The Best Solar Water Heating Systems in India: 11 Models Guide

The Best Solar Water Heating Systems in India: 11 Models Guide

Are you concerned about huge electricity bills resulting from using geysers?

The solar-powered heaters for water are the solution as they heat water through the sun. They are placed on a floor that receives lots of sunlight. India being a tropical state, has a bright sun.

Many of the most well-known solar water heaters contain a capacity for storage which is ideal for larger households by 2022. They’re cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

11 Best Solar Water Heating Systems in India

1. Supreme Solar 200

 Supreme Solar 200

This is a fantastic solution for any Indian household. The materials used are stainless steel, which helps keep it warm. It has a powder coating that ensures durability under all weather conditions. Its capacity is 200 liters, which is more than enough.

If the weather isn’t ideal for a good day, the backup power of 2KW could be sufficient. The maximum temperature that could be reached is 85 degrees. Solar cells can be quite strong, and, as a result, the healing process is rapid. The product also comes with a five-year warranty. It requires an installation space of 2 x 2.5 m.


  • Rapid heating
  • Tank capacity is good.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space.


  • Installation is a little difficult.

2. GreenLife GI Solar Water Heater

GreenLife GI Solar Water Heater

Domestic and commercial models are usually chosen if we are looking to purchase solar-powered water heaters. GreenLife has made it simpler by introducing an all-solar water heater suitable for both needs. The durable tubes, and the well-insulated tank, provide heated water that is well-insulated. Additionally, the heater can last for a long period because of high-end materials. The built-in electric heater can be useful during non-sunny days.

There are many complaints about electric heaters being destroyed rapidly. There is no need to be concerned about buying this GreenLife solar heater. The tank is coated with epoxy inside and outside for longer life. The strong frame and construction of the equipment can withstand any weather condition.

GreenLife has been making water heaters for a lengthy period. The company is aware of the customers who want the best electric water heater. Therefore, they have provided a 5-year warranty to ensure customers of the quality of their product. They are also quick when responding to complaints about any of their products.


  • The tube has ten that are exposed to sunlight.
  • The water is heated to 70 degC. This is ideal.
  • The length of each tube is 58 x 1800 millimeters. of each tube
  • The Evacuated Tube Collector is a heating system.
  • 100 Liters is the tank capacity of this heater.
  • The coating’s epoxy helps to prevent water abrasion.
  • There is an integrated backup electric element.
  • GreenLife has a five-year warranty on its products.
  • Excellent for commercial and residential uses.
  • A 2 mm thick sheet of the gi covers the tank’s interior.


  • Ten pipes assist in swiftly heating the water quickly.
  • Ideal for domestic as well as commercial uses.
  • There is an electric backup to provide urgent situations.
  • The heater is durable and robust—the heater.
  • The heater can warm water up to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • GreenLife gives a five-year warranty.
  • It’s the best product to protect the environment.


  • You must maintain the heater to get the best performance.
  • The tank is small; however, it’s perfect for everyday use.

3. Racold Alpha Pro Solar

 Racold Alpha Pro Solar

An Indian water heater must have an adequate capacity, and with 100 liters of capacity, this model is not a disappointment. It’s perfect for families with 4 members. It is equipped with Smart Float Technology which assists in removing large air vents. Another benefit is that it can handle hard water with a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5.

This model is also available in various sizes, such as 100 LPD, 200 LPD, or even 300 LPD. The vacuum tube used measures 1800 millimeters in length and is very energy efficient.


  • Multiple tank capacity.
  • Quality of construction
  • 5-year warranty.
  • How to deal with Hard Water


  • It is not suitable for commercial use.

4. Saur Shakti Stainless Steel Solar Heater

Saur Shakti Stainless Steel Solar Heater

If you’re buying solar water heaters, It is clear that the water has to remain hot. Saur Shakti provides high-density PUF insulation inside the tank of the heater. It allows the water to stay hot throughout the evening, which means you will be able to have hot water all day long. The container is made from galvanized iron that prevents corrosion and scaling.

Galvanized steel is great and offers the durability of the solar heater. Weather conditions will not damage the 3T glass tubes. Sudarshan is also paying careful attention to the base, as it gives the proper stability. Due to the absorption capability that the tube has, the water is rapidly heated and then can reach the tank. The entire body of the heater can withstand pressure, making it an ideal option for any household.

