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Top 10 Best Umbrella Brands in India (The Most Dependable Choices of 2024)

Whenever rain comes, we all start looking for something to protect us from soaking in the rain. People who don’t like to wear raincoats often like to carry an umbrella with them. But many times, umbrellas break or tear apart even before the rainy season ends. Why is it so? Because you haven’t bought a good quality umbrella from the market.

In this blog post, we are here to guide you on the topic related to the top 10 best umbrella brands in India. We will also share our insights regarding the affordability of umbrellas in India.

From the customer’s point of view, an umbrella should do the work it is made for. Its work is to protect its owner from the rain. Now, let’s talk about the top 10 brands that manufacture the best quality umbrellas at a very pocket-friendly price. 

With so many brands of umbrellas available in the market, customers often get confused about which brand of umbrella they should opt for. This is why we are here for you, as your guiding companion in choosing the right umbrella for you.

1. Destinio Umbrella

Destinio Umbrella

While keeping the modern consumer in mind, the brand that makes very reliable and stylish umbrellas is known by the name Destinio Umbrella. 

This brand provides a very durable quality umbrella, which protects you from getting soaked in the rain and can save you from sunburnt in hot summers. You can rest assured about being dry when you are properly standing or walking with Destinio Umbrella. 

The company’s stylish color range of umbrellas, from vibrant colors to beige and royal black and regular blue, suit well in both personal and professional settings.

2. Sun Umbrella

Sun Umbrella

When you are looking for an umbrella that does not soak in the pouring rainwater, you need to look for a waterproof material. 

Sun Umbrella brand is becoming a popular umbrella-making brand in India. They make their umbrellas with state-of-the-art technology by coating, which doesn’t let water stay on the umbrella for too long. As the water rolls down the umbrella, your umbrella doesn’t stay wet for too long.

Sun umbrellas come in a very affordable price range; this leaves no room for people to complain about the hefty price of the umbrella brand.

This is one of the main reasons why this Sun brand of umbrellas is so popular in the umbrella market. They also provide people with unique requirements with customization options.

3. AmazonBasics Umbrella

AmazonBasics Umbrella

Many regions of India have harsh weather conditions, which calls for sturdy umbrellas that last long and do not fold up because of the wind. In this regard, Amazon Basics Umbrellas are the best. 

Their umbrella stays sturdy even in the harshest weather conditions and provides protection against rain, snow and storms. Its steel frame doesn’t let the umbrella bend during heavy wind conditions.

Their Umbrellas have a Hangover safeguard mechanism that does not let the umbrella fly away. The fabric of these umbrellas is strongly woven so that the water from the upper surface of the umbrella doesn’t slip on you.

4. Quirk Umbrella House

Quirk Umbrella House Quirk Umbrella

Whenever the rainy season comes around, it becomes essential to buy an umbrella. When it comes to finding a reliable and better quality umbrella, Quirk Umbrella House is the brand that takes the lead role in bringing premium umbrellas to you.

The fabric of their umbrella is of really high-quality material, which can stand against the harshest of the rain and even the wind. The button on the umbrella opens up with a soft push, and the umbrella opens up quickly.

Quirk Umbrella House also provides its quirky customers with quickie art customized umbrellas. You can rely upon these umbrellas whenever you go out in the rain. Quirk umbrella house umbrella will keep you accompanied till you reach your destination.

5. Antson Fancy Magic Umbrella

Antson Fancy Magic Umbrella

How often has it happened that it suddenly started raining and you didn’t have an umbrella? Customers often have an umbrella but feel lazy to carry it around because of its weight and no cover provided with it.

You do not have to worry about the umbrella’s weight, as Antson Fancy Magic Umbrella makes lightweight umbrellas with sturdy materials.

Reliable umbrellas should have quality features like reliability, superior design, lightweight body aluminum frame, and fiberglass ribs to provide durable protection to keep you from getting soaked in the rain.

You can get all these qualities in Antson Fancy Magic Umbrella. You have many vibrant color umbrellas to choose from in their amazing umbrella collection.

With Anston Fancy Magic Umbrella, you can put the pouring clouds to shame because the brand umbrella will stick with you even in the harshest of rainy weather conditions.

6. Flygo Umbrella

Flygo Umbrella

When style is something you can’t compromise on, and reliability is necessary for buying an umbrella, Flygo Umbrellas are for stylish, umbrella-loving people like you! 

These umbrellas are made with strong, water-resistant fabric with a special coating on its ribs. This coating doesn’t let rust form on the ribs of the umbrella.

The ribs of their umbrella are strong and durable and can withstand very low-temperature conditions. Much thought is put into designing convenient umbrellas for customers by the Flygo Umbrella brand.

You can easily get these affordable, stylish and reliable umbrellas at a starting price range of Rs 500. 

Stay confident when you have a Flygo Umbrella with you to face any kind of weather.

7. Rylan Umbrella

RYLAN Umbrella

You want an umbrella that sticks with you when it’s raining and when the sun is shining at its hottest temperature. Rylan Umbrella will act as the perfect companion for you.

The brand offers incredibly durable, reliable, stylish, colorful and portable umbrellas, attracting many customers to buy them. 

Their fabric coating doesn’t obstruct clear vision, which is one of the specialties of their fabrics. When you walk on the side of the road, you will be able to clearly see the coming vehicles and be able to protect yourself from getting into an accident.

8. Fendo Umbrella

Fendo Umbrella

Quality and style are both the flip sides of the same coin. Customers who seek to look stylish when carrying an umbrella, even if the weather is rainy, want some sense of luxury while walking in the rain. The Fendo brand of umbrella will definitely catch your eye for sure.

