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15 Best Skateboard Brands in India (2024)

Skateboarding is becoming a popular fun sport among a wide spectrum of audiences from kids to old. As the skateboarding sport is gaining its fair share of the crowd, the number of skateboarding brands is also increasing in India.

Skateboarding is no longer a foreign sport because skateboards are also available in India. You don’t have to look to buy skateboards from foreign markets and lose a lot of money by paying foreign currency and import taxes. Now let’s dive into the topic:

When you go buying a wooden skateboard, you also want it to be styled from both sides. Top quality, sturdy, and smoothly rolling carbon ball bearings ensure an anti-slip ride.

In today’s blog post, we are going to learn which are the best skateboard brands available in India.

Best Skateboard Brands in India

Skateboarding is fast becoming a popular fun sport in India. You don’t want to end up being confused when you get to choose from many skateboard brands available in India.

When you blindfold go to buy skateboards for yourself, you may end up buying the wrong item for yourself. Hence, with some prior knowledge, you will choose the skateboard that suits your budget and style. 

1. Prokick


Prokick has recently launched its foot in producing skateboards in the sports instrument markets. The company was founded in the year 2019; since then, Prokick has been delivering premium quality skateboards made from state art materials. Their skateboards are light in weight and can withstand all the harshness of the roads when they hit the road.

When you compare Prokick’s skateboards with its competitive counterparts, the skateboards manufactured by Prokick are prepared from aerospace-grade composites. These material-built skateboards have high durability. Their lightweight feature allows users to achieve optimum performance.

Their asymmetrical shape and concave cuts allow users to accurately control their skateboards. 

They even make specialized skateboards for kids so that even beginner learners can easily learn skateboarding. Prokick has developed its skateboards while keeping safety in mind.

The brand’s reliability is so high that even its competitors must follow Prokick’s quality and safety standards. Moreover, their warranty policies and outstanding customer service attract customers like bees to the honey.

Even if you are just a beginner skateboarder, with Prokick’s skateboards, you will still have a very good chance of competing against your competitors in the game.



CIERN skateboard brand has gained a revolutionary spot. The skateboards provided by them are of top quality. The company manufactures Longboards and shortboards to roll smoothly on the streets with utmost accuracy and speed.

CIERN skateboards can become an ideal choice for people who like to travel on foot and reach nearby parks by using skateboards. CIERN skateboards are designed to fit in with every rider’s needs. The brand has the latest technical expertise to craft its skateboards with an entirely different level of perfection.

They manufacture their skateboards with high-quality Canadian maple wood. Maple wood provides a very good finished look and stability to the rider. Their skateboards are fitted with industrial-strength grip tape, ensuring added stability when riding aerial acrobatics.

Riders often face trouble while controlling their movement on the skateboard; they feel like there’s a delayed response from the skateboard. CIERN skateboards come fitted with carbon steel ABEC 7 bearings to allow the riders to increase their speed.

3. Baker


One of the most well-known companies that provides top-notch skateboarding apparel and gear in the sports industry. Baker skateboard brand company was founded by Andrew Reynolds in the year 2000. is offering its customers high-end products for both beginner and top-skilled riders.

By gathering a team of experts, Baker Brand is manufacturing a unique set of skateboard designs that can help riders win tough competitions.

Baker brand provides the skate riders with comprehensive quality of pre-assembled complete skateboards. This is done to help beginner skaters learn to ride without any prior knowledge.

Baker skateboard brand provides its users with a standard level of quality skateboards. Two decades have passed, but Bakers is still standing as a quality brand with its unmatched design and detailed functional assistance while playing the sport.

4. Nivia


One of the most unique skateboarding brands that can take riders to a next-level experience. If you want a new skateboard option and want to try something new, Nivea brand skateboards are for people like you.

The boards manufactured by the Nivia brand offer long-lasting stability and can work as a good base for propelling anybody’s skateboarding career.

Nivia has designed its skateboard wheels to provide maximum speed and rolling ability. These wheels provide high-functioning mobility to their riders.

Skateboards that demand high performance and do not want to compromise on their quality should look no further than Nivia skateboards. This revolutionary brand continues to build its reputable brand name in manufacturing its skateboards despite the high level of competition in the market.

5. Iris


Iris Skateboards brand is continuously exceeding in bringing unique quality and feel through its skateboard products. Iris skateboard brand was established in 2017; it has been working towards delivering creatively modified quality and trendy graphic skateboards for its customers.