Sudarshan, the company that manufactures Saur Shakti heaters, is owned by Sudarshan. Saur Shakti heater has been making them for thirty-plus years. The company is also endorsed as a business by the Government of India. Therefore, you are purchasing that comes from the top firms. They also have highly-trained experts who can install the heater and handle any problems. This is why it’s among the top solar water heaters available in India.


  • The length is 58 millimeters of the tube that transports water.
  • There is a 2 mm GI shiny layer within the tank.
  • It is located at a 45-degree angle to ensure the best light.
  • Galvanized Iron serves as the principal part of this heater.
  • Each tube of the heater has 10% greater absorption.
  • It is covered by a 5-year guarantee provided with a 5-year warranty by Saur Shakti.
  • It is intended for domestic and commercial usage.
  • 0.5 millimeters powder coating offers weather protection.
  • 200 milliliters is the capacity of the heater’s tank.
  • The white and blue exterior body is quite attractive.


  • The stand is extremely solid at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Sudharshan provides a five-year guarantee on this.
  • The water gets hot fast because it has a higher absorption.
  • Made from sturdy and durable galvanized steel.
  • Its tank holds the warm water to last for a long time.
  • Sudharshan offers prompt and efficient assistance.


  • A proper maintenance program is essential to ensure a longer life span.
  • It’s not cheap. However, you can count on top-quality features.

5. Hakke Industries Energy Solar Water

Hakke Industries Energy Solar Water

The Solar Water Heater consists of three Borosilicate tubes, which are extremely efficient in heating water. The material used to make the outer coating of the tube is Copper, Aluminum, or other material that absorbs heat. It comes in a size of 150 LPD.

This means it can be used for residential as well as commercial needs. The highest temperature of heating that can be attained is 80 degrees, and the healing time is about 5 hours. Overall, it is one of the most efficient solar heaters currently on the market.


  • High-quality build
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Efficient
  • Multiple tank sizes


  • Little or nothing

6. The Mandhata invention 200LPD Water Heater

The Mandhata inventions 200LPD Solar-Powered Water Heater

The solar water heater manufactured by Mandhata Inventions does a fabulous job of heating water as swiftly as possible. It has multi-crystalline solar cells which capture the sun’s energy and use it for heating. You will surely receive hot water all day, and it is essential, particularly in winter.

Durability is essential in any solar heater, so Mandhata Inventions provides it in this solar water heater. It will be well-maintained during the worst conditions. You can be confident about the quality of this solar heater. It is important to make this solar heater last an extended period.


  • Two hundred liters is the maximum capacity of this solar heater.
  • 20 high-quality pipes assist in warming the water.
  • 16 mm thickness tank
  • It features high-efficiency multi-crystalline solar cells with a backup coil element.


  • Water is heated rapidly in this machine.
  • The body is scratch-resistant.
  • The pipes are strong and indestructible.
  • Multi-crystalline solar cells are great for use.
  • 15 years of guarantee.
  • Ideal for use in homes.


  • It is not available in all physical stores. However, you can purchase it on Amazon.

7. V-Guard Win Solar Water Heater

V-Guard Win Hot Series Solar Water Heater

It is essential to purchasing items that have a good design. V-Guard has made sure to make the solar water heater durable and compact in its job. Glass pipes that have been evacuated can absorb more heat and do their work faster.

As one of India’s top solar water heaters, the proper PUF insulation is included in the tank constructed of premium stainless steel. It even has an organic layer so that the water in the heater is safe for you. We recommend that you buy this ISI Electric backup heater so that the heater will also help you on rainy days.

Indian houses require an electric water heater that’s sturdy and small. In addition, we want to have a product that requires minimal maintenance. V-Guard has attempted to meet these standards by creating a perfect solar water heater for homes. It is cost-effective since it is powered by solar energy. Because of the advanced technology employed to make this water heater, it will help shortly.


