Crompton Single Phase Mini Champ Water Pump Review

Crompton Single Phase Mini Champ Water Pump Review

Electric motors drive water pumps. There are many types of pumps. Some are used for irrigation, while others are used to fill a tank. What is the difference between a water pump and a regular water pump?

  • They can be run on an electrical motor-driven system
  • They feature an enclosed drive mechanism

Crompton motor single-phase 1 HP water pump is a simple way to supply water as it has enough power and volume to transfer water. It is also quiet and light in weight. They are well-tested, sturdy, and tried. It offers unmatched performance.

Crompton 1.0 H.P. SP Mini Champ I Water Pump

Let’s start with the product specifications of Crompton motor 1 HP single-phase water pump:

  • Dimensions LXWXH: 20x22x22 Centimeters
  • Color: Multicolour
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 8 kilograms
  • Power Source: Corded Electric 
  • HP: 1
  • Pipe Size (mm x mm): 25 x 25
  • KW: 0.75
  • RPM (SYN): 3000
  • Discharge Range (LPH): 2700-500
  • Total Head: 6 to 35 meters
  • Number of water pump: One
  • Capacity: 2700-5500 LPH
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Motor body: Aluminum extruded/pressure die-cast
  • Self-priming from 8 meters above the mean sea level
  • Thermal overload protector fitted
  • Different motor design-capacitor run and start (PSC) eliminates the need for a centrifugal switching.
  • Brass impeller

A word about the company

Crompton is well-known for its consistent reliability and high performance. They have transformed from a traditional company that made consumer products to one that is modern by changing the product design and function.

Crompton products are ideal for stylish, healthy homes. Their products are made with high-quality materials and elegant designs that blend well with modern homes. The company’s products are durable, but they are also easy to use and install.

Crompton appliances are sure to save money by providing value for product purchases such as electricity bills. With a strong network, their customer service is outstanding. Crompton products are innovative and easy to use.

Let’s take a closer look at the Crompton motor 1-HP single-phase water pump benefits:


Crompton Mini Champ contains 1 self-priming water pump. It is powerful, reliable, and durable. It has a brass impeller with an aluminum extruded motor and meets the highest quality standards.

High Quality Performance

The water pump’s thermal overload protector protects it from extreme temperatures. It is designed to provide unmatched performance. A capacitor is used in the PSC motor of the water pump. The capacitor saves electricity to increase current windings.

Ideal for use in the home

The water pump is self-priming and can be used up to 8 meters at the mean water level. This water pump is ideal for regular use because it has a (25 x 25mm outlet and inlet size) and can flow between 2700 and 500 LPH. It’s amazing! It can lift water up to 54 meters, which is amazing. It keeps its promise of being strong.

Smooth Operation

It can produce 0.75 KW of power, has a 3000 RPM motor speed and an operating voltage of 180 to 244 Volts for a single-phase. It is easy to use thanks to these features.

Crompton motor 1HP single-phase water pump is really impressive in its performance and doesn’t contain any cons.

  • High lifting capacity
  • Compact & sturdy design
  • Self-priming
  • Protection against thermal loads

You can use the water pump for various applications –

  • Transfer water from overhead storage tanks.
  • Water supply for bungalows, garages, flats, laundries, and clubs
  • Suitable for irrigation, lawn irrigation, gardening, and booster application.

These are the dos and don’ts when using the Crompton water pumps

  • To prevent dirt and dust from getting into the suction pipe, you can install a strainer.
  • With the appropriate pipe supports, place the water pump closer towards the water source.
  • Before you start, remove the prefilled solution and wash the pump with water.
  • If the pump is equipped with a closed-gate valve, it is not recommended that you run it.
  • Avoid excessive pipe lengths.
  • To avoid your strainer becoming clogged with mud, you must ensure that there is enough clearance between the bottom of the suction pipe and the sides of the tank.

These steps will ensure that your water pump works as it should.

It is important to know the power phase of a water pump before you purchase one. Single-phase power is sufficient in commercial and residential buildings. Small appliances can usually be powered by the single-phase, which typically powers up to 1000 watts. You can choose between a single-phase AC circuit of two-wires and three-wires with a 120V supply or a split-phase configuration that delivers 120/240V.

There are many advantages to single-phase motors. They are more affordable, less maintenance, and require fewer repairs. They are very durable and can fail if used improperly. Motors can sometimes have manufacturing defects.

Water pumps with single-phase operation:

  • For operating, you can connect this water pump directly to the supply.
  • They are often used in households.
  • It runs on a single-phase supply of power.
  • You don’t need a torque starter.


It is the ideal water pump for residential buildings.

Crompton single-phase: 1 HP water pumps are easy to install and provide hassle-free, low-maintenance service. The water pump is reliable, lightweight, and versatile. It will last a long time if properly installed and maintained.

Crompton Mini Champ: 1HP single-phase water pumps are a great option because of their remarkable features. It is not too heavy and is extremely user-friendly. Also, it can lift up to 32 liters per minute, making it very durable and efficient. It is great for both domestic and industrial use. Now is the time to make your decision.

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