical aspects of the battery’s technical specifications, it is engineered to last for 1250 cycles and 80% of the depth of discharge (DOD). This makes this inverter battery ideal for Indian homes and, in particular, areas with frequent power interruptions.

Another benefit this glowing battery can offer its customers is its quick charging.


  • Resistance to corrosion
  • 3 years of warranty time
  • Quick charging
  • Uniform ventilation grain structure
  • Excellent deep discharge

  • It’s also designed to feature a uniform ventilation structure.
  • Users get an assurance of three years of warranty for this inverter battery.
  • It can be fully recharged in just a couple of hours and therefore is energy efficient.
  • Its design improves the general performance and efficiency of the battery all the time.
  • You do not have to worry about the upkeep of this battery because it needs very little maintenance.
  • The battery backup of some of the models is somewhat lax. 

3. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tubular Battery

Amaron is an Indian firm that makes incredible inverter batteries that easily be used in places where power cuts are an everyday issue. In addition to the power cut issue, the batteries created by this brand may also be utilized to solve the issue of voltage fluctuation. So, the batteries by this brand offer an entire package that will provide users with ease and comfort in the event of power outages.

This inverter battery is constructed with a large heat tolerance capacity, making this one of the top selections for Indian conditions. This increases its efficiency and the backup battery—Amaron batteries for Inverters.

Amazon has ensured that its batteries will provide the necessary ease for customers in terms of maintenance. These batteries are less likely to deplete water and require minimal maintenance to provide reliable performance.

In addition to providing the benefits you want from maintenance, this battery is also a joy when it charges. It can be effortlessly and swiftly charged with no issues.

You can count on the efficiency of this battery during prolonged power outages since it can bear the weight of three fans and two lights for the required time.

Special care has been used to create this battery using an air-vent design.


  • Durable product
  • Resistance to heat
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • Charges very quickly

  • This model has amazing reserve capacity.
  • This battery will last for 8-10 years with proper care and use.
  • Because of its quick-charging capability, the inverter battery is also energy efficient and helps save the user a significant amount of cash.
  • The venting design helps protect against leaks and smell.
  • It also offers customers a guarantee period of 36 months.
  • The battery is a bit fragile.

4. Exide 150Ah Inverter UPS Battery

Exide InvaMaster IMTT-500 150Ah Inverter Battery

You will never be able to get enough of the range of choices that the Exide brand offers when it comes to inverter batteries. Nearly all of the batteries produced by Exide represent top-quality performance, reliability, and well-designed design. The Exide battery Exide is yet another of its outstanding batteries for inverters.

If we talk about the style of this inverter battery, it is a standard size, which can be utilized with any kind of inverter. You also get sturdy handles on either sides to ensure that users can easily transport the battery as needed in the event of need.

Once the battery is fully charged, it can be utilized for up to 15 hours, running two fans and two lights with no issues. This means that power interruptions don’t affect your routine or activities.

For users’ greatest ease of use, this battery comes with a floating guide that indicates the electrolyte’s level. To provide the necessary security to users, this battery has been constructed with a vented lid and guards against splashes. 


  • It has a great ventilation system.
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • Leak and heat resistant
  • The handles are on the opposite side
  • Guide for Float to determine the electrolyte content

  • This battery is great to charge because it can be quickly charged.
  • The guards are designed to help users protect the battery from any leaks or other problems.
  • The battery requires very little maintenance and lasts longer than other available batteries.
  • The Exide brand guarantees 36 months to customers against any malfunctions and issues that customers might encounter.
  • It’s pretty heavy.

5. V-Guard VT160 Tubular Inverter Battery

V-Guard VT160 Tubular Inverter Battery

VV Guard inverter batteries are among the brands that have earned their debut on the list of the best. In a short time, the company has been one of the top choices of many due to the numerous features and benefits.

The battery is guaranteed to function efficiently with other UPSs and provides the required convenience for customers. Users can be assured that this battery inverter with UPS from the most famous brands.

Because of the robust internal structure of this battery, it needs low maintenance from the users and consequently provides an enhanced level of convenience to users.

They are also well-known for their ability to provide a fantastic backup time for users. If you’re located in an area where power interruptions are severe and long, then the V-guard inverter batteries like VT160 are the most suitable option.

The majority of users are impressed by the top performance level and the steady advantages this battery provides. Although it is a product for the most basic needs, the inverter battery is among the best and most reliable alternatives available in recent years.


  • It requires easy maintenance
  • Work in high-pressure environments
  • Provides high compatibility with UPSs of well-known brand names.
  • Incredible battery time for backup

  • It’s  built to stand up to high stress (100 bar) without any problems.
  • Because of the smaller grain size, this inverter battery is ideally suited and reliable for the deep cycle and power supply area.
  • The backup time provided by this battery ranges from 3 hours 30 mins up to 54-hours.
  • Passed all 11 tests in our testing sessions.
  • It is heavier than various other inverter batteries.
  • The dimension is taller than various other inverter batteries.