Suppose you require a luxurious-looking umbrella to fit your budget and is strong enough to stand against harsh weather conditions and water-resistant material. You should definitely look into the Fendo brand’s umbrella collection.

The fabric of these umbrellas has multiple layers which do not tear easily. Their umbrella handles are comfortable enough to hold the umbrella for a long duration of time without painting your hands.

Fendo umbrellas can become a perfect gifting option when you want to give a beautiful and useful gift. The reason may be to make the person you are gifting the Fendo umbrella remember you whenever they open the umbrella gifted by you whenever they encounter rain showers.

9. Citizen Umbrella

CITIZEN Umbrella

Known for its high quality and excellent craftsmanship, the Citizen Umbrella brand became very popular amongst the general public of India.

Through its long experience of 3 decades, the company has incorporated functionality and innovative concepts into designing its umbrellas.

Citizen umbrella brands have a huge variety of fashionable and classic style umbrellas to fit the needs of a variety of their buyers.

They have designed their umbrella sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow storms, and winds during summer heating temperatures.

Citizen umbrellas are built to protect their handlers in any weather conditions. They also have ventilated snap handles and are made by thoughtful process.

These umbrellas are very light in weight as compared to their other competitors. The brand is committed to bringing quality umbrellas to their customers, which are long-lasting and a great companion for going against any kind of harsh weather conditions.

10. Cheeky Chunk Girls Umbrella

Cheeky Chunk Girls Umbrella

Cheeky Chunk Girl’s Umbrellas could be a perfect rain cover for you to keep you dry and protected from rain drops from touching your clothes.

Cheeky Chunk umbrellas have high durability features and are built with excellent craftsmanship. They are one of the most famous umbrella-making brands in India.

The brand is famous for being popular amongst girls but also has umbrellas to fit the funky requirements of a large audience.

The ergonomic designs of these umbrellas, combined with the vibrance of different colors and comfortable handling, give this brand an edge over other brands that make umbrellas. They have soft feature designs for girls who like to flaunt fashion using umbrellas.

Chunk Chunk brand delivers reliable products when it comes to manufacturing umbrellas. All such features make their umbrellas loved by many in India.

How do you pick the perfect umbrella?

How do you pick the perfect umbrella

Before you jump into the market to buy a new umbrella, you must first know what your needs and requirements are:


People often skip taking an umbrella, even during the rainy season. The reason includes things like uncomfort handling of the umbrella and also its heavy umbrella can’t be carried around for too long because our hands start to hurt.

If the weight becomes an issue for the customers, why do the companies make heavy umbrellas? The thought is to make the umbrellas stand against heavy winds.

That is why you need to know which region you live in to decide which umbrella would suit your region because you don’t want your umbrellas to blow away in the wind and act like a joking umbrella by getting you wet despite having an umbrella.


What are vents in Umbrellas? Vents make the wind flow through the canopy of the Umbrella so that your Umbrellas do not turn upside down. Umbrellas made with a double material layer do not easily turn upside down.

Canopy material

Canopy material

Nylon and polyester fabrics are quite popular; their lightweight, superb flexibility and waterproof nature make them the perfect material to give a canopy to the umbrella.

They are also easy to print different designs on. When waxed with waterproof and polishing coasting, these canopy materials become rainproof and do not fade even when kept in the sun’s UV rays.


Apart from normal people using umbrellas, many consumers also require large-size umbrellas to build temporary stalls for promoting their services and products.

The size of an umbrella depends on the requirements of its customers. Some cheap umbrella-making companies provide umbrellas with small diameters and make the buyers suffer from getting wet in the rain despite having an umbrella in the rain.

Find an umbrella that is of appropriate size so that you can share your umbrella with someone, like a friend in need.

Stick vs. collapsible

There are two types of umbrellas, which come in a flexible, compact size for people who need less use of umbrellas because they don’t travel a lot. The other type includes non-foldable umbrellas called stick umbrellas.

They are sturdy designs that last long term and are preferred by old people for walking support. At the same time, the foldable umbrellas provide higher mobility and are good for travel purposes.

Ribs and shafts

Ribs and shafts (1)

The aluminum frame of the umbrella not only protects your umbrella ribs from being rusted but also provides the umbrella its sturdy quality. The main shaft on which the whole umbrella stands should be made of sturdy material and light in weight.

Good internal locking systems ensure that whatever setting you are using, your umbrella stays in place.

What do you need to be looking for in a compact umbrella?

What do you need to be looking for in a compact umbrella

If you are not a frequent or long-distance traveler, it’s obvious that you’ll choose not to carry a heavy and large size of umbrella to your events. 

A compact-size umbrella isn’t as long-lasting as its longer counterparts. Think before choosing which kind of umbrella will suit best for your needs. 


You should always look at the circumference of the umbrella you are buying. A large, lighter-weight umbrella won’t remain sturdy in windy rain and will turn upside down.

The canopy size and the umbrella’s weight should also be such that the umbrella remains sturdy in windy rains.

Good brands offer the perfect balance of canopy size and canopy circumference sizes like 36, 37 or 40 size inches.


An additional wing of the Samsonite windguard doesn’t add much weight to your umbrella but is very good for adding stability to it.

Balance and weight

An even weight distribution should exist between the stick and the umbrella’s canopy. A compact size design may not stay the same when used longer, which isn’t the case with normal-size umbrellas.

Instead of buying and throwing an umbrella and suffering unnecessary loss of money, you should invest wisely in a good quality sturdy umbrella to tackle the rainy season.

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