These skateboards are quite sturdy and can’t be easily destroyed. and tailored by experts to meet the skill of every performer in skateboard sports.

Iris offers a wide range of skateboards like shortboards, cruiserboards and longboards to fulfill every skater’s wishes.

Iris brand provides its skateboards with quality, top-notch service and very supportive repair and technical support that too without compromising on the budget.

6. Element


A very popular Californian skateboard brand which was started as a pastime hobby in the year 1992. Later on, the company became recognized for its board-making business.

Using their fresh, innovative ideas, the Element brand is captivating the skateboard market by manufacturing classic skateboards for streets and park riders using modern resources. You can display skateboarding techniques like ollies and clean grinds with Element brand skateboards. 

Element skateboards are made to handle their riders rolling with speed even when put to the test for riding difficult terrain and varying locations.

The base material wood used to make skateboards by Element brand comes from Canadian Maple wood, Downhill Grade plywood, and Carbon Fiber reinforcements, which are glued with the joints. Talented workers’ hands give each skateboard a concave hull for every skateboard model.

All of the manufactured skateboards go through rigorous and standard testing processes to ensure the skateboards that reach the customers are what the company promised.

Another advantage of Element skateboards is that original and pro riders test them before giving the product a final go. Buying an Element brand skateboard would be a choice you won’t regret

7. Plan B 

Plan B

The skateboards, known for their high demand among pro-skaters, come from the brand ‘Plan B’. The founder of Plan B, Mike Ternasky, brought this brand to light in 1991. 

By employing their pioneering and innovative techniques, they created high-performance skateboards by designing double kicktails, wider decks, superior wheels and bearings. Plan B came up with a developing twist in their skateboards by thrashing the technical innovation limits while also incorporating fast fashion looks in designing their skateboards. 

Their skateboards also have a 90’s classic vibe, which makes them loved by many riders. The company established its popularity by distributing its skateboards among many talented riders. 

The company mainly focuses on establishing itself as the lead manufacturer of uniquely styled skateboards that have an easy-to-managed setup.

They also focus on customer satisfaction and work efficiently to keep up with their reputation. They are constantly exceeding their limits to produce amazing skateboards for their customers. 

Each year, Plan B brand comes up with groundbreaking skateboards and apparel and leaves a memorable mark in the minds of skateboard lovers.

8. Swagtron


It is another premium skateboard brand that acts as a perfect companion for wild skateboarders to ride difficult terrains on the wheels.

The skateboards brought into the market by Swagtron are a combo of innovation and style. There is a skateboard for every skater at Swagtron.

Their durable skateboards are prepared from premium quality Maple wood. This allows the skaters to pass through any terrain, whether grinding down the curbs, launching off the ramps, or swiftly moving down the hills.

Do you wanna know if there’s more? 

Yes, you’re thinking right because Swagtron booster boards have a 200 W motor that can reach the rider’s speed of up to 15 mph. Skaters, are you ready to feel some cool breeze on your face and let your hair…

Safety comes first is the priority which Swagtron skateboards are truly equipped with. Swagtron skateboards have three different speed modes, so skaters can navigate through varying speed modes depending on their requirements. 

These skateboards are also fireproof and come with a 2272 Fire safety certificate, which ensures that the fire sparks from the speed of the skateboard don’t heat up while riding. This gives riders feet relief from heat produced in the skateboard wheels while riding them for long hours.

9. Kamachi


Kamachi is another skateboarder company across many global brands, which was co-founded by two blood brothers passionate about skateboarding.

The boys were asked to make skateboards for friends and family; this is how the company began. Word of mouth started spreading in the skateboarding community because of the family members and friends; hence, more orders started pouring in for both brothers.

This is how the journey of two skateboard-loving brothers started, who continued with their passion to create standard quality durable skateboard decks.

Kamachi brand brothers focussed on creating skateboards like a work of art. This dedication to creating skateboards from their artistic sense gave rise to uniquely designed decks, which made the brand popular in no time.

How did a company that rose up from a hobby making skateboards stand out from the rest? The reason behind it is the Kamachi brand’s commitment to producing top-selling attractive designs, attracting many non-skateboarders into this interesting sport.

There is no doubt in saying that the Kamachi brand brought in the air of crazy among many non-skateboard sport beginners.

10. Oxelo


Oxelo brand appeals to the skill levels of every skateboarder, from beginner to master rider. The company started in the country of France in the year 2010 by Decathlon. The outstanding feature that makes Oxelo define its unique position on the market is its no-nonsense skateboard manufacturing policy. 