  • The tank’s interior can meet the food-grade requirements.
  • Stainless steel, 304-L, forms the tank’s body.
  • PUF is of high quality. PUF is a good insulation
  • This heater warms water by using solar energy.
  • It has a black powder coating to resist the weather.
  • 200 Liters of water is the size of the tank that houses the heater.
  • Additional ISI Electric backup heater for backup
  • 20 evacuated glass tubes are contained inside it.
  • Made from Aluminum Stucco Sheet coated with GI.
  • 0.4 kg/cm2 is a maximum operating pressure


  • The absorber coating boosts the amount of heat absorbed by the tubes.
  • The tank is weatherproof when coated with a good powder.
  • The stainless steel used in tank 304-L gives the tank a long life.
  • PUF insulation is a great way to hold the warmth of the water.
  • The ISI Electric backup heater helps in the event of an emergency.
  • 200 liters is ideal for a home of medium size.
  • Stability is excellent thanks to the steel stand made of mild steel.


  • There’s no warranty information provided. However, V-Guard is a top brand.
  • It is not physically accessible everywhere in the Indian states. However, you can purchase it online.

8. Ceramic Line of ETC

Ceramic Line of ETC

It is a 100% Indian-made product. It is a sturdy product that is intended for long-term use. Its capacity is 100 Liter, sufficient for families of four-five people. However, it’s also unsuitable for commercial uses. The water heater is covered by an enormous warranty of 15 years to ensure that you can have a clear idea about the quality of the construction.

It’s a multi-color product, and the tubes are the length of 1800 mm as well, as the diameter is 58 millimeters which allows the efficient heat of the water. It’s a decent product, but it is not our first option.


  • High-quality build
  • Efficient Heating
  • Easy to install
  • 5 years guarantee


  • Not intended for commercial use

9. Solarizer Anywhere Solar

Solarizer Anywhere Solar

It comprises three-layered solar Collectors constructed of vacuum Tubes capable of absorbing up to 94 percent of the sunlight that enters. It’s extremely efficient during rainy conditions. This solar comes with an additional electrical power backup. Heating is rapid while the tank is constructed of high-density PUF, which aids in keeping it warm.

Additionally, an auxiliary tank reduces stress over the overhead tank. The manufacturer offers free service within the initial year and gives a five-year warranty.


  • Triple-layered Solar Collectors
  • It is ideal for rainy days.
  • Auxiliary Tank
  • Rapid Heating


  • Single size available

10. Solarizer Gray and Blue

 Solarizer Gray and Blue

It is a high-end water heater that is available in various sizes, including 200, 100, and 500 Liters or 500 Liters. It is suitable for all kinds of uses. The substance used for the construction is Stainless Steel, and as a result, you do not have to be concerned about the build quality.

The plate-absorber with the German coating offers ample space for absorption while emitting virtually no radiation. In the end, the heating performance is outstanding. Additionally, the glass-enameled tank stops the growth of Bacteria or Rust, which ensures cleanliness.


  • Latest Solar Collectors
  • Hygienic
  • Heating performance.
  • Available in various sizes


  • There’s nothing much to it.

11. Spectrum 150 LPD

Spectrum 150 LPD

Spectrum’s greatest benefit of this water heater is that it needs minimum or no maintenance. It utilizes a triple-coated glass tube, which helps to provide high-efficiency heating. It’s very simple to set up an absorb percentage of 93 percent.

The frame is weatherproof, which is very beneficial in India. Additionally, it can be used with hard water too. The tank’s design lasts for a long time and can be seen by the absence of rivets. The storage tank is not able to get corroded easily. We also did not detect any scale in the tubes, either. This is certainly something we recommend to everyone.


  • High-quality build
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with hard water.


  • Little or nothing

Aspects to Consider When Buying the Solar Water Heater

Aspects to Consider When Buying the Solar Water Heater

  • Water Source: You must decide if the water source is soft or hard. Direct Solar eaters are suitable for soft water. Indirect Heaters are suggested for hard water sources. In indirect systems, the heating process is carried out by a liquid, which absorbs the warmth through the solar panels. Heating hard water using direct means may result in obstructions in the pipe.
  • Tank: The tank must be able to hold heat for a prolonged period and be also rust-free.
  • Types of Collectors: There are two kinds of collectors: FPC, ETC. FPCs are constructed of quickly heated metals but also lose heat very quickly. They are tough, but they are only suitable for tropical areas. ETCs are made from Glass, which is very delicate and possesses better heat retention capabilities. They’re suitable for both temperate and tropical climates.
  • Size: The size of the water heater is measured in LPD(Liters each day). A heater that has 100 LPD capacity is adequate for a three-member family. Therefore, a 500 or more capacity heater will be the best for commercial or industrial requirements.
  • Temperature Regulation: The best option is to buy an electric water heater with an adjustable thermostat to ensure that the temperature is optimal.
  • Warranty: The majority of water heaters have five-year warranties. The heater will last for 15 years or longer if they are regularly maintained.

