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Are Fries in an Air Fryer Healthy?

Is it really healthier to eat French fries when cooked in the air-fryer?

YES! Air Fryer French fries are far healthier than fries that are made by traditional deep frying oil. Air Fryer uses non-stop circulation of hot air to cook the food. It requires very little or no oil to achieve the same taste and texture. It is therefore possible to reduce extra calories due to fats from deep-frying in oil.

Of all the methods to cook French fries, cooking them in an air fryer is among the healthiest options. Air fryers can make fries crispy and crisp with no oil usage, which makes them a healthier choice over traditional fryers.

It’s not just for French fries. You could use it to make various other food items that are deep-fried in oil. Examples include the fried parmesan chicken, samosas as well as fried onion rings.

I’d recommend purchasing the Air Fryer if you want to start eating healthily without sacrificing the flavor of your favourite fried foods.

How to use an air Fryer for French fries?

How to use an air Fryer for French fries?

Cut large potatoes into fries shape. Use a paper towel or clean cotton cloth, take out any excess moisture that remains of fresh cut fries. Add parmesan cheese, salt, herbs, and a small amount of oil.

Use a gentle mix to evenly coat the cheese oil, and herbs in a uniform manner over the fries. A little oil is required to achieve the golden brown color and prevent the fries from sticking to each the other.

Heat the Air Fryer some minutes. Then place the fries you have prepared all over the basket of wire. Cook until they are cooked. Mix the fries in a couple of times to ensure even cooking throughout.

Practical Tips!

  • Reheat the leftover fries that you have left inside the heated Air Fryer for 1-2 minute to get back the fresh flavor and texture.
  • Spray or rub a little oil onto the basket made of metal to prevent sticking the fries onto the mesh.
  • My food processor equipped with French fry cut disks reduces potato into fries less than one minute. They are even smaller as well. If you don’t own this type of machine or appliance to cut fries, use the knife as evenly as feasible to cook them evenly.

Do I have to eat air-fried fried fries when on diet?

Do I have to eat air-fried fried fries when on diet

They’re less fat-laden and calories, as well as some of the potentially harmful chemicals which are typically deep-fried food items. If you’re trying to shed weight or cut down on the amount of fat you consume using an air fryer might be a great alternative rather than deep-frying.

Are air-fried potato still healthy?

Are air-fried roasted potatoes healthy for your health? These potato wedges that are air-fried are a fantastic healthy alternative to deep-fried in one serving, which is approximately 160 calories. There is less oil needed to achieve that crispy edge and they are lots less fat.

What’s better: air-frying, or baking?

What's better: air-frying, or baking?

The air-fried option is healthier option to deep-fried food, however oven baking can help preserve healthy nutrients and removes negative ones, making baking in the oven healthier than air-fried meals.

Can air-frying French Fries raise cholesterol levels?

Air fryers provide a new method of cooking food that does not require oil. this cooking method is thought to be more efficient and healthier. The study found that the process of air-frying increased the production of cholesterol oxidation products and reduced the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids present in the sardine filets.

However, the lipid-oxidation can be significantly reduced by adding fresh herbs like parsley (Petroselinum crispum) or Chives (Allium schoenoprasum.) or a combination of both (cheiro-verde) which are natural antioxidants.

You can put foil into an air fryer to cook French fries?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil into the air fryer. states that because of the cooking process in the air fryer which is a rushing of hot air and aluminum foil, the food you’re serving it made of will not be destroyed due to the process of air frying.

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