Top 9 Best Table Fans in India 2022 – High Speed Table Fans

Top 9 Best Table Fans in India 2022 – High Speed Table Fans

The summer months in India can be extremely hot, and we mean it. But there is a way to combat the temperatures with a great ceiling or table fan. A suitable table fan could be the ideal solution for this hot season.

This article reviews the most effective table fans on the market so that you will never be unable to make the right choice of choosing table fans.

Top 9 Best Table Fans to be found in India 2022 (High-Speed Table Fan)

1. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan

Usha brand is among the most popular brands in the Indian market for electronic products like fans. It is a top brand for buying the highest quality and sturdy fans and table fans.

Due to its superior construction and value, it gives the user high dependence. Its large, translucent blades are known for their superior airflow to the user and create a pleasant summer. It runs at 1280 RPM and ensures that you will not be disappointed by the quality of this model.

The main benefit you will enjoy with this fan table is the even distribution of air throughout the room. This fan uses a powerful and superior motor to keep the oscillations smooth and make sure that the air is distributed evenly.

This table can be used in large spaces and comes with a 1-year warranty to assure customers that they will get value for their dollars.


  • Great for large spaces
  • A stylish and sophisticated design
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Wide blades to ensure high airflow
  • Motor with high performance
  • Jerk-free oscillations

  • The 55W table fan is available with a white and blue design and a classy appearance.
  • The semi-transparent, aerodynamically designed blades made of PP enhance the power and style of the table fan.
  • It features a unique base design that also provides the control buttons for fans for users.
  • It provides low voltage operation and the ability to operate at a low level of noise.
  • 6K+ Amazon customer reviews.


  • You have to be a bit careful in balancing the stand.

2. Havells Swing LX400mm Table Fan

Havells Swing LX400mm Table Fan

Havells is another brand that combines top features with outstanding performance to provide its clients with only the top table fans. If you are searching for an outstanding table fan that can deliver top performance, then opt for this table fan.

It also utilizes 1350 RPM speeds to provide the promised performance to customers. If you set this table fan at the most powerful speed, you’ll get air throughout the area, which guarantees the uniform circulation of the air.

This Havells fan has pivot arrangements that allow tilting and oscillations with an aerodynamic design, which improves airflow in every direction of the room.

Havells also provides a 2-year warranty on their table fan, so the customers are assured that they will receive top-quality performance each time they utilize this fan. It comes in three appealing colour combinations, and you can choose any you like.


  • High-quality security
  • Energy-efficient model
  • Offers air delivery – 72 CMM
  • Ideal for rooms with a lot of space
  • Jerk-free oscillations

  • This Havells table fan has no jerk oscillations through its heavy-duty blades made of PP.
  • It has a power consumption of 55W, making it an energy-efficient model to use.
  • A feature that helps this table fan stand out is its security use.
  • It’s designed with 120 ribs of protection that assure that users are protected from the usage of this table fan.
  • Aerodynamic design improves airflow in every direction of the room.


  • Price is high considering the wattage output and build.
  • Air delivery is comparatively low than Crompton and Bajaj.
  • Assembling the fan is a big pain because it comes unassembled.

3. Cinni 300mm Oscillating Table Fan

Cinni 300mm Oscillating Table Fan

If you’re in search of an entire metal fan rather than an ordinary table fan made of plastic, you’ll find this Cinni table fan is the ideal option.

It’s not only that the frame of the table fan is made from metal, but its motor is impressive. It comprises an aluminium winded, heavy-duty copper motor that enables this kind of table fan to efficiently carry out all of its tasks. The blades in the Cinni fan are made specifically and constructed from an aluminium sheet.

Its initial Cinni oscillating box has amazing oscillating speeds that ensure an even distribution of air.

To take in the cool breeze that comes from this fan on a table. The Control  buttons are intelligent enough to allow simple and easy access for the users.


  • 3-speed control settings
  • Metal construction
  • Ideal for rooms with medium size
  • Uniform oscillations
  • Three Blades Right Table Fan
  • Aluminium sheet blades

With a focus on the ease and comfort of its users, In the pursuit of convenience and ease, Mr Right is among the most well-known brands in the market. Its brand offers amazing features with elegant but simple designs that make its table fans very popular with their customers. One of the major advantages of this fan is that it can be incorporated into any decor and therefore eliminates the hassle of choosing the right styles.

Its operation comes with three large blades designed to ensure users an even circulation of cooling air throughout the area. It is possible to adjust the fan’s temperature through its three-speed settings.

