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Top 11 Best Weighing Machine in India 2023

How do you monitor the progress of your body weight? How can you be sure the weight of your body is in control?

We are sure that you’re not some savant who can estimate their body weight and require an authoritative source to verify their weight. Here, the necessity for a reliable weight machine comes into the picture.

Suppose you’re tired of searching for the best weighing device to meet your requirements and needs. If so, then you’re at the right spot. We realize that selecting the best weighing machine can be similar to capturing that perfect selfie in the first place.

It’s funny! We know the difficulty of choosing the right weight machine, and that’s why we’ve provided a few of the top choices that our customers can choose from.

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect weighing machine specifically for you.

Best Weighing Machine in India 2023

Here is the complete list of the Best Body Weighing Machines that are available in India

1. Health Sense BF 414 Fat Monitor machine

Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Connect Scale

It is among the top weighing machines users can count on to monitor and manage their body’s weight as well as fat. One of the greatest advantages of this device is that it is light and unbreakable.

However, this allows users to use the machine when they wish, without worry or stress.

This machine is awe-inspiring for delivering high precision to its clients. It’s designed using G-sensors and a sense of technology that allows for a quick and precise assessment of body size and the amount of fat.

Health Sense BF 414 Fat Monitor machine warranty card

This weighing machine for health is your ideal companion in monitoring your health problems. The principal functions it can provide its clients include: taking measurements of the body’s weight and body fat, as well as bone mass, muscle mass as well as body water, and calories, among others.

For exact results, the device requires users’ gender, age, and height to be input.

It features an LCD, making it simple for users to gauge their readings accurately. Additionally, users have a full warranty of one year by the brand to stand up to any issues or complications they could encounter during use. This is an excellent partner you require for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Health Sense BF 414 Fat Monitor machine body looks

  • Provides fast and accurate readings to users.
  • Portable enough for easy travel and any other carrying.
  • The LCD is equipped with an auto-on/off feature.
  • Bioelectric impedance analysis is used to determine the body’s weight.
  • Utilizes the G-sensors to provide precise readings.
  • Available in a slim and non-fragile style.
  • It uses bioelectric impedance analysis to measure the body’s fat mass with maximum accuracy.

Health Sense BF 414 Fat Monitor machine user manual


  • Construction quality doesn’t please.
  • Not a great value for money.
  • After a thorough testing, we feel that we can’t give it a vote for durability.

2. HealthSense PS126 Digital Body Weight Scale 

HealthSense PS126 Digital Body Weight Scale

Here’s another amazing weight machine from the trusted company Health Sense to impress the users. The machine is simple, light, compact, and easy for anyone who wants to keep track of your body’s weight.

This machine is made of abs materials that help ensure that users’ feet are in the correct position during their use. This also ensures you’re standing in the proper place to avoid tripping. The slim appearance of the device is striking.

HealthSense PS126 Digital Body Weight Scale body looks

Every user can be assured of receiving an exact reading from this device due to its 4G sensors. The sensors are precise and precise in determining body weight and the amount of fat within the body.

The device comes with a 3.5-inch LCD screen with backlighting and a white-digit display that ensures a pleasant and clear experience. 

The machine also comes with low battery and error indicators to ensure that users have the most comfort from the usage.

The customers are granted a warranty of one year with this device to deal with any issue that arises.

HealthSense PS126 Digital Body Weight Scale warranty card

  • Uses reliable 4G sensors for delivering accurate readings.
  • It is enabled by error and low indicator for battery.
  • Simple and lightweight.
  • Use abs material to guarantee the proper foot position.
  • The LCD has powerful backlighting for a crisp view.
  • The readings from this device can be read even in dim lighting conditions.

HealthSense PS126 Digital Body Weight Scale user manual


  • Plastic construction doesn’t seem to promising.
  • The accuracy is a bit questionable.
  • The product doesn’t seem or feel to be premium.

3. Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Connect Scale

Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Connect Scale (2)

This weighing machine by Dr Trust is designed to be a reliable method of measuring the specifics of body weight and other components. The brand’s reliability assures users of precise results from each use.

The machine is built to analyze 11 body compositions with the highest accuracy and precision at the right time. With the gauge sensor technology, high-precision users will have highly accurate readings without hassle.

Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Connect Scale body looks

Another great feature of this device is that it can be quickly accessible with reliable tracking capabilities. Users can log on anytime they wish to stay informed about their performance and successes.

This weighing device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to connect with Android or iOS apps. Users can connect to their mobiles and keep track of their data. Additionally, it allows users to enjoy the benefits of constant monitoring to be constantly aware of their bodies and fat percentages.

Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Connect Scale warranty card

  • Utilizes the Accu patent gauge technology.
  • Accessibility to information and tracking that is reliable.
  • An automatic off facility is available.
  • Created to be observant of the 11 body composition values.
  • Connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to Android and iOS apps.
  • The LED screen is easy to read, making watching the readings effortless.
  • It also comes with a USB port that provides a swift and efficient charging option.
  • It will also display that the battery level is low.

Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Connect Scale user manual


  • A few complained about the inaccuracy in the weight reading. However, we didn’t experience that in our testing.
  • While connecting it shows 0.1 gm less in the app.

4. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

It is impossible to be wrong by selecting Dr Trust as your weight machine. It is built to impress its customers with its precision and straightforward design.

The main thing people appreciate about this weighing machine is providing reliable measurements without hassle. It is designed with an auto-calibrated platform that is paired with step-on technology. This ensures that users get the desired readings when they step onto the device.

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Digital Weighing Scale body looks

In addition to showing the weight readings, the device will also display the atmosphere’s temperature on its screen.

To provide the best comfort to users for screens, this machine has been equipped with an LCD screen with a bright and clear display of digits. A super-strong, tempered glass of 6mm is used in the construction of this machine to ensure that it can handle the user’s weight without difficulty.

To increase the user’s comfort, this weighing scale comes with indicators for overload and low battery. It also has the feature of an automatic switch-off to conserve energy.

  • Facilitated by quick USB charging.
  • Displays the values of the ambient temperature of the atmosphere on the screen.
  • The LCD screen has a large, bright display to ensure clear vision.
  • Rely on gauge sensors to provide exact readings.
  • Overload and low battery indicators activated with auto-off/on.
  • It uses its patent Accu gauge sensor to give precise readings at every turn.
  • It is easily fully charged thanks to its USB charging feature.

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Digital Scale Weighing Scale test


  • The battery’s performance starts decreasing very slowly after almost one year of usage.

5. Omron HN 286 Personal Digital Weight Scale

Omron HN 286 Personal Digital Weight Scale

This ultra-thin, automatic personal digital weight scale is among the most reliable weighing scales. It doesn’t ensure accurate readings, but it also proves itself to attract attention in your home.

First of all, the ultra-thin design of the device is among the most desirable features that you can have because it allows users to transport it easily wherever they want to. The portability of this machine is a must with the ease of monitoring and accessibility to the device.

Omron HN 286 Personal Digital Weight Scale body looks

Additionally, it’s built with 4 sensors that give you the most accurate readings for every attempt. This machine ensures that users can record all of the vital body components to lead an ideal lifestyle and live and live life to the fullest extent possible.

In terms of its design device provides a large LCD to users to allow them to see the entire readings whenever they need it. In addition, it also shows the level of battery remaining to users, allowing for immediate charging.

Omron HN 286 Personal Digital Weight Scale user menual

  • With 4 sensors to provide precise readings.
  • Bright LCD to provide crystal clear viewing.
  • Automatic shut-off after 16 seconds.
  • Ultra-thin design for the highest performance and portability.
  • To ensure that the battery’s life is not compromised, the device automatically shuts off after 16 seconds of inactivity.
  • Users get the longest warranty period of one year with this weighing machine.

Omron HN 286 Personal Digital Weight Scale Weighing test


  • The plastic used in the contribution of this machine’s base isn’t of good quality.

6. Powermax Fitness BCA-130 Bluetooth Weight Scale

Powermax Fitness BCA-130 Bluetooth Weight Scale

If you’re looking for an attractive yet precise weighing machine to keep an eye on the body’s weight and fat percentage, this machine could be the right one for you.

It’s designed to give the most precise readings to users on their BMI, weight, and body fat. Using both Android as well as iOS apps.