6. Exide InvaMaster IMTT-500 150Ah Inverter Battery

Exide 150Ah Inverter UPS Battery

It is undisputed that Exide is among the most well-known and respected manufacturers of inverter batteries located in India, and the variety of its inverter battery models proves that. The Exide IMT-500 150AH battery is merely an addition to Exide’s impressive range of batteries.

In the beginning, the battery is built to deliver 1100 cycles while at 80% of the depth of discharge (DOD) which allows it to provide outstanding performance. Additionally, due to the outstanding feature that it has a deep discharge feature, the battery can last for a longer time than other batteries on the market.

The tubular plate design on the batteries makes it easy for users to receive continuous service from the battery, even during lengthy power interruptions. After fully charging the inverter battery, it will provide a satisfying performance for two lights and fans for approximately 15-16 hours with no hassle.

The battery manufactured by Exide is made to be so well-designed that it can withstand the extreme temperatures of India. You’ll be amazed by the battery backup feature that this battery offers, which allows it for office use.

Not to be left out, this battery for inverters is available in the standard model at a reasonable price. It also comes with a guarantee of 36 months to customers to ensure that they will receive the assistance needed in case of an emergency.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Can stand up to extreme temperatures, as well
  • Ideal for frequent power interruptions
  • The last one and the most impressive performance
  • Quick battery analysis by using the magic eye feature

  • Approximately 15-16 hours runtime after full charge.
  • It’s available in the standard model at a reasonable price.
  • 36 months warranty coverage.
  • It has a remarkable feature called magic eye, which allows users to be assured of their battery’s status at any time they’d like.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Leakage has been observed in a few products.

7. Exide Inva Master 100Ah Inverter Battery

Exide Inva Master 100Ah Inverter Battery

This Exide battery is specifically designed for use in the inverter to take on a smaller workload than other Exide brand batteries. This battery is ideal for use in the home and areas with short power interruptions.

The thing that differentiates this battery from other batteries is its alloy construction. It lasts much longer than the alternatives.

To ensure its long-lasting operation, the battery is constructed to withstand the extreme pressure and temperature environment of the Indian climate. This allows it to be utilized in any area and all regions.

It’s made of a ribbed layer of polyethene with an etched glass mat that guarantees a stunning performance and doubles the unit’s capacity. The handles make it simpler for users to carry the inverter battery anywhere and when needed without hassles or problems.

If you’re exhausted from keeping a record of the water levels in your battery, this inverter battery is the solution for that.


  • Effective protection
  • Will withstand high temperatures and pressure conditions
  • Charging is quick
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • It is easy to keep the level of water

  • Because of the alloy composition in this battery, it’s solid against corrosion.
  • Magical eye helps in assuring the level of the water and the charge level.
  • They receive a guarantee of 36 months from the manufacturer against any issue that may arise.
  • Constructed from ribbed layer of polyethene.
  • The inverter has been moulded to make its design more practical and ideal for users.


  • It is not ideal for prolonged power interruptions.

8. Luminous RC 18000 Tubular Inverter Battery

This is yet another fantastic inverter battery made by the well-known name brand known as luminescent. Users can be assured it is durable and will provide the expected and consistent performance whenever required.

The alloy composition of this battery guarantees that it’s well-protected against corrosion. This doesn’t just decrease the need to maintain the battery but increases the life that the battery can last. The battery will provide durable performance for the entire demands of the users.

 You won’t need to wait long for the battery to fully charge.

Luminous makes the battery completely void and has the same grain structure. This incredible internal structure guarantees high-quality, reliable performance to users, regardless of frequent and lengthy power interruptions.

In addition to the outstanding performance and quality. This battery comes with effective solutions to short circuit issues.

It can last for more than 1250 cycles at 80% of the depth of discharge (DOD), allowing it to be utilized in all kinds of environments.


  • Ideal for offices and homes
  • Quick charging
  • Uniform grain structure
  • Long-lasting performance

  • The battery was designed with all the requirements and demands of Indian offices and homes in mind.
  • Another benefit this battery provides users is quick charging.
  • It is not just recharged quickly but will last longer than other batteries.
  • The puncture-resistant dramatic USA separator limits the dangers of short circuits and improves the protection offered to the user.
  • The balanced design of the plate keeps charge acceptance in check and the ability to recover deep discharges.
  • It provides a guarantee of 36-months for customers.
  • Takes more time to charge than claimed.

9. Luminous Eco Charge 120Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous Eco Charge 120Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous has been on the market in Indian markets for a long time and has gotten to know its customers’ demands and needs quite well.

The brand is committed to developing its batteries to meet customers’ needs with no issues. Furthermore, it is not difficult to see the high-quality performance and reliability of the batteries made by the company.

This battery is a trusted product that can be utilized for domestic power appliances at a medium-sized size. It can provide its customers with unbeatable performance during the duration of lengthy and frequent power interruptions.

