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Top 14 Best Sunglasses Brands in India (2024)

Who doesn’t like the morning sun? Everybody does. But the same sun and its rays feel harsh to our eyes as soon as the sun reaches 12 ’ çlock, and we feel like it’s time to put our sunglasses on.

Using sunglasses is not only essential but also mandatory for the protection of our eyes. Apart from the reason for protection, sunglasses also allow us to flaunt our own unique fashion and style.

You can find different brands of sunglasses in India. These brands include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue Eyewear, Carrera by Safilo, Fastrack, and Fahrenheit.

Going through so many options, you may find yourself in the middle of confusion and making a confirmed choice and not regretting it, too.

Worry no more, as we bring you an informative guide to help you find the right kind of sunglasses for yourself.

Why do we need sunglasses?

Below are a few reasons why Sunglasses are a must-have item while you are travelling or going out in the sun.

It will give your eyes UV protection from foreign.

  • Sunglasses provide protection from UV rays.
  • It provides harsh climatic hot and cold winds and even snow.
  • Our eyes are the most sensitive parts of our body; harsh UV rays can cause eye cancer; using sunglasses, you can protect your eyes against potential sun damage.
  • Sunglasses also provide protection from cataracts.

The benefits of using sunglasses

Although many people think that using sunglasses is not mandatory in our daily lives, you can’t deny that having sunglasses can uplift your style statement and can make a lot of difference. Moreover, sunglasses can act as an extra accessory for styling yourself and also prevent eye damage.

Some of the benefits of using sunglasses include,

  • Protection from eye-related diseases, like cataracts and cancer.
  • Preventing dust allergies.
  • Macular degeneration- it is a disease which can damage your eye vision.
  • Pterygium – painful growth in the eyeballs.
  • Using contact lenses can cause vision problems like blurring and dimming of eye vision.
  • Some people even complain that sunlight triggers their migraines.
  • Sunglasses can make you appear extra fashionable and confident.

It’s time to explore different brands of sunglasses and find yourself a gorgeous pair of sunglasses:

Top 14 Best Sunglasses Brands in India

1. Fastrack Sunglasses


Those people who are searching for pocket-friendly fashionable sunglasses options could find themselves good quality sunglasses from the Fastrack brand.

Fastrack uses stainless steel frames to make their sunglasses.

They manufacture eye-catching sunglasses of polymer covered frames with the base of stainless steel structure.’

Every pair of sunglasses made at Fastrack is featured with polarized lenses, which can block 100% UVA and UVB sun rays to protect your eyes.

If you are looking for durable, pocket-friendly and stylish sunglasses for yourself, get Fastrack.

The Features Of Fastrack sunglasses brand:

  • Fastrack sunglasses are loved by teenagers and popular for the cool, stylish designs that it offers.
  • Unique-looking UV reflector sunglasses.
  • High-quality and budget-friendly sunglasses.
  • Designed according to the latest trends and made available in all eyewear stores.

2. Velocity


Velocity is one of the top names in the sunglasses industry. You can get good quality, durable and budget-fitting eyewear made up of premium quality materials. 

Their lightweight frames make them very popular among youngsters. Velocity sunglasses reduce the glare and even protect harmful sun rays from reaching your eyes. This helps keep your eyes healthy and in good condition over a long period of time.

Velocity sunglasses come with a 2-year warranty and a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to attract potential buyers from different fashion groups.

The best features of Velocity sunglasses include:

  • Velocity sunglasses are available at more than 2000+ stores across the world.
  • They have polarized sunglasses.
  • They provide top-gear eyewear which can rock every style.

3. IDEE Sunglasses


If you are wondering where to look when you need to buy a perfect pair of sunglasses, IDEE sunglasses should definitely catch your eye.

With IDEE sunglasses, you can flaunt pop and elegant style and even casual looks at formal events. 

You can rest assured about the protection of your eyes when it comes to IDEE sunglasses as they are highly durable and scratch-resistant, UV -UV-resistant sunglasses.

You can practice your individual choice by customizing your sunglasses with differently coloured polarized lenses or even keep their frames simple if you like to keep things simple.

