Best CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price idea

Best CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price idea

In our 5 Best Crompton Ceiling fan Reviews, we’ll recommend the best ceiling fans for you at various prices. The following were tested by a professional team, and we’ve recommended after full satisfaction only.

Crompton Greaves is the major company of ceiling fans in India that was built up in 1878. The organization was established by Col. B.E.M Crompton with its head office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are among the notable top ceiling fans with a turnover of around $2 Billion.

It fabricates the top and great ceiling fans. Crompton was the main organization to accomplish more than 1 million deals in the year 1989. And a year ago, Crompton sold over a million fans, which made them the biggest vender on the planet.

Crompton has been developing at a speed of 15 percent consistently every year. Other than assembling quality items, the maker additionally offers incredible client support.

We’ve got the top 5 Crompton fans price list for you!

Let’s discover the most amazing fans now!

Best CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price idea


CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Crompton Prime 48″ 8.8 Under 3000
CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Crompton HS Plus 48″ 8.6 Under 2000
CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Crompton Ura. 48″ 8.5 Under 5000
Crompton Hill Briz 48″ 8.5 Under 1500
Crompton Senorita 48” 8.4 Under 2500
Luminous New York 8.6 Under 2500

After cherishing the list of Crompton ceiling fans models with price, let’s move to our first Crompton ceiling fan. No need to go through the Crompton fans catalogue! Just read the fans’ reviews fully, and then buy Crompton fans online as per your choice.


1.) Crompton Aura Prime Antidust 1200 MM Review – Overall best

If you are looking for the anti-dust and high-speed fan for your medium-size hall, without spending much, then Crompton Aura Prime 1200 MM fan serves you the best. Almost 500 user reviews are there.

Crompton anti-dust fan consumes max 74W, hence saves bundles of energy! Most importantly, Crompton anti-dust fans’ price has always been low.

Why should You Buy?

  • 100 percent copper winding motor makes this fan highly durable.
  • This fan offers the perfect balance of aesthetics as well as utility and keeps you cool in all weather.
  • The motor doesn’t collapse even after prolonged use. You enjoy the uninterrupted cooling effect.
  • It is a 380 RPM fan, which means it spins faster than several other fans at this price. Besides that, the perfect shape of the blades blends with the fast RPM, ensuring a uniform and powerful breeze throughout the room.
  • You’ve got a dozen of color selections with this fan, which means you’ll find the matching fan, no matter what’s the color scheme of your room. Besides that, 6 size variations are there. So, you can choose as per your room’s size.

The Final Advice!

If your ceiling is pretty high, then it’s a common thing that you’ll be finding it too hard to clean your fan. If you are buying Crompton Aura Prime Antidust fan, then you can save yourself from that cleaning hassle, as this fan attracts 50% lesser dust than ordinary fans. Besides that, it is stain free also.

Crompton Aura Prime Antidust 1200 MM Fan is a beneficial investment for you. To know the Crompton ceiling fan price, tap the button below.


2.) Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Ceiling Fan Review – Best energy saver

Well, by looks, it just looks like a normal fan, but it costs around 2000 due to several reasons. The power is incomparable at this price. Once again, it’s proved, Crompton Greaves fans are great energy savers.

You’ll be happy to know, 53W is the energy consumption without compromising with power. Talking about speed, its 370 RPM! You can call it Havells standard fan.

Why should You Buy?

  • This model comes tested and tried regarding noise level before coming to you. In contrast to other fans around the similar price, Crompton HS Plus is much more successful on Amazon talking about operating noise complaints.
  • This is a great energy-efficient fan. If you have bought a new house and looking for installing fans in all the rooms, then installing Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Ceiling Fans will save many electricity bills in contrast to other similarly priced fans.
  • The coating of this fan is up to date. Due to smooth coating, neither much dust gets caught, nor the cleaning becomes baffling.
  • The motor of this fan is capable of tacking 20 hours of continuous use per day. (We tested doing that for 14 days, and the heat was the least among 7 fans of this price)

The Final Advice!

If you have a long and huge hall, where you are thinking about installing 3 ceiling fans, our advice is, buy a couple of Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Ceiling Fans, and the airflow will be uniform and enough throughout the hall! Durability isn’t any issue. To know this Crompton greaves ceiling fan price, tap the button below.


3.) Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan Review – Best for drawing room

If you are concluding price by this fan’s looks, then truly it doesn’t look like anything below 10000 rupees, at least, right? The ivory color blades and golden body give your room a royal look, and we bet, most of the people who find this fan ganging on your ceiling will surely ask for the price.

This fan has four perfectly shaped blades and three super attractive lamps.The fan speed is 320 RPM, and air delivery is 200 CMM.

Why should You Buy?

  • his fan makes you stay cool regardless of whether conditions.
  • Most importantly, shine and plating are permanent. These won’t come off after time.
  • This fan is highly appreciated due to noise-less performance.
  • Even after providing you adequate airflow and light, it consumes only 72W. The electricity bill will be negligible.
  • The fan’s motor is pretty strong. So, even after extended use in summers, the motor won’t quit.
  • The hanging rod is strong and highly durable.

The Final Advice!

You’re getting the perfect balance of utility and aesthetics with this fan. This fan is warranted for 2 years. The normal 10W night bulbs are compatible here, and these will give a very pleasant and pleasing evening and night light. However, the bulbs need to be purchased separately. If you believe in high looks and functionality at the same time, then Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan is a sweet purchase for you.


4.) Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan Review – Best for bedroom

Now comes the cheapest fan in the Crompton fan price list here. You’ve got 2 years warranty and 10 days replacement facility. It is a 5-tar rated energy-saving fan. You’ve got 3 color variations here.