Powermax Fitness BCA-130 Bluetooth Weight Scale body looks

The machine is designed to function in the most efficient way using its mobile application compatibility, which is the most convenient for users. Additionally, with the sync feature integrated into the mobile app, users can keep a record of their readings that can be securely stored in cloud storage.

It can turn the power up and running with the stepping feature and comes with the automatic power-off option.

In addition, those who want to connect the Powermax BCA-130 fitness weighing machine to Bluetooth 4.0 to access Android and iOS applications will be happy.

Powermax Fitness BCA-130 Bluetooth Weight Scale user manual

  • Sync-compatible using the mobile app compatible with sync.
  • Power on, then turn off and automatically shut off the power.
  • Sharp and clear LED display that provides enjoyable watching.
  • Provides efficient and easy Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • It can provide exact readings of 13 crucial body compositions.
  • With this device, users can watch the main 13 body compositions with no issues.
  • In terms of appearance, it has a clear and crisp LED display for users to read all readings.

Powermax Fitness BCA-130 Bluetooth Weight Scale Weighing test


  • Customer service isn’t that promising.

7. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Fitness Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Fitness Weighing Scale

Our next pick is another great product from the Hoffen brand, known for delivering only quality products to customers.

One of the great things about this weighing device is that it provides the ideal combination of precise readings and an attractive appearance and design. This means that you do not have to compromise on any aspect of a reliable weighing device.

To ensure the customers that they are not required to compromise the accuracy of readings on body composition. Its sensors can quickly record the necessary information without hassle.

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Fitness Weighing Scale body looks

Another outstanding feature of this model is its use of a top-quality, highly solid glass platform that is tempered. The brilliant and crystal clear LCD also provides convenience and comfort to users who want to keep track of their readings.

This machine is made to be able to carry a weight between 2.5kg and up to 180kg. In addition, it has warnings of low battery and overload and an auto-off and on. Additionally, users get 1 year of warranty for this machine.

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Fitness Weighing Scale test

  • It can be used with a strain gauge sensors system.
  • Bright and clear LCD screen display.
  • Low battery indicators, as well as auto-on/off feature enabling.
  • The glass is strong and tempered to provide the highest level of stability.
  • This weighing machine has been constructed with an electronic strain gauge system.
  • Users are assured that they will get the best stability from the platform when using it.

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Fitness Weighing Scale Weight meter test

  • When you step on it, it gives a somewhat crackling sort of noise. It makes you feel as if it’s broken, but it actually won’t be.
  • Your first few readings won’t be perfect.

8. Final Electronic Thick LCD Display Digital Scale

Final Electronic Thick LCD Display Digital Scale

The final weighing machine on our list is the Weltime weigher, the ideal and most reliable health aid for users. With the aid of this machine, users can be aware of the vital body composition and health parameters that are essential to healthy health.

There isn’t a single flaw in the observed and measured readings, and this assures clients that they’ve made the right choice to be healthy. The maximum weight range the machine can take on is 180kg.

Final Electronic Thick LCD Display Digital Scale body looks

The user can keep track of all readings simply by watching them on this machine’s crisp and clear LCD screen. In addition, the machine is built with sturdy and durable toughened glass to ensure that users feel secure when standing or using the device.

The beautiful transparent design and stripes of colour on the body are a real draw that perfectly matches the interiors.

Finally, this weighing device comes with special indicators that detect an overloaded battery or a low battery within the machine.

Final Electronic Thick LCD Display Digital Scale Weighing test

  • It depends on high-precision sensors to provide exact readings.
  • Indicated by low battery and indicator for overload.
  • A glass that is tough and durable to ensure an even standing position.
  • Bright and large LCD screen.
  • Available in transparent designs with coloured strips.
  • Due to the availability of high-precision sensors, it is competent in delivering precise results to its customers.
  • It has auto-off and on to conserve the highest capacity of the battery.


  • After-sale service is not reliable.

9. Health Sense PS119 Digital Weighing Scale:

Health Sense PS119 Digital Weighing Scale_

The company Health Sense has got plenty of choices for weighing scales that will impress you on all levels. This is another great product by Health Sense designed for maximum precision users while maintaining the ideal combination of elegance and style.

This machine’s sleek and black design is more than a draw for customers. The machine’s structure is constructed with ABS material with curved edges to increase the fashion quality of this personal scale for weighing.

