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Myself & My Contribution to Top10productsindia.in

I’m Divya, and I belong to Chennai. My dream job was to be a fashion designer, and regarding the same, I completed my studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and earned BFTech after getting a bachelor’s degree in design.

Fortunately, I currently work at Top 10 Products India as a fashion expert, which is even better than my dream job. I’ve contributed to many reviews, especially in the best brands segment, such as the best bedsheet brands, ladies footwear brands, backpack brands, etc. You can also check out all of my honest advice guides to invest in the best brand possible since I’ve done vast surveys, research and testing to find the best brands for you.

How Did My Journey Start?

My journey at Top 10 Products India. Started while finding fashion-related institutes in India on LinkedIn. I saw their job posting as a Senior Fashion Designer with the required degrees and knowledge. After completing the test, I shifted to Gujrat to be a part of the amazing Top 10 Products India Team. 

Their work deeply impressed me when I came to know that this company is working to help Indian buyers in saving their valuable money and advise them to invest in the best products possible after a live test.

What Are My Expertise & Education?

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I’m an expert fashion designer with a BFTech (Bachelor of Fashion Technology) degree in design. I’ve looked through many huge brands of clothes, footwear, etc., and my sense of creativity and the art of fashion is top-most. 

I can indicate how well the fabric of clothes is, how much GSM it contains, and how many washes it will last. Also, I test all fashion-related products through several different tests. For example, durability & comfort tests for footwear and long-lasting tests for lipsticks. I alter every test scheme according to the product I’m testing with my team. Thus, I can 100% guarantee that the top-listed products/brands in my honest reviews section are blindly trustable.

My Interests & Occupation

As I explained, my interest is in fashion-related stuff. Also, I never miss a chance to even try the latest products available on the market. I sometimes curate reviews on the latest brands available in India, I follow the V.D.C. (Value-for-money, Durability, and Comfort) strategy while testing the products, and whichever brand/product gets the best ratings, I list them accordingly on the listing on the reviews at Top 10 Products India.

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