Are Solar Water Heaters Worth In India?

Are Solar Water Heaters Worth In India

Yes, solar-powered water heaters can be appropriate in a tropical area like India. Many of our cities receive plenty of sunshine which aids in heating the water. Areas in the desert such as Rajasthan benefit from water heaters, specifically during winter. Because Indian households have larger solar heaters that have larger tanks could help to increase sustainability.

In addition, solar heaters can help conserve money. In various areas of India, the government has made it compulsory to install water heaters. The abundance of sunlight allows people to enjoy hot water at no cost and also reduces the cost of electricity. Since pollution has increased in India and the world, solar water heaters could help us have a cleaner living environment.

With all of these aspects in mind, considering all these factors, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India, released a market analysis that demonstrates the potential and value of solar-powered water heaters within India.

What is a Solar Water Heating System Work?

What is a Solar Water Heating System Work

The majority of us have depended on electronic devices in our youth. However, while we’ve heard of renewable energy sources, the mechanism is unfamiliar to us. The fundamental idea of solar-powered water heaters is that they operate on the energy released by the sun.

Some technologies assist in capturing the energy and utilizing it for any task. For instance, a solar water heater aims to heat the water. The heat energy is converted into energy for heating.

There are a variety of methods like direct systems or indirect systems. The basic system is founded on capturing solar energy and then using it in circulation. In general, all solar water heaters come with an area for thermal energy production. The tank is used to keep the heated water in and a circulating pump.

Most solar water heaters are installed on roofs to capture the most sunlight. In converting solar energy to heat, it causes the pump that circulates to bring water into the tank. After the water has been heated, the tank is insulated to receive the water. They are eco-friendly since no electricity is used.

A majority of the solar heaters have an electric backup. This electrical system is useful on days when the sun is not shining. You will still be able to enjoy hot water without having to compromise.

Active Solar Water Heaters

Active Solar Water Heaters

A working solar water heating system consists of several pumps that assist in water circulation. The typical system consists of an electric collector and two or more pumps, a storage tank and an emergency heating system, and a few controls. The active solar heaters have a better chance of overheating.

A large number of heaters contain antifreeze. Controllers are an integral component of any active system, assisting in protecting against freezing or overheating.

Active solar water heaters are available in two sub-categories: Direct and indirect.

Direct Solar Water Heaters

Direct Solar Water Heaters

These water heaters have active direct heating work in a loop, where the water is heated directly and then reaches the tank. There isn’t any antifreeze or overheat protection built into these units. They are excellent for on-the-spot heating, particularly in hot countries such as India. It is advised to stay clear of installing them to the point where it is too cold.

There are two kinds of direct-water heating systems:

Flat Plate Collectors

Flat Plate Collectors

Most of us imagine flat plates when solar heaters are on our minds. The horizontal pipe is known as headers that run on the sides and the bottom of flat plates. There are also tiny vertical pipes, called risers, which transport the liquid that must be heated.

When the liquid is heated in the risers, it flows to the top header, connected directly to the tank. Certain solar water heaters might even feature snake pipe connections. Glass that is tempered and low iron forms the flat plates. They can be either unglazed or glazed. The tempered Glass helps these devices last for a long duration.

We suggest purchasing solar heaters with glazed flat plates because they perform better and provide better insulation.

Collector Based System

As mentioned before, solar water heaters require a substrate to hold the heat. Therefore, in this type of heater, the heater absorbs heat to warm the water. The water will not be boiling since a significant portion of the heat goes away because of convection and conduction. The two most well-known collectors system include:

Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC)

This is the mechanism where strong evacuated tubes transport the water. The principal reason for using this method is to prevent heat loss in flat plates. The vacuum is formed between two tubes to stop heat loss via convection. The tube is coated with thermal absorbers inside the tube to help them become more effective heat conductors.

It is best to avoid buying ETCs for areas that experience hailstorms since the system is made of glass tubes. ETCs are also ideal during the winter months because they can prevent heat loss.