It is constructed from high-end plastic that’s durable and long-lasting. The table fan is long enough to give it an even balance and stability when using it. With the help of the intelligent buttons located on the base, any person can quickly access the fan without any issues.

The most distinctive feature that makes this particular Mr Right Table fan is that its advantages are available even during power interruptions. It’s a great model to use in both offices and at home use. You can also use this table fan in two ways, either an indoor fan or a table fan.


  • The room is suitable for medium-sized rooms
  • Made from premium plastic
  • Three-speed settings
  • Even in power outages
  • Elegant look

  • The fan is made by iron and aluminium which is quite good and different from market.
  • The 65mm table fan uses 65W of power providing good performance to users with no hassles.
  • You can enjoy a 90-degree rotation, which guarantees customers that the air can reach all corners of their homes.
  • It provides three different speed settings so that you can control the airflow to your preferences.
  • Low consumer rating on Amazon.
  • Blades stick in the cage sometimes.

4. Crompton Greaves 400mm High Flo Eva Table Fan

Crompton Greaves 400mm High Flo Eva Table Fan

The table fan made by Crompton is constructed so that it will blend seamlessly with any type of household décor. It’s a fantastic table fan representing stability, performance, stunning features, and elegant design.

This table fan has been designed with high-quality plastic that will grab your attention at first glance. The base made of plastic is large, providing the needed stability and balance to the fan as it functions.

The Crompton table fan is available in elegant style and has simple designs that can easily be incorporated into any space. The buttons at the bottom of this table fan are simple to use and manipulate and make the usage of this table fan very convenient for users.

The warranty is two years with the Crompton table fan, which is designed to assure customers of the quality of the fan and the excellent value they’ll receive. You won’t be disappointed by the purchase of this table fan, which will bring your summer pleasant and comfortable.


  • Energy-efficient model
  • Protection against shocks that is effective
  • Wide design suitable for large rooms
  • Uniform air distribution
  • The perfect balance and support to ensure great performance

  • The model’s 1300 RPM speed is very impressive.
  • It will provide even delivery of the air.
  • The air delivery rate of 70CMM is a great advantage.
  • The model requires 50W of power for its operation which makes it an Energy-efficient model.
  • Less reviews by users in Amazon
  • Motor hits sometimes.
  • Sometimes,  blades stick in cage.

5. Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Table Fan

Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Table Fan

It is an undisputed fact that you will find various options when you purchase a Usha fan. Whatever your needs and desires are, you will get the same thing from the Usha brand. This particular model gives full proof of its belief in the credibility that the company and its products offer.

It is undisputed that the dual-coloured design on this table fan makes it appear elegant and attractive. The broad base of the stand guarantees that you get the right support and stability during its use. With the fused motor’s auto-protection, you will be able to be sure that you are safe from thermal overloading.

The hand tilting feature that is soft and backed by dual options and the knobs and ratchet mechanism contribute to the incredible quality of this Usha model. It is possible to enjoy this fan table’s efficiency using its energy consumption at 55W.


  • Smooth oscillations and jerk-free jerks
  • Design and attractive looks
  • Protection against thermal overloading
  • Energy-efficient model
  • The warranty period is 2 years.

  • The blades provide silence, which is a bonus for these table-mounted fans.
  • Usha duos have Blades made of PP in an aerodynamic style that ensures more airflow. 
  • The 400mm sweep indicates that it is suitable for large spaces.
  • It has an RPM of 1280 and an air delivery in 60 CMM.
  • Air speed is very low.
  • Sometimes speed buttons don’t work properly.

6. V-Guard Personal 250mm Table Fan

V-Guard Personal 250mm Table Fan

The table-top fan is an amazing fan that comes with various amazing features within small dimensions. The fan is usually suitable for a single person or in a room with limited space. By making the most efficient use of its compact size, it is possible to place the table fan wherever you want effortlessly.

Although the fan is extremely compact, it provides three different speeds to the users to help them relax according to their requirements. The correct tilting angle and the balanced airflow of this table optimize the air quality in the room. The fan comes with a one-year warranty.

There may be some initial noise when you switch on the fan, but all the noise disappears within three to four seconds, and there are no sound operations with this fan. 

In addition to its horizontal swing option, the unit gives the option of a vertical swing to its customers. 


