Best BoAt Sound Bar Review in 2022

Best BoAt Sound Bar Review in 2022

Soundbars are an awesome solution to making your home cinema. Also, the surroundings and sound quality of soundbars are perfectly suitable to give you a Dolby sound-like experience every day.

However, from tons of soundbars, we’ve put some brands with better music quality and selected some of their best models to review. In this way, boAt turned out among the best soundbar brands in India. 

Now, let’s uncover everything about two of the best boAt soundbar models in this guide with some other useful tips.

1. BoAt Aavante Bar 1160

boAt Aavante Bar Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

There are many healthcare and software-related jobs entering the realm of technology, and we’re slowly getting used to the new devices that are being developed. From children to elders, lawyers, students and writers all have benefited from the realm of computers and technology in some way or another.

Music is an essential aspect of our daily lives. From the old to the new, English as well as Bollywood to the local to regional, we all have musical preferences, and the pleasure of listening to them in the highest audio quality is an absolute pleasure and delight for the ears.

Technology is constantly evolving and expanding rapidly into the twenty-first century; there are amazing and innovative innovations. Better than predecessors, you will be able to enjoy the finest sound quality and enjoy music in the highest quality.

Not just music, but films can also be watched with superior sound quality and with surround sound, offering the user a superior experience.

This is a brief overview of boAt’s Aavante Wireless Bluetooth soundbar, to let you make a cost-effective and wise choice when purchasing a soundbar for watching music or watching movies.


  • Model number: Aavante Bar 1160
  • Connectivity to speakers Wired
  • Number of Items 6
  • Dimensions of the Product: 7.8 x 90 x 7cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Special Features Remote Control
  • The wattage required: 60 watts
  • Max Power Output: 60 Watts
  • The Mounting Hardware Aavante Cable, Bar accessories, user’s guide and warranty card
  • The Country of Origin is: China
  • Total USB ports: 1
  • Type of Connector: Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxiliary USB
  • Rechargeable battery: No

Pros and cons of BoAt Aavante Bar 1160


  • Remote control that permits you to alter playback parameters in a simple and easy way.
  • Do you want awesome surround sound quality? You can watch the news or listen to music and enjoy movies with the finest audio quality.
  • It is possible to connect via wireless and wired methods.
  • Recommend for TVs, smartphones and tablets.
  • It also comes with a power adaptor for charging.
  • Different audio and music outputs.
  • Auto-shuts off features if not used for a long time to conserve the battery.
  • Economical.


  • The only downside to this product is its radio function. It is not able to support the radio function since it’s not integrated.

boAt Aavante Bar 1160 60 Watt 2.0 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

BoAt’s Aavante Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Features 

All devices are accessible

This amazing soundbar comes accessible to any device, whether it’s a smartphone or laptop, both with the wired and wireless type of connectivity.

  • The type of connectivity that is wired can be achieved by making use of the AUX cable or USB device.
  • The wireless version of connectivity is provided via straightforward Bluetooth connectivity.

Control for playback

BoAt Aavante Bar comes with the vast new feature of controlling the playback function of the audio being played with the use of a remote control device. This makes it easy to operate the control of the soundbar and makes it simple to use.

Sound Quality

Its 2.0 Channel Sound gives you high-quality sound that is ethereal and broad surround experience, providing you with an alternate feeling and adding colour to the sound and also providing stunning visuals.


Find the astonishing surround sound quality features to enjoy movies with your family and friends, and enjoy your music at higher volume without any issues with playback with boAt Aavante Bar. One of the best features of this item is the connectivity. It gives you wireless and wired connectivity to allow you to connect to any device that supports smart technology, such as your smartphones, televisions, tablets, laptops, and more.

The auxiliary cable permits users to connect to any TV device. The USB port lets you play your saved music that you like with stunning quality. The Bluetooth connection lets you connect the audio bar to any gadget that supports Bluetooth connectivity. With the remote, you can alter the playback to suit the music you wish to listen to and to watch.

This soundbar is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking a soundbar that is affordable but priced to be worthy.

2. BoAt Aavante Bar 1250

boat soundbar review-

Technology is constantly evolving and rapidly moving into the 21st century; with amazing new innovations and all more advanced than previous models that were released; you can enjoy the highest quality sound and enjoy music with high-quality sound. In addition to music, movies can be watched with top quality sound with surround sound to provide a more immersive experience.

Tech is evolving, and from children to elders, lawyers, students and students all have benefited from the world of computers and technology in one way or another.

The idea of having a huge sound system is a thing of the past. Who wants to deal with the trouble of organizing and connecting multiple wires and creating a home theatre with numerous speakers in order to achieve the highest quality sound when it could all be accomplished with the help of a single soundbar?

This is a brief overview of the BoAt Aavante Bar 1250 to let you  evaluate your options and decide to purchase a soundbar that is not just affordable but also performs better than other soundbars.


  • Model number: Aavante Bar 1250
  • Dimensions of the product Size: 86 x 7.8 7cm
  • Weight: 4.3 kilograms
  • Specific Features: Subwoofer Remote Control
  • Max Output Power: 80 Watts
  • Type of Amplification: Active
  • Wattage: 80 Watts
  • Batteries Not Required There is no need to buy batteries.
  • Connector Type: AUX USB, Bluetooth
  • Mounting Hardware: User’s manual Line-in cable card Screws for wall mount
  • China is the Country from which it comes. China

Pros and cons of BoAt Aavante Bar 1250


  • High-quality surround sound.
  • Wireless and wired connections are available.
  • Connects to any device, such as tablets, smartphones, televisions, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • There is a USB port that is accessible.
  • The remote control is there to control playback.
  • A cinematic experience at your home.
  • Thundering 40W Wired Subwoofers are available.
  • Stylish design.
  • It provides the listener with a 3D hearing experience.


  • The only issue with it is the fact that there’s no reference to the adaptor or power source. You’ll need to purchase the adaptor separately.
  • It was not expensive, but it could be 100-150 bucks.

boat soundbar review

BoAt’s Aavante Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar features

Modern Design

The soundbar was constructed in the most elegant ways. It features a luxurious design that blends into the design of your home, offering the user a stunning appearance and stylish addition to your home. The soundbar has been carefully created to provide an immersive sound experience to your living space.


The boAt Aavante Bar is easily accessible to whatever smart device via various types of connectivity. For wireless connectivity, it is possible to use Bluetooth V5.0. For wired versions of connectivity for various devices, you can connect an auxiliary cable or your USB port to connect the USB device.

Playback Control

BoAt Aavante Bar allows you to modify and manage the playback of sound to suit your preferences. Be it watching the news, films as well as listening to your favourite music. You are able to change the settings at any time and conveniently through the remote control.

Sound Quality

This soundbar provides an ethereal audio experience that is accompanied by a stunning alternative sound dimension that is easy for users to become familiar with. It allows you to take advantage of the stunning sound quality and adds colour to the audio to give you a fantastic visual experience.


It could be movies with your family or friends or the desire to listen to music with the ideal bass and with high audio quality, or everything else. It is a soundbar that provides the most cinematic experience possible and ensures you get the sound in high quality.

With all the unique features and other specs, the boAt soundbar has proved to be superior to all others and provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who chooses to invest in the boAt soundbar.

If budget-friendly and cost-effective is on your wish list, Do not take advantage of the chance to get the best and unique soundbar from boAt and experience an amazing and awe-inspiring audio experience all within the walls of your house.


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