Which Solar Water Heating System is More Effective – ETC or FPC?

Which Solar Water Heating System is More Effective - ETC or FPC

ETC (also known as Evacuated Tube Collectors) are superior and more cost-effective than FPC and Flat Plate Collectors. But, they could be fragile since the tubes are composed of Glass. This means that you need to be careful with the tubes. ETC is great for extreme temperatures when it captures the most sunlight to help heat water.

ETC is also beneficial because it helps reduce the loss of heat typically observed within FPC systems. If you seek rapid water and hot water heating, then ETC is the ideal choice. ETC is also superior in terms of holding the hardness of the water. Both systems have the same lifespan, between 20 and 25 years.

Heat Pump Systems

Heating water with a heat pump system is available with the solar collector and a heat pump. The heating system operates using solar energy or the heat pump. A computerized control system is available into the heating system.

It can decide whether to use the solar or heat pump under the preferences of the users and the weather conditions. These systems are useful primarily to serve industrial needs and cost higher than the other options discussed earlier.

Passive Solar Water Heaters

Passive Solar Water Heaters

Passive systems differ from indirect solar-powered water heaters. They are budget-friendly systems that do not include an engine to push the water through the pipes. Instead, the system relies upon convection caused by heat to facilitate transfers of fluids.

One of the most straightforward methods of passive solar heating of water is painting a tank in black. Because there’s no protection against overheating, the water can become quite hot.

Indirect Solar Heaters for Water

Direct systems refer to heating mechanisms in which solar energy is transferred indirectly. This is accomplished through the use of heat transfer fluids. Propylene glycol happens to be the frequently utilized heat transfer fluid and is used as a stand-alone fluid or with water.

Because the fluid used to transfer heat is an antifreeze product, this method is perfect in cold climates. The liquid is heated, and it moves onto the water. The system also has protection against overheating, which gives you a long-lasting product.

Thermosiphon Systems

Thermosiphon Systems

The thermosyphon system has a storage tank that is distinct from the collector. The pipes in this system are located in an inclined position because the pump isn’t in place to transfer water. The thermosiphon is an inactive system available on natural convection.

As the water is heated, it rises because of convection and is stored in the tank. A fresh collection of water is introduced, and the process continues in the form of a loop. The systems include tanks for storage over the pipes with an inclined angle and collectors to facilitate the process.


Collector-cup-storage passive water heaters are usually known as integrated collector storage systems. They are systems where the water is heated before being stored within one tank. A batch collector plate receives energy from the sun and then heats the water. These days, you can insulate the tanks to keep heat from escaping. These tanks are useful during the daytime when temperatures begin to drop at sunset.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating Systems

Benefits and Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating Systems

If we’re talking about any device benefits, they give us a reason to buy the product. Solar water heaters have been around for quite a while, but not everyone uses them as frequently as they should.

Here are some advantages that give us the facts needed to make the system work better:

Secure for the Environment

Solar water power is based on the use of renewable energy sources. The sun’s energy is ours at no cost. It is necessary to use many non-renewable sources to create electricity. Therefore, if we decide to install a solar water heater inside our house, it will benefit the environment. There isn’t any pollution linked to these water heaters, and they are easy to install. If you pick the best model of solar heating, they can be effective even in the midst of cloudy days.

They are great to those who wish to be eco-friendly. There aren’t any carbon emissions with solar water heaters, so it is safe for the natural environment. Certain states, such as Haryana, have made it mandatory for these heaters to be installed in India.

Efficient Heating

Efficient Heating

Some believe that solar heating isn’t more efficient than electric heaters, but this idea isn’t true. Solar water heaters can work quite well. Active systems can also provide the ability to control your water temperature. Due to their insulated interiors, the water stays warm. Modern systems also incorporate techniques to reduce heat loss due to convection and conduction. Many heaters can provide heat to the water as high as 70 degrees Celsius, which is great for domestic and commercial uses.

Electricity Is Not Necessary for Operation

A solar-powered water heater would be able to operate without electricity. In addition to cutting down on the cost of energy, these heaters can also run during moments of power shortages. They are ideal for commercial use where electricity can be costly. They also work well for areas with power problems.



One of the greatest benefits of solar-powered water heaters is their efficiency. You can save hundreds of dollars because there isn’t any waste of energy. The system is powered by an energy source abundantly available on the earth. Certain heaters include an electrical backup in emergencies, but very little energy is necessary to operate the pipes.