  • 360-degree oscillations
  • Grill rotating to ensure an even air distribution
  • Small size and light
  • The operation is silent
  • 3-speed settings

  • It can oscillate in 360 directions and completely covers the room with its cooling.
  • This model can be operated efficiently since it consumes only 40W of energy.
  • It runs at 1200 RPM, which increases the effectiveness of this fan.
  • Not great value for the money.
  • Don’t expect high performance when the room is filled with many people.

7. Eveready TFH04 400mm Table Fan

Eveready TFH04 400mm Table Fan

Get rid of the summer heat by cooling off with the Eveready table fan designed to provide you only the top performance and nothing more. It is a stunning, styled fan with remarkable features and cutting-edge technology to deliver the desired performance.

The control buttons that are accessible to the fan are on the base. They are easy to use.

The distinctive characteristic of the Eveready table fan comes from its simple lock grill that provides adequate protection for users when they use the fan. This is a great feature for families with children at home.

There are three different speeds in this table fan so that you can regulate the airflow. This table fan utilizes 90-degree motorized oscillations to cover the entire space and distribute an even airflow throughout the room with all these functions.

The fan is also covered by 2 years of warranty.


  • High-end protection mode
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Uniform oscillations
  • Three-speed settings
  • High speed of delivery of air

  • The 40mm table fan size is very effective to make the table fan able for big rooms.
  • Its base is wide, which provides support and balance to the fan as it is in use.
  • To provide users with high-speed air, this fan utilizes 2000RPM most efficiently.
  • This fan consumes 110W of power and an operating at a voltage of 220-240 volts.
  • Sometimes control buttons don’t work properly.

8. Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan

Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan

The list of highly regarded and well-known table fan brands is not complete without mentioning Bajaj. If you’ve ever looked for the most popular and trusted names of table fans, or fans generally, then Bajaj is likely to be on the list, Isn’t it?

In the beginning, the table fan is ideal for those on a budget and seeking a durable and reliable table fan. The only thing that’s certain about purchasing the Bajaj table fan model is that you’ll receive satisfaction for the money you spend.

Another thing that is amazing about the Bajaj table fan is the fact that it operates silently. With this fan operating quietly, you will not feel anything apart from the cool breeze that it emits. 

Due to the sturdy full copper motor and its speed at 1320 RPM, you will ensure uniform circulation of the air across your space. Also, you get a one-year warranty on this product.


  • Silent operation
  • High durability
  • Impressive looks
  • Ideal for rooms with a lot of space
  • Accessible with smart buttons

  • This model comes from Bajaj only and it consumes 50W of power which makes it an energy efficient model.
  • It has 70 CMM air delivery rate which guarantees that the cool air can be delivered fast and to every corner.
  • This model is available in 400mm, making it an ideal option for big rooms.
  • Hard to assemble.
  • Swing neck is not stable sometimes.

9. Bajaj Ultima PT01 Table Fan (200mm)

Bajaj Ultima PT01 Table Fan (200mm)

You can trust the Bajaj Ultima table fan to beat the heat this summer. This table fan made by Bajaj is a great choice for those searching for a table-top fan on a budget.

The most noticeable feature of the fan on a table is its appearance and design, which can be adapted to almost all kinds of decors. It features a strong motor and a stylish display, making it an all-in-one package for customers.

It is made up of PP blades available in an aerodynamic style, which ensures that cool air flows all over the space.The blades and design are protected by powder guards that increase the table fan’s longevity.

It has an efficient motor specifically designed to meet the Indian climate. The fan could get hot when used for prolonged periods, but it will not hinder its performance.

The table fan might appear small and compact. However, it’s enough to provide the desired performance to its consumers.


  • Modern design and elegant style
  • A little bit of noise is heard while working
  • Powerful motor
  • Powder guard coated

  • This model is available in 14 inches and offer high speed air throw for air circulation.
  • The 200mm sweep is ideal for smaller rooms to ensure uniform air distribution.
  • It backs up its performance up to 2300 RPM which increases the efficiency.
  • 6k+ user rating on Amazon.
  • The motor generates too much noise.
  • Vertical adjustable screw doesn’t work properly sometimes.
  • Chances of small kids’ fingers going inside through the cage.


These are among the top table fans you could try. However, we’d suggest purchasing Usha Maxx Air 400mm High-Speed Table Fan. It is stunning, making it easy for those to integrate it into modern designs. In addition, you can also count on the security features and performance of this fan without a doubt.

If you need assistance with choosing your table fans, you can leave a comment below. We’ll ensure we are the most helpful with all your issues and requirements.


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