Specifications that are part of IDEE sunglasses:

  • Easy to use and versatile sunglasses.
  • Polarized sunglasses to create better image quality.
  • Lightweight sunglasses and luxurious-looking leading brand.

4. Ray-Ban Sunglasses


A well-known sunglass brand you can try on next can be from the Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban has a known history of manufacturing timeless, stylish sunglass frames with high-quality materials using advanced technology.

All the mentioned features make people build trust in the Ray-Ban sunglasses brand, eye-catching, high-quality sunglasses manufactured with advanced technology.

Customers prefer Ran-Ban for the reliable, durable and warranty-based quality sunglasses it provides.

The features of Ray-Ban Sunglasses:

  • Fans of black colours will love Black sunglasses from Ray-Ban brand as it has an amazing collection of black design sunglass frames.
  • A special collection of sunglasses for teenagers and people of every age.
  • Durable, flexible, lightweight and attractive sunglasses.

5. Fahrenheit


For those searching for an ideal sunglass brand to buy a pair for themselves, Fahrenheit brand deserves to be checked out, too.

The brand was established in 1985 and is known for providing its customers with beautiful, high-quality sunglass frames.

Fahrenheit brand has excellent quality sunglasses, which have features like UV protection, polarized lenses, large stylish frames, and varied designer frames for people who love luxurious pairs of sunglasses to cover their eyes.

Farhenite is known for creating trendy and stylish new designs which can fight good competition in the field of sunglasses with other brands.

Features of Fahrenheit Sunglasses Brand:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Pick up attractive, stylish frames from a variety of options to pick from

6. Oakley


Suppose stylish sunglasses are the base of your choice. If you are a person who cannot compromise on the quality of your sunglasses, the Oakley brand of sunglasses could really catch your eye for sure.

Oakley has one of the leading sunglass brands available in India, with over 600 patents worldwide. These designs include everyday functional designs, which are of really high quality.

Oakley has a high-definition optical) HDO technology UV protective filter mechanism.

Oakley sunglasses are not only functional but also qualitative, stylish and affordable.

The features of the Oakley Sunglasses Brand-

  • Oakley is a well-known brand in the Indian eyewear market.
  • Each pair of sunglasses comes with a special lens cleaning cloth.
  • The sunglasses come with 3 close points for perfect optical alignment of lenses to make them fit comfortably on customers’ faces.

7. Vogue Sunglasses


If you are looking for a variety to choose from, Vogue has an amazing quality sunglasses collection. It offers not only style-varied colours but also lenses which suit every eye type.

Vogue has eyewear which suits every style you want to go for: sunny days, travel or even party high-end end-looks.

Vogue sunglasses can go with any occasion; they are good for travelling, make you look gorgeous on sunny days and are perfect for parties.

Vogue sunglasses are highly durable and made for long use, come in beautiful designs and can withstand normal wear and tear. With the affordability factor involved, the brand attracts a lot of customers for its unique set of styles and attractive prices.

The features of the Vogue Sunglasses Brand:

  • Facing a lot of setbacks, the company still managed to stay in the market.
  • The company was named in a famous fashion magazine.
  • You can follow different trends while staying within your budget range at Vogue.

8. JIM HALO Sport


JIM HALO is a known sports eyewear brand. It is popular for making sunglasses that provide safety from UV rays while not compromising on the clarity and visibility of the lenses. Their polarized lenses reduce the glare, so they can perform all outdoor activities without getting eye eyewear issues.

JIM HALO provides sunglasses for every customer’s needs. This includes rimless and wrapping sunglasses, which can be a more comfortable fit. 

Fеaturеs of JIM HALO Sport sunglassеs for women and men-

  • Produces natural colour through its lenses, giving a pleasant feeling to the eyes.
  • Blocking of glare from roads, snow, and watery and other horizontal surfaces.
  • A mild solution can be used to prevent scratches.
  • Blocking UVA and UVB sun rays.

9. Gucci


Offering its unique set of sunglasses, which can be a perfect fit for all your fashion needs, Gucci is the brand for fashion-loving customers.