They are an investment for one time, and most of them aren’t expensive at all. They will last for many years if you maintain them properly. An antifreeze-based system or vacuums will require regular maintenance to run smoothly every five or 10 years.

Long Lifespan With a Minor Repair Products

Solar water heaters last an extended period. Businesses already have to create robust weatherproof systems since they require outdoor installation. This means that you can purchase an electric heater that could last for more than 20 years. It is essential to take care of the heater and make minor repairs that don’t cost money.

Drawbacks Of Water Heaters

Drawbacks Of Water Heaters

Solar waters come with a few minor drawbacks, which can cause a sigh of disappointment for certain people. So, let’s take an examination of them:

Requires a Large Space

Solar water heaters come with an area for collection, which means they’re not small. They will require you to place them on your roof to absorb the most heat possible. Direct sunlight should hit the system to allow it to operate optimally. It takes up some of the roof space. However, you will get hot water with no necessity for electricity.

Systems Won’t Work on Cloudy or Rainy Days.

Systems Won’t Work on Cloudy or Rainy Days

Since sunlight is the principal energy source useful in solar heaters, you won’t receive hot water on clouds or rainy days. This is a problem for households that use hot water daily. We suggest you buy heaters with an electrical backup that is useful in times of need. Additionally, solar water heaters aren’t great for areas where there isn’t lots of sunlight.

Commonly Asked Questions About Solar Water Heaters

How can you remove the Solar hot water tank?

Sometimes, you'll require draining the heater, in particular when the water is stagnant for a long period. Some heaters are equipped with sensors that instruct them to drain automatically. Therefore, if your solar water heater is equipped with sensors, make sure you test its health. There's an airflow mechanism inside the heater, which should not be blocked. Go through the user's manual to better understand the heater you have. If you suspect that the heater is not working, don't be reluctant to seek professional assistance. We always suggest not to play on and off with no knowledge of the settings. Keep track of the health of your heater to ensure it is running.

Are solar water heaters able to work during the winter?

They can be used even in the winter months. It is important to ensure that the location of the heater receives enough sunlight all season. If you reside in a cold area, select an energy-efficient solar water heater with antifreeze. You can stop the heater from going crazy if you have the right controls. The tank must also be well insulated to ensure hot water for longer durations. Keep these thoughts in mind, and we're sure you'll enjoy hot water during winter. Some heaters come with an electric backup, providing more efficient heating during the cold winter days.

How can you remove the scale from the hot water solar heater?

We recommend that you contact a company professional if you need to remove the solar heater from scaling. If you are looking to minimize the scale, choosing a licensed water softener is best. Systems that use antifreeze typically have scales on the tubes. An experienced professional is familiar with the components in the heat source. It is recommended to have an annual consultation with the manufacturer regarding the solar water heater maintenance. Do not try to modify or repair your device using any DIY method since it could lead to the warranty becoming invalid. Be sure to clean the tubes now and then to remove any foreign objects strewn onto the heating element. We're certain this will increase the lifespan of your heater.

Are solar water heaters beneficial to your health?

We'd like to point out that it's not recommended to drink water heated by solar energy. Doctors are skeptical about drinking the water because they could have minerals in the pipes. Additionally, the sun's ultraviolet rays cannot be seen most effectively. However, it is acceptable to use hot water for other household requirements. It is recommended to empty the tank every interval. Otherwise, the same water can be reused. You can use it for bath water or washing clothes. Also, the solar water heater at home will create a cleaner and healthier environment. Therefore, don't think too much about it.

Can solar water heaters work at night?

Technically, it cannot operate at night since it is primarily powered by sunlight. The best thing to do is keep the tank full to use the water during the night. Use the summer heat to warm the water. Make sure you choose a properly insulated appliance to hold the heat. Another vital aspect is the electric backup that is provided within the heater. If you want to have hot water during the night, a backup could be employed. We recommend you use an electric heater if you are regularly in need of hot water during the night. Be aware that using the backup option will raise your electric bill.


We hope that you enjoy this article about the best Solar Water Heaters. Solar water heaters are definitely worth the cost, and there’s a wide range of high-quality heaters available there. For any questions about the content, please send us a message.


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