Health Sense PS119 Digital Weighing Scale body looks

The black jet-tempered glass platform with a red LED display gives the user the clearest and most bright visual experience.

The health sense weighing machine is equipped with four high-precision G-sensors and can provide the user with precise readings.

Because of these sensors, users are assured of the results with a precision of 0.3 per cent. Alongside displaying the precise readings, the device’s display also displays the battery’s low and error warnings.

This device is your most reliable companion for providing you with the ideal weight readings for those weighing 3kgs up to 180kgs.

  • Available in attractive designs and with curved edges.
  • It is equipped with 4 G-sensors that allow for precise readings and monitoring.
  • Low battery and error indications.
  • Black jet transparent tempered glass platform that has an LED display in red.
  • HealthSense provides the most comprehensive warranty of 1 year for its customers against potential issues.

Health Sense PS119 Digital Weighing test


  • The display is not visible in dim light as per a few users.

10. Well, time for Electronic Body Weight Weighing Scales:

Well, time for Electronic Body Weight Weighing Scales_

The first thing people will fall over is the style of this fitness bodyweight weighing scale. The time has not made any mistakes in creating this weighing machine with an elegant and attractive design to draw the most customers.

In addition to its stunning style, it’s so beautiful that it will match any interior design. Its extremely strong glass platform is durable and sturdy in managing the weight position of users. The available LCD screen provides precise readings and has a huge digital display.

When measuring body compositions, this weighing machine will give quick readings with no hassles.

It utilizes multi-functional gauge sensors to take precise and accurate readings and provide them to users without delays or problems. The maximum capacity for weight this machine can carry is 180kg.

  • Available in a stylish and stylish style.
  • Low battery/overload indicators are available through the power-off feature that automatically shuts off.
  • Rely on multi-function gauges to give precise readings.
  • A sturdy and solid glass platform to ensure a perfect weight position.
  • Rapid and precise readings using step-on technology.
  • This Weltime weigher is equipped with overload and low battery indicators to save maximum energy in the long run.
  • It conserves its battery with its auto power-off option.


  • Very bad customer reviews on Amazon.
  • A few units were delivered with dead battery.
  • Not that accurate.

11. MCP Deluxe Analog Weighing Scale:

MCP Deluxe Analog Weighing Scale_

If you’re looking for a manual weight machine, you should test this MCP premium personal analogue weight scale. It is among the longest-lasting and solid options for an analogue scale that is manually operated and therefore is the choice of the majority of customers.

The most appealing aspect of this machine for weighing is that it was created to give precise weight readings, regardless of whether it is an analogue machine. The only thing you have to be aware of is that its initial reading indicates zero.

MCP Deluxe Analog Weighing Scale body looks

Regarding the style of the machine, it is offered in a beautiful blue hue that draws the attention of everyone. Additionally, the sturdy platform adds value to users.

It also has large displays, which make it more practical for users to read and keep track of all the necessary measurements of their body composition.

In addition, customers also get the best warranty of one year for this weighing device to take care of any difficulties and problems that might arise from its use.

  • Analog machines are designed to provide exact readings.
  • It is not necessary to have a battery to operate it.
  • Easy to read and simple to comprehend large screen.
  • The machine can support a 130kg capacity of weight to the max.
  • It is available in a striking style with a sturdy platform.
  • In contrast to most analogue weight machines, this one has a clear, simple-to-read, and comprehend display for users.

MCP Deluxe Analog Weighing Scale test


  • The machine can handle a maximum weight capacity of up to only 130kg.
  • Customer service is not satisfactory.


Out of all choices of weighing devices, we would suggest Health Sense the BF 414 Ultra Lite Body Weight and Fat Monitor.

This weighing device uses the latest in bioelectric impedance analysis and G-sensors to provide the most precise measures of the body’s composition. Its quick operation will eliminate any delay in obtaining the desired results.

Additionally, it will not simply amaze you with its functionality. However, its LCD with clear and bright digits, accompanied by a lightweight and non-fragile design, is also worth noticing.

Should you have any questions or questions regarding the selection of the top weigher, please leave a comment below. We’re always there to provide you with the finest possible assistance.

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