ON Amazon, 1100+ Customer Reviews are there. While composing this review, almost 780% was its success rate. Due to its high speed, you get enough airflow, and further, save money which you were going to invest in an air cooler.

Why should You Buy?

  • Most importantly, the fan impresses with its smooth movement. Not just the beginning, but even after several years, this fan maintains its smoothness.
  • The powerful motor of this fan comes with double ball bearing. That’s the reason for low noise operation. This double ball-bearing construction increases this fan’s life also.
  • If you dare to run Hill Briz 48″ fan to its top speed, then your roof is going to blow away! This Crompton high-speed fan is exceptionally powerful.
  • Cleaning isn’t a headache with this fan.

The Final Advice!

370 RPM speed and 205 Cu.Mtr/Min air delivery is enough at this price. If you’re looking for a ceiling fan, which no matter doesn’t look extraordinary, but silently keeps on working for a decade, then Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan is the one for you. Just get this 3.7 Kg fan, and enjoy the easy installation and noiseless operation!


5.) Crompton Senorita 1200 MM Ceiling Fan Review (White)

Now, what to tell you about Crompton Senorita 1200 MM Ceiling Fan‘s class! At a meager price, this fan brings royal looks, and your home décor with earn some extra stars here! Costing near to 2000 rupees, around 4.2 star ratings it has earned in Amazon.

Crompton Senorita is uniquely designed in such a way that it provides high air delivery of 210 cubic meter every minute, which is impressive. This Set up comprises 3 shiny petal-shaped blades and is available in two sizes, which are (1200mm) and (900mm). Crompton provides 2-year warranty with Crompton Senorita ceiling fan.

Why should You Buy?

  • It spins rapidly at 370 RPM due to it’s especially designed petal-shaped blades. The energy consumption is only 75 Watts. Isn’t that impressive?
  • You get Superior opal white finish along with sealed double ball bearing.
  • Aluminium blades & aluminium motor body makes it rust free and ensures long life.
  • The assembly is too easy. Once assembled properly, it is ready to provide you impressive airflow for several upcoming years!

The Final Advice!

Crompton Senorita is a highly reliable ceiling fan due to it’s 100% copper winding motor. This fan is ideal for high ceiling, it’ll provide instant air flow. Most importantly, this fan is 30-40% cheaper on Amazon in contrast to showrooms. So, Amazon must be your destination if this fan has really impressed you.

Best CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Reviews: Extra Suggestion

of course, we’re concentrating on Crompton Ceiling fans, but we were not able to resist from adding this amazing fan here as an extra suggestion.


Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan Review

Did any Crompton fan price displease you? Nor will this model of Luminous! The Luminous New York Brookly n1200mm fan carries an attractive white profile, and you don’t need to bother about cleaning.

Dust won’t accumulate that easily on the blades. Fan motor, Shackle Assembly, Down rod, and Set of canopy come in the package. This sturdy fan weighs 4.4 Kg. 2 year is the warranty time. 240V is the operating voltage.

Why should You Buy?

  • This white fan will blend with any home décor. It enriches your room’s looks.
  • This fan gives a supreme performance. Less energy consumption is another benefit. It consumes just 75 watts.
  • The aluminum body is too sturdy, ensuring the longevity of the fan. Of course, it is rustproof.
  • The blades are aerodynamically designed, and further provide wider airflow.
  • Metallized lustrous centrepiece is another big attraction with this fan.
  • Due to pure copper winding, the fan works equally good even at low voltage.

The Final Advice!

The motor of the Luminous New York Brooklyn fan is very impressive. 230 is the CCM, and 350 is the RPM limit! You enjoy uninterrupted cooling. Costing nearly 2500, if you want a normal, good looking, and long-lasting fan, which circulates air perfectly, then Luminous Morpheus Anti-Rust 1200mm Fan is the right choice.

Crompton Greaves ceiling fans were tremendous, no doubt, but Luminous New York Brooklyn Fan is also a strong recommendation!

Best CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Reviews: Extra add-ons

Best Crompton wall fan – Crompton High Flo Wave 400MM

Now, this wall fan is powerful enough to beat several costly fan models. The operation is no frills. this fan has enough speed to bring you relief, and it’s very durable also.

Best Crompton exhaust fan – Luminous Vento Deluxe 150mm

Crompton wall fans highly satisfied us. The Vento Deluxe 200mm model gave a tight competition to 150mm model in our testing. however, the 200mm model appears better in public reviews, but our experts concluded that 150mm model is better after conducting 6 tests.

Best Crompton table fan – Crompton High Flo Eva 16″ table fan

Undoubtedly table fans do tremendous job in summers, and if you have bought a durable and reliable table fan, then summers won’t trouble you much. With 2 years warranty, comes the High Flo Eva 16″ model from Crompton, promising to let you enjoy the next summers!

Best CROMPTON Ceiling Fan Reviews: The Conclusion

Crompton Aura Prime Antidust is the overall best choice. This fan can serve you well in any room. Crompton HS Plus 48-inch is the best energy saver fan for you. Further, Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan’s beauty is unbeatable at that price. This fan will look tremendous on the ceiling of your drawing room!

Undoubtedly all Crompton ceiling fans that we’ve selected ensure quiet operation, but if you ask use for a recommendation for you bedroom, then we’ll suggest Hill Briz 48-inch model. Besides that, Crompton Senorita is another superb fan, that’s pretty effective in all ways. Especially, it’s unique design attracts many! Besides Cromnpton fans, Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan highly ipressed our experts. This stylish fan’s coverage area and power is amazing!

If you failed to pick a Crompton ceiling fans, then no worries! Best Orient, Havells, Bajaj Ceiling fan reviews are for you only. After ceiling fans, Best Air cooler review is also a fully-detailed one!


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