Bosch Food Processor Review — Make Cooking Easy

Bosch Food Processor Review — Make Cooking Easy

We all know that a food processor could reduce cooking time and make cooking more enjoyable. Due to more kitchen cooking tasks, almost everyone should have the convenience of a food processor, making the process of chopping, grinding, and even mixing dough easier.

Every home has an appliance to help cook more efficiently and save time. Do you think all food processors can help us in the same way? Unfortunately, many inferior products are sold on the marketplace under the guise of food processors.

As an example, take the Bosch food processor. The food processor is of top quality, but it has a shoddy design. If you’re planning to purchase a high-quality food processor, you need to buy one from the Bosch food processor. This model can perform more than 50 functions such as cutting, grating, grinding, mixing, chopping, and many more.

This all-in-one food processor can help you make baking and cooking easier and much more enjoyable! If you want to establish an online food delivery service or even a mini-restaurant, this tool will simplify your work and make investments more efficient.

To ensure that your decision-making and analysis process is as easy as it can be, we’ve covered all the essentials. Learn more information about Bosch food processing equipment.

Bosch Lifestyle MCM3501M 800-Watt Food Processor

Bosch Lifestyle 800-Watt Food Processor: A Quick Review

Bosch Food processors are small and multifunctional kitchen appliances with over 50 different functions. It is equipped with 800W power and has multi-level 6-blades, including three double blades. 

With attachments like mixing bowls, choppers, and various blade attachments, this food processor can do more than 50 tasks, such as cutting, grating, grinding, mixing, chopping, and more.

With this app, you can prepare exotic meals and drinks at home since it has more than 50 different apps that you can try to test your culinary abilities. It comes with smart storage that allows you to keep all the kitchen equipment without them being lost.

A strong motor and intelligent storage are just two of the benefits of Bosch’s Lifestyle Food processor. With its quiet operation and easy-to-remove blades, it can be used for ease of cleaning. It is non-toxic and impervious to BPA. It has a sleek polished steel exterior, making it a beautiful kitchen appliance. Take a look at the specs now.

Specifications for Bosch Lifestyle Food Processor

Bosch food processors are renowned for their performance, top-quality blades, and more. We will learn more details about the Bosch food processor.

All in one function

Once you have the food processor, you’ll be able to purchase no other cooking appliances that are pre-cooking for your kitchen. A variety of functions are possible with this Bosch food processor, which ranges from simple tasks such as slicing onions to more complicated grinding of coffee and spiced beans, including the exclusive grinding function.


This Bosch food processor comes with 800W of power consumption. The required power is 220-240V.


Bosch has provided many food processor features, such as a safety lock lid a bowl with rubber suction feet to provide extra stability.

Space-saving design

This food processor is smart in its storage. Standard accessories can be stored inside the bowl, and other accessories can be quickly attached.

Bowl capacity

This Bosch food processor comes with a one-liter bowl capacity.


The Bosch food processor has a two years warranty for repair and replacement. The type of service for this item is that the user must take the appliance to an authorized service centre.

Dimensions and weight

The food processor weighs 3700 grams of weight, and its dimensions are LxWxH, 26 22 x 37.5 centimeters.

Additional components

Other components included in Bosch’s Bosch food processor are a mixing bowl and a plastic blender attachment beat disc with a reversible slicer disc. The universal knife accessory contains the dough tool and a plastic blade cap to protect the blade, and a grinding blade.

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Bosch food processors come with powerful motors, multi-level 6 knives with three double blades, a 1-liter blender jar, and much more. Find out more information about these Features.

Powerful Motor

A Bosch food processor features an impressive motor that is fast and simple to use. The 800W motor offers the quietest performance for any extreme food processing task. Due to the motor’s low noise level, it can work virtually silently. Furthermore, the motor’s superior power allows it to prepare hard food items and vegetables.

2 Speed Settings Plus Moment Function

Bosch food processors have two features: speeds and a moment function. It is not advisable to operate the processor at the same speed. It is recommended to start with speed level 1 before moving to speed level 2. Numerous options are available for users to adjust the speed to meet the application’s needs.

Multi-level 6 Knife, Multi-level 6, with three Double Blades

Alongside mixing and grinding hard-to-pull products, Multi-level six knives can also be used to grind food items that are extremely abrasive, like coffee beans, nuts, vegetables, ginger, garlic, and more. Fortunately, multi-level six knives can grind and blend tough ingredients. Three blades of a double knife are made to cut and grind with care. The cooking process is much more enjoyable and easier by using this method.

1.Litre Blender Jar

A one-liter blender can make refreshing cold drinks, shakes, smoothies, and juices. It can crush Ice too.


When selecting the right food processor, make sure that it has a variety of speeds. There are three speeds on the Bosch model and an option for a pulse. You can choose between three speeds for processing your food.

Features Recap

  • 800w quiet, powerful motor that will ease a cooking chore
  • 2-speed setting options that include speeds and a moment function
  • Multi-Level six knives with three double blades that can blend at a single glance and grind difficult food items such as coffee beans, nuts leaves, leafy vegetables such as garlic, ginger, and more.
  • 1L blender jar for making the right amount of juice shakes and crush Ice
  • Food processors can store their equipment in one place.


Bosch Food Processor

Smart storage

It is a Bosch food processor with intelligent storage and a bowl that can be used to store basic accessories. The accessories ensure that the 13 accessories can be kept neatly and not lost.

Highly Multifunctional

Bosch Food processor are able to perform more than 50 different tasks. Customers can prepare more than 50 different recipes using 13 different accessories.


A lid that locks securely and a bowl, along with suction feet that are rubber, provide this Bosch food processor additional stability.

Space-saving design

Bosch food processor is equipped with smart accessories and storage that are easily attached to the food processor. Hence, it’s easy to store. 


The warranty is two years for the food processor, and you can repair or replace it for free. The Bosch food processors typically offer two times longer warranty to their customers.

BPA free plastic

Hard plastics have been found to contain hazardous chemicals, such as BPA, hazardous to health. It also affects hormone production. There isn’t any BPA inside the food processor’s body. So, it’s not harmful.

Detachable blades

It is easy to take the blades of the Bosch food processor. They permit the food machine to clean swiftly and effortlessly.

Operation without noise

A motor of 800 watts provides lots of power. It runs quietly & smoothly, not causing any sound.


Bosch food processor is a good value. It comes at a lower price than the other food processors with similar features and is available in the marketplace.


Poor design

The shape of the jar isn’t as comfortable. Leaf-blades are tiny and difficult to take out of the container.


The food processor produced by Bosch Lifestyle has a powerful motor and smart storage. It can process without noise, and its easily-removable blades facilitate cleaning. Furthermore, it’s BPA-free which means it is safe for use in the kitchen. Bosch food processors can cut down the time needed to perform tasks like grating, chopping, cutting, grinding, and even making dough. A single food processor can perform over 50 tasks by utilizing more than 13 accessories. And that too for a price!

It’s an appealing kitchen appliance that features an attractive brushed steel exterior. It could be ideal for those who need something compact that won’t take up a lot of space. When you use a Bosch food processor, you’ll cut down on time while cooking. You can quickly prepare fast and delicious food with dual-speed settings and pulse function.

Spend your time on other activities besides cooking! 


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