With optimal protection on the go and sunglasses which fulfil your functional fashion needs, Gucci is taking over the market and even leading it.

You can buy high-quality luxury eyewear from Gucci’s cool collection of sunglasses.

Specifications of Gucci Sunglasses brand.

  • Scratch and break-resistant sunglasses
  • Thor coating blocks the rusting of sunglasses.
  • Most lenses are scratch and break-resistant. 
  • Sunglasses come with a 24-month warranty period Thor coating.

10. Calvin Klein


If you want to go with current fashion trends and not lose the front seat, Cavin Klein has a great sunglasses collection for you.

Their stylish and chic sunglasses not only make you look smarter but also modern and sophisticated wherever you go.

Their cat-eye sunglasses and anti-reflective lenses feature UV protection for good eye health. Cavin Klein is an amazing brand of sunglasses.

11. Polaroid


If you are a frequent buyer of sunglasses, you must have come across the Polaroid sunglasses brand for sure.

Thanks! Due to their unique quality and UV UV-protected lenses, and modern appearance of their sunglasses, Polaroid sunglasses are highly popular among fashion buyers.

Made with advanced technology for getting maximum optical precision in their sunglasses, reduction of glare along with sun protective coating makes their eyewear uniquely favourite among many customers. Their Polaroid sunglasses are extremely stylish and with luxurious designs to die for.

12. Prada


Known as one of the best luxury brands when it comes to providing sunglasses to its customers, Prada has an unforgettable market presence. Their beautifully designed stylish sunglasses, which are made from high-quality materials, can complement any attire the buyer wants to go with.

Moreover, their sunglasses come with UV protection features, Polaroid lenses, sturdy and stylish frames and a variety of colours to choose from.

Prada can easily rock with any attire or fashion choice, whether you are a city or beach bum.

Specifications of Prada Sunglasses include:

  • Adjustable nose pads to fit perfectly on your face
  • 100% blocks UVA and UVB sun rays
  • Get sophisticated look with Prada Sunglasses

13. Armani Exchange


If you are looking for high-quality, budget-friendly sunglasses with a refined appearance, Armani Exchange’s branded sunglasses are a must-have for you. 

Its stylish and premium quality designs made with high-quality materials make its sunglasses functional and long-lasting. 

Get UV protection along with style and awesome designs with Armani Exchange Sunglasses. 

What’s more, you can even exchange your sunglasses from the retail outlet Armani stores. Their sunglass range starts from 11,000 and reaches up to a designer range of 48,000 rupees.

Enjoy the outdoors with fear; Armani Exchange sunglasses will take care of your eyewear!

14. Police


Police are one of the best brands of Sunglasses, coming with stylish features and designed with advanced technology. 

They ensure your eyes are protected from UV rays with maximum clarity and colour-polarizing features.

Their Sunglasses are scratch-resistant and can block glare, too. 

Their Sunglasses last pretty long because they are made with highly durable materials.

Its versatile collection attracts customers from various age groups. No wonder the Police sunglasses brand is still rocking the same in the eyes market since its beginning launch.


1. Are brand-name sunglasses better?

Branded sunglasses come with qualitative features and can be bought as a long-term investment. They are tested for their durability and quality while provided with a warranty, which your local brand won’t offer.

2. Which is the most popular brand of Sunglasses in India?

From the above list, Gucci, Prada and Ray-Ban are considered the best brands of Sunglasses in India.

3. Which brand of Sunglasses is best for the protection of your eyes?

Sunglasses lenses which protect your eyes best are LUENX, Woodies, J+S Vision and many others.

4. Which are the top brands of Sunglasses in India? 

Top brands of Sunglasses in India include brands like Fasttrack, IDEE, Vogue, Ray-Ban, Gucci and Flying Machine.

5. Which Sunglasses are better, expensive or cheap? 

Sunglasses which are made from high-quality materials, have better lenses, provide better UV protection, are attractive and create sharper and clearer images with less distortion can be considered better, be it expensive or cheap.

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