Because of high durability, it is possible to be confident that this battery will last longer, thanks to its remarkable performance.

Its easy-to-maintain water level needs and display of the power backup duration in minutes and hours, and MCB security make this battery an all-in-one solution for customers.

In addition to its incredible performance, this inverter battery will also surprise you with the easy and simple-to-use design that sets it apart from other inverter batteries on the market at the same price.

The battery also comes with a guarantee period of 36-months that protects the customers to protect them from problems that rarely occur. In addition, you can buy this high-quality battery for a reasonable price range.


  • Ideal to meet domestic requirements
  • At a reasonable price of around $70.
  • Provides MCB protection
  • Durability and reliability with high levels of reliability

  • It comes with a life expectancy of five years.
  • This battery doesn’t require ongoing maintenance.
  • Luminous uses the most recent technology for this inverter battery, ensuring that customers are never satisfied by the performance.
  • Long 36-month warranty.
  • Very expensive.
  • Not the best value for money.

10. Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

Exide inverter battery is economical, reliable, and easy to use. It was designed to provide the greatest comfort and convenience for users to ensure they take advantage of the many advantages of this extraordinary and powerful battery for an inverter.

The battery inverter can be quickly charged and can give a reasonable backup time to users. Furthermore, due to the function of the magical eye, users can determine the charge and the level of water inside the battery in the most efficient way. This will also stop users from unclosing the nozzle every time to see if the battery is charging.

With the premium materials and the ribbed free polyethene layer, this inverter battery can endure high temperatures and pressure without any problems. The internal design also increases the capacity of the inverter battery to provide the desired and expected performance for the user.

This battery made by the Exide brand is also backed by sturdy and well-constructed handles that make it easy for users to take the battery wherever they require with the most convenience.

Users can be certain that the battery will last for a long time without causing any issues or problems.


  • Easy to keep
  • Quick charging
  • A reliable product that delivers effective performance
  • Ideal for areas with power cuts that are short

  • It can endure high temperatures and pressure effortlessly.
  • They also offer a guarantee period of 24 months against any issues or problems that might be troubling the user.
  • The inverter battery offers effective protection against leaks and becomes a reliable battery.
  • Good value for money.
  • No customer reviews or ratings yet.

Top 10 Inverter Battery Companies (Brands) in India

  • Exide Industries Ltd.
  • Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.
  • Relicell Battery (Greenvision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
  • .Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.
  • Base Corporation Ltd.
  • Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • V-Guard Industries Ltd.
  • HBL Power Systems Ltd.
  • Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd.
  • Amaron Batteries Pvt. Ltd.  

How to Calculate Battery Capacity for the Inverter?

If you’re planning to estimate the battery’s capacity of your inverter, you must be aware of the amount of current it draws and the duration for which you plan to utilize it. The capacity of an inverter’s battery can be calculated by using the formula C=xT (where x is the current, and T is the duration).

For instance, if your inverter battery draws 120A and is operating 24/7, its capacity total will be:

C=120A * 24 Hours = 2880 amp hours , or 2880AH

How can we Calculate the Inverter Battery Backup Time?

The time needed to back up an inverter battery is calculated as the battery voltage (AH) rating of the battery/total power watts on the load. If, for instance, you plan to use the inverter battery to power one ceiling fan, one tube light, and two (15W) CFL by using a battery with a capacity of 150AH/12V, you’ll need to first determine your total capacity.

Total load is one ceiling fan (75W) + 1 tube light (40W) + 2* CFL (15W) = 140W

The backup time for a battery of 12v will be 12*150/145 = 12.41-hours

This is an approximate value since these values could be different.

FAQs for Inverter Battery:

1. How do I fill up the water in an Inverter battery?

Here are steps to follow:

  • Remove the cap
  • The level of water should get to the safe mark of green (Avoid the overflow of Battery Water)
  • The funnel should be removed and replaced with the cap and float securely it
  • Install a funnel in the water supply vent
  • Then, pour in the battery with water to cover the water level

2. How do you determine the inverter battery condition?

It is crucial to assess the condition of your inverter battery periodic basis to ensure it will perform at a consistent level.

  • Check the battery for any damage – examine for any signs of damage or damaged terminals
  • Do a load test on the battery to make sure you are 100% certain
  • Always take the voltage readings of the battery

3. What’s the distinction between inverter and solar batteries?

The main distinction between solar batteries and inverter batteries is their source of energy.

Solar batteries store energy from the sun, while on the other hand, inverter batteries draw their energy from electric power.

The solar batteries can be recharged by simply exposure to sunlight for one or two hours, while the tubular batteries require more time to fully charge.

A further difference between the two kinds of batteries is that solar batteries have low resistance in charging the battery. In contrast, tubular batteries do the opposite and are high resistance charging batteries.


Based on our recommendations, customers should consider purchasing Exide IT-500 150AH Tall Tubular Battery. This high-quality battery can improve the inverter’s performance and is an affordable option to search for.


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