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Top 14 Best Sunglasses Brands in India That Provides Dashing Looks

Whether you’re a beach lover looking for stylish shades on the sand or a city-slicker who wants to stay protected while you explore, it’s always important to know which sunglasses brands are the best in India.

Some of the top brands of glasses include Oakley, Ray Ban, Vogue Eyewear, Carrera by Safilo, Farenheit and Fastrack, just to name a few. Each of these brands provides long-lasting durability and amazing designs that will protect your eyes and look fashionable too!

With so many great options to choose from, accessorizing with sunglasses should be easy and fun!

Why do we need sunglasses?

Sunshades are necessary to shield our eyes from the harsh sun. Here are a few more reasons to always have a sunshade with you whenever you venture out.

  • FoUVprotection against foreign
  • Snow protection
  • Skin cancer prevention
  • For protection from UV Rays
  • Protection from Cataract

The benefits of using sunglasses

Sunglasses are among the most stylish accessories you can take on your back when on the road, camping or at festivals.

Sunglasses can also help prevent eye-related illnesses such as:

  • Sunglasses help prevent skin cancer while outdoors in the sun.
  • The winds can blow sand or dust. The dust particles from them may cause irritation and harm to your eyes. Wearing sunglasses will prevent them.
  • Macular degeneration – A eye disease that causes an impairment of vision.
  • Pterygium – A frequently painful growth on the eyeball.
  • Cataracts are a result of blurring your lenses. They cause blurred or dull vision, and they get worse with time.
  • The sun’s rays can cause migraines. Wearing sunglasses can help lessen the frequency of migraines.

Sunglasses can add a touch of glamour to your appearance and can make you feel more confident. The style of sunglasses is suitable for everybody, and that’s why you shouldn’t leave the house without sunglasses.

If you are prone to walking into the sunlight, look after your eyes and shield your eyes from damaging sun rays. Below are the top most well-known brands of eyewear in India that are the ideal choices for buying based on your budget. 

Top 14 Best Sunglasses Brands in India

1. Fastrack Sunglasses


Fastrack Sunglasses are a great choice for those looking to find stylish and yet affordable eyewear in India. With frames made from stainless steel and polymer, these sunglasses look distinctively trendy and are usually quite sturdy as well.

A wide variety of styles, ranging from classic aviators to modern pilot shapes, ensures that customers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding their ideal product.

Each pair also comes with Polaroid lenses – the market leader in glasses technology – which provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. With all this going for them, Fastrack Sunglasses are highly recommended for anyone on a budget who wants a pair of stylish, long-lasting eyewear.

The Features Of Fastrack sunglasses brand:

  • They are extremely popular among young adults and teens.
  • Our nation’s youth enjoy Fastrack’s incredible designs.
  • They provide UV protection and come in a wide variety of exclusive designs.
  • The sunglasses are of top quality and among the most-priced brand names.
  • The styles are in line with the latest trends in fashion, and the sunglasses are accessible in brand stores and online stores.

2. Velocity


Velocity is one of the best sunglasses brands in India. The company produces high-quality, fashionable sunglasses at an affordable price point. They use premium materials to ensure their frames are lightweight, durable, and polarized lenses to reduce glare and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Velocity’s sunglasses collection comes in various trendy styles, from classic aviators to modern round frames and cat-eye designs. With such an extensive range of styles, everyone can find a pair that suits their individual fashion sense.

Moreover, customers can customize the lenses’ colour, shape, and size according to their preferences. All sunglasses come with a two-year warranty, which makes them even more appealing to potential buyers.

The features that are part of the Velocity Sunglasses Brand

  • They own over 2000+ locations in the country.
  • They are polarized glasses.
  • Their main goal is to provide high-quality glasses.

3. IDEE Sunglasses


If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses in India, you’ll want to check out IDEE Sunglasses. The company offers bold and stylish frames for every style preference and occasion, from everyday casual wear to formal occasions.

They are made with premium materials, making them ultra-durable, scratch-resistant and full of UV protection. You can choose to customize your own pair of glasses with polarized lenses or keep it simple with just plain frames and lens colours.

Not only do they come in vibrant hues suitable for sunny outdoor activities, but there is even an extensive line of half-rims that are ideal for the classic and refined look. With excellent value for money and product quality, you simply won’t find a better option than IDEE Sunglasses!

Specifications that are part of IDEE sunglasses:

  • There are trendy styles which are easy on your pockets and come in a variety of colours.
  • They provide a variety of styles that allow you to choose the ideal design for your needs.
  • The glasses are polarized, which improves the quality of images.
  • It is the top brand of sunglasses for males in India, which are fashionable and lightweight.

4. Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Regarding sunglasses, Ray-Ban is one of the most iconic and renowned brands with a rich history and timeless style. Their products are renowned for their superior quality and state-of-the-art technology.

This great brand has been a trusted name in India since its beginning, gaining popularity because of its stylish designs, reliable performance, and warranty.

With the current fashion trends favouring oversized and aviator sunglasses, there’s no wonder why the demand for Ray-Ban glasses has skyrocketed in India recently.

Double bridge frames and mirrored lenses from Ray-Ban add an extra dash of style and confidence. So if you want to look good while doing your best to protect your eyes from the harsh effects of the sun’s rays, opt for Ray Ban sunglasses – a truly classic choice!

The features of Ray-Ban Sunglasses:

  • The solid block colour available and more robust frames is a distinctive designs.
  • This brand’s sunglasses offers premium quality and design.
  • It’s the most popular sunglasses for men and is suitable for everyone from teenagers to older people.
  • They employ bold colours and are durable, flexible, and lightweight.

5. Fahrenheit


Fahrenheit is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality brand of sunglasses in India. Established in 1985, the company provides top-grade frames that are designed and crafted to stand the test of time.

In addition to superior UV protection, Fahrenheit’s glasses have an array of remarkable features that make them a popular choice with those who prioritize quality and style, such as polarized lenses and extra-large frames suited for more prominent faces.

Whether you’re looking for classic designs or ones made with more modern trends in mind, this Indian brand has plenty to offer.

With its commitment to setting trendsetting designs and creating collections with diverse styles, Fahrenheit truly stands out from the competition.

Features of Fahrenheit Sunglasses Brand:

  • It has a protective film in its sunglasses, which can shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • They offer a wide assortment of styles and colours that allow you to show off your cool style.
  • They provide the most stylish sunglasses for males in India and offer some unique and cool designs.

6. Oakley


Oakley is a must-try option if you’re looking for a stylish and high-quality pair of sunglasses. Oakley has become one of the leading names regarding superior-quality eyewear.

Having more than 600 patents worldwide and an extensive range of products, from performance eyewear to lifestyle sunglasses, Oakley has become a well-known brand in India. Their sunglasses feature with HDO or High Definition Optics technology that filters out UV radiation and maximizes clarity while keeping eyes safe from harmful sunlight effects.

Additionally, they focus on functionality and fashion when designing their products, so you can be sure to pick up a good product every time.

With its reasonable prices and great quality, Oakley is undoubtedly one of India’s top choices for sporty or fashionable accessory shoppers.

The features of the Oakley Sunglasses Brand

  • One of the most prestigious brands in the market.
  • Each pair of glasses includes a case and an exclusive cloth for cleaning the lenses.
  • The sunglasses have a three-point fit to ensure convenience and comfort, keeping the lenses in perfect optical alignment.

7. Vogue Sunglasses


Vogue sunglasses is one of the best brands in India when it comes to sunglasses. They never compromise on quality and offer various styles, colours, and lenses for different occasions. These sunglasses are perfect for sunny days and any other event, whether a formal party or an outing.

The frames are made from sturdy materials that guarantee a long-lasting product that can withstand regular wear and tear. With their attractive assortment of designs, Vogue sunglasses also make excellent gift options for special people.

Thanks to the durability and affordability of Vogue products, you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth!

The features of the Vogue Sunglasses Brand:

  • After undergoing several transformations and changes, it’s now among India’s top manufacturers of sunglasses.
  • The company was founded in 1973 under the same name as the fashion magazine.
  • You can pick from the variety of popular fashion trends available for the most affordable cost.

8. JIM HALO Sport


JIM HALO Sport sunglasses have revolutionized the eyewear industry in India. These stylish glasses are designed to protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation while offering excellent clarity and visibility.

They come with polarized lenses that reduce glare and optimize performance in any outdoor activity. The brand also has a wide range of frames and styles available to suit individual needs, including rimless and wraparound designs for those who need a more comfortable fit.

Adding to their appeal is the fact that JIM HALO Sport sunglasses are highly affordable without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship or longevity, making them both a practical and enjoyable choice for anyone looking for fashion-forward eyewear at an affordable price.

The features that are included in JIM HALO Sport Sunglasses for Women and Men

  • It restores the real colour of the eyes and makes them more at ease.
  • It blocks glare reflecting off the water, roads, snow, and other horizontal surfaces.
  • Use a soft and gentle solution to prevent scratches.
  • It blocks harmful UVB and UVA rays of the Sun.

9. Gucci


Gucci is one of the top sunglasses brands in India, offering a unique selection of styles and designs to cater to all types of fashion needs. Their sophisticated frames come in many different shapes and sizes for the perfect fit.

