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Top 13 Best Lingerie Brands in India (Top Level Style & Comfort)

Indian lingerie brands have made a name for themselves in terms of quality and affordability. There are a number of different brands, as well as designers, that are causing an uproar among women who are looking to invest in good lingerie.

From the elegant designs at Zivame to the avant-garde collection at Clovia, there is something to suit everyone’s style. Today, many Indian lingerie brands offer trendy silhouettes with superior fabrics and construction, making them perennially marketable.

And while there is an abundance in terms of styles and designs from these brands, their lingerie also gives women an air of confidence without compromising on comfort and functionality. Ultimately, there is no denying that India has become one of the leading countries for lingerie fashion worldwide!

Now, let’s check out the best lingerie brands in India!

1. Clovia


Clovia is one of the leading brands of lingerie in India. Offering excellent craftsmanship, unbeatable comfort and discounted prices, Clovia has become a favourite among Indian consumers looking for quality and affordability.

From trendy bralettes to beautiful nightwear, Clovia provides a range of styles and designs to fit any personality. Their pieces are made from soft fabrics that keep you feeling comfortable all day.

Whether you’re searching for stylish everyday essentials or something especially glamorous, Clovia is sure to have the perfect piece that can make you feel confident and beautiful. With stores scattered across India, buying lingerie from Clovia is easy and convenient.

2. Enamor


If you’re looking for exquisite lingerie perfect for any occasion, Enamor is an ideal choice. Established in India in 2008, this premier lingerie brand is committed to providing comfort and style with its collection of sensual lingerie.

Their pieces are made from soft fabrics like tulle, satin and lace that hug the body’s curves without being too revealing or tight. All of their bras come with adjustable straps, and the cups have padding or underwire support options available.

Enamor also has a range of playful babydolls, which feature delicate details to bring out a sexy yet feminine look. No matter what type of lingerie you’re seeking, Enamor will undoubtedly satisfy your needs.

3. Jockey


Jockey is one of the top lingerie brands in India. It is known for its wide selection of styles and comfortable fit. The product line includes bras, panties, nightwear and more, all designed to provide superior support and contemporary style.

Jockey also offers a wide range of sizes so that no matter what body type you have, there is something for you. Their designs are always on trend and look fashionable, yet their fabrics are soft and lightweight to ensure maximum comfort.

Best of all, Jockey proudly manufactures all its products here in India, so you can feel good about supporting your local economy!

4. Shyaway


If you’re in the market for both comfortable and stylish lingerie, look no further than Shyaway. Located in India, this emotive lingerie brand has become a go-to for Indian customers looking to make a statement without sacrificing comfort and quality.

By understanding the needs of local women, the innovators at Shyaway have crafted an exquisite collection of bras, panties and other pieces designed to fit every body type comfortably. Those shopping with Shyaway can expect to find something that looks not only great but also feels great against their skin.

With many classic yet fashionable pieces available at budget-friendly prices, there’s something perfect for everyone in their collection.

5. Zivame


Zivame is truly one of the best lingerie brands in India. They offer beautiful and comfortable designs at reasonable prices, making them a true gem in the industry.

From wired to non-wired bras, there is something for everyone! They are also constantly evolving and releasing new collections with the latest trends so that customers can always find something fresh to add to their wardrobe.

Zivame’s team of skilled craftsmen care greatly about producing lingerie pieces that make women look gorgeous while still keeping up with current fashion standards. They have even won numerous awards for their excellence in design and quality of products – definitely worth having a look!

6. Tailor & Circus

Tailor & Circus

Tailor & Circus is one of the best lingerie brands in India. They offer a range of lingerie pieces, from trendy everyday bras and panties to carefully crafted loungewear pieces, all while keeping quality and comfort at the forefront.

Their designs use breathable materials and have unique colours and patterns that feel fresh compared to classic lingerie styles.

Tailor & Circus’ selection of lingerie is perfect for style-forward shoppers looking to brighten up their wardrobe with fashionable lingerie that looks just as good as it feels. Shipping is free on most orders and frequent sales on their website, making it easy to find affordable pieces.

7. Amante


Amante is one of India’s most beloved lingerie brands, offering a dazzling selection and a luxurious range of designs. The pieces crafted by Amante will make any woman feel beautiful and confident in her own skin.

From subtle bralettes to intricate sets to comfy nightwear and shapewear, this brand knows how to keep up with the latest trends in lingerie fashion and practices sustainability for a more eco-friendly approach.

With gorgeous collections that many women turn to for special occasions, Amante is one of the best lingerie names in India today.

8. Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21 is one of the best lingerie brands in India for anyone looking for quality and stylish pieces at a very accessible price point. Not only does it provide fashion-forward lingerie from bras to bralettes, but it also offers trendy nightwear, intimates, and sleepwear so you can stay up to date on the coy yet sexy trends.

With its various designs and sizes ranging from extra small to double XL, they guarantee that there’s something perfect fit for every body and any occasion – making shopping hassle-free! Plus, with its user-friendly website and free shipping on orders over ₹2500 throughout India, you can find exactly what you need with the simple click of a button.

9. H&M


H&M is one of the best lingerie brands to buy in India. It offers a range of stylish, comfortable and quality products at pocket-friendly prices. Their classic designs are timeless, giving you that classic, romantic look all year round. Moreover, their collections cater to various sizes, so even if you’re petite or plus-sized, they have something for everyone.

The H & M brand promises to fit well in all sizes. It offers a chic collection of printed and solid patterns Lingeries. The price for the basic collection of lingerie branded by the brand is 500 rupees and can go upwards to Rs.1000 and beyond.