Oxelo takes the lead in producing skateboards that can cater to the needs of both basic and advanced skateboard riders. The brand specializes in customizing skateboards based on customer demands.

Moreover, their pricing policy boosts customer attraction when it comes to accessing beautifully crafted skateboards. You don’t need to throw in a lot of money just to gain access to branded skateboards.

Oxelo brings diversified skateboards into the market, building confidence in its riders due to their stable riding experience. Oxelo doesn’t impose its skateboards on different riders; instead lets the riders choose the skateboard that smoothly blends with their personality. 

11. Klapp


Klaap is another popular skateboard-making brand that came out and brought a tremendous change in the market. Klaap has brought quite a stir when it comes to combining innovation and quality skateboards. They strive to build skateboards that can satisfy every rider’s streak.

Grab a Klaap skateboard and start rolling with their skateboards rolling today. No matter if you are a beginner or even an average rider, you will experience the amazing skateboarding experience, which will take you to an entirely different world.

Klaap skateboards come with the patented technology of building perfection-based decks, which are stable and allow riders to ride the most difficult terrains.

Let go of your worry about slipping by falling off from Klaap skateboards. Why so? The brand’s decks are secured with feet-gripping tape so that your feet don’t slip from the skateboards and be able to enjoy the best rides ever.

With their carefully crafted features and precisely designed skateboards, Klaap skateboards are still leading the skating industry.

12. Strauss Bronx

Strauss Bronx

One popular skateboard manufacturing brand with an iconic presence in the skating market is Strauss Bronx. This company particularly focuses on a perfection-based model of manufacturing skateboards for its riders.

Even though they design their skateboards with pro skaters in mind, they are still really good at making skateboards that even the learners can learn to ride. Their decks have a uniquely designed shape, enabling their riders maximum mobility. 

Riders do not have to fear when attempting to perform difficult tricks with their skateboards.

Each skateboard piece is produced with unique edge-cutting technology. With Strauss Bronx, their skateboards are not just industry-prepared decks; they are skateboards prepared with a lot of affection and love from their manufacturers.

13. Jaspo


Jaspo is a sports instrument manufacturing brand that offers multiple products, along with skateboards. The decks prepared by Jaspo are designed for both learner and master skaters. You can rest assured about the durability quotient of their skateboards. 

Many skateboarders have different styles and preferences to perform. Jaspo brand totally attains to how their customers think. Jaspo brand leaves a margin of creatively decorating their skateboards using their colors and patterns.

They provide customers nude color decks, trucks, and wheels along with the ball bearings feet grip modifying tape so that skateboarders can customize their rides.

Apart from skateboards, the Jaspo brand also offers other sports equipment like football, cricket, basketball, etc. They are dedicated to bringing quality sports equipment to fit budget-friendly pockets.

14. Razor Ripstik

Razor Ripstik

Razor Ripstik is the master producer of caster skateboards, which can be propelled in twisting motion. Their specialized design enables a smooth riding experience that feels as smooth as snow riding.

You can move in snake motions and wavy ways, but Razor Ripstick ensures a non-slip ride. You can try different skateboarding techniques like Ripstick Classic, Ripstick Air, Ripstic electric style etc. The urethane wheels allow a buttery riding experience. 

You can easily pass through stubborn terrains. Their unique engines allow them to push through difficult places, which excites their rider’s adventure experience.

15. Decathlon


Decathlon is a sports instruments manufacturing company which makes goods, one of which is the Skateboards. Decathlon company has the Oxelo brand, which provides low-priced, beginner-friendly products.

Oxelo has low-cost skateboard products that can be accessible to every level of skateboarder, from beginner to advanced skaters. Their skateboards come with features like bearings, grip tapes, trucks and wheels. 

Even though their skateboards are not of optimum quality, they still want their products to be accessed by people who think of imagining riding skateboards.

Especially for kids who break their toys, Oxelo is an awesome brand for parents who are looking to buy or gift toys to their kids who ask for a new toy every new week.


Kids who are losing out on their health by playing video games at home will be excited to play with skateboards. Skateboards are not just sports or game boards; they also allow mobility in the human body, bringing health to its users.

Before buying skateboards, you should look for features like quality, smooth mobility, artistic design, and durable skateboards. You should also go for trail riding before finalizing which skateboard will fit your performance.


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