With each purchase, you receive an authentic, sleek case for optimal protection whenever you’re on the go. Gucci’s colour palette includes subtle and chic neutrals, powerful hues, glamourous gold accents and more.

These fashionable frames are sure to turn heads regardless of which style you choose. So if you’re looking for trendy eyewear that’s both affordable and high-quality, Gucci is definitely the brand to beat.

Specifications of Gucci Sunglasses brand.

  • The majority of glasses are scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant.
  • Thor coating on the surface protects them from rust caused by sweat and makeup.
  • Their sunglasses come with a 24-month warranty.

10. Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein sunnies are the perfect way to channel your inner trendsetter. Available in a variety of classic and modern styles, these stylish sunglasses will make you look and feel great.

From fashion-forward cat-eye shapes to timeless aviators, there is something for everyone. Each pair of CK sunglasses has features like anti-glare lenses and UV protection, so you know your eye health is always protected.

Plus, the affordability makes these fashionable frames easy on the wallet. Whether you’re going surfing or hitting up an outdoor event, Calvin Klein sunglasses are sure to bring a unique flair to any wardrobe.

11. Polaroid


Polaroid sunglasses are a top choice for fashionistas in India! Polaroid has become one of the most popular brands among Indians for its unique style and commitment to quality. With intense ultraviolet ray protection and a wide variety of styles ranging from classic to contemporary, Polaroid is something everyone can enjoy.

Not only do these sunglasses look amazing, but they also boast optical precision and supreme comfort. They use advanced technology like polarized lenses to reduce glare. They are treated with special protective coatings, so you know your eyes will be safe from UV rays and other environmental elements.

12. Prada


Prada is known worldwide as one of the top luxury fashion brands, and their stylish sunglasses are no exception. In India, Prada commands its own niche in the market for being at the forefront regarding design and quality.

Both modern and timeless, these sunglasses are available for every preference. Their sleek signature frames come in various colours, making them an easy match for any outfit or style.

Prada sunglasses offer protection from harmful UV rays thanks to their exclusive designs and materials while still looking ultra cool and chic on your face.

Whether you’re an urbanite or a beach-goer looking to create an effortlessly stylish look with Prada sunglasses, expect to step out in style!

Specifications of Prada Sunglasses

  • It has adjustable nose pads, and it is suitable for everyone.
  • They are 100% UVA/UVB protected.
  • The sunglasses are packaged in delicate packaging.

13. Armani Exchange


Armani Exchange is one of the best sunglasses brands in India and has been a renowned name for giving quality eyewear. Their signature designs are modern, edgy and sophisticated.

Their sunglasses have UV protection that blocks harmful sun rays and adds a glamorous element to your overall look. The trend-forward designs, an innovative colour palette and advanced materials make Armani Exchange’s range of sunglasses some of India’s most beloved and appreciated brands.

Additionally, the prices are excellent, making them a great value for money. So, if you’re looking to add an element of chic to your summer style, pick up a pair from Armani Exchange and have some sun-filled fun!

Its quality Armani Exchange sunglasses are among the top and are worth every penny you spend. The initial price for the sunglasses by Armani is around Rs 11,000, and the priciest one can be purchased for more than 48,000.

14. Police


Police sunglasses are one of the top brands in India, offering a vast array of stylish frames with advanced features.

These sunglasses deliver superior protection while making sure you look your best. Their commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology has resulted in an impressive range of products incorporating advanced materials such as hypoallergenic stainless steel, titanium, and flexible grilamid.

Police sunglasses feature polarized lenses with numerous layers of protection that cover not only UV rays but also glare.

Additionally, they offer superior clarity and scratch resistance, so you can be confident you’ll get long-lasting results no matter your activity. With Police’s versatility, stylish designs, and high level of quality, it is no wonder why this brand remains one of India’s favourite sunglass brands.

Frequently asked questions

Are brand-name sunglasses better?

Branded sunglasses are a more long-term investment as they are stronger frames that have been rigorously tested in a manner that will not break when pressure is applied. Certain designer brands also provide guarantees when you purchase their frames.

Which is the most popular brand of sunglasses in India?

The above three are among the top brands. However, Gucci, Prada, and Ray Ben are the best brands of sunglasses available in India. These are the top brands that do not sacrifice quality.

Which brand of sunglasses is the best to protect your eyes?

Being outside in the sun could affect our eyes if exposed for a long duration. To shield your eyes, you should consider brands such as LUENX, Woodies, J+S Vision, and many more.

Which are the top brands of sunglasses in India?

The top sunglasses brands available in India include Fasttrack, Ray-Ban, IDEE, Vogue, Gucci, Flying Machine, and several others.

Are expensive sunglasses better?

These sunglasses are typical of the best brands. They feature lenses of high quality that give a brighter, more attractive, sharper image with less distortion.

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