H&M also offers smart innovations such as smooth straps or perfect-fit cups that make wearing their lingerie even more comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, their exclusive fabric blends provide all-day comfort without compromising on style – perfect for any occasion!

10. Triumph


Triumph lingerie is a popular choice among Indian shoppers because of its luxurious fabrics, beautiful designs, and superior fit. Not only do their products look great, but they are made from high-quality materials for maximum comfort and support.

From demure bras with delicate lace detailing to bold lingerie bodysuits that show off your best assets and daring thongs, Triumph has something to suit everyone’s taste.

Triumph’s extensive collection of lingerie at reasonable and affordable prices include Balconette Bra, Hipster Brief, Hipsters, Lace Bra, Maternity Bra, Minimiser Bra, Bikini Briefs, Demi Cup Bra, Full Coverage Bra, Padded Bra, Sports Bra, T-Shirt Bra, Shaping Briefs, and Shaping Shorts as well as Tummy Tucker.

Their wardrobe pieces come in a wide range of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit, and the customer service ensures your shopping experience is as enjoyable as ever. With such attention to detail, Triumph stands out in India’s lingerie market and is easily one of the best brands out there.

11. Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee is a well-recognized lingerie brand in India, has been around for almost 15 years. Their mission is to provide women with quality lingerie at an affordable price. They have various options, from everyday bras and briefs to specialized bridal and swimwear.

Daisy Dee pays special attention to their customers’ comfort needs and designs accordingly, ensuring the materials used are soft on the skin while providing great support and shape enhancement.

In addition, they offer exciting discounts that help make their products even more attractive among customers. With an emphasis on both fashion and affordability, Daisy Dee offers some of India’s best lingerie shopping experiences.

12. Bodycare


If you’re looking for the best lingerie brands in India, Bodycare is a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for comfort or something a bit more special, like occasion wear, Bodycare has something for everyone. Their bras are particularly well-known, partly due to their material and design quality.

They also offer several different collections and sizes to give customers just what they want. Bodycare is always mindful of the feelings and expectations of its customers and provides high-quality products at affordable prices.

It is the most trusted brand that seeks to provide a more comfortable style than an extravagant one. It is not just fashionable bras but offers the highest quality bras suitable for everyday use.

If you want to look your best, Bodycare is definitely the place to shop for lingerie brands in India. With their reasonable prices, top-notch designs, and myriad options, it’s clear that Bodycare is at the forefront of modern lingerie standards in India.

13. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret

One of the most recognized names in lingerie brands in India is Victoria’s Secret. Boasting a combination of sophistication and sexiness, the line has become immensely popular for its selection of bras, panties, sleepwear and other intimate apparel that cater to women of all sizes.

The quality fabrics and attention to detail make it the perfect choice for undergarments.
It is now readily available online in stores such as Amazon and Myntra. The initial price of Victoria’s Secret brand lingerie starts at Rs.700 and can go up to Rs.2000 and even more.

From intricate lace designs to soft Pima cotton and everything in between, this brand stands out from the crowd with its eclectic offerings.

With stores throughout India and online shopping options available, it’s never been easier for shoppers to find the perfect intimate item for their wardrobe.

How do you find the perfect lingerie?

Size, Measurement & Fit

Test your fit. Don’t think you have the same cup and band size for all models and brands. Fabrics, construction, and design quality contribute to how your bra fits. Remember that you’re likely to have a “zone” of sizes and be open to trying different designs and brands to find the ideal fitting.

Be sure to note your measurements or have a fitting before going to the fitting, but it’s not enough! It’s vital to have the proper size; choosing the correct look you’re aiming for is essential. Whatever your size, you shouldn’t compromise on what you desire and require!

User Reviews

When it comes to buying lingerie, user reviews can make a huge difference in helping you determine which brands or styles you should consider. These reviews provide an honest assessment from fellow shoppers who have previously bought the same product.

Whether they gave the product high ratings due to fit, comfort, price, or style – this information can help you determine which items are worth considering. Consider different ratings when browsing online and consider feedback from customers who purchased the same item to ensure it will suit your needs.

Before committing to a purchase, read through several reviews and compare comparable products to make an informed decision.

Invest in top quality

Make sure you invest in high-quality and appropriate clothing. It also makes you more confident. Another thing to remember is that you select a material that breathes and provides shape and support.

Have your measurements taken by an expert

Lingerie is a wardrobe essential, and making the right purchasing decisions takes careful consideration. Taking the time to get your measurements taken by an expert can save you time, money, and stress when shopping for lingerie.

An expert can ensure that the items you purchase will fit in all the right places while considering any special requirements or modifications needed to ensure your lingerie fits comfortably and securely.

A professional can also help you purchase lingerie pieces that flatter your body type. Investing in an accurate measurement session with a professional may just be worth it in the end.

Style & Quality

Your lingerie can be your love. It’s not always visible, but it’s there and gives you confidence. Choose lingerie that’s delicate and ethically made and will make you feel beautiful. Find natural silhouettes that fit into your body to show self-love since you’re capable and have always been enough!

Find out your body’s shape and research lingerie that can improve your appearance once you’ve done this. Follow your instinct! It’s always tempting to look through all options available.

Your first instincts are nearly always right in the world of lingerie!

Find the lingerie

Make sure to test your lingerie before buying them. After fitting by a specialist, make sure you wear the lingerie you purchased, as the different brands come in different sizes. Therefore, if you’re a size 36 C for one brand, it’s not identical to a different brand.

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